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Finance Guru Brian Bonar’s Rise to Success

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Brian Bonar is the President and CEO of Trucept Inc., a B2B services provider of professional employee management solutions. Businesses can opt for strategic outsourcing of comprehensive human resource services from Trucept.

Some of the services Trucept delivers include employee management, employee benefits, government compliant payroll and tax solutions, talent placement, employee policy development, performance management and staff training. Outsourcing employee management enables a firm to put more focus and resources on core business activities and growth.

Bonar is also the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation. He has over 30 years’ experience in finance and management.

He has been with Dalrada under various capacities such as Director of Technology Sales and Vice President of Sales and Marketing, moving up through the ranks to head the firm in 1997. Dalrada is a support services company that offers employee solutions.

In 2010, he was named Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance in honor of his academic, professional and business leadership achievements. The award aims to promote better business networking by publishing professional, entrepreneur and executive biographies that are distributed worldwide on both soft and hard copies.

It enables a forum for world business executives delivering transformational leadership to connect and share experiences.

With his expert skills in entrepreneurship, venture capital management, acquisitions and human resource management, he has founded his own businesses and overseen their success. He is adept at recognizing and mentoring talent teams.

This together with his ability to create business plans that always deliver on profitability has made him a top-rated entrepreneur. He has served as Chairman and CEO, Smart-Tek Solutions, which was restructured to become Trucept in 2013.

Brian has served as CEO and founder at Bezier Systems, a SCSI-based printer manufacturer, and as President at Allegiant Professional Business Services. He also co-founded AMS Outsourcing in 2006, a professional employer organization company.

Brian worked for a few companies before the move to Dalrada. He worked for IBM, UK, the computer company for over 16 years. He was also Executive Director of Engineering at QMS, a printing solutions provider. In addition, he worked for Rastek, a printer manufacturing company in Alabama, as Sales and Marketing Vice President. He has also held a sales position at Adaptec, a printer manufacturing company in San Jose.

He also has interests in the restaurant business with his name brand Bellamy in San Diego. Brian is a dedicated family man. He also enjoys boating and a round of golf every now and then.

Why You Should Visit the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Complex

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The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping complex has emerged as the best shopping and entertainment hub in Brazil. Located in Manaira Paraiba, Brazil, the exclusive one-stop complex is guaranteed to captivate your interests based on its various luxurious amenities.

Opulent Stores

Despite its numerous comforts, the shopping complex is mostly known for its luxurious yet affordable stores. Whether you are in need of fragrances, designer fashion brands or jewelry, the shopping complex never fails to live up to its reputation. In addition, the high-end mall also stocks durable furniture, sports supplies, electronics, books and watches from distinguished designers. If you can dream it, then you can find it at Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. More importantly, you can access the mall’s website before planning to visit the center.

Movie Theater

Apart from the shopping hullabaloo, movie fanatics can also engage in their favorite hobbies when stopping by the Cinepolis movie theater. Located within the shopping complex, the Cinepolis offers a diverse range of films in high definition tailored to meet your individual tastes. Whether you are an action or drama fanatics, do not hesitate to visit the Cinepolis for the latest film installments.

Having watched a remarkable movie, you might want to satisfy your hunger by tasting the sumptuous meals offered from an assortment of restaurants located within the Shopping Center. From fast food eateries to fine dining restaurants, you are provided with a variety of Chinese or Indian food, burgers, steaks and so much more. Snack lovers are also catered for with the various snacks on offer.

The Domus Hall

The Domus Hall serves as an entertainment avenue for music enthusiasts to revel in their favorite joints. The entertainment hub has earned an excellent reputation for holding festivals, art fairs, concerts headlined by top artists and several other cultural events. Not only will you meet like-minded individuals at Domus Hall, but you will also experience an extraordinary music phenomenon. By visiting the Roberto Manaira Shopping Complex, you can rest assured that your personal tastes will be catered for.

Roberto Santiago in Brief

Apart from owning the Shopping Complex, Mr. Santiago boasts an impressive resume` in the literary world. For starters, the Madrid native is a prominent screenwriter and editor for various advertising agencies both locally and internationally. Apart from screenwriting, Santiago has also published numerous novels featuring the highly acclaimed collection Los Futbolisimos, which focuses on children’s literature. Santiago is an alumnus of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid having pursued an Image and Sound course.

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The Value Of Free Service

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FreedomPop shows that some of the best things in life are free. This includes free internet for them to use it as needed. For one thing, even the internet is not purely entertainment. There are a lot of productive uses for internet. Among the things people can do is apply for work so that they can make more money. After all, if they don’t have an adequate source of income, then they are not going to be able to pay for their phone bill. FreedomPop has come to the rescue of many people that have found themselves in a jam.


