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The Day Securus Technologies Saved Our Prison

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As a corrections officer, each day that I come to work could be my last because I am a target of the inmates looking to make an example of anyone trying to tell them what to do. When you introduce drugs into a jail, the inmates can go from being orderly to being deadly. this year we have seen a huge spike in drug incidents, and the sooner we can identify the trouble and get back control, the safer every person inside the jail will be.


Each day we started spending more time doing cell inspections and physical searches at the inmate visitor center. Our goal was to try and put a stop to the steady flow of drugs getting to the inmates. No matter how much we recovered, the inmates had drugs the following week. While this situation seemed hopeless, we knew we had one resource that could help us to identify the trouble without letting on that we even had a clue where to start.


Securus Technologies is responsible for the installation of the new call monitoring system in our jail we now use to listen to when the inmates are using the phones. This is a resource we have been waiting for, and I was one of the first to learn how the LBS software worked. Unlike the old system, now we could allow the software to do the heavy lifting, basically alerting us when the conversation turned to any types of drugs. None of us were prepared for what I uncovered.


The system began to detect chatter concerning our visitor center, and certain inmates with a history of drug issues were directing people to a certain officer on certain days. Wound up being this officer was on the take, slipping people by without them getting a proper inspection, putting us all in danger.


Creating a Solution for the Society’s Challenges

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A solution is something that is offered to solve the challenges that people face. Entrepreneurs find it hard to convince people about their products because they do not turn out to be solutions most of the time. Solutions will be embraced by individuals automatically because they meet the felt needs of the people. Todd Lubar understood this concept. He has worked in the real estate industry for long. This made him understand different strategies. His expertise enabled him to create his company. His company had a unique vision. Most companies are created with a core vision of building wealth for the investors. Todd developed his company with a vision of creating a lasting solution in Baltimore.

The real estate investor developed his company to help gain the esteem of the industry. This is because most of the residents of Baltimore had experienced financial fraud with realtors. Most companies began their journey of selling properties positively. They gained the trust of clients. The companies started stealing the customer’s money using the agreements that they signed. This discouraged many people who wanted to own a house. The bad reputation was popular in the state, and people kept off buying the property. Many companies tried to engage people, but the consumers were reluctant. Todd Lubar overcame this obstacle by persisting while earning the consumer’s trust. The first years of the company were not easy. People did not trust him. He managed to make the first sales. This created a positive image for him. He worked hard. The people started referring others to the company. This enabled him to earn more customers. It made him become a trust relator in the industry. His business has grown over the year. It has been established in Baltimore. His company has won the market share in Baltimore. This has enabled him to become an industry leader in the society. Check out Inspirery to know more.

The easiest and cheapest method to encourage people to consume products created by an individual is by meeting their needs. This is a stepping stone because people are in dire need of the product. Young entrepreneurs should look around themselves and create solutions for their communities. Their solutions will become successful. Visit GC Report for the details.

Personal Cyber Security Grows In Importance

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In this technologically advanced world, it is more important that ever to take precautions in order to prevent your information from being hacked. I have been hacked before and it completely devastated by individual information and finances. The WannaCry hacks are another great example of why we need to be more careful (YouTube). It was a ransomeware attack that affected hundreds of thousands of computer in more than 150 different countries. It was the largest personal cyber security attack to ever occur. Cyber attacks are incredibly expensive and their costs continue to grow into the billions. This is why it is so important to protect yourself and your company from personal cyber security threats. The government is also at risk and they typically spend billion of dollars just trying to protect themselves against attack.


If I could go back, I would have downloaded the Rubica app a long time ago. It is a personal cyber security app that protects all your information from hackers. It is very easy to set up and use, and their experienced team of professionals does the rest for you. Your information is always in safe hands if you are using Rubica to protect your confidential information.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Fight Against Cancer

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Cancer is one of the top killer diseases in the world. While there currently is no cure for cancer, scientists have developed several ways of containing and treating the condition. Eric Lefkosfksy, the CEO and co-founder of Tempus, argues that for a successful cancer treatment plan, doctors must have access to data.

The Argument For Data and Cancer Treatment

There is overwhelming patient data but a lack of resources to combine genomic information with this data. Speaking at the “Fortune” Brainstorm Health Conference (San Diego), Lefkofsky noted that there was a need to combine both clinical and molecular data to develop an effective treatment for cancer. This means that apart from gathering information on a patient’s RNA and DNA makeup, clinicians should be aware of the treatments that patients are using and their response to these treatments.

Lefkofsky motivated to establish Tempus the time his wife got diagnosed with cancer. It was during this time that Lefkofsky noted that drivers had better access to data on how to perform their jobs than oncologists. He noted that in most cases, oncologists have no data on how a treatment affects a certain group of patients.

Tempus is based on the concept of introducing a technology that surpasses the current pathology and electronic medical record systems. The technology helps scientists to gather data, clean it, and feed this renewed version to the original source for verification and validation. But the large aggregate of data consisting of all patient data may be used to access how certain treatments work.Lefkofsky’s goal is to have oncologists andneuro-scientists use the Tempus platform for fetching data for analysis.

About Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is the CEO and co-founder of Tempus. This is a technology firm that has created  operating system for battling cancer. He has also contributed to the establishment of many prosperous companies including Lightbank, Groupon, Uptake Technologies, Mediaocean, EchoGlobal Logistics, and Inner Workings.

In 2006, Lefkofsky partnered with his wife to establish a private charity, Lefkofsky Family Foundation. The charity aims at enhancing the lives of disadvantaged people in the society. Lefkofsky is also involved in many charity initiatives including; “Lurie Children’s Hospital”(Chicago), “The Museum of Science”, and “The Art Institute of Chicago”.

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Tony Petrello’s Unceasing Success at Nabors Industries

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Each year Tony Petrello has a statement of compensation and in 2015 his financial statement of compensation read as follows; the entire amount totaled to $1,342,206. He got a total sum of $27,512,939 million which was broken into the following; his salary was a total of $1,580,077. Moving on his stock money was a sum of $16,863,656 and the bonus amount summed up to $7,727,000

Tony Petrello is part of Nabors Industries, the company is among the best firms that are good in delivering unique services in the US. The company supplies top offshore drilling rigs around the globe. However, it is also well-known for delivering the biggest land-based drilling equipment. This organization stands out to always be the best in what it does due to these services; directional drilling equipment, presentation equipment and inventive technologies. Furthermore, Nabors Industries has extraordinary employees who keep increasing their effort to take the company to greater heights.

Tony Petrello joined the organization in the year 1991. He was appointed as executive chairman and was on the board of directors. After some years, Petrello got the position of chief operating officer and even a higher position as their president. His hard work paid off and he got the top position as the CEO of Nabors Industries.

Being the CEO of Nabors Industries, Tony is in charge of strategic procedures. However, Tony did not just land in Nabors Industries, he held other positions in different firms such as McKenzie and Baker law firm. Luckily Tony was also able to manage a branch of the law firms in New York City. Moreover, he has also worked in Hilcorp Energy Company as their Director and has also been part of Texas Children’s Hospital as a board member. Tony Petrello attained a J.D Degree from Harvard Law School and M.S and B.S from Yale University in mathematics. To know more click here.


Paul Mampilly Is Showing People The Simplicity Of Making Quality Investments

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Paul Mampilly has always been one to find a great deal in making good investments, and he is currently showing audiences in middle class and blue collar backgrounds how to do it at his newsletters published through Banyan Hill. He explained that he started these newsletters because he felt these groups of people were ignored by Wall Street and could do better than what most experts were telling them. It didn’t take long before his subscribers found out just how well his investments were performing and soon his newsletter Profits Unlimited had over 60,000 followers. He’s had several focus areas he’s invested in according to Ideamensch.

First, Mampilly looks for trends involving the connections of the internet from finance, to automated technology and smart technology. Second, Mampilly says that millennials are an important piece of the investing puzzle because the kind of services they like are what disruptive technology companies are going to be bringing in the future. Mampilly also says that he has learned to adapt and find out what he could be wrong about because that allows him to broaden his perspective in investing and find something new.

