OSI industries; growing company with a difference

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OSI industries are one of the most important companies around the globe. It deals with food products including meat products and vegetable products in general. It is a high technology company which uses modern technology to process and preserve the food products available. It is made up of workers who are great team players and aim to give good services to the customers.

For years, the company has grown to gain much respect countrywide. It now provides and supplies food products especially meat products, to other countries. The reputation OSI industries have is because of the good hygiene and good methods the company uses. Therefore, the company has received several awards due to the proper management and operation of activities.

The company has evolved over the years and through the services it provides, it has grown from a one-area company to an international food supplier. OSI industries have grown to improve the current economy of the United States. The company is known to not only evolve in terms of growth but also to grow in terms of the technology they use in their activities.

Through thick and thin, the company survived it all and in the long run, has grown to be well reputable. It is a company whose origin is from the immigrant businesses and it got affected by the Second World War. However, in the early twentieth century, it was restarted as a retail shop and grew to be a wholesale shop. The growth was consistent and it ended up being the international company it is currently.

Another situation that triggered a great transition to the company is that of the management. Since the company was started, the management was done by the founder and his family. However, the growth to be international has led to the changes found in the management. There had to be involvement of other skilled leaders and entrepreneurs in order to govern the operations effectively. OSI industries have grown to provide employment to thousands of people making the company raise the standards of many.

It has paved the way in various countries where its branches operate on given strategies in order to continue with prosperity. Its market had broadened and currently seems to grow more due to several steps are taken. One of the initiatives is that of China joining the World Trade Organization which will ensure a wider market enhanced. Secondly, the collaboration with other organizations has resulted in the growth of the industry as new products are produced influencing the transition of the company.

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Learning More About Michael Hagele

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There are so many individuals right now who are working in the field of technology, however, there is none so popular and experienced within the field than Michael Hagele. The reason this professional has worked within the field as long as he has is because of his passion for what he does. Not only does he head lots of different platforms and technology deals, but he has also worked as legal counsel of these industries and is able to help a lot of different people who are in need of this and know that it is going to work well for their needs. Learn more at angel.com about Michael.

Before you do anything else, it is crucial that you learn more about Michael Hagele by visiting his site or social media accounts. This expert keeps his sites updated regularly, so you can feel confident knowing that you’re choosing a professional who cares and knows what they are doing at the moment. Before you know it, you’re going to want to make use of this expert and all that he is able to do for you when it is most needed. Once this is working for you, be sure to get in touch with Michael Hagele and see how he can help you out.

There are a lot of different reasons for why Michael Hagele is a prime choice for individuals who would like to run a technology project and know that they need someone who is going to help them get started and make the entire project a true success. Now is the perfect time to consider this for your own needs, and this is why this is something that is right for you. Make sure that you take a good look at this for yourself and see if it is something right for you and is going to work for your long-term goals and needs. This is why a lot of people have put their trust into this individual and are finding him to be a prime choice for each of their business needs when they are looking to grow and do well for themselves. Visit: https://medium.com/@hagele18


Randal Nardone Steadfast Service with Fortress Investment Group

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Randal Nardone is a Co-Founder of the Fortress Investment Group. He has over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry making him successful in his chosen craft. Before he began his professional career in business, Nardone studied at the Connecticut University where he earned degrees in Biology and English. Next to that, he went to the Boston University’s School of Law and completed his Juris Prudence degree.Subsequent to earning his Juris Prudence degree Randal Nardone was employed by the Thacher Proffitt and Wood law office. He became a member of the executive committee and partner at the said law firm. After that, he went on to the industry of financial services where he got the chance to serve with Blackrock Financial Management. He became a principal of Blackrock and held that role till 1997, then resigned to be the Managing Director of UBS.

After a one year stint at UBS, Nardone moved on to join the Fortress Investment Group in 1998 and took on the position of Chief Executive Officer from 1993 onwards.Randal Nardone poured every knowledge and experience he gained in the financial industry in Fortress because he was confident that he had the appropriate skills to help the company. And along with his co-principals he worked with the knowledge that the clients and the entire company would benefit from any great successful accomplishments that were attained. And with this in mind the company grew, and others were likewise given the opportunities to be successful with their holdings and investments. Nardone always had Fortress’s back, and he prioritized his immediate attention to things and people who essentially needed it.Taking note of how things are changing within the industry and how Fortress Investment Group evolved through the years.