When people read a FreedomPop review, they learn about all of the features that it offers people. This makes the service more desirable to them. As a result, they are convinced to sign up for the service and use it to its full advantage. One thing that they will understand is that the services that are offered at no cost are limited. This is a lot better than the carriers that do not allow even the slightest use for customers if they are unable to pay for it. FreedomPop gives people a chance to enjoy some of the free monthly service with their devices.


For people that are satisfied with the services, they can pay for more of it and become a full customer. Then they get to enjoy even more of what this carrier has to offer them. To add to the benefits, these services can be experienced on some of the best devices. While they are refurbished, these devices are checked for quality and reliability. Therefore, customers can rest assured that they have a reliable phone or mobile device that they can use. These devices also have fast processors which make it easier and quicker to access websites when surfing the web.


Traveling Vineyard: The Road To A Fulfilling Career

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Is wine your passion? Maybe you love having people over and experimenting with wines. Maybe you are looking for an opportunity to generate a little additional income or maybe you are looking for a little challenge and diversity in your daily life. Traveling Vineyard may be the opportunity you are looking for.

It all started with a love of the grape and a desire to share both the love and an intimate knowledge of the process with friends. The story of Traveling Vineyards is the story of turning your passion into a business, a business you will find rewarding and challenging.

Yes, this is a direct sales opportunity, but one that is very different from so many home party sales. For one thing, you are never alone in Traveling Vineyards. You start with a leader who helps and directs you and acts as your mentor as you learn all about wine and how to manage your sales.

Additionally, our Tasting Roomis always available to you. This is our online training center that introduces you to how the process works, supplies information about the wines and has video instruction on how to conduct tastings – you are not left to figure all this out yourself. With Traveling Vineyards, you become part of our team rather than an island.

Do images of your basement stocked floor to ceiling with wine intimidate you? Not to worry! You do not maintain stock in your home. Unlike many home businesses, your personal investment in supplies and space is minimal.

For only $189, you can start your own business. How many offers like that will you ever get?

That one time start-up fee includes all you need to get into this lucrative business. It includes $150 worth of wine, $115 worth of accessories and promotional materials valued at over $25. Also included is the online training and your valuable experience working with your wine mentor.

Some opportunities similar to this require monthly sales minimums in supplies or demonstrations and regular re-investment in new products. However, Traveling Vineyards only requires $15.99 each month for maintenance on your personal website. For full transparency, understand that your initial wine investment in the tasting kit must be replenished by you as needed, though most of our representatives manage that with event credits.

Isn’t it worth a few minutes of your time to investigate this opportunity? Traveling Vineyards is compatible with your full time career, so you have nothing to lose.

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Martin Lustgarten

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Martin Lustgarten was born July 9, 1959 and is an entrepreneur in the state of Florida. He claims himself to be a “love of all things vintage and a collector of all things beautiful”. He is an investor and a top notch one at that. He is all over social media to show articles and share the knowledge about proper investing to encourage others to see the importance of investment. Martin also recommends that you know your own personal goals and do your homework for proper investment.

When it comes to placing your investments in just the right spot, Martin Lustgarten is the man with the plan. He doesn’t keep his money in just one place. He disperses it through more than one country. Smart on his part. If something were to happen then his money would not all be tied together. Not only is that great to take into consideration, but he then increases the opportunity to participate in that country’s local growth. He has never steered his clients in the wrong direction but rather he made them feel more secure in the decision they were making with their money.

Investment in today’s time is the ultimate decision to ensure you have a future planned out for you and your family. Following a plan with a professional can help you make all of the right decisions. They ultimately know the best routes to lead you in making the best investment of your life. Mark Lustgarten is the perfect professional to lead you down the path of success. To help you make the best decision with the money you have already worked so hard for. By making this decision on investing money you are making the decision to maximize the opportunities in your life. Not only for you, but the family who counts on you.

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How did EOS Become Bigger than Chapstick?

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Recent sales figures show that EOS is the second-best selling lip balm on the market today, ranking above the well-known Chapstick brand that so many have used and loved for so long. Sales records aren’t necessary to understand the love that the world has found for the EOS brand. Selling one-million lip balms per week and surpassing a name like Chapstick is definitely big news, but being the brand saw in the hands of celebrities like Kim K and Miley Cyrus is truly the point in which you know that you’ve found success.

How did EOS lip balm, in just seven short years of existence, surpass the brand that so many trust for their lip care? For most, the answer to this question isn’t very surprising. As more concern over the ingredients found in skin care and health care products rises, more consumers are searching for natural products that alleviate the worry and provide them with the care they seek. EOS lip balm focuses on using only the best natural ingredients that nature has to offer, enhancing those ingredients only with enjoyable flavors. The result of this lip balm is a set of lips that look and feel great all year long.

EOS products are easy to find, head over to your local Walmart, Well or Target( store. Popular online stores Amazon and eBay sell EOS too.


