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Reputation Management Gets A Higher Profile Every Year

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Reputation management is getting more popular every year while companies like Status Labs are moving into bigger offices. They need more room to work, and they have to find a way to bring in more customers and have a place to help them. Reputation management companies like they are going to keep raising their profiles because there is more information online than ever before. People who are trying to protect their image need to work with companies like Status Labs, and they will get full service.


A company like Status Labs is going to help someone get through the whole ordeal of dealing with negative press, but now they have no many clients that they need to have more people on the staff. This also means that people are going to have to think hard about how they will make sure that they can get the job done fast. Going to a company like Status Labs that is growing helps a lot.


Companies that do this work every day are going to look into all the problems they are presented with, and then they are going to get help from people who have worked in this before. The companies that do this have seen a lot of these problems before, and they are trying to figure out how they are going to help make the situation better. They need a lot of room to work so they can bring clients in, and they all have boards of directors who come in to advise the company on how to operate. Everyone who is trying to make sure that they are getting the best results should ask a reputation management house for help.


The best companies for this are like Status Labs. They should let these companies get to work right away, and they can see the company’s success when they come to their expanded offices. Status Labs has grown a lot, and they are signaling how much the industry is growing. Helping people fight a bad reputation is a new specialty industry, and it is very important to get that help immediately. Follow them on Tumblr to see what they’re all about.

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Sanjay Shah: A Passionate Businessman and Philanthropist

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Recently, Sanjay Shah was interviewed by Eric Dye on Enterprise Radio during the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network. Sanjay Shah is the founder of Solo Capital and Autism Rocks. The show hosted by Eric is a platform where entrepreneurs can obtain business information, inspiration, advice and motivation. The show is also covers live events for entrepreneurs in all walks of the world. During the interview, Sanjay Shah spoke of various issues including Solo Capital, what motivated him to start Autism Rocks and advice on what can make entrepreneurs successful. He also spoke of the plans he has together with the expected concerts for Autism Rocks.

Sanjay Shah gave insights into what can make one a successful entrepreneur. He said that it is important for anyone who wishes to start a business not to underestimate the capital they require. He also warned against people thinking that they know everything and that they can do everything on their own.

Apart from being a successful businessman, Sanjay Shah is also known for his philanthropic activities. He is best known for founding Autism Rocks, which is a charity which funds research of autism. He started the organization after his son was diagnosed with autism, a neurological disorder. He started Solo Capital way before he established Autism Rocks. Solo Capital is a London-based brokerage firm. He organizes concerts to raise funds and create awareness for Autism Rocks every year where famous musicians get to perform.

About Solo Capital and Sanjay Shah

Solo Capital is an international brokerage firm which is based in London, United Kingdom. The company was founded by Sanjay Shah and before being incorporated in 2011. The company is also known as Solo Capital UK and Solo Capital Limited. It provides various financial services including proprietary trading, professional sports investments and consulting.

Sanjay Shah is its founder and CEO. He also owns other brokerage companies in the British Virgin Islands, Malta, Dubai, the Cayman Islands and Luxembourg. His network is estimated to be $280 million. Initially, he was not to have a career in investment and financial. He started by studying medicine before he changed and pursued a course as an accountant. Before forming Solo Capital, he worked with Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley.

Venezuela Nears Completion of Kimberley Process

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There may be a bright spot on the horizon for a struggling Venezuelan economy. President Maduros has started a “15 economic motors” initiative to help jump-start the national economy in other areas besides the sale of crude oil.
Venezuelan officials have been undergoing meetings last week  as reported by Visual CV with representatives of the Kimberly Process. The Kimberly Process would oversee the diamond mining business with strict regulations which would certify Venezuela’s diamond mining operation as “non conflict”. Venezuela is in the final process of passing this certification.

Venezuela has been outside of the Kimberly Process for eight years and have not been able to export diamonds without them being labeled “conflict” diamonds, which has severely hampered export.

Venezuela holds a very large natural mine located in the Bolivar region and being approved would mean the mine could send the certification paperwork with every shipment of diamonds to prove they were not mined under conflict.

Then what would this mean for the country of Venezuela? This certification would give a boost to the export of non conflict diamonds, which would in turn would bring in more money for Venezuela after struggling with a serious economic deficit since the countries decrease in petroleum production.

