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George Soros, The Financial Revolutionary

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Back in the year 1992, few American entrepreneurs and economists were keen enough to predict the UK Black Wednesday. One was, and he managed to consolidate one billion dollars of profit from floating on the demand and supply forces of foreign currency. He simply sold ten billion dollars to make the profit within one working day. While the fact that he had a European decent could be used to water down the attention to small economic nuances, George Soros had been an American for a long time. The other different achievements that he boasts of bring out this man’s brilliant character. George Soros is both interesting to research into and to analyze.

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Soros was born in Hungary. His birth came at the zenith of the Nazi Regime. Times were hard for people who were any different in the country and whole region. George Soros was denied basic human rights, and even worse, his father was jailed for being Jewish. Nevertheless, despite the odds stacked against the young man, he went on to become a world-acknowledged philanthropist.

The Washington Times reported that George that the people of Ferguson might owe their voices to the charity phenom. The man whose financial assistance in planning and executing the Ferguson protests took issue with the extra-judicial killing of Michael Brown. The killings had attracted a nation-wide debate which ignited the Black Lives Matter Campaign. Politico reports that the campaign had gained so much traction that it couldn’t be ignored. The lawlessness levels had begun to increase to the point of upsetting the current governor’s, Jay Nixon, political influence. The public concern was so huge that it perpetually had the sway a presidential aspirant would need to clinch a victory. Know more on about George Soros.

George Soros has also been noted to work with numerous activist groups. One such group is the Colorlines. The Colorlines is an online site that focuses on reporting matters to do with racism. The news site gets published by Race Forward. For its successful push for its agenda, George Soros commits about 20,000 dollars annually. The philanthropist also contributed 5.4 million dollars to Ferguson and Staten Island. The contribution was to strengthen the push and agitation for police reforms and empowerment. The Hands Up Coalition is yet another beneficiary of Soros’ generosity.

One of George Soros’ most deep-founded beliefs is that democracy is supreme for human life. He believes that in democracy, peace, tranquility, and progress reside. He proposes the formation of an inclusive society. Such convictions are the reason for his strong political persuasions and avid intrusions to how the Democratic Party conducts its business. As a party subscriber, Soros has personally funded great presidential candidates from the party. His participation in the political scene extends further into government and governance. As an independent diplomat, he has had several plots to get involved in the emancipation of the people of several foreign sovereign peoples under dictatorial regimes. He has also been funding the Independent Diplomat who had a big role to play in the liberation of Kosovo and Northern Cyprus.

Indeed, George Soros is a man of the people and the protector of the weak and the vulnerable. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

Jim Tananbaum Combines Expertise in Two Fields

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Jim Tananbaum has bridged the gap that often gapes open between the medical industry and the financial industry. He has been able to do this because he holds degrees in both of these fields and is also an expert at both of these things. This has helped him to make sure that he can provide the financial resources that medical companies need so that they are able to continue their practices and make a difference in the lives of others. Jim Tananbaum knows how important it is for the healthcare industry to continue functioning and he does so through the use of his private equity firm, Foresite Capital. The company works exclusively with healthcare companies that want to be able to get the most out of their business. He also wants to make sure that people are getting what they need through the use of different opportunities in the health industry with the capital that they need for improvements. You can visit Ideamensch to know more.

When Jim Tananbaum first started out, he worked in the financial industry. This was because he had a degree in business that allowed him to function as an executive for finance companies. He was experienced with this and was comfortable with providing high-dollar capital amounts to people who were in different industries. He recognized, though, that there was a need for a specialized equity firm. He did this through the healthcare industry and chose to make sure that he was providing the options that he needed to the people who were in that field.

Once he received a degree in medicine, Jim Tananbaum was confident that he would be able to help those who were a part of that industry. It was something that he was comfortable with because of the financial experience that he had. He was now well-versed in the medical field and did what he could to make sure that he was providing every healthcare company with something that they could take advantage of when they were in different situations. It was something that helped Tananbaum to see that he could make a huge difference in the field. Check out the website and Facebook page.


Fabletics Stands Out From the Crowd

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Amazon currently controls about 20% of the fashion market, so succeeding has been no small feat for Kate Hudson’s Fabletics company. In fact, Fabletics has not only succeeded but has grown to be worth $250 million in just three years.


