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Chris Burch- The Co-Founder of the Best Five- Star Hotel in the Word

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Chris Burch is a business investor who is associated with renowned brands in the fashion industry which are internationally recognized. He has been involved in numerous fashion brands that he helped establish such as the C.Wonder and Tory Burch. What’s more, as an individual with exceptional insights in the business world, Chris Burch decided to expand his scope of business by venturing into the hospitality industry.

Chris Burch’s decision to venturing into the hospitality business all started in 2012 when he purchased a beach hostel together with James McBride, a hotelier ( The hotel which was located on the Indonesian Island of Sumba was then transformed into a five-star resort in which Burch and McBride used $30 billion for its renovation. Further, the five-star hotel which is known as “Nihiwatu” is a world class hotel to a level whereby it was selected as the best globally by the Travel + Leisure In 2016.

How Nihiwatu was founded

The meaning of Nihiwatu stems from mortar stone which was a name given to its unique rock formation by the island’s earlier settlers. Burch and McBride therefore named the hotel as Nihiwatu to continue with its heritage founded in the early days. Moreover, the island was discovered by the ancestors of the Sumba people who were called the Marapu. Later, a couple who were known as the Graves who were on an expedition exploring the great waves in beaches found the island very beautiful which led them to establish a resort.

Furthermore, the Graves needed help to expand the resort premises, and when Burch heard of it, he became interested and partnered with McBride to acquire the now classic Nihiwatu hotel. McBride who has his roots in South Africa was Burch’s long-time friend who is a hotelier and has hotels in various cities in the word. With his expertise in the industry, was an added advantage to make Nihiwatu the best resort in internationally. Besides, the hotel also embraces a sustainable environment in co-existence with people of Sumba.

Chris Burch Investments

Chris Burch has been in the entrepreneurship for almost four decades whereby he has continuously established successful businesses in various industries, visit  An instance is where he founded the Burch Creative Capital where he serves as its CEO and has investments in real estates, hotels, and he is associated with many other luxurious brands. Additionally, Burch passion for entrepreneurship started when he was still pursuing his degree program from Ithaca College in 1976. He began with an investment of $2000 partnering with his brother Bob to start a business that was known as the “Eagle’s Eye Apparel” that grew to a record of $165 million before selling it to Swire Group.

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Shervin Pishevar: 3 Truthful Predictions From His Tweet Storm

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When Shervin Pishevar decided to send out a barrage of tweets, better known as the “tweet storm”, where he blasted 50 tweets all within the course of one day, he impressively created a rippling effect throughout Twitter and the business world that had everyone talking. Covering the spread on today’s most important global topics, nothing was off the table as the entrepreneur and venture capitalist tweeted his predictions on the economy, Bitcoin, President Trump, technology and much more.

Although many considered his tweets to be quite controversial, bold to say the least, not many can count out Shervin Pishevar when it comes to the accuracy of his predictions. As a major investor in companies such as Airbnb, Uber, and Munchery, and co-founder of Hyperloop One and Sherpa Capital, one comes to recognize Pishevar’s sheer talent in predicting trends, whether it’s in economics, politics or even culture. Take for instance in 2008, when Pishevar correctly predicted that Facebook would face an identity crisis, which they most certainly did, in terms of their ability to captivate a younger audience.

With Shervin Pishevar already proving that he has the gift of accurately forecasting the future of several business trends, any one of his 50 tweets(Pishevar also made sure to “number” each tweet) could possibly be “spot-on”. Let’s take a look at Pishevar’s “Top 3 Tweets” that have a strong chance of becoming true. Visit This Page for related information.


1.) The “American Way” Is Now Globalized- In tweet 26, Shervin Pishevar expressed how entrepreneurship and innovation are no longer commodities strictly sourced and honed on U.S. soil; he feels that you can develop a world-changing company from virtually anywhere. Pishevar accredited this global empowerment to digital currencies and the many unique ways of raising capital. He believes that economies can progress forward as long as there are small businesses able to have access to capital in several different ways.

Pishevar also mentioned how the “speed of execution” coming from various regions of the globe were “startling” with “very little of frictions”. He used China as an example of how entrepreneurship has become borderless, by how they took 1500 construction workers and built an entire train station in just under 9 hours.

2.) If China’s Dominance Continues the US Will Lose- After previously stating how efficient and effective China was in building an entire train station in less than 9 hrs, Pishevar added to that notion with more tweets on how China’s advancements in infrastructure have placed them ahead of the US.

Pishevar states that the U.S. infrastructure is “in tatters”, and that “our government are trapped in short term-thinking”.

