The Role of Eric Lefkofsky in Cancer Research

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Eric Lefkofsky is a businessman and a technological expert. He among his partners are the brain behind the Tempus Inc. He is also the chief executive officer of this company. In this establishment, he has been pooling resources together in an attempt to realize a more effective treatment to those with cancer. Eric has been an investor in various sectors of the economy. He has been one of the founding partners at the Light bank; a company that focuses on disruptive technological projects.

Eric Lefkofsky is a graduate of Lathrup High school. He then proceeded to the Michigan University where he undertook a degree in law. In the year 1991, he graduated with honors. He went ahead to enroll for post graduate studies in the same University. He was conferred with a Juris doctorate in the year 1993.

As the president of the Tempus Company, Eric Lefkofsky primary role is the implementation of ideas and resolutions passed during board meetings. As a CEO, he oversees a research project that it is aimed at discovering the best treatment plans for the cancerous patients.

Unlike other research organizations, Tempus Inc. takes a different approach to the subject matter. Instead of striving to get a single ultimate cure, the research focuses on giving a variety of options that together lead to the same goal. In this way, the group equips various medical doctors with a range of choices on how to best treat a cancerous patient. To achieve this target, the firm makes use of personalized treatment plans and available data from various practicing doctors across the globe. Tempus Inc. then uses the molecular therapy concept to analyze the data and make any recommendation.

For the firm to make a concrete and valuable recommendation, Tempus Inc. collects larger samples of genomic data for analysis. The analysis takes into consideration various options that the doctor can apply. An algorithm is introduced to come up with the best possible option given the circumstance. The result is real-time analysis of data leading to better care services for the patients. The program is even made easier courtesy of the various patients who have been working with the program. The firm hopes that patients with all forms of cancer will be able to appreciate its initiative.

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Paul Mampilly Making Notable Trends In The Investment Industry

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Paul Mampilly is a former hedge fund manager, an American investor, and winner of the Templeton Foundation competition. He has been on Fox Business News, Bloomberg TV, and CNBC.

Mampilly founded the well-known newsletter Profits Unlimited and used his experience, skills, and knowledge as a former insider of Wall Street to guide his subscribers into investment primed to shoot higher.

Career History

The Indian origin developer moved to the US as a young man and joined Wall Street. Mampilly started his profession in 1991 at Bankers Trust as an assistant portfolio manager. From there, he rose to executive positions and began managing accounts for a private Swiss banking and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Paul Mampilly was hired as a key manager at Kinetics Asset Management. Under his leadership, the assets of the entity increased to $25 billion. Barron named the firm as one of the best worldwide for averaging 26% returns in a year during Paul’s tenure.

Personal Achievements

Most notably, he participated in the investment competition held by the Templeton Foundation. Mampilly was able to generate a return of 76% income in a year from $50 million capital. He has a remarkable record in his saving account. The investor, Paul Mampilly saw an opportunity in Sarepta Therapeutics in 2012 regardless the company been in its infancy developing stage. After eight months, Paul sold for a 2,539% profit. Paul Mampilly also pooled his resources in Netflix in 2008 and sold in 2010 for a 634% margin.

Current Occupation

Paul Mampilly took a new turn of his life at the age of 42 after making a series of investment incomes. He now works on helping Main Street Americans and not the ultra-rich. In 2016, the famous entrepreneur started writing Profits Unlimited to find appreciating stocks. He has received positive feedbacks from his readers who have benefited from his work.

Mampilly manages two elite trading services True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes. The author publishes a weekly column for Winning Investor Daily. He maintains a solid plan of action to withstand the harsh market condition. His interests include assisting Main Street Americans to get wealth in small-cap stocks, growth investing technology, and special opportunities.

Looking Back on Gregory Aziz’s Service and Past

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Even though it is not always easy building an empire and there is certainly a good amount of sweat that goes into it, some businessmen just make the job look easy and even a little bit fun. One of these such businessmen happens to be one Gregory James Aziz. And, the method to his magic comes off without really much complication, pomp or majesty. It really seems to come from good-old fashioned clean living, smart decisions and steady service. However, the meat and potatoes of any deal is always in the details, and the details constructed in this man’s life are certainly worth notice and taking a closer look.



Sometimes it is a bit more interesting to follow a timeline from the end to start instead of using the normal method of marching from origin to present. And, in the case of Gregory J Aziz, this means looking at the more than 20 years of service that he gives continuously as CEO and Chairman to National Steel Car. Of course, this level of service is to be expected when you are the man responsible for the purchase of the company in question. And, naturally, there is the question of where the funds come from that can make such a transition of power possible.



