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Becoming a Pro in Trading With the Netpicks Trading Strategies

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Netpicks was formed at the onset of day trading and online trading and has over the years provided trading education in swing trading, options and EFTS in day trading, stocks, futures, forex and signals. The company has its headquarters in Texas and with a team of real professionals and trained staff you are guaranteed of an excellent learning experience. Each of the netpicks member trades every single day and such professionals can easily guide you as you begin your trading journey.

Depending on your interest as their member it’s important to note that netpicks trading system was created with two goals in mind that is either as a full-time career or part-time income. All you have to do is pick on your objective, and the system will handle the rest. You don’t necessarily need to have theoretical or academic background since the system is created to be learned in the shortest time possible. Unlike other companies that might leave you high and dry netpicks has an awesome support that will guide you on your journey to success.  Watch tutorial blogs in this link on

There was a change in sentiment on Wall Street after the technology sell-off at the beginning of this month. Although some investors considered the market as unstoppable there is now some kind of nervousness that hasn’t been witnessed for a while. The talk from Wall Street has also led to a choppy market heading into the summer months. This isn’t an unusual case on a low volume summer, but the sentiments are likely to bring an even more significant change.  Read about socially responsible investment, hop over to this.

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If you take advantage of the proactive strategy, it shouldn’t be difficult to navigate through the market. The good thing about this approach is that individuals can quickly profit even in a choppy market. One of the strategies that has proved profitable during the rough months is the “lock and walk.” This approach is valuable since it’s meant to respect the resistance and support levels within the Nasdaq 100 NDX +0.20% which will then be traded against the Proshares UltraShort QQQ QLD +0.37% and Proshares UltraShort QQQ QID -0.44% after the resistance and support levels are broken or tested.  Get connected now, hit on

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The American Institute of Architects: The Building of a Strong Foundation

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     Established in 1857, the American Institute of Architects has a 160 year history of building greatness from the ground up. An organization of 260+ chapters world wide came from humble beginnings and set the standard for architecture in America from their work in small projects to values and ethics. This foundation is set in the idea of using buildings to better people through values, equality, environment and health.

AIA advocates equality within their organization and outreach, such as the implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act and championing accessible design for the public. They strive to promote diversity and support immigration and women’s rights as fundamental keystones of American progress.

The American Institute for Architects also has an impressive standard for environmental impacts, using cutting-edge technology to reduce environmental stress and implementing carbon neutral projects. They created the “2030 Commitment” that pledges firm designs to reach a goal of zero-carbon emissions by 2030. This initiative boasts pledges from more than 350 firms, and this green focus makes a sustainable future possible.

The environment isn’t the only thing that needs sustained- with a majority of the average American day being spent within man-made structures, considering human health is essential to building design in order to maintain wellness. The AIA pioneered the Living Building Challenge using seven “petals” or benchmarks to rate how buildings fare when it comes to improving human health and environmental impact. The full bloom of these petals relates directly to our well-being and can save resources and lives while raising public health standards.

The AIA has shown intense dedication to not only almost 90,000 members and project organizers, but also to their community. Their work in disaster relief and recovery after hurricanes Katrina and Rita led to the Louisiana Recovery and Rebuilding Conference gathering, who’s plans and efforts are still in play today for the rebuilt areas.

The American Institute of Architects is also responsible alongside the National Park Service and Library of Congress for the documentation of many historical building and sites to preserve the beauty of the past. Since 1933, this collaboration has resulted in one of the world’s largest libraries of recorded existing buildings. The AIA truly has a rich history of ethical practices, strong values, and preserving the past while building a better future.

End Citizens United Wants To End Legal Loophole That Allows Unlimited And Untraceable Money To Be Donated To Political Campaigns

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Tech News Spy published an article recently by Heidi Harris entitled “End Citizens United Explains Why We Need to Re-Evaluate Our Campaign Finance Rules” discussing the recent revelations of Russian involvement in the 2016 Presidential Election.

