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Eucatex Continues On Its Global Rise With An Eye On The Local Community

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The birth of the Eucatex company in the 1950s was a moment where the current success enjoyed under the leadership of CEO Flavio Maluf could barely have been envisioned. The company was launched and found success because of its innovative approach to creating wood based products, such as boards, but in the last two years under Flavio’s leadership the company has been reaching new levels of global success for its flooring and furniture products along with the continued creation of products for the construction industry.

Flavio Maluf seeks to put something of himself into the Eucatex company that became famous for developing a new use for eucalyptus that created the highest quality boards and construction products available. The life of Flavio Maluf saw him become an expert in mechanical engineering, law, and business; these three areas of expertise have combined during his time as the CEO of Eucatex, which Flavio took up in 1997 and has maintained ever since.

A global attitude to business was developed by Flavio Maluf during his time as the leader of Eucatex, which began with a period of time spent living and studying in new York City during the mid 1980s. The development of the career of Flavio Maluf has come hand in hand with an increase in the global brand of Eucatex, which he has overseen in its development of new products for flooring and furniture based on a new plant created in the company’s traditional home of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Technological advances have played an important role for Eucatex and allowed the company to become a major part of the global forestry community and business world. In the coming years the development of Eucatex will play a major role in the career of Flavio Maluf, which he hopes will bring continued success in the areas of product development and education as a continued period of growth is sought by the brand.

Celebrating With Labaton Sucharow For Recent SEC Rewards

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The Securities Exchange Commission has been working to see that securities laws are respected and followed by everyone regardless of their position in the industry. The company has in the past few years followed into cases presented by whistleblowers and achieved tremendous success by intercepting wrong doings in the business world.


One of their recent achievements includes a case that was presented by a Labaton Sucharow whistleblower including investors in the financial markets. This was one of the few cases that many would not want to be involved in due to the nature of individuals implicated. After determination, the SEC collected sanctions from the perpetrators and the whistleblower was rewarded over $17 million, which represents the second largest package since the SEC was established in 2010. Learn more:


Based on the high-quality information that was shared by the whistleblower, the SEC was able to get facts about the wrong doings that have existed in the financial markets. The Labaton Sucharow team is happy to see how their clients are faring well in the cases they have helped to present to the SEC and the fact the second biggest SEC payout went to their client offers them better grounds to advance the fight against violations of federal laws.


Through the SEC Whistleblower Program, whistleblowers are offered the right to receive between 10% and 30% from the monetary sanctions collected after a successful enforcement process. Jordan Thomas, the head of the Whistleblower Representation Practice at Labaton Sucharow describes the effort of the whistleblower as a brave step that few would make.


The case involves highly influential individuals and it is likely many people had the facts but feared presenting them to the SEC because of its nature. He says this is just an example of why more people should come out if they have any information that can be substantiated to prove violations in the business world.


Labaton Sucharow

Incepted more than 50 years ago, Labaton Sucharow has remained one of the largest law firms in the U.S. and their domain of operation has involved mainly high-end case of companies and individuals implicated in complex cases.


 Labaton Sucharow was also the first firm to dive into whistleblower representation and their effort in this area has borne fruits. Most of their whistleblowers have received high rewards from the SEC. Labaton Sucharow checks on the facts in a case and advises the whistleblower accordingly to ensure once presented to the SEC the reward margin is increased.


Martin Lustgarten Advises You with Decades of Experience

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Martin Lustgarten is one of the most brilliant stars in the world of investing. People come to him to ask for advice about retiring. There was a time when people were afraid to invest their retirement savings and this was understandable. During the Great Recession, instinct took over and everyone tightened their belts. Things have been looking up in recent years and how its natural to dream again. If you can put your retirement savings into a solid investment then your money can multiply itself and you can live like royalty while enjoying your old age. If you can just win big on a few key investments then that dream will become a reality for you. Martin Lustgarten is an investing genius and hey can guide you to the best opportunities around the globe that are waiting for investors like you.

Martin believes in taking investment to the global level. He is a dual citizen of Austra and Venezuela. Spending time between two different countries allowed him to get a perspective on the global economy that other investment advisers are denied. Many of them spend all day in an office in New York City and they never see the world. They are denied direct access to the best deals that can only be found when you go out and talk to people. martin does not suffer from this fault. He knows how to make you money all around the world. He recommends that everyone diversify their stock portfolio with investments in many different markets. When you spread yourself out over the world you can feel the pulse of the global economy in your veins. Your risk is controlled because you are not too deep in any one investment and you will see market downturns coming from a mile away.

