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22 Years Of Southridge Capital Dominance

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It is the desire of every investor, whether experienced or newbie to be guided on financial decision-making. Southridge Capital, for the last 22 years has been such an investment partner to many investors. The company deals with a wide range of investment areas such as financial objective analysis, merges, and acquirements as well as assumptions. In all these services, the company has exhibited objectivity in every single financial dealing. In all these dealings, the company provides the client with relevant information. In addition, the company’s vast experience in the financial market has enabled the company to be one of the best companies in observance of the relevant laws.

How is Southridge Capital unique? The financial company is unique in fundamental financial dealings. The company has been instrumental in finding reliable financial solutions for many companies and bringing the companies back to healthy operation. The company has one of the most reliable credit enhancing techniques. For any company to have a smooth operational, credit-enhancing is critical. Finally, the company through a well-thought technique has been able to help companies in the overall securitization. The solutions the company offers to companies are not only relevant but also verifiable to work in the last 22 years. You can visit


Stephen Hicks describes the company as a product of experience. The founder of this company is one of the most experienced traders. He, therefore, formed the company based on his vast financial understanding. This origin explains the reason why this company is one of the trusted financial companies. The ability to learn and analyze financial trends for clients has made Southridge a great partner by many investors, both new and seasoned. For more details visit Bloomberg.

According to the founder of Southridge Capital, cryptocurrencies is the next big thing. The ability to do much without unnecessary interference will definitely have an impact in the future of the financial world. The enormous advantages of the currency have made people around the world reconsider using them. Fortunately, the currencies are becoming popular. The existence of the cryptocurrency in the business world simplifies, to large extent the future of business.


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Gregory Aziz And His Contributions To Ontario

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Gregory J Aziz became involved with National Steel Car in 1994 after purchasing it. He also became the CEO, President, and Chairman of the company. Greg Aziz was born in Ontario, Canada, but he briefly moved to New York to pursue a career. Prior to leaving Canada he attended college at Ridley College and the University of Western Ontario, gaining a degree in economics. Visit This Page for more information.

1Shortly after leaving college, Greg Aziz began working for Affiliated Foods – a company that was created by his own family. They began as a wholesaler of fresh foods, but by the time Greg Aziz left the company it had been transformed into an international company. Eventually the company began supplying both Canada and the United States with food that was imported from Europe, South America, and Central America.

Leaving Affiliated Foods for the better, Greg Aziz then went to New York City to begin working as an investment banker. This venture eventually paid off because Aziz made enough money to move back to Canada and purchase his own company. Greg Aziz purchased National Steel Car in 1994.

National Steel Car, along with the entire freight train car industry was suffering. Dofasco sold National Steel Car to Greg Aziz when the company was at its worsts. Founded in 1912, National Steel Car was going through its worst period of its existence. Greg Aziz had the money that was needed to keep National Steel Car afloat. When the industry bounced back National Steel Car found itself as the biggest company of its type in all of Canada. National Steel Car also supplies American railroad companies such as CSX, with freight cars.

Greg Aziz was able to use his capitol and his knowledge in business to keep National Steel Car going. In just five years National Steel Car had completely refocused, ditching several types of cars in favor of more popular models.

Gregory James Aziz is also a vital part of the Hamilton, Ontario community. He frequently makes generous donations towards a number of different causes. He is a contributor to the United Way and the Salvation Army, but he also donates to the local entertainment industry. Theatre Aquarius and the Hamilton Opera both have Greg Aziz to thanks for some of their productions.




Guilherme Paulus and The Achievements and Recognition He’s Gained For Generating Jobs in Brazil

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It’s always a challenge to start a company, let alone sustain its operations in the face of competition, market challenges and the draining energy of facing failures. However, the courageous, skilled and often lucky ones who survive in their business endeavors tend to win big. They tend to get the large share in the market. They tend to grow into iconic examples who are examined by those who want to follow them. It’s safe to say at this point with his current achievements that Guilherme Paulus is one of these good examples.

Guilherme Paulus is the man behind the largest tourism operator in Brazil, CVC. He is the co-founder of such company and since 1972, has grown the company to becoming one of the most outstanding job creators today, and to think he just started the company at the age of 24. With a politician partner who later left him to run the company, CVC has turned out to be a huge business success across the Latin America region. An added success to the company is the fact that Carlyle group just bought about 63.6% stake in CVC that resulted to a deal of $420 million. Connect with Guilherme Paulus by visiting his linkedin acount.