Harris discusses that the recent expose of the Russian company with ties to Kremlin and how they spent at least $100,000 on Facebook ads to influence the presidential election. Though it is currently undecided if Trump’s team is directly involved, it is clear that the government has been unwilling to put their foot down and end foreign intervention in U.S. elections.

Many right-wing allies and politicians have been sabotaging the laws surrounding campaign finance for decades. They have created legal loopholes where individuals and corporations can easily donate huge sums to political campaigns without transparency or accountability. This can easily change the outcomes of the elections because they donate huge amounts of money to the candidates they feel would favor their causes, placing political pressure and essentially rigging the system.

Read more: Johnson Amendment Under Attack – End Citizens United Mobilizes

The purchase of Facebook ads by a foreign government is just the beginning. Chinese nationalists also used a company to take advantage of the loophole and donate more than a million dollars to a Super PAC. A Mexican businessman has similarly been convicted of using a shell organization to donate a huge amount to a Super PAC.

However, there are a variety of bills and ideas that Congress could pass to end the legal loopholes which allow foreign entities to influence American politics. The DISCLOSE Act would necessitate the disclosure of political spending by both private and public entities like corporations as well as individuals. The By the People Reform Package, which includes the Get Money Out of U.S. Elections Act, would close loopholes and create a Constitutional amendment that would prevent foreign governments from spending money and influencing the American election process.

Unfortunately, there are a variety of Republicans and right-wing allies that have been filibustering these acts, preventing the loopholes from being closed. End Citizens United, a Political Action Committee, reveals why they need to re-evaluate their position.

End Citizens United was created in 2010 after the Supreme court ruling on the Citizens United v. F.E.C. Their ruling created a legal way for corporations and billionaires to donate unlimited and untraceable money to special interests and to American Elections.

End Citizens United is seeking to fight against the ruling, revealing the issues of no accountability or transparency of billionaires and corporations who seek to tip the balance of political power to their side.

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Eric Lefkofsky; American Entreprenuer

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Erick Paul Lefkofsky was born in the year 1969.He is an America business man. Eric is a co-founder of different organizations. Some of them include, Tempus, Groupon, InnerWorkings, Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics and Uptake. Eric Lefkofsky attended the University of Michigan. He started his career in this university where he was selling carpet. In 1993 after he had pursued law, him and his friend borrowed fund to start an apparel organization in Madison situated in Wisconsin. They named the company as Brandon Apparel. He also created another company later with another friend in the year 1999.The company was an internet company called Starbelly.

Starbelly dealt with the promotion of products. The company later encountered quick growth and later sold to Halo industries in the year 2000.Lefkofsky partnered with Halo and he became the chief operating officer of the company. A year later the company became bankrupt. After Starbelly he co-founded InnerWorkings Company in the end of 2001.

I’m glad to know that billionaire Lefkofsky created his fortune saving clients funds on restaurants and travel with Groupon. With the recent startup which is Tempus, he is trying to secure their lives. He is focused on utilizing genomic arrangement to assist doctors to customize cancer therapy. Tempus which is situated in Chicago announced that it has raised funds in its list C sponsoring around from agents New Enterprise Associates and Revolution Growth.

The financing was part of the money raised from when Lefkofsky founded Tempus in the year 2015 with his business partner. Lefkofsky who is the chief executive officer and his business partner they have invested in each fundraising series for Tempus. In a recent interview with the Crains Chicago Business he said that he was willing to venture up to 100 million dollars in the business. But where did Lefkofsky invest in business while his career is in the technology industry? In an interview with the MedCity News he said that he had a loved one who was diagnosed with breast cancer. During therapy he recognized that there is lack of complex infrastructure in how clinical information took place. This made him to venture in to healthcare field.