Martin is one of the greatest in the world when it comes to predicting the future direction of the market. This is why other investors look up to him. Some investors have a secret strategy to their success. Their secret is to stalk Martin Lustgarten and copy whatever he is doing because he usually knows best.

Choosing a Medicare Advantage Plan That Matches Your Health Needs

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Medicare Advantage is an insurance program that is used in the United States. It is an enhancement of the original Medicare. The scheme is classified as part C of Medicare on Zoom Info. The difference is that Medicare advantage is provided by private insurance firms while Medicare was furnished by the United States Government.

The Medicare Advantage plans have a set out of pocket spending. When the out of pocket spending is reached, the program caters for the consequent health care costs for the remainder of that year.

There are various types of Medicare Advantage schemes which include;
• Health maintenance organizations
• Preferred Provider Organizations
• Private Fee- For- Service
• Special Needs Plans
• Provider Sponsored Organizations
• Medicare Medical Savings Accounts

Medicare Advantage plan costs
• You have to pay the monthly premiums in Medicare part B
• Some programs may require clients to pay deductibles when they visit doctors
• When using in-network health care services defined in a given Medicare Advantage plan, health care cost will be relatively cheaper.

Before joining a Medicare Advantage plan, it is necessary that you get more information on how the plan can affect your medical coverage. Some of the concerns you should ask your preferred Medicare Advantage provider include;
• The plans in- network service providers
• Health care benefits provided under the scheme
• If the program covers for outpatient services
• The actual amount of monthly premium
• Service areas covered by the plan

Read more about InnovaCare Health at Open Minds.

It is suggested that you choose a service provider with flexible, affordable services. Moreover, their services should be customer-centered if they are to cover all their clients’ needs satisfactorily.

For clients who stay in United States, InnovaCare health is amongst the best service providers that one can always turn to whenever he or she needs to enroll to any Medicare Advantage plans. They have over 7500 in- network service providers.

InnovaCare Health boasts of critical leadership under its CEO and president, Dr. Richard Shinto. Dr. Shinto brings stability and reliability into the organization given his wide range of skills that spans across medical fields and management. Rick Shinto also possesses an extensive experience having served in different healthcare organizations that include Aveta Inc, NAMM California, and other organizations that focus on the health of different communities.

The InnovaCare CEO executes his duties with assistance from the Chief Administrative Officer, Penelope Kokkinides. Ms. Kokkinides has close to 20 years of experience as healthcare practitioner having worked for numerous healthcare organizations in US. Due to its quality of leadership, InnovaCare has grown to become among the best providers of Medicare Advantage Plans.

Kevin Seawright Is Doing His Part to Help Rehabilitate Struggling Baltimore Neighborhoods

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Kevin Seawright is an experienced management professional with an Executive Leadership Certification from the Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business. Searwright has supervised and managed the operations of many government organizations, as well as renowned private companies.

His combination of business experience and team leadership is a true rarity in the industry. Seawright’s ability to comprehend the most complicated of business management tools has played a major role in how he’s able to reformulate business strategies and transform the revenue plans of corporate processes.

Kevin Seawright has also managed to accomplish revenue enhancements that have helped the business procedure of estimating annual returns by the substantial margin of 25 percent. Additionally, Seawright has gained much knowledge of human resources, and capital operational management, from his many previous endeavors. Seawright also has over a decade of expertise in Executive-level finance. He’s used such expertise for several years to improve the living conditions on the East Coast of the continental United States.

Kevin Seawright is also the founded the Baltimore based company RPS Solutions LLC, a firm that oversees development, asset management, acquisition, governmental contracting and the sale of assets in neighborhoods afflicted with financial hardships. One of the company’s services is constructing and renovating affordable housing for first time home-buyer residents of the city and nearby regions.

With Baltimore financially stressed, Seawright felt that the city was in strong need of simpler home ownership. Seawright hopes that by making buying a home easier for residents the decline of the neighbor would begin to turn around.