Wikipedia can Fetch Desired Exposure for your Business and Personal Brand

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Wikipedia is the leading, most trusted, and preferred source of original information online. In addition, it is the seventh most visited website in the world. Thus, it is not surprising why individuals, institutions, and organizations make a Wikipedia page. In an effort to improve Wikipedia accessibility to visually impaired, researchers in Sweden are in the process of developing crowdsourced speech engine. The speech engine will be communicating Wikipedia content to users with reading difficulty.


The speech synthesis platforms will be optimized for Wikipedia sites. Researchers target to complete English, Swedish, and Arabic speech synthesis by September 2017. Eventually, they will expand the platform to almost 300 languages that support online Wikipedia business page creation. According to a pilot study conducted by Swedish telecommunications regulator PTS, about 25% or about 125 million of Wikipedia user per month prefer speech to text.


As Wikipedia is making new developments, the popularity of the website can serve you well by fetching desired exposure for your business and personal brand. From a study conducted in 2012, it was revealed that approximate 96% of people trust brands with Wikipedia pages in comparison to those that do not have. When you create a Wikipedia page is a way of proving legitimacy, and not having one has become a stigmatization issue. People will often visit Wikipedia to find some basic information about your personal brand or organization. If they do not find it, mostly they will not pay attention to your organization.


Getting into Wikipedia is highly desirable to many organizations. However, it may seem as close to impossible to many people who have tried it which is why many people are hiring Wiki writers from a trusted service. Many people have gone about it the wrong way, and often they get feedback that their article is not relevant, and they finally stop trying. A spoke person for the Wikipedia Foundation, Jay Walsh, stated that though Wikipedia revisions are done by a huge number of volunteer Wikipedia editors, people are discouraged from posting articles about themselves and their organizations since the site strive for neutrality.


Creating a Wikipedia page call for careful research, documenting your information source, and strict adherence to Wikipedia manual guidelines. It can turn out to be a time-consuming and tedious task. One of the best ways to create a Wikipedia article without a lot of hassle and biased point of views is to hire a Wikipedia writing company from Get Your Wiki. It is a leading company with a team of experienced and professional Wikipedia editors for hire. They create and purplish your article on Wikipedia about your organization or yourself for a modest fee. They also give their customer 100 % guarantee, such that if your article is not published you get a complete refund.

Andy Wirth Cheats Death in Skydiving Accident

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Andy Wirth on ironman is the adventure-loving CEO of Squaw Valley. His love of adventure almost cost him his life and cost him his right arm from the shoulder down. If it had not been for his quick thinking, the damages could have been a whole lot worse during the jump occurring on October 13, 2013 near Lodi, California.

Andy Wirth says it is a day he will never forget. The day before, he and experienced jumpers J.T. Holmes and Sean McCormick had spent the day jumping at Davis, California, but wind conditions prevented them from returning the next day so they moved to the nearby Lodi dropzone. After completing some jumps, Andy preceded to jump again, but it was that jump that almost cost him his life as several things went wrong. First, the pilot on Facebook flew a bad flight line leaving him jumping from too far away from the jump zone. Secondly, Andy did not pull his parachute cord until he had already descended to 2,500 feet above ground level as opposed to the normal 4,000 feet. Unexpectedly, the wind had changed directions so it was coming as a headwind instead of a tailwind.

All these problems added up to disaster as Andy Wirth caught a pole as he attempted to land in a vineyard as he realized that he would never make the drop zone. Instantly, the pole tore off his right arm at the shoulder leaving his brachial artery torn and bleeding profusely. Still hanging from the pole, with his friends over 15 minutes away, Andy quickly made a fist with his left hand and placed it directly on the artery.

Realizing that he was in a very precarious situation on, he remembered the training that he had received earlier in his life. He thought about what his grandfather who worked as a back country ranger in very rough conditions had taught him that as many people died of shock as died from wounds. Andy Wirth on crunchbase also remembered the training he had received as a young adult working as a ranger.

Realizing that breathing was essential, he started singing Pearl Jam’s Just Breathe. Soon, his friends were able to rescue him. While he will live forever without his right arm, Andy Wirth has gone on to achieve many great things including becoming the CEO of Squaw Valley. Since he has had this experience, he routinely opens up Squaw Valley to handicapped skiers and hosts fundraisers to help local organizations.

Think Outside the Box with Wikipedia Experts

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“Thinking outside the box” is a term that has become more than a bit of a cliché. The arrival into the realm of clichéd phrases is due to the constant repetition of the term. Don’t ignore an inconvenient fact. The term is repeated because it reflects good advice. Thinking outside of a confining box can be applied towards Wikipedia page creation. Just look at what is occurring on college campuses as proof of this.

