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Louis Chenevert: An Innovative Leader

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Today, Louis Chenevert is known as one of the most successful and well-renowned figures throughout the entire business world. Rising to the occasion and heading global powerhouses such as Pratt and Whitney and United Technologies Corporation, while also holding a prominent role at General Motors, Mr. Chenevert built a very successful career that allowed him to receive a myriad of recognition, including attaining an honorary doctorate from HEC Montreal, his alma mater. He would also later be named Person of the Year by one of the top aviation trade magazines in the United States, Aviation Week and Space Technology.

United Technologies Corporation is one of the world’s leaders in aviation, taking the technologies associated with it to new heights, while also building a significant relationship with the United States government. While the position of United Technologies Corporation is unquestioned today, building a more than solid foundation over its more than 70-year history, in March of 2006, when Louis Chenevert was first elected to the role of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the company, the United States economy was in flux, and many corporations of similar status began to fail. Traditionally, during wartime, many companies that specialize in manufacturing tend to see a sharp decline, so Mr. Chenevert had an incredible task before him upon accepting the positions of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. It was through the guidance of Mr. Chenevert, choosing to focus many of the company’s assets on cutting-edge technologies that would change the world, that United Technologies was not only able to survive the volatile economic climate of 2006 America, but able to flourish. United Technologies Corporation, headquartered in Connecticut, was able to do so without leaving its home state while managing the task of producing the most advanced jet engines in the entire world. Since resigning from United Technologies Corporation in December of 2014, Louis Chenevert has embarked on several new and comparably promising ventures. In September of 2015, Mr. Chenevert began working for Goldman Sachs as the Executive Advisor in the Merchant Banking Division, helping to discover new opportunities in regards to the industrial and aerospace departments.

How Rick Smith Of Securus Technologies Built The Best Company In His Industry

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Securus Technologies is the biggest and best company in the correctional industry. They offer a huge range of products and services to prisons across North America. They started rapidly expanding what they offered in 2012 through both developing new products and services and acquiring other businesses in the industry. One of their largest and most successful acquisitions occurred in April 2015 when they bought JPay, Inc.

JPay was a company that was a leader in offering a number of services to those in the correctional industry. They specialized in helping prisons accept electronic payment. They also offered an email platform plus apps that were designed to educate and/or entertain prisoners. At the time they were acquired their products and services were being used in over 33 state prison systems around the United States. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Rick.

Richard, usually called Rick, Smith is the CEO, president, and chairman of Securus Technologies. After he orchestrated the purchase of JPay he said that he had been eying the company for a long time. He could see that the JPay team was very innovative and delivered products and services that improved the environment in prisons and reduced the odds of recidivism among its inmates. He thought the time was finally right to join the two teams together and it made the products and services his company provides even better not only technologically but as a value to his clients.

Richard Smith came to Securus Technologies after a long career in telecommunications. He attended the Rochester Institute of Technology and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. He then earned an MBA by attending Rochester University. Completing his education, Rick Smith completed a masters degree program in mathematics at the State University of New York’s Brockport campus. Read more on

For over 20 years Rick Smith worked for Frontier Corporation. He served in a number of executive level positions during his tenure with this company such as chief information officer, the president of information technology, controller, and his final role as the president of financial management.

In 1998, Rick Smith left Frontier Corporation in order to become the chief finance officer of another telecommunications company, Eschelon Telecom Inc. Just a year later he was given the role of chief financial officer and then, a year after that, he was named as the firm’s chief operating officer. In 2000 he was elevated to the president of Eschelon Telecom and in 2003 he was appointed as the chief executive officer.

Rick Smith Securus likes to tout the emails his company receives from correctional facilities because most of them are very positive in nature. The letters state how authorities in the industry use his company’s products and services to create a safer prison environment and are better able to rehabilitate criminals so that they can successfully return to society.


Greg Aziz- CEO And President Of National Steel Car

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Greg James Aziz is the CEO of National Steel Car company. He was born in 1949, in Ontario, Canada. He became the chief executive of National steel car in 1994 after buying it from a company known as Dofasco. Since he bought the company, he has been on a road of transforming the company, as a company that had dwindling fortunes with the previous owner, Greg Aziz had to come up with measures that would make the company better. He wanted to make the company to have a better production a capacity than it was doing with the previous owner. To achieve that, he had to work extra hard. He had to make sure that there was a transformation in the company that would bring the right changes need to its production capacity to improve. National steel car which was created in 1912, is one of the oldest companies in the Canada, it has its headquarters in Hamilton.



Who is Greg Aziz? Before becoming the head of national steel car, Gregory J Aziz was an economist working with investment banks in New York. He learned about National steel car while interacting with its former owner Dofasco. As an economist, he saw this as a great investment opportunity. He did not waste his time. He proposed a deal that would him buy the company. With his knowledge in business and economist, he would be able to make the company great. Go Here To Learn More.



Gregory J Aziz had gone to the University of Western Ontario, where he received his degree in economics in 1971. After graduating, he would engage in activities that would see him gain experience in the business sector. One of the businesses he worked for is Affiliated Foods. This was a food business that had been set up by his parents in Ontario. As an economist, his first duty was to ensure that the business expanded its market reach to outside Canada. He put measures in place that enabled the food company to become the biggest importer of fresh foods into North America.



On the part of the national steel car, he has been able to transform its operations from a dying company to the biggest engineering and manufacturing firm in North America. In just a few years after buying national steel car in 1994, the production capacity in a year stood at 12500. This was a great improvement since the earlier production capacity was 2500 cars in a year. The number of workers that this corporation employed grew from 600 to over 2000.

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