Kevin Seawright has partnered his company with Baltimore City Officials and Housing & Community Development to renovate houses expressly for residents who’ve had trouble in the past qualifying for home ownership.

The partnership is more than just talk, the collaboration has really yielded positive results. The most recent example is Seawright aiding the son of a close friend accomplish his dream of purchasing a house in Baltimore. Seawright was extremely happy to help someone out that he’d mentored since a youth. Jerel Brown story is a true testament to the kind of man Kevin Seawright is.

How You Can Use Volunteering To Improve The reputation of Your Business

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If you want to make the world a better place, then giving back is one of the options to help others as much as possible. However, don’t forget that this strategy might be at the cost of your business because you may lose the extra time to growth your business. It is a dilemma faced by many business owners on how to balance between career and hobbies. When your business engages in the right volunteer work, it may serve to improve the brand’s reputation. The following are some of the volunteer strategies that can help your brand’s reputation.

Volunteering can help you meet different people in the various organizations that you volunteer as well as other volunteers that have a similar cause. Volunteering can be a success strategy says if you take the initiative to interact with the other movers and shakers in the business community dedicating their time on the same volunteer organization like you. If you are new to the world of volunteering, you may want to start with a reputable volunteer organization available in your community.

Volunteering can help you build your portfolio especially when you volunteer a skill that is unique and also part of your livelihood. It is all about showing concern to the community and participating in the best you can. In the cause of volunteer, your work may be seen by many people including clients and partners; thus building your portfolio. Alternatively, you gain good publicity with a cause you love. Think about documenting your work on social media outlets, blogs, newsletter article and videos.

Although volunteer is supposed to be done for the best interest of the community, your business may gain a good reputation for getting involved in a worthy cause that impacts positively on the community. It is a way of enhancing the company’s image as your take your mind off your work. Volunteer offers you a chance to see the world view and an opportunity to take a break from your regular business routine. Think about volunteering at a local animal shelter or cleaning someone’s yard. You get to build a new network or develop skills that may be crucial to your life.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez Running for Office

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Running for political office is never an easy thing to do. In the country of Venezuela, there are a lot of people who are looking to impact the world in a better way. This can be done through a variety of ways. Jose Manuel Gonzalez is someone who is passionate about changing the world. Although he has a successful business, he is still looking for ways that he can help his country. He believes that holding political office will give him the power and influence needed to make a positive change. The country is not doing well right now, and he wants to turn that around. With the low price of oil, a lot of people are getting worried about whether the economy will ever recover.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez

From an early age, Jose Manuel Gonzalez wanted to do big things with his life. He quickly fell in love with business and has done well in the field. However, he is someone who wants to take things to the next level over the next few years. he knows that his country is struggling financially right now, and it will take someone with some business sense to get over the hump. If you want to learn how to influence others, Jose Manuel Gonzalez is one of the best people that you can learn from. He does a great job of taking things to the next level with people who need his help.

Running for Office

Running for political office is something that few people are able to do. In his country, it takes a lot of money and influence just to get on the ballot. There are a lot of people who are looking for the political system to change. This is something that he wants to do as well. If you are someone who is worried about your future, it is vital that you look at the long term outlook and make decisions based off of that. When Jose Manuel Gonzalez did, he decided it was his time to act and make a difference in his local community and country by holding political office.

Making a Splash on Inc. 500

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When it comes right down to it the best way to evaluate the success of a company is by how much they are growing. The Inc. 500 is a coveted list that details the Fastest Growing Companies in the country and around the world. Getting added to the Inc. 500 is a surefire sign that things are going VERY right for you and your business. Darius Fisher, the President and CEO of Status Labs, can proudly say that his company is hitting their stride and finding the next step on the ladder by landing at #339 on the Inc. 500.


This will be the first appearance for Status Labs on the Inc. 500 but it is of particular note due to a number of factors. Status Labs is an online reputation management firm that focuses on public relations, crisis management, and reputation management on the internet. Over the period of 2012 to 2015 the company grew by an incredible 1,099% — gathering 1,500 clients in over 40 countries around the globe. This massive spike in popularity and success was what keyed the company to make the Inc. 500 list. What you should know is that this is more than just an honorary thing — the Inc. 500 is a predictive element of success.