College professors at the University of Sydney are asking students to produce content for Wikipedia and make Wikipedia revisions as an alternative to writing essays. Academics feel students will be more motivated to do good work when they know the finished work will be presented to the public and continue to be read for years and years. Thinking outside the box when crafting Wikipedia articles does have its rewards.

Consider this doubly so for an entrepreneur hoping to create a Wikipedia page to promote a business. Creating a fairly dull page may get some information across, but the page won’t leave a thrilling impression in those who read it. Rather, boredom will set in. Adding some interesting components to the description would be advisable.

Writer’s block or a lack of understanding of what makes for compelling Wikipedia writing is going to be commonplace among those who have never attempted to write a page before. Not knowing what to write leads to sticking with the bare facts. As far as doing a competent job, this is marginally fine. Do not look for the end result to make a solid impression on the reader.

A skilled Wikipedia editor for hire or Wiki writer could flesh out a lot more of company’s inception. Rather than just present the date and location of the company’s founding, this particular section of the Wikipedia page could be filled with extended material regarding the people who were there at the time. An interesting story about the founding date could be relayed. Anything capable of making the story more intriguing and entertaining could – and should – be added to the mix.

This does not mean the content should veer off into fiction. Nor should it muse about things that are way off the topic. Doing so would be another sign of an amateur. The reader is not likely to critique the skills of the person putting the page together. The reader would just end up with a weak impression on the content, not a good thing at all when the goal is to guide the reader towards a more definitive impression of the business.

Another way to think outside the and achieve desired results would be hiring Wiki writers from a top firm to handle all the tasks. Get Your Wiki is a solid Wikipedia writing company available to any client interested in the best possible Wikipedia writing and editing work. Like the students at the University of Sydney, the writers at Get Your Wiki will be extremely motivated to deliver solid work.

Beauty Blogger Goes Head-To-Head With WEN By Chaz

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No one enjoys having a bad hair day, because when your hair looks good, you feel good and ready to conquer the world. Bustle beauty blogger Emily McClure recently decided to give the unique hair care system by Wen a whirl in a 7-day experiment.

WEN is known globally beacuse of QVC now for the incredible no-shampoo method that has taken the harsh detergents and chemicals out of the mix. Instead, your crowning glory gets instant hydration, shine and resilience, thanks to the cleansing conditioners designed to help all hair types and textures.

Chaz Dean is proud of his exceptional hair care line, because the sephora customer is receiving 5 products in one bottle- replacing shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, de-tangler and leave-in conditioner.

Emily McClure took her readers on a personal journey, documenting the WEN system with photos each day and her honest assessment of the Fig cleansing conditioner. Emily is a nighttime shower person, so the WEN By Chaz routine threw her off a bit, and she did not stick to the directions the entire time. The results then showed greasier locks than she was expecting.

She enjoyed showering with Wen’s unique cleansing system, as it gave thickness to her fine locks when she applied the product. After rinsing it out, Emily continued her normal blow-drying routine and occasional curling. Her hair was soft and glossy, and friends complimented Emily on her great-looking do.

She encountered the greasies when she showered at night, instead of the morning and when she tried to skip a day between washes. She learned that the WEN system is amazing when you stick to a habit of showering and styling hair every morning.

Emily says she would reach for the WEN system again, if she weren’t lazy and could become a morning shower person.



How Will Investment Improve With Martin Lustgarten?

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Martin Lustgarten is an international investor who wants people to learn how to make the most money that they can around the world. He knows how it is going to work when people want to move their money around the world, and he has insights that other people just do not have. There are some people who want to get started, but they are too scared to start. Martin has an Austrian and Venezuelan passport that helps him be a more worldly man, and he uses that travel to make sure that he knows the most about the markets around the world where he spends his money.

There are a lot of people who come to Martin Lustgarten to make sure that they can pick out the right kinds of the places to spend their money. Every country in the world is going to have a market where people will be able to invest, and it is something that they are going to be able to do to have much as money as possible. They are going to pick the markets where he thinks that people will do well in, and he teaches them about every market before they spend their money. He acts as the broker, and he makes sure that people are going to be apprised of what is going on when they are investing.

People who require more information can get that information from Martin Lustgarten, and he creates reports for people so that they know how much money they are making. These people are going to be able to move their money around with help from Martin Lustgarten (, and they are going to be able to move their money to other places that they think will be worth it. The best thing that people can do is to move their money around, and it is going to make it much easier for people to make more money. There are a lot of people who are going to be able to make more money when they are going to learn from Martin Lustgarten, and they are going to feel better about how they are investing.

