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Taking Care of Your Cells with Elysium Health

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Your cellular health is probably something that you not given much thought to. But it is an important part of our personal well-being that we should work to prioritize.


NAD+ is a coenzyme that is essential to hundreds of cellular functions like DNA protection, circadian rhythms, energy creation, and many others. As we age, the levels of NAD+ in our cells decline and those functions break down.


Elysium has the answer for you if you have been seeking a supplement proven to increase and sustain your NAD+ levels. The company’s supplement is called Basis and it is clinically-proven to increase levels of NAD+ in our bodies by an average of 40 percent. (More How To Be Preventative About Your Health)


The founder of the health company Elysium Health is Dr. Leonard Guarente. Dr. Guarente works as the chief scientist at Elysium Health and is also the director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research at MIT. He has conducted significant research into the genetic and molecular causes of aging during his scientific career.


Elysium Health works together with world-class scientists from universities such as Harvard, Stanford, and Yale to help people live healthier, longer. These scientists make up Elysium’s Scientific Advisory Board and help guide the direction of the company’s research.


Elysium Health offers individual sales of Basis, as well as monthly subscriptions to the supplement. An individual bottle of Basis costs $60; monthly subscriptions bring that cost down to between $40-50, depending on the length of the subscription. The most popular option is the six-month subscription to Basis for $270 ($45 per month).


Elysium Health is also developing new products that focus on the microbiome, cognitive health, skin health, muscle function, and circadian rhythms. These products are in various stages of pre-clinical and clinical trials.


More information on Elysium Health, the company’s science team, and the science behind Basis is available on Elysium’s website. Visit This Page for related information

In a Storm of 50 Tweets, Venture Capitalist Shervin Pishevar Warns of an American Decline

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Shervin Pishevar knows about big-project economics. He helped found Virgin Hyperloop One, and he is a major investor in tech unicorns like Uber, Airbnb and Postmates. After the U.S. stock market hit a midwinter dicey patch, he initiated a tweet storm that spanned 21 hours and began on February 5, 2018. Aside from the one that announced his break for dinner, his 50 tweets told of continued uncertainty for the U.S. economy.


A Significant Loss in Value in 2018


While early February saw the Dow Jones Industrial Average lose all of the value it had gained in January, Shervin Pishevar predicted a total 6,000-point drop in the Dow during the first half of 2018. Such a drop equals more than 20 percent of the index’s January peak close at 26,252.12 points. Pishevar had only begun.


No Good Alternative to the Stock Market


The venture capitalist explained in a chunk of his tweet storm that financial instruments in which investors seek shelter during downturns are not currently reliable. “Every asset class is has proven to be overvalued,” he tweeted. Pishevar skewered bonds, volatility indexes, exchange-traded funds, inverse exchange-traded funds and managed-future funds. Then, he forecast that inflation would spread, other stock markets would crash and underemployment would harden to create systemic economic stasis. Still, anyone seeking a ray of hope will be pleased that Shervin Pishevar predicted a resulting rise in gold’s price. Find Related Information Here.


America Has Lost Its Advantage


Known on Twitter as @Shervin, Pishevar also wrote, “A tectonic shift has been brewing, as Silicon Valley has lost some of its competitive edge against competing zones of innovation.” He then commented that other populations recently adopted Americans’ entrepreneurial spirit, and they did so in economies with better infrastructure, which ultimately allowed their nations to surpass the United States in the global economic arena. As an example of other nations’ new nimbleness, Shervin Pishevar shared a news article about a train station built in only nine hours in China.


Players in America’s economy can change, or they can pretend that it is still the 20th century, do little to evolve and languish.


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Louis Chenevert Models Global Business with Prestige

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Relentless, prestigious and so much more, Louis Chenevert can be considered one of the most decorated global business men of all time. As the former well known Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation or UTC, Chenevert spent his time their innovating, creating, inspiring and leading the company to some of its biggest successes. One accomplishment that always finds it way to becoming a real conversation starter is the geared turbo fan engine he brought to UTC in 2006, when he first became a part of their team.


Louis Chenevert earned his degree from HEC located in Quebec. His majored in product management and he quickly earned a living in the field. In addition to his education, Louis has received many awards for his work within the industry. He was named “Person of the Year” by Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine and received the Honor Award from the National Building Museum. Louis has also received recognition from HEC Montreal and was given an honorary doctorate for all of his knowledge and experience.


