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Importance of Tax Incentives according to Flavio Maluf

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One of the big hurdles when it comes to establishing and maintaining companies in Brazil is the high taxes imposed by the government. These taxes discourage the entrepreneurs from investing in Brazil. Eucatex Companies’ president, Flavio Maluf airs one of the approaches that can help the firms when it comes to solving the tax issue. The Fiscal Incentive Laws offers the businesses the chance to make use of their taxes or revenue in funding the projects stipulated by this legislation. The money can be used to finance cultural, sporting, scientific research, technological, health, and social programs.

The main aim of the Fiscal Incentive Laws approach is to foster the development of Brazil’s social life and economy. However, these incentives do not fully relieve the involved entities from paying tax as they will still be required to pay the amount set on them even after participating in the tax incentive programs. The major change in this approach is the money consumption. According to Flavio Maluf, the plan helps the firms in creating a positive reputation as well as associating their names with sports, cultural or social activity through sponsorships. Visit to learn more.

The local or regional tax incentives are intended for firms operating in given location. These incentives are aimed at improving the given region’s social and economic state. Flavio Maluf states the public administration offers some provisions to various companies depending on their operations. The government promotes the growth of a certain economic activity or industry. The incentives in such case include the tax reduction, exemption, and compensation. These firms are allowed to grow and act as sources of jobs and also boost the economy of that particular region.

Flavio Maluf became the leader of his family’s business in 1997. Before this, he had worked in the company from 1987 where he joined the trade area of the company before moving to the industrial area. Mr. Maluf is graduate of the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation, where he graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Eucatex Group is among the largest manufacturing companies in Brazil. Flavio Maluf also serves as the president of Grandfood. He is known for his advice on entrepreneurship. Visit:

Roseann Bennett Talks About The Future Of Mental Health

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About Roseann Bennett


Together with his husband, Roseann Bennett is the co-founder of Center for Treatment and Assessment, a non-profit organization that aims to assist individuals who have a mental illness. The New Jersey-based non-profit organizations are headed by Roseann Bennet. Read more about Bennett’s philanthropic activities on Hackettstown Couple Offering Scholarships Local Students

Roseann Bennett is a family and marriage therapy specializing in fields of crisis management, family therapy, problem-solving, and planning. She has been in the area for approximately two decades which makes him among the most experienced family and marriage therapists in the industry. The idea of forming the Center for Treatment and Assessment came after she realized how the less fortunate individuals have to wait before they seek a counselor’s refuge. In the case of New Jersey, patients had to wait for a minimum of six months before seeking mental treatment. When Roseann Bennet shifted from an In-patient to an Out-patient therapy, she decided to co-found Center for Assessment and Treatment together with his husband.

Ms. Bennet holds a masters and an education specialist degree in Family and Marriage Therapy from Seaton Hall University. Bennett obtained accreditation and license from the American Association of Family and Marriage Therapies. Moreover, she is certified with Clinical Trauma Professional and a Certified Child and Adolescent Trauma.

Roseann Bennett spent many years in realizing the dream of Center for Assessment and Treatment. She is always committed to helping to change the health of the mentally impaired individuals. Additionally, Roseann strives to improve the narrative and the perception regarding the mentally impaired individuals in the society.

As a dedicated caregiver and entrepreneur, Roseann Bennett is struggling to change how mental illness is viewed and trying to make it accessible to many. According to Roseann, the advancement of technology has brought a significant change in mental health by the introduction of Telemedicine. See This Page for more information.




William Saito’s Path To Greatness

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William Saito, the founder of I/O Software, was making rounds in the tech world when he was just ten years old. It is no wonder that he has made tremendous strides and is a renown cybersecurity expert. He has written a book, An Unprogrammed Life, to tell his story to the rest of the world hoping that young entrepreneurs can learn from his vast experience.

He was good at maths and science, and this prompted the need for a personal computer to enhance his skills. It was at this point that Saito discovered his passion for programming. In 1991, he set up I/O Software to make the most of the internet that had just made its way to the market.

IBM was the computer provider back in the day. When William Saito got his first IBM computer, he could not resist the urge of opening it up to find out what how it all worked. His parents were not amused. The whole experience opened up a new world that he would later venture in and achieve massive success.

William Saito worked with Merrill Lynch for two years. He developed software that would help them excel in the stock market. Saito gained this experience while in Damien High School. He later joined the University of California where he worked with some Japanese companies as a software developer.

NEC came calling in 1992, and this opened more doors for William to expand his business. He had to set up an office when the Japanese company decided to pay him a visit on short notice. The results were terrific, and thus I/O Software got its headquarters at Rancho Cucamonga.