3.) 5 Giant Companies Are Losing Their Foothold- Not only does Pishevar believe that the U.S. is in decline, but also suggested that five of its biggest companies in Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft are in trouble.

His 43rd tweet expressed how these corporations are stifling start-ups and innovation, due to their mass amounts of power. Pishevar predicted that Uber might be the last company to escape this downfall “before it’s too late”.

As shocking as Pishevar’s 21-hour tweet-storm was, given his track record, no one should be surprised if these proclamations eventually ring true.


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Ricardo Tosto: Dedication to legal work

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The legal industry in Brazil can be complicated to anyone who does not understand the dynamics of the legal field in the country. Navigating through the rigid laws is not an easy task. One must be prepared to go through hard times. However, you may not need to bother yourself when dealing with such matters. All that one needs to be done is to identify a good lawyer who will handle all litigation matters on your behalf. It is one of the easiest things to do as long as there is the dedication to work. It is not such a hard task to identify a lawyer who will assist you in all the matters related to representation.

Brazil has a huge number of lawyers. There are sufficient of them to handle all the litigation cases in the country. However, the big task remains to identify that one particular lawyer to handle your litigation. With the high number of lawyers in the country, it almost impossible to identify a lawyer who will meet your needs satisfactorily with ease. One will need to search deeply until they can locate one. You want a lawyer who will meet the test of integrity and dedication to solving the needs of a client.

Due diligence needs to be done for this to happen. A lawyer who will make sure that his clients get justice is the type of lawyer needed. There are quite a good number of them in Brazil, but one must make sure that they are looking in the right channels. There is a lot that needs to be done before one concludes who is the best lawyer. You might need to look at the past cases he has handled and the reviews that others clients have given to him. One good lawyer is Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto

If you are looking for a credible lawyer in Brazil, then that has got to Ricardo Tosto. He is the best lawyer one could ever ask for, his reputation and integrity in the industry leave no one in doubt of his abilities. Ricardo Tosto has been hired by top business organizations in the country to represent them. Ricardo Tosto is a founding member of a firm called Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados.

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Matt Badiali, Freedom Checks and More

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Matt Badiali is a writer who is equipped with balanced investment knowledge. He’s specifically knowledgeable regarding all aspects of agricultural, energy and mining investments. People who would like to invest in zinc can count on the knowledge Badiali brings to the table. Zinc refers to a metallic element. Badiali currently is on the staff at Banyan Hill Publishing based in Delray Beach, Florida. He’s a person who has done a lot of traveling throughout his life. This is due to his job. He’s flown on planes to Switzerland, Turkey, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Iraq and Haiti. Badiali has been to wells and mines in many diverse settings. He’s assessed geological information in considerable detail. He’s had long discussions with business leaders about all sorts of resource opportunities. More info at Talk Markets.

People often think about “Freedom Checks” when they hear Badiali’s name. Badiali is constantly trying to help the people who depend on his knowledge. He’s always trying to help them find ways to make more money. Freedom Checks enable Badiali’s committed readers to get a little bit wealthier all of the time.

Real Wealth Strategist” is Badiali’s extensively praised Internet newsletter. It’s a newsletter that accommodates the information requirements of people who care about the natural resource investment sector. People who read this newsletter regularly often want to step inside of Badiali’s mind. He’s a seasoned geologist who can talk to people all day about incredible gains. He can help them attain gains rapidly as well. It often takes Badiali’s readers mere months to get their desired gain outcomes. Real Wealth Strategist can be a terrific source of investment information for people who wish to learn the right way. Badiali’s writing pieces go into a lot of vivid detail. He pens meticulous articles that talk about mining stocks, electricity, cryptocurrencies, technology, gasoline investments, agriculture stocks, uncommon metals, gold, silver and commodities in general. If you’re sitting around waiting and wondering for a sign to hit you, Badiali can aid you. Reading Real Wealth Strategist can be the first step for people who want to make big transitions in their lives.

Badiali has many adept coworkers at Banyan Hill Publishing. His many coworkers include Robert E. Bauman, Jocelynn Smith, Joseph Hargett, Jessica Cohn-Kleinberg, Michael Carr and Ian Dyer. These people all have a lot in common with Badiali. They’re eager individuals who are elated to give the world all of their financial proficiency.



The Midas Touch: Chris Burch

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Chris Burch has always had an affinity when it came to being an entrepreneur. Even though the beginning of his life was not easy he latched on to the idea that he could succeed in business. He and his brother ran a company called Eagle’s Eye Apparel for more than twenty years and that gave Chris the foundation that he needed in order to take off on his own. Since then everything that Chris Burch becomes associated with turns to gold. He has made smart, decisive decisions that have made him the success that he is today. One of the most successful ventures he has made was going into the hospitality industry and creating Nihiwatu.