Ultimately, this engine changed the way jet engine fuel was being used and emitted. For instance, the GTFE Chenevert implemented reduced emissions by half, while also creating a reduction in the consumption of the fuel by a very impressive 16 percent. Though it may seem simple enough to introduce new technology, it is really only something that a CEO with true heart would do. Louis Chenevert took major risks and spent over $10 billion on this endeavor and his courage and tenacity paid off big.


While Chenevert is now known as one the top CEOs of all time, he started from humble beginnings in Montreal, Quebec. Being no overnight success, he spent 14 years working as a production manager and 6 years as a vice president of operations before making his debut at United Technologies Corporation. Even there, he was not immediately named CEO, but only after performing well in his first two years as COO, President and Director. (Learn Louis Chenevert’s Business Successes Past, Present and Future)


As someone who pioneered and changed the aviation business forever, Louis Chenevert is an individual that not only took risks, but also gave back to the suppliers in doing so. Each year billions of dollars are generated to US suppliers who produce the parts for these engines. In addition, it creates numerous jobs in the community, with UTC providing and still creating tens of thousands of jobs to continue to promote the company’s growth. See This Page for more information


Whether you value clean air, innovation, leadership or providing jobs for the community, there’s definitely at least one reason we all can find to respect Louis Chenevert.




Ian King and Recent Publications on Crypto Currencies

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So many people are trying to get in on a new market in the finance and investment industries to increase the amount that they are bringing in. While there are many ways to make money and increase a family’s or a business’ financial budgets, it is very important that people are doing their research before they make their decisions. Either way, the plans that they make financially can have a big impact on what it is coming in and what’s going out. So, if you have any kind of interest in what is being offered to the average consumer today, you may want to start tracking online sites that post info on crypto currencies.

View more on Ian King at Stock Twits for more updates.

Crypto currencies have been introduced into many areas and sectors of society today including the average consumer, business organizations and the like. Each of which has an opportunity to increase their wealth astronomically based on the strategies and techniques used. To become familiar with more on this topic, you should look for information that has been posted by Ian King. Ian King is not only an expert on this subject, he is also an entrepreneur that is well versed and experienced by the top resources in investment. Some of his experience has been acquired on wall street and Meryl Lynch. Therefore, the advice that he is offering about crypto is invaluable to those who want to make sure that they are informed on a variety of different topics and subject matter.

Typically, there are at least 2 areas that newbies and seasoned investors must be aware of, and he has addressed both in his publications. Here are the 2 that he has focused on, and people are reviewing as they make their decisions to make their investments.

Bitcoin and its Value Today

Bitcoin has earned a prominent place in the crypto currency market. People all over the globe have made investments and have benefited from the growth that comes along with. From exchanging bitcoins to mining bitcoins themselves, these coins have increased and some people have made substantial amounts. Therefore, the advice that Ian King gives can help those in the future since it Is not expected to go away.

Avoiding Scams in the Industry

Avoiding scams can be made much easier when people know what they should look out for. Based on Ian King’s advice, you can review some of the laws that South Korea has established for their investors and those who offer a digital tender.

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The Chainsmokers Return with New, Darker Sound

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The producers-turned-performers duo that has broken all of the rules, as well as many records, is releasing a new song that is much different from its previous hits. “Sick Boy” is a track that is significantly darker and more serious than “Closer,” “Don’t Let Me Down,” and “Something Just Like This.”


In a recent interview with Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, the men behind the music, they talk about their recent and rapid rise to success and what it means to them to try something different. (See: Chainsmokers on Beatport: The Chainsmokers)


Having begun collaborating in 2012, Pall and Taggart focused for years on their somewhat successful work as DJs and producers. They started performing live together in 2014 to promote the single they had released a year earlier. This led to some popularity and then a record deal in 2015. The Chainsmokers’ music fuses streams of indie, dance beats, pop, hip-hop, and expertly crafted electronic soundscapes into cool rifts of smoking sound.


“Don’t Let Me Down,” featuring Daya, and “Closer,” featuring Halsey, got the Chainsmokers to the top of Billboard charts in 2016 and even won a Grammy Awards. The duo was heard almost non-stop on the radio and on streaming services, and they gave numerous performances at top-tier awards shows and festivals.


Given their DJ backgrounds and their involvement in the electronic dance music scene, many seemed to expect that The Chainsmokers would continue to collaborate with big, popular acts to keep on cranking out hits. After all, in 2017 they had another hit, this time featuring Coldplay with “Something Just Like This.”


But the release of “Sick Boy” and their recent comments suggest that the Chainsmokers feel frustration with how they are perceived, and much angst about many things happening in the world right now.