Fabletics has become so successful because it is in tune with what the customer really wants and uses a subscription to sell trendy clothing to its customers. Throw in convenience with a membership and aspiration clothing collections and you have a winning mix.



High value brands have traditionally been though of as items that defined by the quality and price or even services, but in today’s market, brand recognition, customer service, and exclusive design is what customers are seeking out these days.


Fabletics plans to open additional physical stores in Florida, California, Hawaii, and Illinois. Their membership model makes it possible for the company to offer service that is personalized and trendy for about half the price of its competitors.


Fabletics is using reverse showrooming and has avoided the usual pop-up store route and has instead built relationships and gotten to know the local markets. 30% to 50% of the customers that walk through the doors of their stores are already members and about 25% become subscription members.


Hudson has used many strategies in order to become so successful. First off, Hudson designs active wear for every shape and size. This helps to keep the market open to everyone and doesn’t exclude anyone form living a more healthy lifestyle, which is what Hudson is trying to do through her active wear clothing line. The sizes of her clothing range form XXS to 3X.


Hudson also stays very hands on, so she can keep an eye on what is selling and what isn’t selling. She review sales every week and believe that it is important to be creative with marketing and design in order to run a successful company.


When a new member becomes a part of the Fabletics team, they have to take a Personality Quiz, which really helps to not only get personalized service, but it also gives Fabletics a good idea of what the customer wants.


Inspired by her mother, Goldie Hawn, Hudson has a motto to “live your passion” and to focus on what is the most important. She also believes that it is very important to keep that in perspective because it will make you fearless.

Julia Jackson – An Inspiring Passion for Wine

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Julia Jackson, daughter of the late Jess Jackson and spokesperson for Jackson Family Wines, spent her childhood immersed in the daily goings of her family’s wine business. It’s no surprise that she developed an interest in the business early on or that she would become an integral part of Jackson Family Wines.

After receiving her Bachelors Degree at Scripps College, Jackson went on to attend Stanford Summer Institute of General Management. She now works with the international sales team, utilizing her expertise and enthusiasm for the wine business in the promotion and expansion of her family’s legacy. At a comparative wine tasting of Vérité, one of company’s most exceptional Sonoma County wines, Jackson suggested that, while Sonoma is known for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, Jackson Family Wines believe that it is the best place for Cabernet. This unique perception proved to be quite valuable when Vérité was preferred over two of Napa’s more famous Cabernets.

Julia works with many of her family members, including her mother, Barbara Banke, who is now chairman and proprietor of Jackson Family Wines and who Jackson considers a role-model for herself. Watching her mother thrive in a male-dominated industry may have added to Jackson’s motivation to found Cambria Seeds of Empowerment in 2014. Seeds of Empowerment is a grantmaking program that honors women leaders and supports charitable organizations by awarding $100,000 to outstanding non-profit organizations annually. The goal is recognize and encourage not only exceptional women leaders but also those who have overcome adversity and seek to empower others.

Jackson brings both passion and acumen to her work within the wine industry and spreads inspiration through Seeds of Empowerment. She plans to remain in business with her family and carry on the legacy her father began.

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Richard Blair Wealth Solutions

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In our current economic climate, there is a numerous amount of people throughout the nation who are searching for a resource that will provide them with the opportunity to develop a flowing and steady income, preserve their assets, and afford them the ability to pass on their legacy to future generations. Constantly working overtime during your youth does not necessarily guarantee fixed financial stability and savings at the age you are ready to retire. With active planning and successful investing, the right steps are taken to ensure proper financial growth. Richard Blair is a man who has the mindset that can satisfy the financial needs of the people as well as provide them with a financial plan for their future. Blair graduated college with a vision to help people from all walks of life attain financial freedom. With an esteemed financial background and his certifications in CAS, CES, RICP, and CFS, Blair’s vision was manifested in 1994 when he started his own independent investment advisory firm entitled Wealth Solutions. The company is based in Texas and offers wealth management, financial planning and retirement planning for individuals, families and small business owners whose goal is to eventually retire.


Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions had a vision that was directly honed by the work ethic of his grandmother, mother, and wife who were all teachers. From these influential women in his life, Blair witnessed the impact that teaching has on the knowledge and confidence of an an individual. Blair’s innate gift for finance coupled with his desire to help people allows him to asses a client’s present financial status and future retirement needs. A process called the Three Pillar Approach is a 3-step plan that serves as a financial roadmap designed to help clients avoid the common drawbacks they may experience. The approach implements strategic plans that identifies the client’s goals, strengths, risks, and opportunities for new growth along with providing short and long term investment strategies. It also addresses the client’s insurance needs. Through his proven approach, Blair bridges the gap between clients planning for retirement and their ability to afford their lifestyle while living out their retirement.



Honey Birdette Sees Large Growth In USA Sales

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Australian based lingerie and accessory outfit company, Honey Birdette has revealed plans for massive overseas expansion. The brand was created in 2006 by its founder and current creative director, Eloise Monaghan. She was discussing the lack of high quality lingerie and bedroom accessories with a friend at a restaurant at the time. After the conversation ended, Monaghan said that the idea for Honey Birdette was created to provide luxury lingerie and accessories for women such as herself.

Honey Birdette has taken off since its inception in 2006. The lingerie brand has 55 stores all over Australia. That is pretty amazing considering the brand is only 11 years old. In 2016, Honey Birdette saw its first ever store expansion abroad with three openings in the United Kingdom. These were in the shopping centers of London, Westfield and Leeds. This year thanks to strong sales and demand, Honey Birditte is hoping to open up an additional 10 stores in the UK in places such as Liverpool and Newcastle. By the end of 2018, Honey Birdette says it feels confident that it can open up to 40 stores in the British market, which shows that the company is pursuing an aggressive growth strategy.

In the USA meanwhile, the Australian luxury lingerie and accessory brand is also looking to establish a foothold. Online sales have surged by over 370% over the last year. Honey Birdette has no physical stores in the USA. It is updating its online website for its American customers though. The new site should make shopping around more easy. The company also revealed it will now be offering faster shipping, an easier return process and free shipping for any order that is above $50. The large growth in online sales from the USA has made Honey Birdette consider entering the American market, where it will have to compete against the likes of Victoria’s Secret.

Close and Personal with Lori Senecal

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The queen of advertising Lori Senecal is well known for her prowess in advertising and skills in marketing as well as her robust personality. She is well known for her contributions in innovative advertising techniques. Her specialty is providing businesses with innovative solutions whose intent is to solve business challenges. According to Adage, due to the reliability in this industry, she was appointed to head some of the most prestigious companies the first example being the Global CEO of CP+B. She also served as Global CEO of KBS. Lori is well known for pushing herself out of her comfort zone. She never settles in a position of comfort and this could be the reason why she has been successful in most of the things that she does.

Starting early in her life, Lori set standards amidst the attention she got from her family. She is known to have received a lot of attention from parents and sisters because she was the last in a family of four. She has a bachelor from McGill University. She served as the president of McCann Erickson in their New York office. She has been the face behind some of the most successful advertising brands including Xbox, Coca-Cola, BMW, American Express and Victoria’s Secret pink.

Lori started becoming interested in business during her high school life when she was unable to become a competing athlete and had to become a coach. During her caching season in both high school and college, she got to master a few excellent skills that came in handy in business. She learnt how to communicate effectively, how to remain consistent even after setting goals and how to maintain a clear vision to succeed in the business world.

Lori Senecal makes businesses when the companied she works for make money. She has always considered herself a success because of her excellent motivational skills. She believes that being a success is a continuous process that needs to be cultivated with time.

She has developed a strategy that makes her successful in business. She believes that you need to know everything about a business if you are to succeed. The ad business is a difficult one but easy to succeed if you know where to look.

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The Accomplishments of a Great Human’s Rights Activist

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Thor Halvorssen is the president of the Human Rights Foundation, and is the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum. In 2005 he founded the Human Rights Foundation; which is a non-profit organization that protects and promotes human rights globally, and focuses on closed societies. The Human Rights Foundation organizes many different kinds events. Events the Human Rights Foundation hosts are; Oslo Freedom Forum, hosted annually; Hack North Korea, hosted in 2014; College Freedom Forum, hosted annually; United Nations Humans Rights Council Member Elections, hosted in 2012 and 2013; San Francisco Freedom Forum, hosted in 2012; and Sime MIA, hosted in 2014. The Hack North Korea event was an event put together to try and get more intelligence into North Korea.