Sujit Choudhry’s Desire to See Nations Adopt Peace Led Him to Join Others in Offering Expertise Advice on Catalonia Secession from Spain

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Sujit Choudhry is a well-known international law expert with interest in comparative constitutional law. The crisis between Catalonia and Spain spark an interest in him prompting him to join hands with three other international law specialists to offer expert advice on the issue of Catalonia seceding from Spain. The experts were Zoran Oklopcic, Asanga Welikala, and Robert Howse.

Calling for a Referendum

The three scholars believe that a referendum will go a long way in saving the situation. They called upon the Catalonian President Puigdemont to push for a referendum that will voice the desire of the people. It will also show his commitment to the issue of Catalonia becoming independent. On the other hand, they urged the Spain Prime Minister Rajoy to allow the Catalonian people to hold the referendum peacefully. The three aired their disagreement with the acts of last month by the Spanish government that compromised the organized vote. They stated that continuation of such acts could lead to an abuse of human rights as well as hinder the right to self-governance for Catalonians.

Calling for Dialogue

The letter mainly urged the two parties to sit down and discuss amicably on the constitutional issues that are affecting them. A dialogue will serve as an act of good faith that will lead to a settlement that is agreeable to all. Also, it will uphold the principles of the European Union. They uploaded the move by the Catalonian President to push for dialogue with the Spanish government by postponing the announcement of independence in the region.  A relevant article to read on

About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is extensively trained in the law, which grounds his impressive knowledge of the subject. Sujit attained his Bachelor of Science degree from McGill University in 1992 followed by another degree from the University of Oxford two years later. Sujit Choudhry then went to the University of Toronto for a third degree and later to Harvard Law School for his postgrad in law.  Refer to for a related article.

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Sujit Choudhry began his career in 1996 as a Law Clerk in the Supreme Court of Canada. Sujit went on to be a professor of law in various institutions. He currently works at the University of California at Berkeley School of Law as an I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law. He also runs his organization, Center for Constitutional Transitions.  For further reference, head over to

Read about his published work here

Doe Deere: How Lime Crime Queen Found Her Life’s Path

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Lime Crime is reaching new heights as founder Doe Deere continues to receive spotlight for her innovative cosmetic company. Deere is a trend icon. She is known best for her funky style. Her style includes a variety of brightly colored hair dyes, perfectly applied makeup and a fashion sense that marries bright style with classical trends that span centuries.

Lime Crime is known for its less traditional lipstick colors. It was founded by Doe Deere simply because she couldn’t find the shades of lipstick she desired. She admits that she was truly shocked when Lime Crime became such a huge success. It seems that women everywhere were seeking the same styles of lipstick that she was also craving.

It is through the launch of Lime Crime that Doe Deere has learned her best life advice. She learned that in order to make your dreams come true, you have to be bold enough to follow your life’s passion. She believes that each one of us has a spark we are meant to turn into a flame, we just need the courage to ignite it.

About Doe Deere

Doe Deere was born in Russia. She has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. She notes in a recent interview with Guest of a Guest that when she was younger she always believed innately that she could achieve absolutely anything she desired. While many of us have the same belief at a young age, Doe never gave up on that feeling.

She moved to New York City to pursue her dream of becoming a musician. She met her husband in a band and the two have had a loving and happy marriage. She then switched career paths to work in the fashion world. Despite the fashion world being highly competitive, Doe also found great success in that realm. It was when she was working in fashion that she came up with the idea for Lime Crime.

When she founded Lime Crime, Doe wanted the company to be something radically different than the popular brands of the time. Instead of consistently changing her product line to follow beauty trends she wanted Lime Crime to stand out from the crowd. Since its founding, Lime Crime has always taken a different path. The company offered bright, bold colors at a time when most women were wearing nudes or soft pinks. Doe was surprised when her bright colors were purchased as fast as she could stock them. Learn more:

Greg Aziz- CEO And President Of National Steel Car

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Greg James Aziz is the CEO of National Steel Car company. He was born in 1949, in Ontario, Canada. He became the chief executive of National steel car in 1994 after buying it from a company known as Dofasco. Since he bought the company, he has been on a road of transforming the company, as a company that had dwindling fortunes with the previous owner, Greg Aziz had to come up with measures that would make the company better. He wanted to make the company to have a better production a capacity than it was doing with the previous owner. To achieve that, he had to work extra hard. He had to make sure that there was a transformation in the company that would bring the right changes need to its production capacity to improve. National steel car which was created in 1912, is one of the oldest companies in the Canada, it has its headquarters in Hamilton.