Roles of Investment Banking

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Investment banking is a special division of banking that is related to the creation of capital for governments, large corporations, among other entities. The investment banks do underwrite equity securities and new debt for all kinds of corporations, help in selling of securities, assist in facilitating mergers and acquisitions, reorganizing and broker trades for institutional and private investors. The investment banks do assist issuers on matters regarding issue and stock placement.

Investment banks do employ banker to help governments, corporations and other institutions to plan and manage big projects. This saves the time and money of their client through identification of risks that are associated with a project prior to the client commencing work on it. Theoretically, investment bankers possess expertise in their field and are able to analyze the investing climate. This makes businesses and institutions to outsource development plans from investment banks.

Some of the functions that investment banking perform include:

• Investment management

These banks provide investors with advice to manage, trade and purchase various securities and other assets such as mutual funds and hedge funds.

• Mergers and Acquisitions

M&A together with corporate finance involve subscribing the investors to security issuance, negotiating with merger targets, or coordinating with bidders.

• Merchant banking

This is simply a private equity activity.

• Research

It reviews firms and writes reports on prospects with sell or buy ratings. Despite the fact that this division generates zero direct revenues, the info produced or gathered by them is helpful in guiding investors and M&A.

Contributions of Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten has his roots in Austria and Venezuela. He is a popular businessman and CEO and President of Lustgarten Martin. He has actively provided advice on investment banking to various clients, alongside helping them to secure funds.

Martin has utilized his company to assist people in certain places that are facing challenges in getting access to international trade. He helped them take active participation in American trading through offering US dollars in a region that was challenging to come by. Through this style of international support, Martin has helped to enhance global economic system by marketing free options circulation and business prospects. Visit Lustgarten’s Soundcloud page to see what music he’s into.

Coriant Keeping Up With The Ever Changing World

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In 2013, Coriant was formed as an independent technology company from Siemens Optical Networks, Sycamore Networks, and Tellabs. It had also broke away from Nokia Siemens Network with Marlin Equity Partners as its owner. At the same time, there was a merge with Sycamore, which was also under Marlin’s ownership was announced to operate as Coriant America Inc.

Coriant is a company that comes up with unique, inventive and dynamic solutions for networking with characteristics of the fast-changing as well as a cloud-based world of business. This company serves more than 100countries worldwide for content providers, mobile, and fixed line services, government and financial institutions as well.

The company deals with selling both software and hardware for optical transmission in voice’s Backbone network as well as mobile networks. The products include Transport Network Management System (TNMS) and 8000 Intelligent Network Manager (INM) for Intelligent Network Management, Coriant Transcend SDN Solution for software defined networking and 8100 Ethernet First Mile (EFM) for the Ethernet mile. Additionally, the smart router series are used for IP/MPLS routing as well as other products like the hiT70xx MSSP and 9000 Multiservice Switch for MSPP. The cross-connect/ TDM cannot be left behind with the 5000 Digital Cross-Connect Series, the 8100 Managed Access System, and the DX Cross-Connect Platform.

Besides the mentioned products, there is a broad range of industries that this company deals with including cable MSOs, Carrier’s carrier, utility network operators, rural network operators, submarine network operators as well as a connection for government and defense agencies. The applications offered by this enterprise include mobile backhaul, LH/ULH transport, packet access as well as Data Center Interconnect (DCI). Coriant uses top-notch technologies to power their systems such as the Universal Switching and Transport, synchronization, Software Defining Networking (SDN), Technology Collaboration, as well as the Advanced Optical Transmission.

The CEO of Coriant, Shaygan Kheradpir is an executive of technology and business. He has not only a bachelor’s degree but also a master’s and a doctorate when it comes to electrical engineering that he attained from Cornell University. However, before he got his appointment at this company, he had already been at executive positions in firms such as GTE, Barclays, Verizon as well as Juniper Networks. Additionally, Kheradpir has contributed to the development of other products as well as per taken in cost-cutting initiatives.

Kheradpir started his job at GTE Laboratories in 1987 where he finally became the Chief Information Officer. GTE becoming Verizon Communication was after merging with Bell Atlantic, becoming the president of Verizon’s e-business. In 2011, he joined Barclays as the Chief Operating Officer and finally became the CEO of Juniper Networks in 2014.

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