The Oslo Freedom Forum, founded in 2009, is a global gathering of human rights advocates that tell stories and express views on human rights. The College Freedom Forum educates students about their individual rights. He contributes to the fields of individual rights and civil liberties, public interest advocacy, public policy, and pro-democracy advocacy. Thor Halvorssen was the first executive director and chief executive officer of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education in 1999; however, he resigned in 2004 to focus his efforts towards making his own organization.

At the center of the Human Rights Foundation he has lobbied and advocated for the release of Liu Xiaobo, a Chinese political prisoner, numerous times. He opposes the efforts in Uganda to use the death penalty on same sex couples.

Thor Halvorssen’s efforts in film production have been fairly successful. He is currently working on a film adaptation of Robert A. Heinlein’s science fiction novel The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. He co-produced the film Freedom’s Fury. Halvorssen has also produced the following films; Hammer & Tickle, Indoctrinate U, The Singing Revolution, The Sugar Babies, and the film adaptation of the short story “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut.

Halvorssen’s opinions have appeared in many different magazines and newspapers, and he spoke at the University of Pennsylvania. Thor Halvorssen has done many things, and it’s no doubt that his accomplishments were all great indeed.


Anthony Petrello: A Man That Climbed His Way Up

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Career at Nabors Industries
Anthony Petrello, commonly known as Tony Petrello, has a rich history with the Nabors Industries company. This long history started a number of decades ago in 1991 when he was elected for a position on both the Executive Committee of the Board and the Nabors Board of Directors.

For twenty years, after being elected to the Board, Mr. Anthony Petrello served as the President and Chief Operating Officer. In the meantime, he took up another position as the Deputy Chairman in 2003, followed by being the President and Chief Executive Officer in 2011. The next year he was also the Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board.

His Ivy-League Education
Prior to his experience with the Nabors Industries company, Anthony Petrello had an honorable and note-worthy career as a lawyer. He holds a Doctor of Law (J.D.) degree from Harvard Law School, and both a Bachelors and Masters degree in Mathematics from Yale University. This exemplary education set Anthony on the path to success, which is later realized as he emerges as the Chairman of an international company.

His Philanthropic Interests
Although he is obviously an excellent lawyer and extremely successful businessman, Anthony also has a compassion for helping other people. In fact, Mr. Petrello serves as a member on the Board of Trustees of Texas Children’s Hospital. On the same note, he is an adamant advocate for furthering research designed to assist kids that have neurological disorders.

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Planning A Great Party With Twenty Three Layers

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Planning a party can be exciting and fun but it can also be a stressful experience. You can plan a party for a variety of reasons. You can plan a party for a birthday, you can plan a small gathering for a house warming, you can also plan a large conference or affair. There are many options when planning a party. When thinking about planning a party, you first have to consider the steps it takes to be successful. These tips are crucial to ensure that your party planning process is stress-free.


Get Organized


One of the first steps in planning a party is to get organized. Being organized before any planning happens is the first sign of success. To be organized, it is best to create a list of everything you need for the event. Lists are helpful because they are the first things you will look at when buying supplies and inviting people. You will need several lists for everything. You will need a guest list, a supplies list, a vendor list, a menu, and a budget list. These lists will ensure that you are steps ahead when planning the party. If you desire to plan a great party that people will be talking about for years to come, it is imperative that you stay organized throughout the entire process.


Sending Out Invitations


In these current times, many don’t think about sending physical invitations for events. Many people opt to send online invitations. Many people think that sending online invitations is easier than creating an invitation and sending in the mail. That may be true in many cases but creating an invitation and sending it through the mail is more personable. Guests will feel good, seeing an invitation for your party in the mail.


Twenty Three Layers are expert corporate event planners in New York. They are extremely talented and knowledgeable when it comes to planning events of all sizes. Twenty Three Layers can plan the entire process from choosing the floral arrangements to booking the venue. If you are looking for event planning companies in NYC, Twenty Three Layers is the one to call.