Who is Greg Aziz? Before becoming the head of national steel car, Gregory J Aziz was an economist working with investment banks in New York. He learned about National steel car while interacting with its former owner Dofasco. As an economist, he saw this as a great investment opportunity. He did not waste his time. He proposed a deal that would him buy the company. With his knowledge in business and economist, he would be able to make the company great. Go Here To Learn More.



Gregory J Aziz had gone to the University of Western Ontario, where he received his degree in economics in 1971. After graduating, he would engage in activities that would see him gain experience in the business sector. One of the businesses he worked for is Affiliated Foods. This was a food business that had been set up by his parents in Ontario. As an economist, his first duty was to ensure that the business expanded its market reach to outside Canada. He put measures in place that enabled the food company to become the biggest importer of fresh foods into North America.



On the part of the national steel car, he has been able to transform its operations from a dying company to the biggest engineering and manufacturing firm in North America. In just a few years after buying national steel car in 1994, the production capacity in a year stood at 12500. This was a great improvement since the earlier production capacity was 2500 cars in a year. The number of workers that this corporation employed grew from 600 to over 2000.

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A Review Of Gregory Aziz’s Career

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Gregory James Aziz is an executive leader, shrewd entrepreneur and railroad freight car expert. The businessman works for the National Steel Car. At the corporation, he serves as the chairman, president and chief executive officer. National Steel Car is a leader in the engineering and manufacture of railroad freight cars. The company is based in Hamilton, Ontario.

Greg Aziz is a native of Ontario. He was born on April 30, 1949. His family engaged in the lucrative wholesale food businesses. Greg pursued his early education in the Ontario before joining Ridley College to study business. After graduating, he enrolled for a degree in economics at the University of Western Ontario. Find Related Information Here.


After completing his studies, James Aziz decided to join his family wholesale food business. The company, Affiliated Foods, grew fast. After being in business for 16 years, the company was ranked as one of the key importers of fresh foods in Canada. Affiliated Foods imported different food products from Central America, South America and Europe. The corporation distributed the fresh foods to wholesale markets across the United States and Eastern Canada.

In late 80s, Gregory J Aziz widened the scope of his businesses to include investment-banking opportunities in New York. This business provided him with enough capital to make a bigger purchase. In 1994, he successfully acquired National Steel Car from Dofasco. After the purchase, Greg James Aziz embarked on transforming the company to become a leader in railroad freight car manufacturer in North America. He achieved this objective through maximizing on the company’s strong engineering capabilities and team building strategies. Within a short while, the company increased its car production by over 200 percent. The company enhanced its capacity from 3,500 to 12,000 cars annually. The growth of the company saw the management of the same increase its staff from 600 to 3000 employees.


Greg James Aziz’s commitment to engineering and manufacturing excellence has also seen the company become a leader in new car innovation. The quality of its cars has seen it become the only railroad freight car manufacturer in North America to be certified ISO 9001:2008. The company holds several TTX SECO awards. These awards date back to 1996; only two years after Greg took over the corporation.


The Hamilton community loves National Steel Car. Over the years, the company has been supporting different initiatives in Hamilton. Gregory J Aziz has sponsored The United Way, Theatre Aquarius, the Hamilton Opera and the Salvation Army through National Steel Car charity fund. Greg is married to Irene Aziz.