Two of the most data-filled and accurate articles that describe and elaborate some of the other achievements of Guilherme Paulus would be found in Istoe Dinheiro as well as in the Revista Hoteis. In the Revista Hoteis article, the complete information of when Guilherme Paulus became a speaker for the 2017 Top Seller Event is made available. People can read there that the 5th edition fo the Top Seller Event is one of the most important avenues for professionals and shareholders in Brazil’s property sector. The fact that Paulus is a speaker there is an evidence of how much highlight the event had captured.

In the Istoe Dinheiro article, it was confirmed that Paulus is the magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year for 2017 in the services category. This is to acknowledge the impeccable level of dedication, hard work, competence and drive of Paulus in finding ways to expand his enterprise and empire. The more he expands, the more jobs are created for Brazil. The more jobs, the better the economy for the country. Visit:


Sheldon Lavin Continues To Be The Driving Force Behind OSI Group

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Sheldon Lavin’s background did not suggest that he would get involved in the meat industry. He entered into the business 43 years ago and quickly learned that he had a passion. Sheldon Lavin had been a successful investor and was working in the banking industry. He had a consulting firm of his own at when he began working with the founders of OSI Group. Sheldon evolved into the Chairman and CEO of the company over the years and has transformed the organization into a worldwide leader in food supply. OSI Group is an international organization that has over 20,000 employees. Lavin is directly responsible for a culture that breeds success from top executives all the way down to the newest employees.

Sheldon Lavin initially got involved with OSI Group in the 1950’s. At the time the company was known as Otto and Sons. Otto and Sons was offered a chance to build a state-of-the-art meat processing facility in the northwest. The opportunity came through working with the McDonald’s Corporation. However, the founders of Otto and Sons did not have the capital to support such an operation. Sheldon was asked to oversee the financial aspect of the project by the bank. Lavin agreed to work with Otto and Sons as long as he had equal stake in the operation. He initially came on as a consultant. At the request of the McDonald’s corporation. Lavin was asked to become involved with the project full time and more

Sheldon Lavin became a partner in the organization after many of the original owners settled into retirement. Lavin eventually gained full control of the company as Chairman and CEO. Otto and Sons became known as OSI Group and began conducting overseas investments.

Sheldon Lavin is credited for his role in building OSI Group into the international success that it is today. Lavin was given the Global Visionary Award on February 2016. The award is handed out by Indian’s Vision World Academy and is acknowledgement of Sheldon’s contributions to the industry on an international level. Sheldon is also a firm believer in philanthropy and puts as much effort into it as he does his business. OSI has received Awards for its environment work over the years. Sheldon Lavin is convinced that these are practices that must be adhered to by executive leaders.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco from 4th to 5th President

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     Luiz Carlos Trabuco began his academic career at the University of Sao Paulo, where he majored in philosophy. Carlos Trabuco began his professional career in 1969, and it would span for almost 50 years. Luiz Carlos Trabuco would go on to be recognized as one of the most influential and successful finance professionals in the world. Initially, in 1969, Luiz was a bank teller at Banco Bradesco’s branch in his hometown of Marilia. However, Mr. Trabuco would move and work at Bradesco’s Sao Paulo location wherein 1984 he would become the Marketing Director of the firm. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is responsible for introducing, as part of the bank’s culture, a good and open relationship with the media. Luiz went on to continue as the Marketing Director for eight years until 1992 when he became the Executive Director of the private pension management department.

In 2003, Luiz Carlos Trabuco took over as the executive leader of Bradesco Seguros, the division of the firm’s insurance businesses. During this time period, Bradesco accounted for 25% of the insurance market share. Also, while under the leadership of Luiz Carlos, the bank’s profits increased by 10 percentage points. This same year Luz would be recognized as Insurance Personality of the Year, and again in 2007. Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s performance during these last two years leads to him becoming the bank’s 4th president in 2009. During the early years of his presidency, Itau Unibanco had recently taken over as the largest bank in Brazil and added more pressure to the new leader’s list of hurdles. Mr. Trabuco immediately began restructuring and consolidating departments while implementing much more lean and efficient business practices. In 2015, Luiz drastically grew the firm’s size with the acquisition of HSBC Brazil division. The HSBC deal added 800 branches to the banking giant in one deal. Luiz would be named Entrepreneur of the Year for closing the $5.2 billion deal, by Money Magazine.

