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George Soros Gives Big Money To Open Society Foundation

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The most amazing thing about the career of George Soros is that he continues to break barriers and reach ever expanding levels of wealth. However, unlike others who obtain this level of wealth, he doesn’t hoard it to himself. He is currently looking for ways to change the world around him in order to create an entirely new era of prosperity for the planet. In order to do this he wants to bring about globalization. That means more jobs and more wealth for those in both the developed and developing world. However, he understands that doing this will not be easy.

Arguably the most prolific advocate of globalized societies, Soros has given $18 billion to the Open Society Foundation in his efforts to bring about more open societies Foundations. His work is difficult and often opposed by those who want to see the continuation of hierarchic social arrangements, but the benefits are undeniable for just about anyone. We need a world where people are defined by what they can do rather than where they were born or the status they were born into. This is exactly why George Soros is using so much of his fortune to fight for progressive causes.

George Soros understands very well that Trump has brought about a wave of regressive thinking across the world. Both America and Europe are filled with people who fill the need to take his policies and try to implement nativist prejudice into law. If this is allowed to continue it will threaten the existence and creation of open societies. The only way to stop this from happening is to do everything possible in order to make sure the left is able to return to power. The longer the left waits to take action the more damage this new wave of nativism will take.

There’s a need to change the way we think about progress and nobody is better prepared to bring that about than George Soros. This a man who has easily and single-handedly helped much of eastern Europe enter into the free market. He understands how to make worldwide movements and he plans on doing everything he can to help with this new push towards open societies. Regardless of how things turn out it’s very clear he understands how to fight against what we’re seeing today. Indeed, nobody is currently as active in the fight against Trump as he is.

George Soros has always made philanthropy an important part of his life and he isn’t afraid to do what he believes is necessary in order to help advance his values. America and Europe are facing tough times ahead, but this is a good way to fight back. He has decided he’s going to spend as much of his wealth as he needs to in order to do this, but he isn’t alone. Others are looking at his work and deciding to take up the cause themselves. If things go well, we’ll be seeing an entirely new approach to progressive politics thanks to the Open Society Foundation.

Matt Badiali and the Perfect Time To Own Platinum

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When Matt Badiali obtained his Geology Master’s Degree from Florida Atlantic University, he probably could not see himself as one of the most successful investors in the natural resource industry. That, however, changed as this investor now spends time advising other on how to be as successful. He is certainly qualified to do so since he has visited over a dozen countries on his path to profitability and gained experience that rivals almost any level of education.

Badiali writes for the Banyan Hill where he has spent the last 11 years advising strangers on how to invest their money. Given that he is a geologist, the main area of expertise he focuses on are precious metals, oil industry, and other geology-oriented categories.

One of the latest investment must-dos from Badiali is dealing with platinum. This is the heaviest of all metals and is almost two times heavier than gold. Due to its density and the fact that it is almost 10 times less mined than gold, it has traditionally held a higher price. In the more recent years, however, Badiali cites another metal called palladium as the new high-priced commodity that has pushed platinum out of the picture. Click on this to read an articles about The Third-Most Important Base Metal Is About to Rally:

Nowadays, palladium is used mostly in the car industry where 80% of its total supply go. This used to be the platinum-based enterprise up until prices of this metal became too high for auto manufacturers. To reduce their costs, they decided to turn to palladium. As it is often the case with high demand, however, this increased need for palladium has sent its prices up. Currently, one is going to have to spend more on purchasing one ounce of palladium than one ounce of platinum. For reference, Badiali has not seen this happen since 2001.

By sticking to the pattern already seen, this increase in palladium will inevitably cause investors to turn back to cheaper alternatives. Thus, platinum might be growing back to its prominence as soon as car manufacturers decide that spending nearly $1,000/ounce for their supply of palladium is not price-efficient. After all, this is one of the rare times when platinum is less worth than gold, which indicates growth at some point in the future.

Badiali advises that those who purchase platinum right now will likely pay less for it than those who wait. Postponing this decision will let the price rise and profits will be significantly reduced. Read more:


Logan Stout Has Business Knowledge That Has Led Him To Success

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Logan Stout was allowed the opportunity to share in an interview who it is that he looks up to and learns from, who he would like to be like. He shared that John C. Maxwell is someone who has been influenced by. This man, he shared, is not only a successful individual but also a friend of his. John C. Maxwell is a New York Times bestselling author, and he is someone who has shared much information with the world. Logan Stout is the man he is today because of that man and the influence that he has.

The Bible is a favorite book of many individuals, but it is not always a book that is considered a business book. Logan Stout has shared that he believes that the Bible is more than just a religious book and actually something that he feels can help those who are in the business world. He believes that the teaching that is shared in the Bible can help leaders of all types. He believes that leaders who would like to be successful can look to the way that Jesus led and learn through him and the way that he was followed.

