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Guilherme Paulus and The Achievements and Recognition He’s Gained For Generating Jobs in Brazil

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It’s always a challenge to start a company, let alone sustain its operations in the face of competition, market challenges and the draining energy of facing failures. However, the courageous, skilled and often lucky ones who survive in their business endeavors tend to win big. They tend to get the large share in the market. They tend to grow into iconic examples who are examined by those who want to follow them. It’s safe to say at this point with his current achievements that Guilherme Paulus is one of these good examples.

Guilherme Paulus is the man behind the largest tourism operator in Brazil, CVC. He is the co-founder of such company and since 1972, has grown the company to becoming one of the most outstanding job creators today, and to think he just started the company at the age of 24. With a politician partner who later left him to run the company, CVC has turned out to be a huge business success across the Latin America region. An added success to the company is the fact that Carlyle group just bought about 63.6% stake in CVC that resulted to a deal of $420 million. Connect with Guilherme Paulus by visiting his linkedin acount.

Two of the most data-filled and accurate articles that describe and elaborate some of the other achievements of Guilherme Paulus would be found in Istoe Dinheiro as well as in the Revista Hoteis. In the Revista Hoteis article, the complete information of when Guilherme Paulus became a speaker for the 2017 Top Seller Event is made available. People can read there that the 5th edition fo the Top Seller Event is one of the most important avenues for professionals and shareholders in Brazil’s property sector. The fact that Paulus is a speaker there is an evidence of how much highlight the event had captured.

In the Istoe Dinheiro article, it was confirmed that Paulus is the magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year for 2017 in the services category. This is to acknowledge the impeccable level of dedication, hard work, competence and drive of Paulus in finding ways to expand his enterprise and empire. The more he expands, the more jobs are created for Brazil. The more jobs, the better the economy for the country. Visit:


Brazilian Rally Achiever Rodrigo Terpins

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Rodrigo is a rider and a member of Bull Sertoes Rally team. He has a brother who also is a competitor and has been accumulating in several rallies participation and victories in Brazil, Michel Terpin. Rodrigo has been competing for T1 prototype category, which has earned him position 7 in 22nd Sertoes Rally edition.


Rodrigo Terpins has been having a lot that is common to his father, Jack Terpins. They are both successful entrepreneurs having the passion for the sports. As Rodrigo Terpins is venturing along the tracks of the rally with various Brazilian competitors, his father was dedicating himself with basketball at his tender youth stage.


Jack Terpins used to play basketball in the early 60s and 70s for the Hebraica. He is a real estate investor like his son Rodrigo Terpins have been defending the interest of young people who did sport and ended up being the community leaders of institutions.


After they won in the second stage which was the 24th edition of Sertoes Rally, his brother and Justo were also highlighted in the category and they were able to finish fifth which was in the overall standings. Michel referred to it as a difficult stage which and exhausting stretches but their good pace achieved great results.


Michel and his brother Rodrigo were able to race for the last four season. They were on board of T-Rex. T-Rex had been developed to become specifically for the brothers by the MEM Motorsport organization. Apart from his rally passion, he has also been participating in The T1 a prototype category wherein various occasions and it comes to be noted that it is the big reason behind him having the big rally interest. Check out for more.



They have also been able to do participation with his brother where they were able to complete successfully in the past 22nd Sertoes Championship Rally. The rally was covering 2,600km which passed them through 2 estates. In addition, it had 7 different and diverse courses which had been designed specifically so that it could test the dynamic ability of the competitors. Rodrigo and his brother were able to finish as third in the race but the total ranking of thirty-eight participants ended them in the 8th position.


Igor Cornelsen Is A Highly Knowledgeable Investment Professional

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Looking for high quality information on how to manage or invest money? Need the assistance of a reliable investment advisor? Igor works hard and knows what works and what to avoid.

With so many investment firms and advisors out there it can be a daunting task deciding who to choose. Igor comes highly recommended in the industry.

Igor Cornelsen is a renowned entrepreneur and investment expert. He has achieved tremendous success in the investing field and takes the time to help others. If you want to do well as an investor, it’s crucial to have access to top notch resources. Once you have the right training or education, you can get good outcome.

Every day, many people all over the world go online looking for information on how to start investing. They get in touch with investment advisory professionals and firms to ask questions and get the help they need.

Getting investment help is an important decision and there are many advisors out there offering their services. But it is advisable to find someone who is highly regarded in the industry. That’s where Igor comes in – to advise and guide his clients.

Whether it’s your first time looking for investing information or advisory, or you are searching for an expert to help you grow your portfolio, it’s imperative that you choose carefully.

Igor is well versed in all aspects of entrepreneurship and is a highly successful investing professional. He has great expertise in investing and related fields. Igor worked in investment banking for many years before getting into securities such as stocks and bonds investing venture.

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His investment firm is one of the top rated investment advisory firms, and has been helping clients reach their financial goals. He is committed to ensuring your success and will take the time to review your situation before making recommendations. Read more: