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Goettl Air Conditioning – Reputed HVAC Company in Southwest

Published / by TheHI

Goettl, one of the most reputed HVAC companies in the Southwest recently released a press release saying that the Goettle Air Conditioning and its sister firm named The Sunny Plumber are looking for expert and experienced employees. The announcement was made as the company is implementing its plan to expand its outreach and operational territory in the Southwest. The new hires that would be recruited by the Goettl Air Conditioning would be joining the existing expert HVAC and Plumbing professionals who have been delivering consistent service to the residents in California, Arizona, and Nevada.

The Goettl Air Conditioning is a renowned name in the air conditioning installation and associated services since its inception in the year 1939. Since 2015, the company has witnessed the annual growth of over 500 percent year after year. The sister company of Goettl Air Conditioning, The Sunny Plumber, is also a leading plumbing service firm and also provides solutions for sewer repair and replacement. As of now, the company has a total vacancy of over 100 employees collectively for both the companies. Ken Goodrich, the owner of Goettl Air Conditioning and The Sunny Plumber, said that the corporation is committed to providing excellent services and reliable solutions to its vast clientele. He added that the recruitment and expansion drive is the right step in the right direction at the right time to achieve the company’s long-term objective of sustaining its leadership position in the industry.

The employees are being recruited in Southern California, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Tuscon. The company has only recently started its operations in California and thanks to the good response it has been getting in the region, the company’s CEO Ken Goodrich believes that the enterprise’s revenue would double in a couple of years. The company only hires the employees after thoroughly doing their background check and verifying if they have any history of drug or substance abuse.

The company’s human resource team also ensure that frequent training sessions are being held for the new recruits as well as existing employees. It helps to make sure that the company’s employees can adhere to the strict quality and service standards the company is known for. Recently, The Sunny Plumber was also given the title of the Best Plumbing Company by the leading magazine Arizona Foothills Magazine. Whether it is commercial or residential HVAC installation, Goettl is known to get the job done with quality products at economical prices with exceptional customer service.