There are different ways that people go about growing businesses, and Logan Stout was given the chance to share what it is that he has done to help his business get to the place that it is at. He shared that one of the things that he has done to make his business bigger and better is to be a part of the lives of various people. He believes in being active and influential in the lives of those around him. He has credited the time that he has spent with others, helping them and just being a part of their lives, with the success that his business has seen.

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Sujit Choudhry’s comments on the current challenges facing Ukraine semi-presidential system

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Sujit Choudhry, the director of CT, joined other top constitutional experts in a roundtable in Ukraine to discuss the constitutional challenges facing the country. The workshop was organized by top institutions in Ukraine that support proper governance in the country. Some of these organizations include the Center for Policy and Legal Reforms and the internal IDEA. The Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance is an organization that supports proper governance and sustainable democracy all over the world. The workshop was hosted at Kiev, which was also attended by top Ukrainian government officials.

When Sujit Choudhry was called to speak, he first said that he was privileged to sit in a roundtable with top constitutional experts and Ukrainian government officials to discuss the challenges facing the country’s semi-presidential system. He continued to note that the democratization in Ukraine has been unstable for a long time. Sujit blamed the problems facing the country on the centralization of powers on the presidency. Sujit also squarely blamed the Ukraine’s political parties for their inability to create solutions to the political challenges that are currently facing the country. Sujit also noted that the separation of powers in the executive between the Prime Minister and the President are also to blame for the political instability in the country.

Sujit Choudhry’s sentiments were echoed by other constitutional experts who attended the high-profile conference. Sumit Bisarya who represented the internal IDEA and Thomas Sidelius from the Dalarna University supported Sujit’s sentiments.

Other high-profile personnel and experts who attended the workshop include Vladimir Vasilenko who represented the UN Human Rights Council in Ukraine, Victor Musiaka who represented the president in the supreme council 1996, Sergyi Holovatyi who serves in the Constitution Commission of Ukraine amongst many others.  Additional article on

To read his published work, click this.

Besides airing his views on the challenges facing the Ukrainian semi-presidential system, Sujit went ahead to highlight his recent activities where he has been helping emerging democracies in the constitutional making process. Sujit noted that there was the need for experts to discuss policy-based choices in the constitutional making process. Refer to for a related article.

Sujit, an expert in comparative law, has a wealth of experience in helping various countries to draft constitutions and solve various political challenges. He is a renowned scholar who has helped various countries that include Egypt, Libya, Nepal, S. Africa, Jordan, Tunisia, Ukraine, Yemen and Sri Lanka. Continue reading on

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     American Institute of Architects was established in the 1850s and is located in Washington, DC. The organization has above 25 chapter globally, and the main aim is to advocate for the value the architecture profession grants architects and provide the essential resources required in this profession. The institution focuses on creating a positive direction and change through designs power. Integrity and ethics are the fundamental values exhibited by American Institute of Architects, and the members function under high standards of professionalism and competence. The ethics codes guide all the members regardless of the category and further motivates them to contribute towards the achievement of the institution’s objectives positively. The institution’s members are above 90,000, and they work towards improving the public’s awareness of the value of architecture and design.

American Institute of Architects remains constant even in unfavorable and changing time. The institution is always on the table with its policymakers to commit towards building a better and conducive environment for a successful architecture profession. The organization works towards advancing the nation’s life quality and offering safe and healthy procedures for the public. Daily, members of the American Institute of Architects across the globe create peaceful places that individuals can learn, live and play. The institution’s decisions houses worship to sustain humanity and hospitals to heal us. The institution set up buildings that make our societies safe and healthier. The organization further stands for equity as it’s every individual right to access a good design. American Institute of Architects stands for civil and human rights by respecting human existence and dignity and ensuring there is an unbiased treatment of all people in employment based on any aspect. The institution further boosts economic activity and strengthens communities towards sustainable development.


Soft-spoken, wise and warm, Robert Ivy can easily engage in a conversation explaining the innovative procedures in the architecture field and why it’s vital that architects share the ideas with the software programmers. Robert Ivy is the CEO and vice president of American Institute of Architects. Ivy has vastly impacted the institution, and his expertise always challenged the members to come up higher and chase more success. Robert Ivy believes that architecture as a field affects various areas such as disaster relief and healthcare improvement. Guided by Ivy’s vision, the American Institute of Architects is currently offering support to the universities by giving research grants and further plans to establish a phone application and other software projects.


What You Need To Know About Todd Lubar

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Todd Lubar has been in the industries of finance and real estate since 1995. He has been involved extensively in the Baltimore real estate market for more than twenty years. Presently, Todd is locally recognized for founding and holding the president position of the TDL Ventures. The company started back in the year 2013. Todd Lubar is also widely recommended for his home debt banking techniques and insights that he shares with the locals. TDL venture headquarters in New Jersey.

Todd Lubar is also an entrepreneur and a businessman. He is always consulted for his viewpoint on the real estate market trends as a result of his indisputable broad expertise in the field. Additionally, Todd is recommendable for his reliability together with his broad experience in the finance and credit sectors. His competency in the mortgaging field makes Lubar the first choice for all aspiring homeowners looking to maximize their financial gain.

