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Renovia Is On A Successful Path Thanks To Marc Beer’s Innovation

Published / by TheHI

Renovia Inc was co-founded by Marc Beer in 2016 as a pharmaceutical and biotech firm that is focused on developing treatments and products for individuals afflicted by disorders. As an industry veteran with more than two decades of experience working in his field, Marc has done exceptionally in terms of the commercialization and expansion of Renovia as a biotech company. Biotech is perhaps one of the most difficult industries to be involved in and maintain success. Marc is passionate about his company and he is working hard every single day to ensure its success on the market. Marc announced during a press release that Renovia’s latest funding series was a huge success and they raise more than forty-two million for extended research and product development.


Renovia is heavily focused on finding new treatments for women facing pelvic floor disorder. While this is not a commonly discussed disorder, it actually affects more than two hundred million women around the world today, making it a very serious issue. Pelvic floor disorder is not only painful, but it can affect a person’s everyday life, from work to simply going out to the store. Research at Renovia is ongoing, but Marc has plans to utilize new cutting-edge sensor technologies to create a digital health platform worthy of treating millions of women. Thus far, Renovia has found some level of success with their first product, Leva, which is not only proving effective, but it has been approved by the FDA as of this year.


With his exceptional leadership skills and extensive experience in the biotech industry, Marc Beer has accomplished a lot for Renovia already. The community has opened up to the company as well and many organizations and individuals have chimed in to complement the work Marc and his company are doing. Marc went to Miami University to build his knowledge in business and science and he had no trouble finding a position after he graduated in 1997. Over the years, Marc has worked with dozens of different organizations, from Abbot Laboratories to Genzyme to Good Start Genetic, all of which have contributed to his expertise and thirst to innovate in his field. Learn more: