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The Best Brands in Comfort

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When it comes to comfort, many of us do not want to sacrifice at all. Have a look at the best brands in comfortable men’s underwear and boots to see how you can upgrade your lifestyle and comfort level. These brands can’t be beat!


Best Men’s Underwear companies:


  1. Fruit of the Loom is definitely a frontrunner in the world of men’s underwear. They offer a variety of styles, ranging from briefs to boxers and everything in between. While the brand’s reputation may add a bit to the price tag, this is one area where you do not want to sacrifice for your budget. Fruit of the Loom even offers special underwear for athletes and has a big and tall selection. This brand also offer a wide range of styles, colors and patterns, leading to many stylish options.


  1. Under Armour underwear is also a highly desirable brand. Under Armour offers many styles, colors and patterns, designed for active and outdoor lifestyles.


  1. Calvin Klein also offers some great men’s underwear selections. These options are sleek and stylish while still remaining reasonably priced. Great for fashionistas!


Best Boot Brands


  1. Crockett and Jones offers boots that are both stylish and functional. They can serve as outdoor wear or as a fashionable addition to your wardrobe. With many styles to choose from you will definitely be able to find a pair that meets your expectations.



  1. Timberland is a staple brand in men’s boot brands. These beautiful options are great for work, play and fashion. With many colors and styles to choose from, you can definitely find a pair that meets your style needs.


  1. Clarks are classy and comfortable. They are a great addition to any wardrobe and will help bolster your fashion status.

Andy Wirth Cheats Death in Skydiving Accident

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Andy Wirth on ironman is the adventure-loving CEO of Squaw Valley. His love of adventure almost cost him his life and cost him his right arm from the shoulder down. If it had not been for his quick thinking, the damages could have been a whole lot worse during the jump occurring on October 13, 2013 near Lodi, California.

Andy Wirth says it is a day he will never forget. The day before, he and experienced jumpers J.T. Holmes and Sean McCormick had spent the day jumping at Davis, California, but wind conditions prevented them from returning the next day so they moved to the nearby Lodi dropzone. After completing some jumps, Andy preceded to jump again, but it was that jump that almost cost him his life as several things went wrong. First, the pilot on Facebook flew a bad flight line leaving him jumping from too far away from the jump zone. Secondly, Andy did not pull his parachute cord until he had already descended to 2,500 feet above ground level as opposed to the normal 4,000 feet. Unexpectedly, the wind had changed directions so it was coming as a headwind instead of a tailwind.

All these problems added up to disaster as Andy Wirth caught a pole as he attempted to land in a vineyard as he realized that he would never make the drop zone. Instantly, the pole tore off his right arm at the shoulder leaving his brachial artery torn and bleeding profusely. Still hanging from the pole, with his friends over 15 minutes away, Andy quickly made a fist with his left hand and placed it directly on the artery.

Realizing that he was in a very precarious situation on, he remembered the training that he had received earlier in his life. He thought about what his grandfather who worked as a back country ranger in very rough conditions had taught him that as many people died of shock as died from wounds. Andy Wirth on crunchbase also remembered the training he had received as a young adult working as a ranger.

Realizing that breathing was essential, he started singing Pearl Jam’s Just Breathe. Soon, his friends were able to rescue him. While he will live forever without his right arm, Andy Wirth has gone on to achieve many great things including becoming the CEO of Squaw Valley. Since he has had this experience, he routinely opens up Squaw Valley to handicapped skiers and hosts fundraisers to help local organizations.