After college William Saito partnered with Sony and the partnership birthed the biometric software. He brought on board his software skills while Sony provided the hardware to make this possible. In the early 2000s, Microsoft acquired his company thanks to the influence that it had had on the market. William talks about this in great detail in his book.

William Saito went back to his home country, Japan, where he has thrived as a venture capitalist. He has worked as a cybersecurity advisor to the Japanese government. He has also offered technical support to committees looking into natural disasters.


Professor Kamil Idris on Intellectual Property

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26th April marks the World Intellectual Property Day, since its inception eight years ago. Wipo’s popularity has been increasing every year with organizations and governments joining the course to celebrate annually.

Most people around the world remain clueless of the real meaning of intellectual property and why there is so much effort and attention towards it. They may scratch their heads reflecting on what do workings of patents, copyrights, and industrial trademarks have to do with the more pressing issues; for instance how to stop global warming? A simple answer to such arising questions would be that without intellectual property rights, upcoming technologies set up to handle global problems would never bear fruit.

Making sense out of intellectual property laws

To better understand modern laws regarding intellectual property, one has to be aware of what they entail. The four central types of intellectual property include copyrights, trade secrets, trademarks and patents. They are laws established by governments or other large organizations that provide businesses or individuals that invent a product or brand the exclusive usage rights. Professor Kamil Idris notes that, not only the power of human creativity should be celebrated on World intellectual Property Day, but also the intellectual property rights that propel it.

The ongoing trade wars between the United States of America and China were caused by intellectual property, hence proving just how important it is. The intellectual Property Day is meant to pay special tribute to all artists and inventors tirelessly working to replenish human existence with the gifts of their innovation and vision. Let’s remember why their intellectual property rights earned through their individual or collective talents, deserve our standing ovation and protection.

More on professor Kamil Idris

Professor Kamil Idris discusses annual goals of the World Intellectual Property Organization including the development of IP laws and global patent system. He is endowed with international relations skills channeled towards international cooperation and peace keeping. He presides over important panels of arbitration and delicate international matters. He is a respected member of the permanent Court of Arbitration steering the Court’s mandate of providing options for resolving international feuds. He also served in the United Nations International Law Commission from 1992 to 1996. Professor Kamil Idris, a Sudanese national, was re-elected back to WIPO as Director General in 2003 by a unanimous vote.


Ian King: Cryptotrading Mastermind

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Brandon Ferguson wrote a spectacular article on the knowledge that Ian King offers readers.

A year before King’s arrival at Banyan Hill Publishing the company decided to rebrand itself in hopes of focusing on advice from the company’s network of experts in a multitude of areas. The experts help the company to enable everyday American citizens to the knowledge that could aid them in obtaining “total wealth.” Ferguson explains that this prospects allows the readers to take control of their own financial wealth by making their own financial decisions. It is also revealed within this article that Banyan Hill gets its name from the banyan tree which is a large, unique tree with the ability to adapt and survive natural disasters such as hurricanes. See more of Ian King on facebook.

Ferguson offers information in his article about Paul Mampilly, Matt Badiali, Jeff Yastine, Ted Bauman, and Ian King. All of which are key experts that offer advice and information for all the readers of Banyan Hill Publishing. King’s powerful natural in trader is met with a rather new advancement: crypto trading. King writes for Banyan Hill Publishing’s newsletter called “Crypto Profit Trading.” The advent of Bitcoin has brought attention to the cryptotrading market with Wall Street and Main Street investors being equally as intrigued in the prospect. In the newsletter King pinpoints the winning crypto trends, as well as, offers tips for entering the ever-growing, ever-changing venture. His knowledge of the rapidly paced market comes accompanied with tips and techniques for safe storage and securing the digital coins.

Ian King is a contributor editor to Banyan Hill Publishing from the Delray Beach region of Florida. The company was founded in 1998, but King did not start his wonderful work there until 2017. His job at Banyan Hill Publishing is to help readers get a head start on the rapidly flourishing crypto market. Ian King is a cryptocurrency trader with over twenty years of trading and analyzing experience in the financial markets. His astute knowledge in the money trading business has caught the attention of Fox Business News, Investopedia, and more. King has also created a first of its kind learning seminar through Investopedia Academy that allows users to learn about crypto investing. He started his career as a desk clerk at Salomon Brothers’ famous mortgage bond trading department and then he moved on to work for Citigroup. He has spent decades in the trading business and even worked as the header trader at Peahi Capital in New York. Ian King is a mastermind when it comes to trading whether it is in the cryptomarket or otherwise.



Are Freedom Checks a Real Investment?