Nardone wanted all the individuals connected with the company to know that he would always assist them with any options available to improve things. And since he knew that others worked hard to make Fortress what it is today, he felt it was his obligation to open routes for the things they truly deserve.So, when the SoftBank Group Corporation (SBG), a conglomerate and multinational Japanese company based in Tokyo, inquired about any possibilities of acquiring Fortress, Randal Nardone consented to the idea. His intention behind this is that the move will provide further opportunities for Fortress, and get the support it needs to develop further.After the acquisition was completed, SoftBank adhered to the agreement that it would allow Fortress to have an independent operation, will still be based in New York, and will be managed by Randal Nardone along with his co-principals.

Standing up in the face of uncertainty Whitney Wolfe Herd

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Sometimes life presents it’s self with a few twists and turns. This is an article about one person’s uncertain journey after encountering obstacles in giant company and severing ties with that company Tinder in 2014 for sexual harassment, after helping to bring millions of users. Her name is Whitney Wolfe Herd. She has been featured in many magazine sites including Forbes and Vogue to say the least. She is the founder and CEO of a popular dating app called Bumble since late 2014, which no doubt she’d gained valuable experience from her previous venture. Bumble gives women control requiring them to make the first move.She has also been in a tech magazine for being a most important woman under 30.

She attended Southern Methodist University, where she spearheaded international studies. She even started a business selling bamboo totes to help those effected by the BP oil spills back then. She is a model for women entrepreneurs all over. At one point after leaving Tinder, She thought she’d be labeled as a lawsuit happy type of person and not receive the connections needed to work with others for her career. However her new business partner Audrey helped Her out by having faith in her abilities and not giving into peer pressure from outside influences.

Bumble later introduced BFF and Bizz through the Bumble platform.BFF is for gaining an activity lady friend to do activities with and Bizz is for growing your network connection for business. Soon Whitney Wolfe would meet Micheal Herd, a Texan oil heir skiing. Two years later she was proposed to. While considering places to wed, Whitney and Micheal decided on a place they’d never been to, Positano Italy to get married. The plans were set for Sep. 2017 and she would become Whitney Wolfe Herd. The two were absolutely delighted over their union. Whitney continues to bolster her site and gain thousands of new members each day.

The award winning resort that Chris Burch developed

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In 2015, Chris Burch who is a billionaire and mogul in fashion changed the cult surf destination to become a five-star resort by the name Nihi that was based on the island of Sumba.

In Indonesia, the island is one that is remote and uninhabited islands. In a tale what attracted a traveler in the surf break that later the traveler gained the curiosity to know what the far corners of the earth had to offer, then he later tempted the financer and brought him to the team, who was the one who enticed the seeking adventure elite. Together they are providing their services so that to help the remote island in thriving. So far the changes that have been seen is that the resort has changed from the dull surf spot and turned to a result that has been voted by readers as the number hotel in the world and in the leisure magazine it was featured in two consecutive years 2016 and 2017 (Nihi.com)

In Pennsylvania that is where Chris Burch raised and born, though in his school life he was not that a good student. He could not focus in class. The teachers said that he suffered from having a wondering mind and that the parents should not be hopeful for his future. Despite the fact he was not doing well in school at the age of 14, he was still enrolled in a preschool at the New Hampshire Tilton by his parents. The father of Burch was the owner of a company that dealt with the distribution of supplies and mining equipment. During the holidays the father of Burch made sure that he worked in the construction company.

In 1976, as he was at the Ithaca College studying, with his brother and the $2000 money that they had as capital, they started the selling of the preppy girl’s sweater in the campus door to door with the company name being eagle eye.  Related article on bjtonline.com.  With time the company had expanded, and the brother later sold it in 1998 to the UK based Swire Group, a deal that benefited eagle eye a lot because they got $60 million. Chris Burch has spent nearly 40 years being the investor and entrepreneur. In the services that he offers he will well know in the using the creative skills. He has been involved with the rise of 50 companies and builds a fortune that is worth $1 billion.

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National Steel Car Under The Leadership Of Gregory Aziz

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Gregory Aziz is the CEO of National Industries, Limited, the makers of the National Steel Car, one of the largest freight car engineering and manufacturing companies in North America. National Steel is located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, which is also the home of Gregory Aziz and his family.