The Inc. 500 has housed some very reputable names on their Fastest Growing Companies list over the years and many of them you would recognize. Among the most notable companies to make the Inc. 500 are LinkedIn, Pandora, Yelp, and even Dell. These companies all made an appearance on the list before moving on to become genuine powerhouses in the business world. With how Status Labs is growing it is clear that the market need for their work is growing as well.


Darius fisher called their addition to the list an “honor” and that he believed it to be a “testament” to both an increase in demand for their work but also for a demand in marketing in general. Fisher finished off his statement by saying that he was “optimistic” about Status Labs’ future and that they would continue to grow and expand.

This Huffington Post article about Status Labs’ success further details their journey as a firm thus far.



Marc Sparks’ Career and Philanthropy

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Marc spark is a successful entrepreneur. He attributes success hard work and proper planning. He does not believe that success is a product of luck. Additionally, he acknowledges that he is a successful business person but does not believe he is the smartest person.

He believes that successful business leaders should share their path of success with the new generation of entrepreneurs to ensure that they overcome the challenges along the way. He has published a book that gives details of how he attained success in his career. Marc also believes that we should share our wealth with the needy in our societies.

Marc is a serial entrepreneur with various businesses under his name. His investment interests are mainly in the communications business. According to an article about him in Bloomberg, he has also been involved in establishing multiple businesses that are very successful apart from his communications ventures.

Marc sparks is currently a full-time venture capitalist. His private equity firm sells financial advice to startup firms. Most of the new startups involved with Sparks have revolutionary ideas and often grow fast to become successful ventures.

Venture capitalism is a high-risk business but its rewards are irresistible. Marc and his private equity firm insist on a thorough evaluation of all prospective startups to make sure they fund the firms that promise success.

Through his book, “They can’t eat you”, he motivates the people who are nurturing entrepreneurial dreams and encourage them to join the business world. He emphasizes the need for an entrepreneur to believe in himself or herself and his or her ideas. The book provides tips for building a successful business venture and how to overcome business-related challenges. He believes that any individual has the power to become successful.

Marc is a big time philanthropist and is involved in several charitable programs. He donates to a Dallas education program that ensures that youths from poor backgrounds can get a high school diploma. Not only does Marc give out his money to charitable programs, he also volunteers his time to take part in the charitable programs.

One of his most outstanding philanthropic work has been through the organization he and Lynne Sipiora founded. Spark Tank was founded about 15 years ago in Dallas.

The program was begun when Lynne and Marc met. Lynne convinced Marc that they could find and fund social entrepreneurs that have out of box ideas that aimed to create social programs. Lynne’s idea was to fund and oversee the operations of nonprofit organizations.

Spark Tanks stuck to the cause and achieved tremendous success. Among Spark Tank’s most successful ventures is the Samaritan Inn. Samaritan Inn is a home for the homeless, a place that provides accommodation and meals to more than 200 poor people daily.

How The IoT is Revolutionizing Human Life

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A recent article posted by the IOT Daily revealed the possibility of the Internet of Things affecting the manner by which brands reach out to their customers. Hadyn Sweterlitsch, HackerAgency’s Global Chief Creative Officer, cited that both screens, as well as visual graphic interaction, have significantly defined brand interactions. Sweterlitsch also cited that it is a tendency for human attention to be attracted to visual things. As such, many marketers and advertisers have taken advantage of this fact to promote their brands.

Currently, things have changed with the shift from over relying on visual design to other techniques such as voice interaction. In this case, the Amazon’s Echo device allows consumers to access services and control their devices through speaking. Other devices from the Internet of Things include wearables, and Smart LED lights are bringing a new platform for interaction between marketers and their consumers. Gooee serves as one of the entities utilizing a scalable IoT avenue to serve lighting manufacturers.


Established in March 2014, Gooee is widely known as the creator of the first Full-Stack operating avenue geared towards connecting lighting manufacturers or producers to the IOT. Through the vast experience and expertise of its global software and engineering team, Gooee has utilized two years to establish its enterprise avenue. Further, it boasts of a strong focus on designing, engineering and distributing software, hardware as well as data management components throughout the LED lighting value chain.

Gooee prides itself as a provider of communication, control and sensing components, which integrate with an enterprise standard cloud platform. The cloud platform provides a scalable and self-driven structure for lighting OEMs in a bid to provide substantial value to customers.