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Louis Chenevert, Person of the Year

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One simply can’t mention United Technologies Corporation without also mentioning Louis Chenevert. Louis reigned supreme as the former chief executive officer at UTC thanks to his impeccable education and expertise. This was a man who truly loved his field and the employees that worked with him.


Louis Chenevert attended HEC located in Quebec, Canada and graduated with a degree in product management. Over the course of his career, Louis has earned much recognition for his advancements within the industry. He received an Honor Award from the National Building Museum, as well as a “Person of the Year Award” from the magazine, Aviation Week & Space Technologies. These awards helped to solidify the strides Louis has made within his field.


Louis Chenevert understood his field and was a former president of Pratt & Whitney in 1999. When he made the move to UTC, Louis had a great idea in regard to the fairly new Geared Turbofan Engine. It was imperative to him to focus more on the GTE and its impact within the industry, and this is exactly what he did when he arrived at UTC in 2006. Louis began investing in the geared turbofan engine and quickly raised about $10 million for the company. See This Article for additional information.


The Geared Turbofan Engine stood out thanks to its low consumption of fuel. This made it cost effective and great for the environment as well. In addition to the smart business move with investing in the geared turbofan engine, United Technologies Corporation also invests in its employees. The company’s Employee Scholar Program made news as an amazing program to further the education of any employee that wanted it. To date, over 30,000 employees have obtained degrees with UTC footing the entire bill. This is major as United Technologies Corporation proves it is a company that values its employees.


United Technologies Corporation has made major headway within the technology industry and Louis Chenevert most definitely deserves credit for the role he played in its success. His innovative mind in regard to the geared turbofan engine helped catapult the company to success and it keeps getting better.




Louis Chenevert Models Global Business with Prestige

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Relentless, prestigious and so much more, Louis Chenevert can be considered one of the most decorated global business men of all time. As the former well known Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation or UTC, Chenevert spent his time their innovating, creating, inspiring and leading the company to some of its biggest successes. One accomplishment that always finds it way to becoming a real conversation starter is the geared turbo fan engine he brought to UTC in 2006, when he first became a part of their team.


Louis Chenevert earned his degree from HEC located in Quebec. His majored in product management and he quickly earned a living in the field. In addition to his education, Louis has received many awards for his work within the industry. He was named “Person of the Year” by Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine and received the Honor Award from the National Building Museum. Louis has also received recognition from HEC Montreal and was given an honorary doctorate for all of his knowledge and experience.


Ultimately, this engine changed the way jet engine fuel was being used and emitted. For instance, the GTFE Chenevert implemented reduced emissions by half, while also creating a reduction in the consumption of the fuel by a very impressive 16 percent. Though it may seem simple enough to introduce new technology, it is really only something that a CEO with true heart would do. Louis Chenevert took major risks and spent over $10 billion on this endeavor and his courage and tenacity paid off big.


While Chenevert is now known as one the top CEOs of all time, he started from humble beginnings in Montreal, Quebec. Being no overnight success, he spent 14 years working as a production manager and 6 years as a vice president of operations before making his debut at United Technologies Corporation. Even there, he was not immediately named CEO, but only after performing well in his first two years as COO, President and Director. (Learn Louis Chenevert’s Business Successes Past, Present and Future)


As someone who pioneered and changed the aviation business forever, Louis Chenevert is an individual that not only took risks, but also gave back to the suppliers in doing so. Each year billions of dollars are generated to US suppliers who produce the parts for these engines. In addition, it creates numerous jobs in the community, with UTC providing and still creating tens of thousands of jobs to continue to promote the company’s growth. See This Page for more information


Whether you value clean air, innovation, leadership or providing jobs for the community, there’s definitely at least one reason we all can find to respect Louis Chenevert.