According to Patch, Todd Lubar acquired a high school certificate from The Peddie High School in Hightstown New Jersey. He later enrolled at Syracuse University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in speech communication. In the year 1999, Todd began his career journey at Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he served as the loan originator. In 2002, Todd resigned from his position at Crestar after working for an approximate of four years. In 2002, Todd launched legendary properties a limited liability company. You can visit his to see more.

Todd later moved to Arlington based Legacy Financial Group. Over the years, he rose through the ranks and became the Senior Vice President and had a chance to expand his financing abilities. Under Todd leadership, the company resulted in a production growth of over one hundred million dollars unit annually. He worked at legacy until August of 2007.

Later on, Todd moved to mortgage banking sector where he ranked consecutively for many years in the top 25 mortgage originators in the country. As a result of his achievements, his name became prominent in Maryland region in a short amount of time. Todd Lubar also holds and manages a demolition company. Meanwhile, Todd Lubar has entered yet another sector which focuses on helping locals in acquiring their dream home. Check out his website

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Why NetPicks Should be Part of Your Investment Strategy

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NetPicks was created in 1996 – the same time online trading and day-trading rose to prominence. However, NetPicks is not a trading platform or software, it is an education source. People looking for training regarding systems, signals, Forex, Futures, Stocks, Options & ETFs in both day-trading and swing-trading can get proper guidance from NetPicks.

For example, potential students can get a taste for what NetPicks has to offer by heading over to their free blog. Here, readers can dive into the world of online trading with free content that provides helpful hints and tips. There’s traditional advice, like an analysis of what’s going on with cryptocurrency, and move philosophical information, like providing mindfulness to trading.  Helpful article on

NetPicks was recently featured on Market Watch as an option for those looking to develop advanced trading skills and enjoy consistent profits. In this article, readers learn about the team at NetPicks, which is made of professional coaches in Irving, Texas who still invest daily now. Best of all, all coaches were once clients of NetPicks – proving the success of the strategies NetPicks teaches as well as the knowledge of their coaches.

Another great feature of NetPicks is that clients don’t have to sift through complicated textbooks to learn how to trade. Instead, NetPicks teaches through YouTube-style videos to make learning familiar, fast, and enjoyable.  Learn from watching their demo videos, check this.

When you sign up to NetPicks, you get one-on-one technical support so that you can get the necessary help with technical issues, as well as feedback regarding investment concepts, techniques, and strategies.  Read an important review, hop over to this link.

Last but not least, those thinking about joining can join a free webinar to get a taste for the product. If the webinar interests you, someone at NetPicks will help you choose the training that is more suitable for your current position.  For additional trading tips, browse on this.

If you’re thinking about getting involved in day- or swing-trading, NetPicks is a great resource to get up to speed.  For updates on their recent timeline activities, hit

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Paul Mampilly Thoughts on Why Getting Chipped is a Future Technological Trend

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Modern technology has led to several advancements that make life easier. However, as technology makes life easier, concerns have been raised regarding chip implants. These concerns are addressed regarding how chip implants will simplify life in the present and future. To address these concerns, Paul Mampilly gave his insights, which are listed below, on the meaning of chip implants, how they work, their benefits and possible risks.

Microchips are tiny cards that are inserted under the skin. They store personal information like medical history and other crucial documents that one may need from time to time. Microchips are believed to have the potential of eliminating the inconveniences that people face by opening doors to limitless possibilities. These chip implants are set to replace wallets, door keys, credit cards, and debit cards. They are expected to give people the freedom of going on with their normal lives without worrying about things like keys and cards that they have forgotten. The chips will also simplify health activities since people’s medical histories will be saved on them.

Just like other technological innovations, there are risks associated with microchips. It is risky if others can easily access a person’s data. Paul Mampilly believes that other than microchips, search engines are also accessing people’s private information without their knowledge. Other technological innovations that also spy on people’s data include smartphones, online shopping platforms, electronic tollbooth and credit card machines. Regardless of the risks involved with microchips, Mampilly believes that benefits exceed their risks. He is also certain that these chips will make it convenient to carry out day-to-day activities.

About Paul Mampilly

As Banyan Hill Publishing’s senior editor, Paul Mampilly helps others to take advantage of the lucrative opportunities in stock markets through writing. His articles are specifically availed to readers on Profits Unlimited newsletter service, which is distributed by Banyan Hill Publishing. He uses writing as a tool to help average people capitalize on stocks with the potential to grow. Besides writing, Mamphilly also pursues his passion for trading through his successful trading firms.

Paul Mampilly was involved with financial institutions like The Royal Bank of Scotland before he decided to educate people on stock markets. As a rookie in the financial services industry, he handled portfolio management for Banker’s Trust. Paul Mampilly has also made a name for himself as an avid investor. His investment interests lie in small companies that have great potentials to grow. He continues to use his skills in investing to educate people how he achieved success and wealth.

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