What to do in the Trading Market this Summer – Terminologies, Strategies and Netpicks

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It is the time for choppy markets to shine. During this summer, the trading community seems to have agreed that times are different when it comes to your attitude in the trading business. Where before the act of trading was full of arrogance and aggressive market, there is now a need for attention and carefulness.

Because of how the summer period is known for its slow pace and deficient levels of trading, it is best to find a proactive strategy that directly targets the choppy markets for profit, to take advantage of the shift that the industry is taking during these months. One of the most famous strategies that take advantage of the summer’s trading environment and that many businessmen have already adopted, especially in the summer of 2017 where it became more popular and prevalent, is the “Lock and Walk” strategy, invented by Thomas H. Kee Jr.

According to the creator of the strategy himself, it all comes down to respecting the resistance levels of the famous Nasdaq 100 NDX and proceeding to trade both the ProShares UltraShort QQQ QID and the ProShares Ultra QQQ QLD.

If you are not aware of the terminologies of the last paragraph, they are specific to traders that reference procedures and trading marks. If you have never heard of the Nasdaq, one of the most talked-about names for the past few months in the trading market, you probably don’t have a support team of traders to coach you.  More to read and learn in this article on this related link.

It is imperative to know the terminologies and their meanings, as there are many of them referencing types of trading and strategies to adopt in different periods of the year where the market is more aggressive or more reclusive. On the same note, if you are not sure about what to do next when it comes to adopting a plan for your trading course, it is better to find an experienced group to teach you the basics and the advanced techniques of trading, as the industry is very competitive.  Click to read helpful investing tips.

We couldn’t recommend Netpicks more. They have advanced trading techniques and have formed hundreds of young businesspeople to enter the trading market in the right foot.

They are headquartered in Texas, but you can visit their official website to learn more about their classes, strategies and who are they.  Visit their page to read and learn from their tutorial blogs.

Another of tutorials is this useful link on

With that out of the way, the strategy for the summer period lies in testing the support by QLD and the resistance by QID to know if you should sell them or not yet.

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NetPicks’ secrete behind successful trading during a choppy season

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The selloff of the technology sector that was experienced this month had a direct impact on Wall Street. Arrogant investors who thought the market was unstoppable before are now nervous. This phenomenon has not been experienced for a while. The sudden change in sentiment has opened doors for an irregular market. It is not unusual to have low volumes during the summer months. Given the change in sentiment that has been experienced, however, means that there is a likelihood of even lower volumes to be recorded in the market.

This brings about room for people to take advantage of the situation. One of these strategies is the Lock and Walk strategy. This strategy respects the resistance levels of the Nasdaq 100 NDX, +0.4%. Once the support and resistance levels have been tested or broken, it then trades to the ProShares UltraShort QQQ QID, -0.87% and ProShares Ultra QQQ QLD, +0.82%. As an investor, you can then follow the following rules:

  1. Target to sell resistance once support has been tested by QLD
  2. Sell QLD if support breaks
  3. Target to sell support when resistance has been tested by QID
  4. Sell QID when resistance breaks

These rules are the fundamentals of technical analysis. You are required to buy near support, sell when near resistance, and when support breaks stop out. Point to note is that the Lock and Walk strategy is not a meant for long-term positions. It only works when the market environment gets choppy.  Read an important article on socially responsible investment on

NetPicks is a trading company that was founded in 1996 as an online trading company. The company has in the past provided trading education to its customers. They deal with systems, signals, Forex, Options, ETFs, and Stocks. NetPicks’ main agenda is to ensure regular traders get the necessary help when it comes to success in the markets.  Read this relevant review on Netpicks, check this.

NetPicks headquarters are in Irvin, Texas. The company boasts of having employees with 25+ years’ experience in personal trading and 17 years’ experience in trading education.  Keep up-to-date with their latest news and timeline activities, hit

All NetPicks employees have personally participated in trading. This means that the whole team is in a better position to advise traders about the highs and lows of trading. They are all passionate about ensuring you attain your trading goals. Click this useful link to read additional trading tips.

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