Nihiwatu is now Nihi Sumba Island. Nihi Hotel is a top of the line resort in every respect. Chris Burch and his partner James McBride invested their own money into the project and it had paid off for them handsomely. It has been named the worlds best hotel two years in a row by the readers of Travel and Leisure Magazine (

Here are a few reasons why this is so.

The villas and rooms of the resort are all one of a kind. Each of the villas has their own name and features top of the line amenities for the guests. It isn’t just that part of the equation that makes Nihi Sumba Island and the hotel stand out. The itinerary for the guests can be planned out as the guest sees fir. There are plenty of things to do on the island like surfing at the beach, hiking to a local village, and going to see the local chocolate factory. There are many different packages available for the guests of the hotel and prices may vary depending on the time of year it is. Guests can even rent out Chris Burch’s own personal villa if they so choose.  Related article on

There are also a couple of places that guests can go to get a good meal. The first place is the Ombak Bar and Lounge. The second is the Nio Beach Club an Pool. Both of these places offer local cuisine at reasonable prices.

When it comes to entrepreneurship Chris Burch has the Midas touch ( His passion to see a project through from beginning to end is what makes him and Nihi hotels such a smashing success. He has created a place called heaven on earth.

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National Steel Car Under The Leadership Of Gregory Aziz

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National Steel Car has existed for well over 100 years. It is one of the oldest and most productive companies in the engineering and also manufacturing sectors. NSC was before dormant due to several reasons. In this period of its silent production, the company was not doing well. However, tables turned when Gregory James Aziz took over the leadership of the sleeping giant. Its prominence nowadays is just too obvious.


The company was started for the purposes of not only serving the community but also make inventions that will later lead to its growth. The efforts of a long period of time always come out as a success when there is patience. National Steel Car did not gain its prominence overnight.


Gregory Aziz is London-born. He studied there, and that is also where he first dreamed of being a great person. His dreams never failed, and to see this fulfillment, he became very hard working at the Western Ontario University. James Aziz wanted to focus his study in the field of economics because that is where his dreams lay. He, therefore, after graduation, decided to practice his hard earned skills. He worked at a company called Affiliated Foods.


Affiliated Foods was a firm that distributed fresh foods. Its growth came to be owed to the hard work of Greg Aziz. He showed expert leadership qualities, and this not only made the company prominent but also earned it lots of money.


Greg James Aziz then went to New York. NY is where Greg had really wished to spend his time as he planned and strategized on how to acquire a company that he would call this. While there, he came across opportunities that were hard to miss. The fact that he was educated and specialized in economics really boosted his search for employment, and many banks wanted people with skills like his. Visit This Page to learn more.


Soon, James Aziz was prepared to be the CEO and also founding father of a company as big and prosperous as National Steel Car. He brought the company up from nothing and made it something, and today, the achievements of NSC are due to the work of Greg Aziz. NSC has been awarded severally. It has also held on two the TTS SECO and ISO awards for well over a decade. If there is any man that can transform a company into an international pride, it is Gregory J Aziz.


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Ted Bauman’s Tips On How To Pay A Lesser Amount Of Tax

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Did you know governments own no money? A government may print currency and control its circulation, but the truth is, the taxpayers and citizens of the country own the money.

However, governments need to deliver services to their citizens on a daily basis. This requires funds. So how does the government get this money? The government receives funds from taxing its citizens. Tax is acquired in many forms, such as customs, value-added tax, and individual income tax.

To raise money, governments make it mandatory for citizens to pay taxes. Individuals must arrange to file their tax returns at least once per year.

We need to understand the laws that govern taxation in America. The tax bill offers relief to taxpayers for several years, starting 2018. The new rules will see business owners get larger deductions when paying their individual taxes. However, the overall standard deduction will rise significantly.

Did you know you can reduce the amount of tax you pay without breaking the law? Ted Bauman offers the ultimate tips and tricks.

  • Prepay your mortgage interest.

The new limits and increased deductions will prevent you from doing this.

  • Pay for your medical services and deduct them when filing returns.
  • Make your donations before the year ends.

Use these receipts to claim deductions.

  • Split your businesses into parts.
  • If you are self-employed, pay yourself as little as possible.

This will leave a bigger portion of profits, which can be deducted free of tax.

  • Work from home.

Home office expenses have been eliminated from the miscellaneous deductions list.

Ted Bauman schooled at The State University of New York and graduated with a degree in Business Administration in 1993. He has an MBA in finance.

Ted Bauman worked for 25 years in South Africa. He worked as an executive in many non-profit organizations. The most notable position was that of a fund manager for low-cost housing.