Protecting Legal Rights in a Lawsuit with Litigation Attorney Karl Heideck

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Protect your legal rights by contacting Karl Heideck

Protect your legal rights by contacting Karl Heideck

Lawsuits represent highly complicated legal matters. Not only do they involve the application of complex laws, but judicial procedures related to lawsuits and litigation require an experienced, tenacious attorney.

Codes of civil procedure in each of the 50 states, as well as a separate one on the federal level, set forth the manner in which a lawsuit is to be litigated. Time and again, a lawsuit runs aground, even ending up being dismissed, because of a failure to follow properly the applicable code of civil procedure.

The reality is that litigation requires a unique skill set for a lawyer. In other words, merely earning a law degree is not enough to become an effective litigator like Karl Heideck.

The unique skill set for a litigator includes the ability to make a strong presentation in court. This necessitates highly refined verbal skills and the keen ability to make an effective, compelling oral presentation.

Part of the litigation process also necessitates a litigation attorney to be a keen writer. He or she must be able to form legal arguments in a cogent and concise manner, arguments which readily translate in a seamless manner into an associated oral presentation in the courtroom.

Karl Heideck is an example of a litigation attorney with the expertize necessary to effectively represent the interests of a client. As a litigator, Heideck has focused on representing clients in lawsuits involving matters that include different types of underlying legal issues. He is also involved in representing clients in the realms of compliance and risk management review.

Other areas in which Heideck has demonstrated a strong legal capacity include employment law, mediation, and intellectual property law.

Heideck obtained his law degree from Temple University in 2009. He received his undergraduate degree from Swarthmore College. At Swarthmore, Heideck received a degree in English and literature, with a concentration in letters.

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Sam Tabar: The Law and Business Guru

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Everyone is out to become the best at what they do, and Sam Tabar is the best example to look up to. He has not only reached the heights of career development but has received the best training both in business and in law. Tabar is also known to share his knowledge by counseling clients as well as offering services through consultancy and building up teams.


Among Tabar’s biggest accomplishments is being appointed Full Cycle Energy Fund’s chief operating officer. This was in addition to him being a prominent financial strategist from New York City. He is eager to work for a corporation he believes in and he’s always excited to improve the firm in future.

Media Outlets Featuring Tabar

The ‘Our Veterans’ site featured Tabar after he was named Full Cycle Energy COO. His story was also published on the PR Newswire, where he was quoted saying he looks forward to partnering with senior leadership to do away with high cost polluting fuels and instead replace them with cheaper eco-friendly fuels.

What’s Appealing About Sam Tabar?

Mr. Tabar believes that all roles in a business association are beneficial. Time and again, those who are in the lower ranks feel that because they do not take part in the major decisions, they can be laid off quite quickly. However, Tabar believes that every employee has a role to play and that it takes a team to make a business successful.

By and large, Mr. Tabar is a master of his trade—and this is one of the main benefits of using his services. He has had the best education and has numerous years of experience in the business and law management. He has been an associate at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP after he graduated from Columbia Law School.

Tabar’s expert advice has been shared widely, including with clients at Skadden. He has the best knowledge of private placement memoranda, employment and compliance issues as well as investment management. Put simply, there is no better blend of law and business expertise than Tabar.

Bottom Line

Tabar is a good example of what commitment and passion can bring. He is a living proof that a good education and skills can improve not just one’s life, but also the life of those around them and the community as a whole.

The Best Brands in Comfort

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When it comes to comfort, many of us do not want to sacrifice at all. Have a look at the best brands in comfortable men’s underwear and boots to see how you can upgrade your lifestyle and comfort level. These brands can’t be beat!


Best Men’s Underwear companies:


  1. Fruit of the Loom is definitely a frontrunner in the world of men’s underwear. They offer a variety of styles, ranging from briefs to boxers and everything in between. While the brand’s reputation may add a bit to the price tag, this is one area where you do not want to sacrifice for your budget. Fruit of the Loom even offers special underwear for athletes and has a big and tall selection. This brand also offer a wide range of styles, colors and patterns, leading to many stylish options.


  1. Under Armour underwear is also a highly desirable brand. Under Armour offers many styles, colors and patterns, designed for active and outdoor lifestyles.


  1. Calvin Klein also offers some great men’s underwear selections. These options are sleek and stylish while still remaining reasonably priced. Great for fashionistas!


Best Boot Brands


  1. Crockett and Jones offers boots that are both stylish and functional. They can serve as outdoor wear or as a fashionable addition to your wardrobe. With many styles to choose from you will definitely be able to find a pair that meets your expectations.



  1. Timberland is a staple brand in men’s boot brands. These beautiful options are great for work, play and fashion. With many colors and styles to choose from, you can definitely find a pair that meets your style needs.


  1. Clarks are classy and comfortable. They are a great addition to any wardrobe and will help bolster your fashion status.