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Ah, freedom checks. It’s a common term these days and these checks are on the rise. While it may sound too good to be true, it is true. In fact, the truth is, these checks are real checks, although they are not paid out from the government. They aren’t tax refunds, and they aren’t government benefits of any kind. These checks are based upon investments real individuals make with real money. They are also paid back in real money. What investors put in helps them to earn a little profit with specific companies. What type of companies? Read this article at Money Morning.

Matt Badiali learned years ago about earning dividends when he made a small investment with Kaminak Gold Corp. It was in 2008 when the stocks were down. Matt had learned that the time to buy was when stocks were down. As a result, when he chose to sell he was up more than two dollars on his investment. He then learned the power of earning interest on an investment. Although small, it was the encouragement that he needed to investigate these investments further.

Today, there are ads from Reuters claiming that many are receiving a windfall as the result of these freedom checks, but the windfall is part of doing something smart upfront. This is about investing, and not a get-rich-quick-scheme. While it seems easy, these investments must be consistent over time in order to get the payout in the end. Although there is a learning curve, Matt Badiali believes that these are well worth the effort. Visit to know more.

During the course of his research and his active investing Matt Badiali has discovered that presidents from various parties have been working on this for decades. What Matt Badiali is promoting is Master Limited Partnerships or MLP’s. These can be exciting, but they need time and attention in order for them to produce the goods. You won’t have to be a business partner either, but rather you are now an investment partner getting paid as a small partner with dividends.

There are many ups and downs with MLP’s, but like Matt Badiali, once you get the hang of it and you educate yourself, you’ll begin to see how freedom checks can work in your favor. What if you could pay for your child’s college education? What about your child’s new braces? There are many reasons that Matt Badiali believes in freedom checks. Do you?

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Matt Bdiali promoting Freedom Checks

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Matt Badiali is the person behind the recent sensation in town called “Freedom Checks.” From the ads, it seems like it is the deal every American has been waiting for. Matt Badiali appears in the ad holding a check worth over $100,000 which he insists even you could be the owner. From the ads, it looks very easy to make money through this scheme. However, the ad is over-exciting. Some people have dismissed it as a scam since it is giving people hopes of making huge amounts of money easily. However, this is just an ad. The ads may be over-exciting, but this does not mean the whole thing is a scam. People just need to understand what Badiali is promoting. Visit to know more.

Matt Badiali is a professional in the mining sector. He holds a Masters Degree in Geology from Florida Atlantic University and Bachelor of Science in Earth Science from Penn State University. He has spent many years studying trends in the mining sector with a view of making good investment decisions in natural resources. He opines that this is a very lucrative business if only people learned what is needed to make the right choices.

Back to Freedom Checks, this is an investment opportunity which just like any other investment has a possibility of making money for the investor. The success of the investment will depend on the willingness and commitment of the investor.

Matt Badiali is promoting Master Limited Partnerships commonly referred to as MLPs. These are businesses which operate as partnerships but have the advantages of being publicly traded. However, MLPs do not follow the same tax regulations as other companies. They stand to make huge profits since they follow a different set of rules. View to learn more.

Just like it happens with publicly traded companies, one must invest and wait for the company to make profits in order for them to make something in return. All the capital generated by MLPs is shared among the investors. The investors will them pay taxes independently. The returns one gets from these firms is what Matt Badiali is calling Freedom Checks. MLPs have their unique characteristics. One, 90% of the revenues that they enjoy must come from the energy sector, and secondly, the companies must pay these freedom checks every year.

So, anyone claiming that freedom checks are a scam does not understand how they work. Those who think it is get-rich-quick scheme are the ones giving false information regarding them. They are not government issued checks but private checks that are made by investing in private MLPs. Check:


Paul Mampilly Aims High at Total Wealth Symposium

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Paul Mampilly and the organizers of Total Wealth Symposium have a mission this year, to assist every attendee in earning $1 million dollars by the close of 2019. The Total Wealth Symposium is an annually held event focused on the world of investing. Attendee’s have a great track record of success as just this past year they brought in 1,665 percent in profit. Paul Mampilly is the founder of Capuchin Consulting and present Senior Editor for Banyan Hill Publishing. He is a master of investment and finance, creating a storied career of success with several different firms. A graduate of Fordham University, Mampilly began his career on Wall Street, eventually managing a hedge fun for Kinetics Asset Management. Paul Mampilly is also the founder and senior editor for Profits Unlimited, a newsletter specializing in stocks. He has been a key speaker at Total Wealth for years. Read this article at