William Saito and a New Perspective on Technology

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William H. Saito is among the one hundred most influential individuals in Japan according to Nikkei. While at the elementary school, he started a programming software and started his own company while at the high school. By 1998, he was one of the leading global authorities in encryption, cybersecurity, and biometric authentication. As such, he was named an entrepreneur of the year. By 2005, he sold his company to Microsoft and relocated to Tokyo and co-founded In Tecur, a consultancy firm that identifies innovative technologies, advances global talent and enhances entrepreneurs to sail high their dreams. He was appointed to a council on national strategy and policy and the council reported directly to the Japanese prime minister by early 2012. William Saito worked as the chief technology officer of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission at the last quarter of 2011. In his home country, Japanese has worked as an advisor several agencies such as METI, ICMLIT, The Japan Society for the promotion of science and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial science and technology. Recently he serves as the cabinet office special advisor.

William Saito’s expertise and investment have great influence across the globe in matters relating to technology. In an interview, he tips that typical days for him involves engaging and sharing with people to find value in the problems hence find innovative solutions that are beneficial to real-life situations. He brings ideas to life with design thinking methodology. He is excited with all dimensions relating to artificial intelligence, the learning of machines robotics among other things. He explicitly put it clear that understanding failure as a key necessity for innovation, which can only be propelled through teamwork. He advised the younger generation not to rush to life, and they should engage themselves in things they have passionate. As such, he advises young entrepreneurs to have persistence, and no matter how much they fail, they should wake up and move forward until they achieve. The vast technological world is fast moving to a mobile-centric model. As such, entrepreneurs should take into account their investments in legacy industries. Finally, he recommends the book “Life 3.0” by Max Tegmark for the community to read. The book provides a larger realm why Al is critical and how it looks forward to changing the world.

EU is a great trading partner for Japan: William Saito

In town for Interpol World 2017, William Saito, special adviser to Japan’s cabinet, talks about the Japan-EU trade deal and the third arrow in Abenomics.

Jeff Yastine’s Take on Amazon Market Dominance

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Jeff Yastine believes that retail giant, Amazon, has arrived at a point where its domintating days could be coming to an end. Could it be that federal anti-trust laws demand that Amazon break up its monopoly? Has the company become too powerful? There are some in the business, even ex-powerbrokers of Walmart, that think that Amazon’s business practices are predatory. Of course, it is not uncommon for business rivals to criticize their competition. However, it is usually never done in public.

Jeff Yastine makes the case that people in the retail world have grown weary in competing with Amazon. Thus, it only follows reason that a president, or future president, will try to make the case that Amazon has violated antitrust laws. 2017 was a year that 26 major retailers had to file for bankruptcy. Some chains registered liabilities of $50 million dollars or more. Read more at to know more.

Jeff Yastine suggests that some, or many, of these companies were poorly managed from the top down. On the other hand, Amazon really has changed the retail landscape. Amazon has a platform that other retailers must use to list and sell their merchandise. This is just to remain competitive for those retailers. Some people in the industry believe this gives Amazon a leg up on everyone else, since Amazon lists its products on the same platform and can sell their products for less.

There are a number of reasons Amazon has risen to dominate the retail market. For one, they understand the power of social media. Amazon knows this is where they can find the millennials who crave their products. Internal expansion is another element. Amazon also understands that people look for products and services on their mobile device. Amazon just gets it better than everyone else.

Jeff Yastine also works with Banyan Hill Publishing as Editorial Director. He has helped a lot of regular investors to better understand and profit on the markets.

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Why You Should Follow Ian King’s Advice On Financial Markets

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Ian King, the incumbent editor of one of the widely read newsletters in the world today, Banyan Hill Publishing has a message for those who want to venture into cryptocurrency trade. He is the right person to offer the most current and practical advice. For over 20 years, Ian has spent most of his time studying, analyzing, and evaluating financial markets. This has enabled him to come up with viable and practical advice for those who have an interest in stepping into the ever-evolving financial market. Today, Ian King is not the same that sat on a clerk desk in Salamon Brothers, a reputable mortgage department that has stood over time.

From such humble beginnings, Ian has come to be the most distinguished financial analyst. His pieces of advice have been single-handedly picked and published in major online platforms. You will get some of the advices published on Investopedia, Seeking Alpha, Zero Hedge, and Fox Business News among other high-end platforms. In all the companies and roles he has worked, Ian has always used whatever little time he gets to study, analyze, and discover something. This has led to him become one of the most influential men in the financial markets sector. Visit to know more.

