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New Family Office for Koch Brothers

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The Koch brothers have a new organization known as 1888 Management LCC that has been formed to manage their enormous wealth. Before it was announced just recently, 1888 had been tucked in the Koch Industries, and it has been scouting the private investments of the company quietly. The Koch’s have managed to acquire a lot of money over the past years, and they have used this money to shape the current conservative movement in the United States of America.

Harry Koch, the person behind 1888is currently a newspaper publisher who stays in Texas. He has a libertarian bent, and he has played an important role in bringing the initiative to what it is currently. The influential family has acquired this wealth from their grandfather, and since they took charge of the company, they have expanded the amount of services offered, from ranching to oil manufacturing, and at the moment, they are among the richest families in the country, with a net worth of about one hundred billion.

The shocking thing is that the filings from the institution do not exceed one hundred million dollars, leaving many people with many questions.

Charles Koch is currently the CEO of the Koch Industries, and his brother is the vice CEO. Since they are wealthy and famous, the Koch brothers have been very active in political activities, giving huge sums of money to fund candidates in the conservative’s side.

Since the American political arena is currently busy with presidential and senatorial candidates looking for votes, the Koch brothers have come out to express themselves to the people in order to get the preferred candidates elected to offices. Although there have been a lot of misconceptions about the Koch Brothers in the news and new papers, the brothers have come out to defend themselves, saying that they want the best for the country. They were once accused of starting an organization to oppose the current president of America, Barack Obama, but these rumors are cooling down as people understand their objectives.

How Lime Crime Compares To Other Brands

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When it comes to cosmetic brands, it can be confusing to know which to go to and what types of products you are going to need. This is where the beauty of Lime Crime has come into play and why a lot of people are beginning to use this makeup for their own benefit. Lime Crime is a brand that is owned and operated by a woman named Doe Deere. Her mission with the company is to create something with products you would not normally see and a brand that is vegan and good for you.

By visiting Lime Crime on Amazon, you will find an array of products that will meet your needs beautifully. From some of the wildest lipstick products to some of the greatest and longest-wearing eye shadows you can find, there are many benefits to going with Lime Crime as opposed to some of the other brands that are out there. You can also find Lime Crime in some of the biggest cosmetic stores out there, allowing you to buy what you need in the store if you do not want to buy it on the Internet.

Once you begin using Lime Crime products, you are going to find that this is the only brand that you will ever use. Many women who switch to Lime Crime are finding that it is their number one brand and they are quite dedicated to it when new products come out. Doe Deere has truly made a great company with Lime Crime and this is definitely a cosmetic brand that you are going to be going back to time and time again. Lipsticks, eye shadows, mascaras and more are all things that you can find when it comes to looking beautiful and feeling amazing at the same time.  Get in on the fun showing your looks with other users on Tumblr, where Lime Crime has been extremely popular.

Shah Making an Impact on Autism

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Shah is now making a positive impact on autism by spending a considerable amount of his resources and time to come up with the organization and also to promote its smooth running. Autism Rocks was founded in the year 2011. This organization’s founding is said to have been fueled by Shahs personal crisis. Shah’s youngest son was diagnosed with autism in that same year. At first, Shah and his wife were not sure about whatever their son was suffering from. They, therefore, took him to hospital whereby he was diagnosed with autism.
In the year 2014, Shah was the topic in many European media houses after spending a lot of dollars to create the domain name Autism Rocks. He has been more active in matters to do with the organization’s leadership after his retirement from corporate undertakings. He retired from business in early 2016 and had been spending most of his time soliciting for more financial support for autism.
Talking about Shah’s career life, he has been an active employee and later an entrepreneur in the financial investment sector. Sanjay Shah was born in London and went to the Kings College whereby he studied medicine. After his studies in medicine, he went ahead to seek employment in an entirely different sector which was the financial investment. He worked for Meryl Lynch bank as his first employer and from there he used to work for several other companies. In the year 209, the financial crisis affected Shah’s employment life. It is then that he decided to start his business.
Shah talked to PR Newswire about how he had dreamt of owning his financial brokerage company. He said he was bothered by the employment life where he had to commute from home to work every day. As the owner of the company, he can oversee the firm’s operations from wherever he wishes to be.
The money collected trough the concerts staged by Autism Rocks is used in autism research.