Previously Mampilly and fellow organizer Jeff Yastine spoke to attendees on cybersecurity, as many large coporations were suffering hacks at that time. This year the subjects will still focus on technology, as its advancement effects everything. The experts rounding out he panel at Total Wealth are Matt Badiali, Ian King, and Ted Bauman. Attendees will gain a wealth of knowledge from the best financial minds in the field. They will be taught how to gain 1,000 percent returns within the Technology Sector, learn the secrets to achieving 1,800 percent returns, and get information on the latest trends that will affect the market. It is the hope of the organizers that such information will allows attendees to gain $1 million within the following year. Speakers like Paul Mampilly will share their expertise, strategy, and business sense with the crowd. Badiai is a Professor of Geology with expertise in mines and oil wells, Ian King is a top cryptocurrency trader, Bauman is a top-level consultant, Yastine is an expert in finance, and Mampilly is a stock specialist. The experts area also available for private meetings with attendees, to get hands on instruction on how to achieve the first million. Hopefully, the outcome will be as success. Read more:


The Current Chief Financial Officer Of Willis Towers Watson, Michael Burwell

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Michael Burwell is a successful businessman with a profound experience of 31 years. He attended the Michigan University where he pursued and attained his degree in finance. He is currently the chief financial officer of Willis Towers Watson.He is a dedicated and relentless person, in a recent interview, Michael said that he usually starts his day at 5 am and makes his bed even when he is traveling. This gives him a feeling of completing a task and enables him to start off his day feeling positive.


Michael Burwell is an open-minded person, he believes that each moment presents an opportunity to learn something new. He learns from his colleagues at work and he is always ready to put great ideas to task.He shares his apps with his colleagues and receives some from them as well. Michael understands that technology makes people more productive. He is always on the lookout for new approaches to maximize production with minimal input.


He also believes on the growth of micro-communities and remains adamant on the technology being the engine of their evolution. According to Michael Burwell, the secret recipe to prosperity entails good listening skills and networking.He always insists these values on his employees and recommends them to anyone willing to succeed in business. Michael recounts on some of the wise decisions he has made in his career. Once, he was at the forefront of a new technology but stopped it before it was complete.


He says that many saw it as a failure but it saved them millions of dollars as it would not fit in the market at that time. He advises business people to take a keen look at the market for a possible disruption.Michael Burwell is a certified public accountant. Prior to joining Willis Towers Watson, he worked at Pricewaterhouse Coopers where he gained vast knowledge and experience in finance. He also serves as a member of the board at the Sacred Heart rehabilitation center.His major areas of business are financial audit and transactional operations. Michael has held many positions in his finance career. He has been a senior officer at Global Transformation and as the head of financial operations in many states. See This Article to learn more.

Willis Towers Watson believes that Michael will bring the change required. He also has leadership and managerial skills that go a long way in ensuring quality delivery of services to clients.




Bruno Fagali Is A Reputable Lawyer

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Are you dealing with a legal dispute with an organization or a professional? Do you need to find a top rated lawyer or law firm in Brazil? Maybe you want to enlist the services of a Regulatory or Administrative Law expert. That’s where Bruno comes in – to help you get the best possible outcome in your situation.

There are some legal hurdles business owners and organizations face, and you need to know how you can best deal with them.

Bruno Fagali is a leading legal advisor and is well respected in the industry. Bruno renders excellent legal services to a wide variety of clients. If you want to get reliable help, then check out Bruno right away. As a powerful lawyer, Bruno Fagali represents corporations, professionals, companies and high-profile individuals.

In today’s business environment, every business owner or corporate executive needs to have an experienced lawyer on their team. Disagreement, lawsuits and disputes can arise at any time, and it’s important that you protect your company. You need to have a relationship with a reliable law firm or lawyer.

Legal problems can ruin a company’s image or damage a professional’s reputation. If you find yourself in a difficult legal situation in Brazil and want to have one of the best attorneys by your side, then consider Bruno Fagali. It is crucial to hire an attorney that comes highly recommended in the industry.

A knowledgeable and experienced lawyer can help you decide on a legal structure that best suits your organization or enterprise. This often depends on what type of organization or business you operate, your personal investment goals, financial situation, the paperwork involved and the cost to establish the structure.

Bruno Fagali is an expert in Ethics, Urban Law and Administrative Law and he advises and represents clients from all walks of life. Bruno also provides legal services in the areas of Regulatory Law and Compliance and is a highly sought after legal advisor.

Whether you need help with business issues, or you’re looking for a lawyer that handles professional or personal legal matters, Bruno can address your situation effectively. His ultimate goal is to protect his clients’ interests.

Bruno is committed to developing legal solutions to help his clients eliminate their toughest problems, and he approaches each new challenge or legal problem as an urgent business issue to be addressed expeditiously.