Well, the first half to the answer for that question can be summed up in too little words that have a big meaning all across the globe. These two words are Wall Street. But, if that name is not ringing any bells, then they should be added to the name New York City. Add to those names the words investment banking and the modus operandi behind the origin of the National Steel Car purchase should be kind of clear. But even events and antecedent events as major as these have their precedent circumstances that make the improbable possible. Sometimes, these events seem humble and unassuming themselves even as they pave the way for greatness. Visit This Page to learn more.


For Greg James Aziz, this event is serving within his family business of whole sale foods, which is a most steady and noble thing to do indeed. But, what happens while he lends a helping hand is most interesting at last. As a matter of fact, things for that company soar into to new heights while Greg Aziz makes his contributions to various causes. But, this collective event spanning over 10 years does not just happen by itself. Beforehand, there is the matter of his attending Ridley College and the University of Western Ontario to receive an education in economics. Looking further back, there is not much to see except a happy childhood in London Ontario.


Mike Baur: Helping Others

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Switzerland isn’t a very big company, but it’s one of the most advanced. While it’s only recently gone through an economic revolution, that revolution gave birth to people like Mike Baur. Mike Baur isn’t a well-known name in the U.S., but in Switzerland, he’s a hugely successful businessman.

His foray into the business world came in the form of a job with Union Bank of Switzerland. While a lot of finance expert start out at banks, no one started out like Mike Baur. Immediately, his bosses noticed his potential and showed particular interest in him. Although they wanted more for him, he wanted something different.

His foray into entrepreneurship wouldn’t take place for more than 20 years. His job at Union Bank of Switzerland lasted him through the 90s. In fact, he worked his way up UBS’s corporate ladder until he decided to leave in 2008. He then took a high-ranking position at Clariden Leu for another six years.

Again, the employing company assumed that Baur would work there for years to come. His career thrived at Clariden as it did at UBS. Yet, in 2014, he began losing his enchantment for the banking industry. Wanting a new career entirely, he decided to follow his heart to a new passion.

His new passion grew into a selective start-up firm called Swiss Startup Factory. He researched for a while before running into a fellow Bern University graduate, Max Meister. Together, they co-founded Swiss Startup Factory; Baur quickly became the face of the company.

Swiss Startup Factory proved itself within the first year of operation. It’s the first startup company of its kind in Switzerland. While funding start-ups aren’t new, offering numerous additional services is. SSUF helps young tech entrepreneurs with specific training, industry mentoring, and free office space in the nation’s largest city.

SSUF is more than an incubator to Mike Baur. It’s a company that represents the legacy he wants to leave behind. The fact that he and Max Meister created the nation’s first independent incubator company makes him prouder than anything. SSUF thrives off of its own success.

That level of commitment is what inspires young entrepreneurs to choose SSUF over other companies. They get to see firsthand the dedication and drive that it takes to successfully run a business, especially as an entrepreneur.


Learn About The Known Markets and Discover New Markets With Netpicks

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When people enter into different markets to trade, they have to learn all there is about the market so that they can maximize their chance to profit. One thing that people will realize when they step into the markets is that there is much more to investing and trading than they initially thought. While many people know about one or two markets to trade in, there are actually more than five markets that have varying earning potential. Therefore, people have an opportunity to look at the different markets and decide what they are comfortable with. However, before getting started on any market, it is better to do some research.

Among the markets and trading methods that people can use to profit with is are the stock market, futures and bonds, Forex, ETF, binary options, and plenty of others. Each of them have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. It is up to the individual to decide which market he wants to earn with. Then find a source to learn from. One example of a source is Netpicks. This source has tons of articles on different aspects of investing and trading. Netpicks also has tons of articles being added regularly.  Learn from the informative video clips provided on this link from

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One of the best advantages of Netpicks is that it introduces people to different markets and tells them everything about the market. The information that Netpicks offers enables people to assess their markets and approaches in an accurate manner so that they will be able to profit from their efforts. Each market requires a lot of education in order to be profitable. Users can get all of the education they need from this site. One thing that these articles and content do is get down to the source of what trading is all about. They make sure that people understand how they need to approach trading.  Updates with their recent timeline activities, click on

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Todd Lubar, TDL GLOBAL VENTURES, LLC President and Legendary Investments Senior Vice President pursued his basic education at Sidwell Friends School and later joined The Peddie School in Hightstown NJ. He pursued a B.A in speech communication at Syracuse University and graduated in 1995.