Aziz became the CEO of National Car in 1994. Now, 24 years later, he has helped the company grow in many significant ways. During Gregory Aziz’s tenure, National Steel Car has undergone many positive changes. Dofasco acquired National Steel Car in 1962 and in 1994, the year Aziz became CEO, the company was re-acquired from DOFASCO. For the period between 1994 and 2004, National Steel Car was reformed and revitalized and made into the largest single-site railcar engineering and manufacturing plant in North America.


Under Greg Aziz’s leadership in 1995, National Steel Car expanded its production lines to five and it began selling railcars to the U.S. market. Not only did it expand its production capacity, it also paid great attention to quality and it received two much needed accolades: it was the only North American railcar manufacturer to be certified ISO 9001 and it was given the TTX SECO Excellent Supplier award consistently for ten years straight. The TTX SECO Excellent Supplier award is given to a company that delivers according to schedule all the time.


Gregory James Aziz has led National Steel Car through many definitive changes and forward steps. In 1998, National Steel built the last cenotaph in North America when it erected a memorial to 87 men who died in the last three major wars. Each of these men were former employees of National Steel. In World War I, 37 National Steel Car employees died after enlisting in the armed services.


In 1912, National Steel Car made steel and wood railcars. By 1929, the railcars were entirely made of steel. Today, Aziz is making sure National Steel Car maintains a development edge over their competitors. It continually invests in its engineering staff and facilities, maintaining a modern infrastructure that can readily adapt to build the railcars needed by the market. Visit This Page to learn more.


Greg Aziz received a degree in Economics at Western University in London, Ontario. His investment in his education early in life has definitely paid off. For the last 24 years, he has served at the top of the largest railcar manufacturer’s executive ladder. Aziz’s tenure has been marked by numerous successes and a steadily growing company, which shows no signs of slowing down.

Talos Energy’s Acquisition of Stone Energy Augurs Big Things for the Future

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As far as the top oil and gas companies that are located in the Gulf Coast are concerned, you would be hard pressed to find one that is better positioned for future success. The company has been making major strides since its inception back in 2012 and founder/CEO Timothy Duncan is about to take Talos Energy public for the first time.

Now that exploratory drilling is taking place in Mexico (where new energy regulations are being enacted), the time to strike is now. The drilling that is currently happening below the border could yield well over 400 million barrels of crude oil.

Stone Energy is also going to be brought into the fold. Talos Energy will be merging with the company and providing them with the assistance that they need in the wake of their recent bankruptcy filing. Thanks to this merger, Stone Energy can now take on the restructuring process without experiencing any of the typical difficulties.

Once the deal is closed, the companies will also be making their way onto the New York Stock Exchange. The company’s ticker symbol is going to be TALO and trading is expected to be quite robust. Timothy Duncan’s primary objective is to push the company forward and provide them with the infrastructure needed to achieve all of their goals.

When it comes to offshore exploration and production, Duncan imagines a future where Talos Energy Inc. is the premier company in this regard. There is a staggering amount of talent and resources under the same roof and this will make it even easier for the company to achieve any objective that has been set.

With the acquisition of Stone Energy, Talos Energy Inc. is slated to receive a much larger line of credit and this line of credit is going to allow for the project pipeline to be cleared out more quickly. No more long waits. Efficiency is now the name of the game.

Duncan is now assuming the CEO role and the shareholders board is going to be divided according to the number of shares that each side of the company has. Talos will maintain 63 percent of the total shares and Stone Energy is going to assume 37 percent ownership.

From there, the board will be divided between six Talos members and four Stone Energy representatives. As Mexico continues to reform its own energy industry (with the help of Talos), this connection is going to allow the company to benefit almost as much as the consumer.

Eric Lefkofsky On Tempus And How It Will Be Revolutionary For The Healthcare Industry

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There is a lot of change going on in the medical industry recently when it comes to cancer and other diseases. Patients are going to benefit from more precise and personalized care that is recently being discovered.

Eric Lefkofsky is a part of this movement with one of the companies he Co-founded Tempus Labs in 2015. They take patient’s information and organize, consolidate, and then put it all in digital databases. This way doctors have a much easier time to use this data to treat patients in the future. They will also be able to use patient’s DNA so they can treat and diagnose them more efficiently and better. This is called precision medicine. It’s not a one size fits all treatment method, but a personalized and more precise treatment for each individual.