The Chainsmokers waited nine months between singles, which for them is a long time. They refer to it as “the first installment of this first new chapter” of their creativity. Click Here to learn more.


The new track and their comments related to it suggest that Pall and Taggart care deeply about their craft. Their patience indicates that they take their art seriously.


To the surprise of some, this indicates that the Chainsmokers are more than a flash in the pan. It looks like they will be around for a while, featuring many different sounds.


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Proper Online Trading with NetPicks

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Trading currency pairs allows traders to capitalize on the price movements moneys or currencies, according to NetPicks – an online company that provides education about trading strategies. FX trading or forex trading as some calls it is built around the assumption that the price of a particular currency pair will either go up or down.

FX trading currency trading or foreign exchange trading provides traders the chance to trade within a distributed market. The trade is made electronically in financial exchanges that are located in central cities worldwide such as New York, London, Tokyo, Paris, and Sydney.  Check for trading guiding tips.

Forex markets overlap in opening and closing time around the world so when the New York Stock Exchange has closed, the Tokyo Stock exchange opens and so on. This allows traders to be able to trade 24 hours a day. Traders are assisted in trading with the provision of live signals and charts given by NetPicks.

Other forms of trading can likewise be executed by traders like trading on the spot or most commonly known as spot trading that most traders prefer. Futures markets and forward markets can also be traded on by people if they prefer to do so.

NetPicks says that traders prefer currency trading because the forex market is very liquid and provides excellent trading opportunities. Aside from this, the forex market is limited where the mostly traded pairs are the USD/JPY, GBP/USD, EUR/USD, USD/CHF, AUD/USD, and the USD/CAD.

The most common terms in FX Trading are:

PIP or Pip – means gain or loss that is equivalent to 1 point basis.Bid Price – is the amount that traders are prepared to pay for each currency pair.Ask Price – is the present purchase price of a currency pair.Spread – is the difference between the ask and bid price, which is usually determined in pips.

NetPicks was established in 1996 and is situated in Irving, Texas. Mark Soberman is its founder and President. The online trade coaching company provides sound advice regarding online trading, so traders have more chances to succeed in trading.

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NetPicks urges traders not to trade emotionally but wisely and must know how to implement proper money management

For an overview of their latest news and activities, click on


Mastermind Desiree Perez and Roc Nation

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Powerhouse negotiator Desiree Perez, COO of Roc Nation and longtime confidant of Shawn ‘Jay-Z’ Carter has proven her corporate strength. In 2017, she negotiated two mega deals that shaped the future path of entertainment management giant Roc Nation. The founder of the company is Jay-Z, entrepreneur, legendary rapper, and husband of singer Beyonce’. In January 2017, Perez worked out an exchange of 33% ownership of TIDAL with Sprint for $200 million. Sprint is providing it’s 45 million wireless customers with TIDAL digital music streaming service.

Another cross marketing promotion strategy between Roc Nation and Sprint was the offer of 1 million free downloads of the Grammy-nominated Jay-Z album 4:44 which released in early summer 2017. Another multi-million dollar Roc Nation deal negotiated by Desiree Perez is the $200 million touring partnership with Live Nation. This touring partnership coincides with the anticipated 2018 4:44 Tour headlining Jay-Z and special guest Vic Mensa. The 4:44 Tour 2018 is forecasted to surpass sales of the highly successful Magna Carta Holy Grail Tour of 2013-14.Desiree Perez, along with CEO Jay Brown, has made strides as senior management of Roc Nation.

The reputable entertainment company offers full-service talent management to an impressive list of megastars. Shakira, J. Cole, Rihanna, Meek Mill and DJ Khaled have boosted their brands within the Roc Nation corporate umbrella. Along with musicians and actors, Roc Nation also extends it’s talent management to professional athletes represented by the subdivision Roc Nation Sports. Artist development, brand establishment, tour management, and music publishing are a few of the professional services offered by Roc Nation. Created in 2008, Desiree Perez will help celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Roc Nation as a profitable business entity.

Sahm Adrangi

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Sahm Adrangi is an influential hedge fudge manager who earned his BA of Arts and Economics from Yale University. In 2009 Sahm Adrangi founded Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. His current active role within the company is Founder and Chief Investment Officer. He launched his company with under $1 million and as of July 2017 his firm manages over $150 Million.