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Paul Mampilly was born in India but came to the US to get an education in finance. He later said he might have learned how to invest on his own had he known how much better he could have done for himself, but was pleased to work for the companies he did. He started at Deutsche Bank as a research assistant, but then moved to ING, Sears, Banker’s Trust, and Royal Bank of Scotland where he started managing big investments. He was then recruited by Kinetics International hedge fund to join their portfolio managers. He helped grow the client base and assets under management here all the way to $26 billion, and found investment paths that yielded over 26% in annual returns.

Mampilly made his biggest investment on Wall Street when he grew a $50 million fund to $76 million in just one year during the recession. But then he started making enough money that he retired at just over age 40. He began finding investments that few people saw coming into large profits that included CEMEX, Netflix, Facebook and Sarepta Therapeutics which grew from infancy stage to over 1,000% in stock gain in a short period, and Mampilly was happy to have capitalized on them. In addition to Extreme Fortune and Profits Unlimited, Mampilly is now putting together True Momentum, a 2017 newsletter.

Watch video on YouTube about buying stocks and Paul Mampilly’s advice.

How UKV PLC Is Becoming Known As an Innovative Wine Producer

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     UKV PLC is an extraordinary company that is placing innovative efforts of producing wine as one of their main priorities. Unfortunately, there is a vast array of companies who are not taking the time that is required of them to provide wine enthusiasts with products that can truly be considered to be of high quality. By contacting a help desk representative of UKV PLC, you can have assurance of knowing that you can have access to a wine product that has undergone full and thorough processes of quality wine making.

The full and thorough processes of high qualities of wine making that the particular product undergoes consists of it going through a fermentation process in which its fruits’ sugars are converted to alcohol in the amounts that they were meant to be to arrive at a quality product. Also, it is important to note that sanitation processes of wine production tanks are a crucial element of production stages. If you are not quite sure about what processes of sanitation and fermentation UKV PLC has its wine products undergo, please feel free to contact a representative of its website’s help desk assistants, as they’ll be more than happy to guide you in your endeavors of purchasing a product that’s of high quality.

UKV PLC is a vintner that has been well-renowned as being a brand that people can certainly depend on. If you would like, you can feel free to visit some of its review sites, as many positive things have been said about the products that they offer. You may find the company to be one that intrigues you simply based off of the marketing strategies that they have chosen to employ. You do not want to mistakenly invest in a low quality of wine. UKV PLC is the right choice of company to invest in for all of your needs as a true wine enthusiast.

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Working With Traveling Vineyard

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Any time that you need to be sure that you are getting the most out of your work life, one of the best things you can do is link up with a company that is taking advantage of the new way of doing business. Since the evolution of Web 2.0, people have been more able than ever to make a living without having to go the traditional, every day 9 to 5 route. With this in mind, working with a company like Traveling Vineyard allows you the opportunity to have a platform to make money how you see fit.

Take advantage of these tips so that you are able to get what you need from your entrepreneurship potential by working with Traveling Vineyard.

#1: Traveling Vineyard provides you training that can give you long lasting success

When working with Traveling Vineyard, you are not just training for this job, you were training for long-term success. They start out by teaching you about wine, while little by little teaching you business development and entrepreneurship. While this company will make a lot of money for you and Traveling Vineyard, the long game is to take the skills and become a better businessperson in your entire life.

#2: Traveling Vineyard empowers entrepreneurs, which is the new economy

Keep in mind also that the new economy revolves around entrepreneurship and not simply working for one company your entire career. Companies like Uber and Amazon are allowing people to earn money on their own while using them as a platform. Businesses that are going this route are the ones that are thriving right now, while others stuck on the old way of doing business are dying or coping.

#3: Traveling Vineyard is on top of their social media platforms and progression

This company also understands the importance of embracing people on social media. They realized that this is where people congregate and this is the best way to build relationships.

Think about these three tips as you look into Traveling Vineyard.