Becoming A Famous YouTuber

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A few decades ago, the only way to gain a certain amount of fame, was to become the next Britney Spears or Michael Jackson. Your career was established by the media and live appearances across the world. However, People like Justin Bieber proved that stars are created online too. Today, famous Youtubers like the Fine Brothers, Smosh, and PewDiePie, and Wengie are just as famous as other stars that have gained fame on traditional media outlets. What is the key to becoming a famous YouTuber? Well, take a look at the following.

Becoming A Famous YouTuber
First, it takes a lot of time and effort to achieve fame on YouTube. Overnight sensations are rare. However, there is the occasional cute kitten, puppy, or baby video that goes viral for a certain length of time until the next cute video pops up. In the beginning, all that was required was a web cam and a perky personality. A YouTuber would share some interesting or funny videos with their subscribers. People would like or share the video. Soon, they would have hundreds or even thousands of subscribers to their channel. However, today things are different. Take a look at the videos on YouTube. Most of the videos are high quality, and well planned productions. The top YouTubers like Wengie produce content on a regular basis and many collaborate with other YouTubers. Certainly, that is the established way to gain attention on this social media site.

Wendy Huang is the person that is behind the Wonderful World of Wengie. She is a famous Australian YouTuber. This YouTuber has one of the most popular beauty and fashion channels on the social media site. The Australian YouTuber enjoys sharing plenty of tutorials, trends, and reviews on her channel. Her channel includes a wealth of information and it is updated with fresh new videos on a regular basis.

This obsession started in primary school and is still going strong. However, today she is able to share her obsession with millions of fans on YouTube.

Coriant To Extend Its Dominance In I.T.

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Leading IT giant Coriant is expected to continue dominating the IT industry this year with the appointment of a new CEO. The company has established a distinguished heritage of innovation in technology development that stretches for over 35 years in data and optical networking. It is also globally known to be the main supplier of SDN enabled end-to-end transport networks.

Coriant’s main products are mostly used in data and mobile networks. These products include optical multiplexing cables, fiber optic cables and electrical connection of optical paths. It has also developed software such as Transnet and Transconnect for network connections and TNMS for network management. Recently, the company expanded its Coriant Transend Solutions by introducing packet controllers for use by mobile networks and carrier aggregation network.

Coriant traces its history to the German-based technology hub Siemens. The company broke off from Nokia Siemens Networks and taken over by their current proprietors Marlin Equity Partners.

Improvements are expected with the appointment of the new CEO, Shaygan Kherapdir. Kherapdir took over from Pat DiPetro who was appointed the vice chairman of Coriant and operating partner at Marlin Equity, Coriant parent company. It is said that even before Khedapdir assumed top management of the IT expert company, he was in constant negotiations with the proprietors for several months on the running of the company.

His appointment into the office is bound to bring positive change into the company. First, Shaygan Kherapdir has extensive knowledge and experience in the management of IT departments which was acquired in his previous job assignments. For instance, before he joined his immediately former employer, Juniper Networks, he was the Chief Operations and Technology Officer at Barclays PLC. In this position, his task was that of managing and overseeing the network systems of the bank and was in charge of ensuring that software provides appropriate products to customers. He is credited for transforming the bank’s network systems into efficiency and cost effectiveness as a result of which $4.5 billion in costs were saved by the bank. Secondly, a close look at his work history one realizes that Mr. Kherapdir has been involved in the IT departments since 1987. His working stints at Verizon Communications, Barclays Bank and Juniper Networks have one point in common: his influence in the respective IT departments was very immense.

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Igor Cornelsen Points to Important Brazil Banks

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Whether someone is looking at moving to Brazil in order to conduct some basic investments or they want to truly expand their international portfolio, Igor Cornelsen according to disqus is an investment banker in Brazil, wants to make sure everyone understands and knows the different banks available within the country. Like the United States and many other regions, banks within the nation are controlled by several larger companies and then are broken down into smaller, regional banks. For anyone who wants wide access to their finances, they need to look at these different banks and make sure they select the bank that works best for their particular needs.

According to Igor Cornelsen, probably the best bank for investors is Banco Bradesco Financiamentos. This bank, while not the largest, is the bank American Express uses for all credit card operations within the country. This also makes it one of the most difficult banks to open an account with as it requires a higher than average credit score. With an annual US profit of $6 billion, it does have a large amount of financial assets to work with. With over 3,200 offices around Brazil, it makes it easier to find a local branch.