In one of his interview with Patreon, Todd Lubar says that his passion in helping people in fulfilling their dreams formed the basis of his business with his main focus being on those who take action to achieve their desires. He attributes hard work to his success and advises first timers in any business to never give up even if they fail in their first trials, they should instead try using different approaches. Todd Lubar also says that his most satisfying instants is making his customers happy through making their business dreams valid from scratch and seeing it thriving. He gets inspired by the Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz and uses Fitbit in making his business a success.

Todd Lubar got his first job at Crestar Mortgage Corporation immediately after graduation and worked there for five years a period during which he developed business skills with regards to customers, real estate agents, insurance agents, financial planners and CPA’s which earned him several referrals. Todd then moved to the Legacy Financial Group in 1999 and his hard work saw the group’s office at Maryland grow to 100 million dollars loan volume annually. In 2005 he moved to Charter Funding where he was a Senior Vice President and worked until August 2007. By this time, much changes had taken place in the Mortgage industry and Todd Lubar decided to go back home where he decided to work on purchase money mortgage origination.

Apart from his concentration in the Mortgage banking, Todd Lubar owned companies in the night club industry, the Real Estate Development Industry, the Demolition Industry as well as the Recycling Industry. Having worked with many industries has helped him understand the pillars of success in business which has made him feature severally in the top 25 Mortgage originators across the country, reveals Yelp. He is presently the President at TDL Ventures a company whose main focus is helping people.


The NSC Flourishing Under Gregory Aziz

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Gregory James Aziz was born on April 30, 1949, in London. He is the CEO of the National Steel Car. The company is located in Hamilton, Ontario and has been a service provider for over 100 years. National Steel Car was not as prominent and spoken of as it became when James Aziz purchased it in 1994 from Dofasco.


NSC is an engineering and manufacturing company. Greg Aziz opted on improving its production rate since it was deficient. Therefore, he employed many people with the hope of increasing the company’s efficiency.


The strategy did not go in vain as the goal of increasing the company’s production rate was achieved. Their services attracted many because they made sure their products were of blue-chip quality. Team coordination made this so.


Thanks to James Aziz, NSC is now North America’s most prominent railroad freight. For all needs of railcar parts and components, the company has got you covered.


As the chairman, Greg has been of service to not only NSC but also the people of Hamilton as he has created jobs and provided employment to the community. He usually organizes a Christmas party every year where employees and their families attend. Such practices have made Greg a respectable man, and have given him a public social profile of being one who cares for his employees, motivates them to do better, leads them and make wise decisions on how to improve the company’s performance. Furthermore, he provides good working conditions for the workers.


Good management is one of the reasons why NSC always emerges the best even in the competitive market. Having studied Economics at the university, Greg has relayed an excellent performance on the company’s progress because he knows how to manage the company’s sales and services. He is a man with a vision; one whose self-organization is inexplicably astounding.


Under his management, NSC gets to manufacture at least 12000 cars per year. For the last 18 years, the company has been recertified and honored with the TTX SECO highest quality award.


Compassion is among the few things that not only make a person socially loved and successful. Greg James Aziz and his wife sponsor Canada’s most-known agricultural fair. Furthermore, his family used to distribute fresh food across Eastern Canada and the USA back in the 70s. Also, NSC under his management has sponsored the United Way, Theatre Aquarius, the Hamilton Opera, and the Salvation Army among other charities. Learn More about Aziz Here.


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The Services at Lifeline Screening Help People Maintain a Better State of Health

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Recent news articles made available both online and through advertised television, have shown a marked increase in the concern people have about their health. This concern has led to an increase in facilities that provide preventative services to help people maintain a better state of health. One of the leading facilities in this effort is known as Life Line Screening. A recent report from the American Center for Disease Control listed heart disease as the major cause of death among Americans. This disease or condition has also been shown to be one that could benefit from preventative measures. The CDC recommends good nutrition, regular exercise, routine doctor visits and preventative screenings.

Life Line Screening offers variety of tests designed to help detect any heart abnormalities or issues that could lead to more severe conditions. Among some of the screenings they provide are those for congestive heart failure, high cholesterol, arterial disease and atrial fibrillation. These tests could be performed using state-of-the-art equipment for EKGs or blood workups from finger prick samples. While heart disease is a major concern among many Americans, it is not the only condition Life Line Screening is capable of testing for. This full-service preventative care agency also provides screenings for diabetes, kidney disease, prostate cancer and lung cancer. In some cases, an ultrasound could be used to detect the presence of an aneurysm or other internal abnormality.

