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Shah Making an Impact on Autism

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Shah is now making a positive impact on autism by spending a considerable amount of his resources and time to come up with the organization and also to promote its smooth running. Autism Rocks was founded in the year 2011. This organization’s founding is said to have been fueled by Shahs personal crisis. Shah’s youngest son was diagnosed with autism in that same year. At first, Shah and his wife were not sure about whatever their son was suffering from. They, therefore, took him to hospital whereby he was diagnosed with autism.
In the year 2014, Shah was the topic in many European media houses after spending a lot of dollars to create the domain name Autism Rocks. He has been more active in matters to do with the organization’s leadership after his retirement from corporate undertakings. He retired from business in early 2016 and had been spending most of his time soliciting for more financial support for autism.
Talking about Shah’s career life, he has been an active employee and later an entrepreneur in the financial investment sector. Sanjay Shah was born in London and went to the Kings College whereby he studied medicine. After his studies in medicine, he went ahead to seek employment in an entirely different sector which was the financial investment. He worked for Meryl Lynch bank as his first employer and from there he used to work for several other companies. In the year 209, the financial crisis affected Shah’s employment life. It is then that he decided to start his business.
Shah talked to PR Newswire about how he had dreamt of owning his financial brokerage company. He said he was bothered by the employment life where he had to commute from home to work every day. As the owner of the company, he can oversee the firm’s operations from wherever he wishes to be.
The money collected trough the concerts staged by Autism Rocks is used in autism research.

Thor Halvorssen Appears on Fox News

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With election season in full swing,there has been much talk about the lives and political views of many of the canidates. Many people have been concerned abouut democratic canidate Senator Bernie Sanders views, particularly his belief in democratic socialism, which is why Fox News turned to Human Rights Campaign founder Thor Halvorssen to express some of his concerns and fears if Socilism became the leading political ideology in America, while on The Inteligence Report with Trish Regan.

Halvorssen is not merely an intellectual speaking about ideologies, he has practical experience to back up his fears. Halversson spent much of his childood in Venezuela, and experienced first hand many of the autrocities under the authoritarian socialist government there. Halvorssen’s father was a political prisoner, and his mother was publicly shot for her actions. He also has a first cousin who is currently a political prisoner.

Thor Halvorssen admitted to supporting Bernie Sanders, and doniting to Sanders campaign, but stressed that he did not believe that redistribution of wealth was an effective way of ending poverty. Instead, he told the reporter that he believed in the free market, and
that a fair market was more effective. One of his biggest problems with Venezula, besides the gross human rights violations, was the strict price regualtions, which often led to shortages among the general population of essential goods.

He admitted that there had been several successful socialist and democratic socialist governments, including Denmark and Norway. These governments still had checks and balances in place and did not over regulate the free market. He also admitted that many democratic countries had what could be considered socialist policies or programs, and that these programs were often run successfully, without gross human rights violations.

Overall, Halvorssen is a supporter of Bernie Sanders, if not all of his policies. He had more concerns with Hillary Clinton, who has been known to financially support politicians and governments who are known to violate basic human rights.

Human Rights Foundation Growing Influence on Human Rights

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The mission of the Human Rights Federation (HRF) has been steadily growing and spreading all over the world. Wherever there are people who need to have their basic human rights protected the HRF will be there. The organization has a basic belief that freedom of expression and freedom of speech are fundamental rights that need to be protected for all people at all costs. They also stand up for religious choice, freedom to associate in any group, freedom from torture and slavery and freedom of movement. Any group that is struggling for freedom of any kind can depend on the Human Rights Foundation to help in any way possible.

Thor Halvorssen is the human rights advocate who founded the organization. He is a world renowned human rights advocate and successful film producer. Those facing a significant challenge to their personal freedom have had Halvorssen on their side for a long time. He began his organization with a simple goal in mind. Provide freedom and decent treatment all over the world to any political prisoner. There are countless examples of prisoners of conscience being release and finding salvation with the help of the HRF and Thor Halvorssen.

Halvorssen came by his interest in human rights because of his personal experience. His mother was the victim in 2004 of a terrorist shooting in Venezuela. His father was also a victim and wrongly imprisoned in 1993 having his human rights violated, experiencing savage treatment while under the jurisdiction of the government. This made human rights and fair treatment a personal issue that prompted Halvorssen to look for more ways to become a leader in the world.

He created the Oslo Freedom Foundation, which is an organization that gathers each year to allow active and interested organizations and people the forum to develop new strategies for protecting the rights of people all over the globe. When it comes to new advancements in protecting human rights this annual meeting is the place where issues are raised and answers are found.

The effect of the Human Rights Foundation can be felt all over the globe as more and more people are able to experience freedom. Their focus on closed societies helps put a spotlight on human rights violations and exposes them to the world. Their work to preserve and promote freedom has changed the world in very positive ways. There is now a strong hope for all people suffering from any human rights violation anywhere in the world. Check out Thor on Youtube fighting for what he believes in.