One of the oldest banks in the country is Caixa Economica Federal. This is a publicly owned bank and is run by the federal government. This helps keep some interest rates down, so for investors who need to take out a loan, this is a nice bank to work with. Additionally, with over 2,200 offices around Brazil, there is usually a local bank that makes it easy to work with.

For investors who want to use their money around the world and need a bank that offers similar services, Igor recommends on; HSBC. This is a bank that is located in 87 different countries around the world and has been available in Brazil since the late 90s. This makes it a quality bank to use for investing not only in Brazil but around the world as well. It has fewer branches within Brazil at 933, but it is still easy enough to find. With annual assets of $61.7 billion US dollars, it is also one of the most profitable in the country.

Banco Itau is one of the larger banks in the world and it is the largest financial institution in all of Latin America. With over 4,800 branches open and a total US asset of $456 billion, it has a wide number of options for investors.

Thor Halvorssen Appears on Fox News

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With election season in full swing,there has been much talk about the lives and political views of many of the canidates. Many people have been concerned abouut democratic canidate Senator Bernie Sanders views, particularly his belief in democratic socialism, which is why Fox News turned to Human Rights Campaign founder Thor Halvorssen to express some of his concerns and fears if Socilism became the leading political ideology in America, while on The Inteligence Report with Trish Regan.

Halvorssen is not merely an intellectual speaking about ideologies, he has practical experience to back up his fears. Halversson spent much of his childood in Venezuela, and experienced first hand many of the autrocities under the authoritarian socialist government there. Halvorssen’s father was a political prisoner, and his mother was publicly shot for her actions. He also has a first cousin who is currently a political prisoner.

Thor Halvorssen admitted to supporting Bernie Sanders, and doniting to Sanders campaign, but stressed that he did not believe that redistribution of wealth was an effective way of ending poverty. Instead, he told the reporter that he believed in the free market, and
that a fair market was more effective. One of his biggest problems with Venezula, besides the gross human rights violations, was the strict price regualtions, which often led to shortages among the general population of essential goods.

He admitted that there had been several successful socialist and democratic socialist governments, including Denmark and Norway. These governments still had checks and balances in place and did not over regulate the free market. He also admitted that many democratic countries had what could be considered socialist policies or programs, and that these programs were often run successfully, without gross human rights violations.

Overall, Halvorssen is a supporter of Bernie Sanders, if not all of his policies. He had more concerns with Hillary Clinton, who has been known to financially support politicians and governments who are known to violate basic human rights.

Donald Drumpf Wikipedia Page Illustrates Power of Wikipedia

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Late in February, John Oliver on Last Week Tonight revealed that Donald Trump’s family name was originally “Drumpf.” He announced the campaign to “Make Donald Drumpf” again to play on Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.” Oliver announced he had formed an LLC to trademark the term “Drumpf,” he created a Chrome extenion that changes “Trump” on webpages to “Drumpf” and had registered the domain to sell hats based on that hashtag.

As part of the campaign to make Donald Drumpf again, a “Donald Drumpf” page on Wikipedia appeared. As of March 8, that page has disappeared, instead re-directing to a Wikipedia page that describes the John Oliver segment. That page tells about the reactions to the show, and goes into a long, serious geneological discussion on when the family name change occurred.

And that just illustrates the importance of Wikipedia. When someone such as John Oliver launches a campaign to make people laugh at Donald Trump, he included a Wikepedia page as just as important as forming a Limited Liability Company, trademarking the term, grabbing the domain name and paying a Chrome extension developer to program that extension.

Yes, Wikipedia protected itself and its online brand reputation by removing the satirical page, and that’s just further proof of its importance. When someone searches for you or your business on Google, they don’t expect to see results set up by comedians on television looking to make fun of you or damage your reputation. And that’s why they’re impressed when they see a Wikipedia page on you or your business. It’s even better if they see both, a page on you and a separate page on your business.
Google loves Wikipedia precisely Wikipedia doesn’t allow any “funny” business. Those can give your website a serious boost in the search engine results. Many people don’t know this, but Wikipedia is open to everybody to create, monitor or update a Wiki page. It’s not just for the famous people past and present. Anybody can do it. However, it’s not easy to write about yourself and your company in a way Wikipedia will accept which is why hiring Wiki experts from a professional Wikipedia editing service like Get Your Wiki. They do not accept sales pages. They are there to provide objective, factual information, not hyperbolic raves about how great you and your company are. Therefore, it’s best to hire a team of experienced Wikipedia writers to make sure your Wikipedia pages stay up permanently.
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Ms Helane Morrison Determined To Clean Up The Dirt

