All you need to Know About Investment banking

In this day and age of cutthroat competition, banks are burning the midnight oil to fine tune their day-to-day operations. One important area banks are focusing on is investment banking. This is a sector of banking specifically concerned with facilitating firms to acquire capital or funds for that matter. Investment banking, in addition, gives critical advice regarding different transactions, facilitates mergers and helps reorganization.

Investment bankers are the key to success of any investment banking. A case in point is Martin Lustgarten, a revered investment banker and founder of Lustgarten Martin. Lustgarten Martin is a prominent investment company based in Florida. The firm has caused ripples in the American banking industry for years, hence its status.

The immense success of Lustgarten Martin investment company boils down to the profound leadership provided by the founder. Martin Lustgarten has vast experience in the banking industry accumulating extensive experience in the domain of equity trades and securities. He is the most sought after investment banker, and his company is considered the best investment bank in America.

Before the momentous revelation of investment banking, banks embraced the commercial banking trajectory. This is where a bank collects client deposits and consequently advance loans to them. With the outset of investment banking, there is a complete paradigm shift where an institution can create or generate funds in two ways. First, is by seeking private equity or venture capital achieved by sale of company stock. Second is the capital market through which institutions can draw funds. The bank does this obviously in exchange for a stake in the firm.

An important aspect well worth noting is that these banking companies offer advice and consultancy services to investment bankers on issues related to mergers and acquisitions. They may also go further and monitor the market and advise their clients accordingly on the best possible way to manage assets or the right time to make public offers.

You must, however, understand that the gap between investment banking and other forms of banking is relatively thin. This is because of deregulation which permits banking entities to innovate more banking sectors. Deregulation has denied investment banking companies the element of exclusivity as the same services are now provided by mega banks.

Let’s face it; in the domain of money markets, investment banking experts are hotly sought after for their skills. This essentially means that these experts travel a lot, and work for extra longer hours. The rewards, however, associated with investment banking are enormous. The previous economic turmoil in the world has placed investment banking experts in serious demand than before.

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