He has spent most of his life helping people use their resources to lead quality lives. He helped found Slum Dwellers International. This charity organization helps people acquire homes at affordable rates.

Ted is the editor of The Bauman Letter and Smart Money Alert. His articles specialize in asset protection, international migration, and low-risk investment strategies. Read:



Kevin Seawright Thoughts on Economic Development

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Economic development is a significant issue in the economy. There are millions of people who lack opportunities to start a company.

Numerous people are attempting to improve economic opportunities for people in poverty. Some politicians are proposing legislation to improve conditions in specific areas.

Kevin Seawright is passionate about economic development for people who are in poverty. He has many years of experience working in this field. Kevin is excited about all of the projects he is currently working on.

Early Career

Kevin Seawright started working for a large company after he graduated from college. He initially thought that he wanted to work for a large company for his entire life. Although he advanced quickly in his career, he was not satisfied with his work. He wanted to make a positive impact in the lives of people through his work.

He decided to start volunteering in the local community. Volunteering was an excellent way for him to use his business skills to help others. He concentrated on areas where the education system was inadequate to serve students.

Student Loans

Kevin Seawright is also a strong proponent of the student loan program. Some politicians have debated cutting back on this program for the future. He sees the positive impact that this program has on students each day. This program is the only way for some students to attend college. Although he is busy with all of his obligations, Kevin is passionate about his work and excited for the future.

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NetPicks Success of 25 Years

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The Overall Forex Market According to Netpicks:

NetPicks is a company that provides forex training education. The company was created in 1996, and is based out of Irving, Texas. They have 25 years of trading experience. CEO of NetPicks, Mark Soberman, has a quality team of experienced individuals behind him for conducting a successful and reputable business.

In forex trading, the system is based upon the unknown. Whether the currency prices will increase or decrease is a possible risk each time one trades funds. Most traders are based out of major cities such as London, Paris, Sydney and New York.

Spot trading is the practice of making trades quickly, and without extensive contemplation. This is the favored method among the majority of traders.

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Based on NetPicks observations, trading currency pairs is popular because of adequate liquidity available in the forex market. The forex market experiences daily trades equaling up to $5.2 trillion.

Beginner Tips from NetPicks:

NetPicks recommends traders evaluate the benefits and risks of each currency before taking action. Another tip they provide is to purchase based on the secondary currency’s ability to become stronger than the initial currency. Placing an order to sell or buy is conducted in real time. After placing an order, a trader can view their profit or loss online. This is the same process in reverse when it comes time to sell the currency pairs.

NetPicks suggest traders extensively evaluate the market prior to conducting any trades. Studying policies for different countries, as well monitoring political and economic updates, are keys to ultimate success. They also advise against traders becoming emotionally invested in their trades. NetPicks warns against trading with funds dedicated to necessities, such as mortgage payments and bills. They strongly suggest trading with only small amounts of money.  Read review here.

NetPicks is a leader in the foreign exchange market. With clients and traders around the globe, NetPicks is bridging the gap between foreign finance, one trade at a time.

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Louis Chenevert, Person of the Year

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One simply can’t mention United Technologies Corporation without also mentioning Louis Chenevert. Louis reigned supreme as the former chief executive officer at UTC thanks to his impeccable education and expertise. This was a man who truly loved his field and the employees that worked with him.


Louis Chenevert attended HEC located in Quebec, Canada and graduated with a degree in product management. Over the course of his career, Louis has earned much recognition for his advancements within the industry. He received an Honor Award from the National Building Museum, as well as a “Person of the Year Award” from the magazine, Aviation Week & Space Technologies. These awards helped to solidify the strides Louis has made within his field.


Louis Chenevert understood his field and was a former president of Pratt & Whitney in 1999. When he made the move to UTC, Louis had a great idea in regard to the fairly new Geared Turbofan Engine. It was imperative to him to focus more on the GTE and its impact within the industry, and this is exactly what he did when he arrived at UTC in 2006. Louis began investing in the geared turbofan engine and quickly raised about $10 million for the company. See This Article for additional information.


The Geared Turbofan Engine stood out thanks to its low consumption of fuel. This made it cost effective and great for the environment as well. In addition to the smart business move with investing in the geared turbofan engine, United Technologies Corporation also invests in its employees. The company’s Employee Scholar Program made news as an amazing program to further the education of any employee that wanted it. To date, over 30,000 employees have obtained degrees with UTC footing the entire bill. This is major as United Technologies Corporation proves it is a company that values its employees.


United Technologies Corporation has made major headway within the technology industry and Louis Chenevert most definitely deserves credit for the role he played in its success. His innovative mind in regard to the geared turbofan engine helped catapult the company to success and it keeps getting better.