In 2017, Ian King made a bold move that has come to be t he most successful moves he ever made in life. This happened when he moved to Banyan Hill Publishing, an independent online platform that delves into practical financial tips. When Ian King came in, BHP, which has been in existence since 1998, had just been revamped. It is easy to say that it was energetic. The truth is, the energy came after Ian assumed the position of editor. Today, Banyan Hill Publishing has a whopping 400, 000 daily circulation of newsletters. These newsletters land on the minds of thousands of interested readers who are eager to learn some of the practical financial investment tips. Some people ask why give a financial company a name that belongs to a tree? It is true that Ian was not behind the naming of the company. But several years after the company was formed, it is now clear that Banyan, the world’s tallest tree according to Guinness Book of Record, is a fitting name for the company. Ian King is determined to take the company several steps ahead by his continued effort to offer the company’s close to 0.5 million subscribers practical advice on financial and commodity investment. Learn more:



Paul Mampilly Dumps His Wall Street Job to Serve his Community.

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Paul Mampilly is one of the rare individuals who has grown up from a humble background in India and ended up becoming a renowned finance and investment genius in the United States. He pursued his undergraduate studies at the Montclair State University where he acquired a degree in business administration. From there, Paul was lucky to join the Wall Street where he started his career in financial investments management. The first company to work for at the Wall Street was the Bankers Trust, where he assumed the position of an associate portfolio manager. He performed his role with a lot of zeal, what made the company’s management to elevate him to a portfolio manager. Connect with Paul Mampilly by visiting his linkedinacount.

A short time later while still working as a portfolio manager, Bankers Trust was purchased by the Deutsche Bank. Paul Mampilly had to transition from working as a portfolio manager and became an assistant research analyst in the bank. He became popular and well known in the industry for his unmatched competence. Due to his reputation, ING recruited Mampilly to become their senior research analyst. This position saw Paul Mampilly’s responsibilities increase to the level that he became answerable and accountable for investments worth millions of dollars.

A company called Kinetics Asset Management later recruited Paul Mampilly to manage their hedge funds. It was this chance that made Paul the famous guru that he is, internationally. Under his custody, the hedge fund that he was mandated to manage rose in value to above $25 billion, yielding a return of 43% rate for the clients. This saw Barron’s magazine, a chief industry publication, name Mampilly as their “Best Hedge Fund Manager of the Year” globally.

Paul Mampilly has risen over the years of his working experience to become one of the most cherished investment minds in America. His proficiency in the investment and financial strategies has seen him stand in front of many prominent investors, giving them advice on how to grow their wealth. However, the smaller investors never got the chance to benefit from this kind of knowledge that they required very much to multiply their small investments too, bearing in mind their risk-averse nature.

Paul decided to leave his employment job and started working for the interest of the majority of the Americans who never enjoyed his financial acumen. He began publishing investment advice in newsletters while working with the Banyan Hill Publishing. He has then been distributing this advice to the common Americans at very pocket-friendly costs which have made his subscribers very grateful. Learn more:


Felipe Montoro Jens contributions in the corporate sector in Brazil

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Experience plays a critical role in the delivery of services in any organization. Many organizations are after employees who have experience serving in their area of interest because of the nature of high-quality services expected by clients. Organizations need to make sure that they are recruiting experienced people who can drive the goals of the organizations have. To be able to recruit experienced people there needs to be an aggressive talent acquisition process which will facilitate the recruitment. Organizations need to have recruitment departments which have the best people who can perform this role effectively and ensure that at all times, organizations are being served by professionals who understand the work they are supposed to carry out. In Brazil, one such expert in talent acquisition is Felipe Montoro Jens. He has the experience needed to help organizations hunt for the right talents which will assist them in growing their work. Read this article at about Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens started his career as a junior officer and worked his way up the ladder as he grew in his portfolio. He had dreams of getting to the top of the management, but he never knew how he would manage that since the criteria for promotions are varied and, senior managerial positions are few and highly competitive. Felipe Montoro was however a person who believed in hard work. He completed his responsibilities in a manner that impressed his bosses. Due to his performance, he started getting promotions. Before he even knew it, he was a top corporate executive in Brazil.

He has held a number of positions which include CEO of ConcessionairaInteroceania, among many other positions. Through the work he has done with the organization he has worked for, he has established a good name and is now considered one of the top corporate leaders in South America. Through his commitment to success, he has seen organization he has worked for record great results. Visit :