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George Soros, The Financial Revolutionary

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Back in the year 1992, few American entrepreneurs and economists were keen enough to predict the UK Black Wednesday. One was, and he managed to consolidate one billion dollars of profit from floating on the demand and supply forces of foreign currency. He simply sold ten billion dollars to make the profit within one working day. While the fact that he had a European decent could be used to water down the attention to small economic nuances, George Soros had been an American for a long time. The other different achievements that he boasts of bring out this man’s brilliant character. George Soros is both interesting to research into and to analyze.

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Soros was born in Hungary. His birth came at the zenith of the Nazi Regime. Times were hard for people who were any different in the country and whole region. George Soros was denied basic human rights, and even worse, his father was jailed for being Jewish. Nevertheless, despite the odds stacked against the young man, he went on to become a world-acknowledged philanthropist.

The Washington Times reported that George that the people of Ferguson might owe their voices to the charity phenom. The man whose financial assistance in planning and executing the Ferguson protests took issue with the extra-judicial killing of Michael Brown. The killings had attracted a nation-wide debate which ignited the Black Lives Matter Campaign. Politico reports that the campaign had gained so much traction that it couldn’t be ignored. The lawlessness levels had begun to increase to the point of upsetting the current governor’s, Jay Nixon, political influence. The public concern was so huge that it perpetually had the sway a presidential aspirant would need to clinch a victory. Know more on about George Soros.

George Soros has also been noted to work with numerous activist groups. One such group is the Colorlines. The Colorlines is an online site that focuses on reporting matters to do with racism. The news site gets published by Race Forward. For its successful push for its agenda, George Soros commits about 20,000 dollars annually. The philanthropist also contributed 5.4 million dollars to Ferguson and Staten Island. The contribution was to strengthen the push and agitation for police reforms and empowerment. The Hands Up Coalition is yet another beneficiary of Soros’ generosity.

One of George Soros’ most deep-founded beliefs is that democracy is supreme for human life. He believes that in democracy, peace, tranquility, and progress reside. He proposes the formation of an inclusive society. Such convictions are the reason for his strong political persuasions and avid intrusions to how the Democratic Party conducts its business. As a party subscriber, Soros has personally funded great presidential candidates from the party. His participation in the political scene extends further into government and governance. As an independent diplomat, he has had several plots to get involved in the emancipation of the people of several foreign sovereign peoples under dictatorial regimes. He has also been funding the Independent Diplomat who had a big role to play in the liberation of Kosovo and Northern Cyprus.

Indeed, George Soros is a man of the people and the protector of the weak and the vulnerable. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

Jim Tananbaum Combines Expertise in Two Fields

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Jim Tananbaum has bridged the gap that often gapes open between the medical industry and the financial industry. He has been able to do this because he holds degrees in both of these fields and is also an expert at both of these things. This has helped him to make sure that he can provide the financial resources that medical companies need so that they are able to continue their practices and make a difference in the lives of others. Jim Tananbaum knows how important it is for the healthcare industry to continue functioning and he does so through the use of his private equity firm, Foresite Capital. The company works exclusively with healthcare companies that want to be able to get the most out of their business. He also wants to make sure that people are getting what they need through the use of different opportunities in the health industry with the capital that they need for improvements. You can visit Ideamensch to know more.

When Jim Tananbaum first started out, he worked in the financial industry. This was because he had a degree in business that allowed him to function as an executive for finance companies. He was experienced with this and was comfortable with providing high-dollar capital amounts to people who were in different industries. He recognized, though, that there was a need for a specialized equity firm. He did this through the healthcare industry and chose to make sure that he was providing the options that he needed to the people who were in that field.

Once he received a degree in medicine, Jim Tananbaum was confident that he would be able to help those who were a part of that industry. It was something that he was comfortable with because of the financial experience that he had. He was now well-versed in the medical field and did what he could to make sure that he was providing every healthcare company with something that they could take advantage of when they were in different situations. It was something that helped Tananbaum to see that he could make a huge difference in the field. Check out the website and Facebook page.