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Looking to Going Public? Southridge Capital’s Experience can Help Manage the Burden.

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Taking a new company public is an exciting step. Public offerings are the accumulation of many years hard work and directing a company through its first public offering is the highlight many executive careers. Not only does the initial public offering (IPO) bring in funding for new products and services, there is a certain prestige to a public listing and a publicly traded company has additional options for financing and growth.

“Going public” is a complicated process. Extensive planning is necessary for the launch and requires advisory expertise. In addition to timing the market correctly, setting up a public offering needs a strict investigation into interest rates, competitor valuations, product marketability and an examination of the current economic matrices. Southridge Capital, an advisory and fund management firm, recommends deep analytics and diligent market research to make sure a new company receives the best pricing of its stocks and a process to maximize corporate exposure through the IPO process.

Southridge Capital also recommends that diligent attention is paid to the documentation required by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). A slip in compliance can be quite costly, both in terms of fines, regulatory oversight, and stockholder confidence. Because SEC censure can delay a public launch and slow funding, successfully completing the regulatory requirements is of the utmost importance and Southridge Capital, experienced in the regulatory climate of the SEC, advises retaining strong and knowledgeable advisers to guide a company through this regulatory process. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Experienced advisers, like those at Southridge, can make a company’s public launch successful. With offices located in Connecticut and New York, Southridge Capital has offered advisory and financing for over 250 public companies. Having directly invested 1.8 billion into the market since 1996, the advisers at Southridge Capital have the experience and knowledge needed to launch the next IPO. Check out their Facebook page.

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Oxford Club-Investment from a unique perspective

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While investing in precious metals, stocks, bonds, options, real estate, mutual funds and ETFs can prove to be lucrative; there are associated risks that an investor must keep in mind. Investors must come up with potent investment strategies and principles that can help them outperform and surpass average returns to secure their financial future. This is why Oxford Club exist—to help members protect and grow their investments in various asset classes. Oxford Club’s biggest goal is to do extensive research and provide clients with astuteness in determining the investment options with the least risks and biggest possible returns. This is ideal for investors seeking to enjoy a financially healthy retirement. They have devised four main investment strategies for success-minded investors which include balanced investment options, how to design an exit strategy, investment sizing and balancing of investment costs. Oxford Club also empowers its members to understand how to identify investment portfolios that reduce tax liabilities. They believe that by cutting down investment expenses and annual taxes, investors can increase their returns.
Oxford Club is an international network of private, knowledgeable and trustworthy entrepreneurs and investors. The Club was founded in 1989 by William Bonner who is also the founder of Agora Inc. It has its headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. In 1999, Oxford Club formed Investment U which is the club’s educational arm. Their ability to share ideas have enabled them to achieve and surpass various market challenges and conditions. The Club has over 157,000 members from over 130 countries around the world.
Oxford Club shares information and ideas to its members through monthly newsletters, trading recommendations, symposiums, financial seminars, and excursions. Their monthly newsletters include Oxford Communique, Income Letter, Resource Explore, Investors take advantage of time-tested ideas from market experts who analyze and filter through hundreds of investment opportunities. Additionally, members get the opportunity to network with one another, enjoy secure online access and advertise their investment and business opportunities and more. It is a network that pools together great minds to simplify investment.

Get Stream Energy For A Sustainable Power Source

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Renewable Energy: Stream Energy


Do you pay considerably more on your energy costs than you would like? Are you stick with rising seasonal cost on your energy bills? Surprisingly, Stream Energy is a new leader in the sustainable energy network which allows their customers the benefits of utilities at a price they can afford (TechNewsSpy). They were introduced to the network at a time when Dallas was deregulating Utility Services. Former Chief Executive Officer and now, president, Larry Moury says, his corporation will never lure customers with pricey ads but will remain a multi-level marketing energy provider with stabilized prices (


Stream Rewards Their Customers


Would you like to be a part of an energy provider who actually pays their customers? The Stream group is proud to announce they have given away $1 million dollars in real money to their customers for referring their family and friends. They ask their customers to refer them as a trusted network and not because of the money, but the present the perfect opportunity to make a residual income. They also offer the same incentive to their associates through a commission program for the referral of additional associates and customers to the network.


Stream Steps Up As Leaders During Global Warming


There were record temperatures in Texas due to inclement weather. The extreme climate change left a lot of locals with extreme increased and decreased temperatures, raising their energy costs. However, the Stream group was one of the first providers to step in and initiate several green energy programs aimed at reducing the cost of energy for Texas residents. They were glad to be able to provide sustainable energy at a reasonable cost where it is most needed. You’re invited to visit the exclusive Stream Energy website for more details on their renewable energy programs today.