Life Line Screening also offers online information to anyone interested in leading a healthier lifestyle. This facility offers an online blog packed full of information about the benefits of a healthy diet and exercise. People can also find tasty recipes to help lower their cholesterol and reduce their amount of body fat. Studies have shown that people who choose to take a proactive approach to their health have a much better chance of leading more productive lives even if they have a predisposition to certain diseases or illnesses. The screenings offered through Life Line can provide people with the type of information they need to take better care of their health in the present to avoid having major issues in the future.

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Significant Accomplishments of Securus Technologies under Rick Smith

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Securus Technologies is a for-profit prison technology company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company serves over 2,600 public safety law enforcement and corrections agencies serving more than one million inmates all over North America. The organization provides a vast array of offers such as bio-metric analysis, inmate-self-service, communication, emergency response, investigation, public information among others. Securus organization was founded in 1986 with offices in Atlanta, Carrollton, Allen, and Georgia. The company prevents more societal crimes by releasing product development and service proposals at least one a week to help correction and law enforcement agencies in their services. A system to control contraband cell phones was introduced by the company and by 2016 it had secured approval in over five departments of corrections facilities.

In July 2016, the company formed a joint venture with Harris Corporation on Cell Defender technology. A wireless containment solution was introduced in 2017. The solution was added to avoid contraband cell phones from connecting with outside mobile networks.Securus Technologies recently in 2015 announced that it had signed a productive stock purchase agreement to acquire JPay Inc. JPay is rated among the top market leading technology company operating in over 33 state prison systems. JPaycame up with email, electronic payments and hosts educational and entertainment related apps to the correction agencies. The partnership facilitates Securus to venture in the fastest growing segments in corrections such as inmate tablets, payments and use of email.Moreover, Securus can now offer any service that is software based that correction agencies require operating a digital jail. JPay products deliver products that value the inmates, staff, family, and friends in prison. The products make prisons safer, efficient and enable prisoners to transition quickly into viable citizens when they are released.

According to research, reporters allocated emails and produce blogs on Securus. The emails were commented by Rick Smith, the CEO, as they relate to hope and positive solutions to inmates and advise people on avoiding to create terrifying situations. He stated that Securus Technologies receives thousands of letters and emails from customers appreciating their services. The emails mainly help the society in protecting the community.Richard “Rick” Smith is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Securus Technologies since June 2008. He has served in different successful companies such as Eschelon Telecom. Rick attended Rochester Institute of Technology and finished with an associate in applied science in electrical engineering. He also graduated from the State University of New York with a degree in electrical engineering and holds a Masters in mathematics from the same university.Moreover, Mr. Smith holds a Masters in business administration from the University of Rochester’s Simon School. Under his leadership, Securus Technologies focuses on safety and crime prevention in the society.

Better Trading Strategies with NetPicks

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NetPicks is one of the largest organizations that were established in the year 1996 by Mark Soberman. The organization main aim is to offer trading guidance to usual traders. Its main head office is located in Irving, Texas. Furthermore, the organization ensures that they employ professional workers who are well intelligent to offer good trading understanding to their customers. NetPicks have a variety of services that they provide are stocks, forex, ETFs, Futures, and Options. In order for the organization to reach people all over the world, they provide online trading tips and tutorial that a trader should follow if concerned with their services and also they have videos which the organization posts them on YOUtube channel for people to watch.  Check this helpful clips from this reliable link.

NetPicks main goal is to teach individual on the efficient ways of trading, their mainstream of trading have three strategies that a person can select which include done in minutes, part-time income and a full-time career. These objectives are easily breakdown in a manner one can select the one which is suitable to pursue and the organization does the rest. Furthermore, the organization has a different theme of growth and importance which is a sustainable improvement. The organization ensures that they have better improvement of technology which will improve the organization services that they provide to their clients.  Additional tips offered on

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Recent the world need an individual who invests cleverly while they maintain the idea of sustainable advancement. In the year 2006 people realized there are more activities they can indulge to as wise investment apart from politics when “An Inconvenient Truth” by Al Gore was shown on the screen.  Learn from useful options on

NetPicks lately has committed themselves to guiding traders to invest communally accountable way. NetPicks are certain that ETFs are mostly focus on the surroundings and gender issues which are amid the communally accountable investment hence it’s a better try out. In addition, NetPicks also are sure that for an investment to be successful many factors are supposed to be considered which are the risk and operating cost these will enable a trader to have the full picture of the objectives that a trader wants in order to be successful.  For their recent timeline activity updates, click this.

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