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Helane Morrison started out as a journalist before entering the government service industry. Once she had a chance in the governmental sector, she has thrived to ensure that corruption is reduced tremendously while ensuring that the rights of the vulnerable are met. She is one of a kind who has high ethical integrity and the will to do what is right by following the rules.

There is a lot of soiled reputation among the business and finance enterprises that led Helane to work to expose corrupt brokers as she reforms the financial sector. Being in the industry for more than thirty years, she has stayed determined, incredibly charismatic and authoritative in making the changes needed.
In 2007, the global economic crisis challenged many people after their investments disappeared. Investors were wondering if their money was safe with the various institutions they were relying on for future use. This crisis unveiled fraud, bevvy of unhandled deals, as well as falsified records leading to collapse in stock markets, unemployment and the trust in various financial institutions, was lost. Individuals did not hesitate in liquidating their assets to gold instead.
As the 2016 presidential elections come closer, the economists, as well as the investors, are not relaxed. This is because the presidential race always has a toll on the economy and investors usually take hold of their assets, and this significantly slows down the stock market.
Due to the scandals and unrest caused in the financial sector, no security or faith could convince the investors. Additionally, the salary in today’s economy is making it difficult to attain the necessities hence investing has maintained its popularity as a way to accrue wealth.

The firm and untameable Ms Helane Morrison finished her degree in Journalism and continued with her Doctorate as she worked as the Editor in Chief of the law review of the University. She gained considerable experience working as the law clerk and within a short time she developed a passion for equality.
Helane was in charge of a team of a hundred employees who raised her position to full partner in 1991.
She had the power to protect individuals and organizations from fraud. She was in the position for eleven years, and her accomplishments were highly impressive. She was in charge of high-profile implementation actions. Her successes led her to be first Head of Commission and Regional Director (WS Journal article).
Helane Morrison knew how to balance her work with the rest of her life. She was on the boards of other top organizations. She was even awarded as the Most /influential Woman in the Bay Area Business.
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Human Rights Foundation Growing Influence on Human Rights

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The mission of the Human Rights Federation (HRF) has been steadily growing and spreading all over the world. Wherever there are people who need to have their basic human rights protected the HRF will be there. The organization has a basic belief that freedom of expression and freedom of speech are fundamental rights that need to be protected for all people at all costs. They also stand up for religious choice, freedom to associate in any group, freedom from torture and slavery and freedom of movement. Any group that is struggling for freedom of any kind can depend on the Human Rights Foundation to help in any way possible.

Thor Halvorssen is the human rights advocate who founded the organization. He is a world renowned human rights advocate and successful film producer. Those facing a significant challenge to their personal freedom have had Halvorssen on their side for a long time. He began his organization with a simple goal in mind. Provide freedom and decent treatment all over the world to any political prisoner. There are countless examples of prisoners of conscience being release and finding salvation with the help of the HRF and Thor Halvorssen.

Halvorssen came by his interest in human rights because of his personal experience. His mother was the victim in 2004 of a terrorist shooting in Venezuela. His father was also a victim and wrongly imprisoned in 1993 having his human rights violated, experiencing savage treatment while under the jurisdiction of the government. This made human rights and fair treatment a personal issue that prompted Halvorssen to look for more ways to become a leader in the world.

He created the Oslo Freedom Foundation, which is an organization that gathers each year to allow active and interested organizations and people the forum to develop new strategies for protecting the rights of people all over the globe. When it comes to new advancements in protecting human rights this annual meeting is the place where issues are raised and answers are found.

The effect of the Human Rights Foundation can be felt all over the globe as more and more people are able to experience freedom. Their focus on closed societies helps put a spotlight on human rights violations and exposes them to the world. Their work to preserve and promote freedom has changed the world in very positive ways. There is now a strong hope for all people suffering from any human rights violation anywhere in the world. Check out Thor on Youtube fighting for what he believes in.