Tempus has become so successful that they have partnerships with academic institutions and organizations that are focused on cancer including most of the National Cancer Institute cancer centers. Tempus is listed on Chicago’s top ten health techs. Patients are referred by their oncologist to go to Tempus Labs for genomic sequencing. Not only cancer patients can benefit from this type of treatment, but also those who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and more importantly diagnosing it. It is often diagnosed too late. It is recognized by things such as brain changes throughout someone’s life.

American billionaire Eric Lefkofsky is a successful businessman from Detroit, Michigan. He attended college in his home state and went to the University of Michigan. After he graduated in 1991 with honors Eric continued his education at the University of Michigan Law School. It was there that he received his Juris Doctor in 1993.

Now Mr. Lefkofsky is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tempus which focuses on the battle of cancer with the help of technology. Eric is also the Co-founder of Lightbank and Co-founder of Uptake Technologies. As an angel investor and philanthropist Lefkofsky is passionate about giving back to the community. Eric and his wife started the Lefkofsky Foundation a charitable trust focused on organizations around the world. These organizations focus on education, scientific, and charitable causes.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Social Media: www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOd2DliXdUE

Michael Hagele’s Role in the Corporate World

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Michael Hageleis an influential person who has various positions in the American corporate world. The businessman currently works as the outside counsel for various companies in the defense, internet, aerospace and biotechnology departments. Michael Hagele has also invested his fortune in several early stage companies in the world. In his career life, the businessman has also founded several firms that specialize in the hospitality and restaurant department. Michael Hagele is highly experienced in matters concerning business, and this has assisted him to make a fortune in all his investments. Michael Hagele represents a group of investors who understand the importance of diversity, especially for the people who want to earn more profits. Visit Whitepages.com to learn more

Michael did not arrive at his present state in the easy way. After working in the in the corporate world for very many years, he acquired the expertise that has brought the success he has at the moment. The businessman understands how to negotiate, draft and at the same time close complex technology deals. Michael is also an expert in licensing distribution, telecommunications, development agreements in both the international and domestic internet and many other industries. His skills in these departments are not easily available in the competitive market. This means that the businessman is sought after by many organizations and individuals from all over the world.

Before the businessman could acquire his current position, he had already served as the general counsel for several other venture capitals in the market. The businessman had assisted so many internet companies to get the amount of success they needed. The businessman has always left a great legacy in all the companies he has worked for in the past, something that is not easily available for any expert in the modern society.

The internet is an important part of the modern investments. Michael is one of the people who has played a very important role in the introduction and advancements that are happening in the technology department. Michael Hagele is also a honest and very hard working professional who has established very powerful businesses in the market, and they are doing well because of his excellent leadership skills. Learn more: http://members.calbar.ca.gov/fal/Member/Detail/191140


Louis Chênevert: Teamwork is Key

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Louis Chênevert is a Canadian businessman who has worked in the manufacturing industry for decades. While working for the United Technologies Corporation from March 2006 until retirement in November 2014, he worked his way from a position of director at United Technologies to becoming both the President and Chief Executive Officer.

After retiring from United Technologies Corporation, he became a Senior Industry Advisor at Goldman Sachs. While Louis Chênevert maintains this position, he still considers himself semi-retired and is focusing on other projects such as chairing various organizations.

Louis Chênevert, a fellow of the AIAA or American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics since 2005, completed his bachelor of commerce degree at the University of Montreal in their HEC program. While he may have earned his bachelors in production management, the school also presented Louis R. Chênevert with an Honorary Doctorate’s degree in 2011.

In order to make sure United Technologies Corporation’s customers always received the product that they needed, Louis Chênevert focused on making sure the company had the talented team they needed to complete the projects they had undertaken. This combined with Louis R. Chênevert’s team acquiring companies that built a strong portfolio for United Technologies Corporation made a lot of change in the industry, some in ways that affected things around the globe.

Louis Chênevert believes in the importance of listening to what people have to say. A lot of positive changes can be made by listening to the employees that are working with the systems that could use improvement every day. Unfortunately, during Louis R. Chênevert time at General Motors where he worked second shift as a first line supervisor, he learned that management and supervisors don’t always listen to the people that they should be listening to. If management would only listen to their employees, they would find that they had solutions to many productivity problems that they were unable to fix. His experiences at GM stayed with Louis Louis Chênevert for the next 37 years and affected how he operated his companies.