Before Sahm Adrangi founded Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC he was an investment analyst at Longacre Fund Management LLC. Prior to becoming an investment analyst Sahm Adrangi helped people in and out of court with chapter 11 bankruptcy restructuring. Sahm Adrangi’s expertise in analyzing investment data helped him to predict two biotech failures in advance. One biotech failure that Sahm Adrangi was that Bavarian Nordic’s cancer vaccine would fail a study that would render it as nothing more than a placebo. Visit This Page to learn more.


Mr. Adrangi is also stating that another biotech company, Prothena, has manufactured a drug known as NEOD001 that will also be an absolute failure. After analyzing the potential of this drug, Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC has established that is has shown little promise in the phase I/II study. Sahm feels as though both of these drugs show no future in medical advancement and they are currently being traded as a penny stock. Mr. Adrangi is popularly known for short selling and publishing research. Kerrisdale’s research seeks to correct largely thought fallacies about business prospects.


Kerrisdale Capital management LLC shares their research not only on their company website but also on twitter and other investing sites. Sahm has appeared as a guest speaker for CNBS, Bloomberg and has been featured in articles by The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. He is a known public speaker for investment events such as the Value Investing Conference, Sohn Conference and Traders 4 a Cause. His sound investment analysis has earned him a dedicated following seeking his knowledge and financial guidance.



Dr. Mark Mofid – A Truly Professional Surgeon

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Dr. Mark Mofid is a plastic surgeon from San Diego California. He is one of the best medical professionals that you can find if you ever find yourself in the market for elective plastic surgery or preventative medicine. Dr. Mofid attended the prestigious Harvard University and received his bachelor’s degree. After attending Harvard, he chose to go to the John Hopkins University School of Medicine and got a medical degree in medical and plastic surgery.


Dr. Mofid runs multiple clinics of his own as well as working for a couple of hospitals in his local area such as Palomar Medical Center, Scripps Memorial Center, and the Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center. Of course, the fact the he also teaches plastic surgery as a professor at the University of California gives an even more clear understanding of what an outstanding medical professional he is. Dr. Mark Mofid is well respected by colleges and clients alike.


Using the latest technology and cutting-edge equipment, especially cuter laser, Dr. Mofid ensures that his patients suffer less and that their recoveries are shorter. The design of his butt implants is revolutionary, they give a far more natural appearing look. As a Glute Specialist he is doing reconstructive procedures with butt implants without taking much of the skin tissue while doing so. He also spends lots of time working with patients who need help to look as similar as possible to how they use to be, which basically means total reconstructive surgery. Go Here for additional information.


Dr. Mark Mofid also works with breast cancer survivors. The types of procedures he is performing help to ease the trauma of the cancer survivors. Looking and feeling better about themselves after such traumatic events or serious illnesses. Despite the fact that almost half of his work goes to helping people, Dr. Mark Mofid does not seem to receive much acknowledgment for his charitable actions. He has also written several medical publications on his areas of expertise and continues to do so on a regular basis.

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A Closer Look At Aloha Construction

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Aloha Construction a family owned business that serves the people of Illinois and with a presence in southern Wisconsin has carved a niche for itself as a provider of real and workable solutions to its clients who are indeed of any construction works. By being a fully insured and bonded company, it ensures that it can provide these services efficiently. Aloha even received great review and rating from J.D Power & Associates, proving their commitment to excellence.


Aloha Construction is at the peak of its success serving clients having over the years done a lot of work in these two locations. Aloha construction has also won the hearts and minds of the locals by ensuring that they always partner with the community in various projects as a way of giving back to the community.


Aloha Construction has certified technicians and assessors who are capable of undertaking various projects. Aloha Construction is a Better Business Bureau accredited business since 2008 and has earned an A+ rating. They are specialist in the following areas:


Window replacement

 Aloha Construction has a dedicated team that specializes in this area. They work on houses that require refurbishment especially windows which are the most susceptible to damage such as broken windows as well as broken locks. The duty of replacing the same is easily handled by the team from aloha as well as designing new ones altogether for clients who would like more styling for their windows. Visit This Page for additional information.



 Roofing was, in fact, the first area that Aloha Construction specialized in. The clients who remember Aloha in its initial stages remember it as a roofing company before they diversified. The level of experience and experience that their technicians have is simply second to none. They are adequately conversant with various roofing materials as well as roofing styles. Exposure of clients to new roofing styles such as the Ancient Roman styling has led to a change in the needs of clients something that Aloha has adapted to and is today able to work on any style.



 This is a critical aspect of any home. The need for siding that act as the primary insulators in any house is what led to Aloha Construction requiring all its technicians be certified for the same. Siding materials offered that Aloha come in a wide range.