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If you want that alternative to swiping, Skout has you covered!

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Tinder was one of the first ‘dating’ social networks, (using the term loosely), to really exist on a large mobile scale. Following that now with much more heat in a fraction of the time is Skout, a company that has now been around for a few years. It has WELL over one hundred million downloads, and is one of the most active apps on the play / apple store to date. As far as social networks go, it puts the total number of users headed somewhere in the direction of Twitter and Facebook, although they are still most definitely not in the same ballpark.

And they won’t be — but Skout’s numbers when viewed from the side of a dating site are actually pretty astronomical. The platform basically brought ease to the process of finding other individuals who are looking for the same type of interaction, instead of having to pain yourself with making a profile, filling out all the fields, and all of the unattractive old-age stuff that followed the cliché of ‘online dating’. The technology that Skout is deploying to keep things new and exciting for the age that CRAVES such is impeccable — probably the reason that it’s ranking higher than most all of its competitors right now.

As they continue to add more features for people to use and improve upon the ones that they already have, we can expect to see a steady growth and soft cap of around one billion downloads within the next few years. The reviews on both app stores are pretty good, averaging anywhere from 3.5 to 4 stars across the board. Skout can be used by pretty much anyone, but is considered to be a dating network more than anything.

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No Turning Back For The World’s Number One Communication Program

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Talk Fusion Video Chat was officially launched some few weeks ago but it has already become a household name among the communication programs in many countries in the world. Talk Fusion is already ranked the top communication app in Indonesia, number five in Japan and number 20 in Switzerland. These rankings are according to AppBrain, an Android Market discovery tool. The company has jumped up over 30,000 positions in the rankings in just 90 days and this has been attributed to the increase in traffic including both page views and unique visitors.

When compared to the other Video Chats, Talk Fusion is smarter, faster, and can be used with any device whether Apple, Mac, Android, tablet and PC. This is the reason as to why it has become so popular despite being in the market for just few weeks as compared to the others which have been present for years.

Talk Fusion is already the global leader in communication programs and as things appear, it is destined for more success as this is just the beginning. The company is planning to launch the much awaited 30 day Free Trial that has brought so much international hype. The excitement is due to the improvement of the existing products that the company has continued to carry out. The users cannot wait to see how the perfected products would be.

Talk Fusion Video Chat app can be installed for free from Google Play Store and iTunes. The Free Trial program will give users a full access to all the products of the company for 30 days once it is launched. Users will be able to sign up either directly through the company’s website,, or Associate’s personalized site.

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 by Bob Reina who is currently its CEO. After its establishment, the company introduced the very first Instant Play Compensation Plan in the world. The company’s staff are guided by ethical business practices of the highest order in their work. The company offers the best innovative video marketing solutions which are aimed at helping businesses grow. The company’s products are marketed in over 140 countries by independent Associates on one-on-one basis.

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Handy Leads in the Provision of Quality Cleaning Services

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Handy was previously known as Handybook. The company has managed to cement its place in the cleaning industry in just three years since inception. It has a net worth of close to $500 million. Amanda Connolly spoke to Oisin Hanrahan, who is the founder of Handy at the Web Summit that took place four months ago. The founder shared about Handy’s growth, future goals, and how being headquartered in New York is propelling the company to success.

The summit was an opportunity for Oisin to catch up with his longtime friend Paddy Cosgrave. They attended college together and launched joint projects such as MiCandidate and Undergraduate Awards before venturing into solo projects.

Oisin spent three years of his college time working in the real estate industry in Hungary. He noted that tenants were finding it difficult to carry out simple cleaning tasks. He relocated to London and started working for Excel Ventures. He joined Harvard for his MBA, and the Handy idea came into mind. He had two roommates, and one of them turned to be the co-founder. After accumulating $50,000 in both incubator and seed funds, the pair started the firm in New York.

According to Oisin, Handy operates on a larger scale and delivers personalized services to its broad client base than any other company offering similar services. Handy’s objective is to ensure both customers and employees are satisfied. The staffs are given freedom to operate on a flexible schedule.
Handy aims at bringing a wide range of services to residential places at an affordable cost. The firm is planning to expand its operation in other cities as well as use venture funding to retain its top position in the cleaning industry.

Handy is a company that specializes in offering residential cleaning as well as other home services. The company, which was established in 2012 has both online and offline presence. It offers its services in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Handy manages over 160 staffs and more than 10,000 contractors. The services offered ranges from furniture assembly, TV mounting, home cleaning, interior painting, hanging of shelves and pictures, and moving help.

Skout And Friendship Day

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In early February, people all over celebrated International Online Friendship Day, the second annual version of this holiday. While people celebrated this day, a scientific study revealed some interesting data about how we as a people build our friendships. The main takeaway from the data is that some 75 percent of people have online friends that they have never had personal contact with in real life.

This shows the power of the internet and how quickly times have changed. Gone are the days that the internet was some taboo institution where people were hesitant to even engage in things like chat rooms and e-mail. There were some other interesting takeaways from the study. One of the major points is that greater than 83 percent of people who were surveyed expressed a desire to meet their online buddies. Further, greater than 60 percent of people in the United States expressed that they have online friends who live abroad.

These two points are interesting and tie in with an app called Skout, which can bridge this gap between online friends. The app is available on all major app platforms, including Android and iPhone.

Have you ever had a moment where you were out and about and the next thing you know you have a fun or meaningful moment with a complete stranger? This can happen at any time, but this app makes it easier than ever for it to happen. Skout bridges the gap between these unexpected moments and allows you to connect with people in the area so that you can begin building new and interesting friendships. This is the next evolution of social media and allows you to widening your social sphere in a New World where there are no social limits. There are a number of interesting features on app that you can take advantage of.

One of the most interesting features is that you can simply shake your phone in order to begin talking to a new person. You can also feature your self so that anyone on the app can easily find you throughout the community. It is incredibly easy to set up a profile in order to begin chatting with brand-new people today.