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Igor Cornelsen Has Established The Foundation Of Proper Investment Techniques

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Igor Cornelsen has committed a great portion of his life going to various schools which allowed him to become highly skilled in investment strategies and portfolio management methods. Those skills landed Igor with an opportunity at one of Brazil’s top banks. Not long after accepting his first job, Igor made his way up the corporate ladder to hold an executive position. After holding many high job titles at different top bank branches, Mr. Cornelsen stepped away from the banking industry and dedicated his time to investing as his main career. He discovered shortly after entering the investment industry he had a talent for seeing a high-profit investment. Follow Igor Cornelsen on Twitter

Shortly after Igor Cornelsen changed career paths, Igor founded Bainbridge Investments Inc., which is located in the Bahamas. The concept behind Igor’s company is simple, to help investors plan long-term investments and to acquire knowledge of the investing industry. Mr. Cornelsen uses the term safe harbors often when speaking about long-term investing, which essentially means safe investing. When investing, it is very important to know the market and how it works, the ins and outs of the country as well as the restrictions and requirements that are made in that area. Read this article at about Igor Cornelsen

All the knowledge, experience, and well-established relationships that Igor Cornelsen has built during his long career will continue to grow and keep him investing for many years to come despite his retirement. When the stock market crashed it was Igor’s knowledge and his experience that led all entrusted investments including his own to remain secure. Even after the stock market collapsed, Igor continued investing for many years until he semi-retired in 2010. Now Mr. Cornelsen uses his leisure time for his second love, which is golf. When he isn’t discovering a new course or playing on of his favorite fairways in either Florida or Brazil, Igor is managing his investment company Bainbridge Inc and acting as a consult for Bainbridge.

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How Jeff Yastine Started a Career in Finance

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Jeff Yastine is a finance executive who is very passionate about his job. At the moment, he is the editor of one of the leading financial newsletter in the world, known as Total Wealth Insider. The newsletter is published by Banyan Hill Publishing Company. The paper has been very instrumental for the success many people are facing in the American corporate world. Jeff Yastine started his newsletter in the year 2015, and he has done a lot so that he can make it successful. The consumers are always looking for great financial insights, and they will trust people who bring useful tips to deal with the challenging markets. The businessman understands the stock market too well, having worked as a stock investor in the past. His success in the stock markets motivates many people who have chosen to follow the footsteps shown by the businessman. View Jeff Yastine’s profile at LinkedIn.

Jeff has always been in finance firm. Before he could be hired to work in Banyan Hill Publishing, the businessman was working as a journalist. In his career, the finance executive had been given the finance department to cover. This means that Jeff Yastine had to cover the topics in finance and at the same time interview people who have been doing so well in the stock market. Jeff Yastine worked for several television companies in the country, and he made so many contacts with important people in the finance department. When covering stories for the market and interviewing influential people in the market, the businessman improved his passion for the department.  Learn more:

By the time Jeff Yastine was abandoning his career in journalism, he was very experienced in finance, and he wanted to assist the other people in the society. The businessman had used the strategies he acquired in the past in his investments, and he had realized that his ventures were doing very well. Because he has tested the strategies and was sure that they were perfect, the businessman joined Banyan Hill Publishing so that he could assist other investors. This was one of the best things that Jeff Yastine did in his career life. The businessman has won many hearts in the corporate world, and he has at the same time established himself as a top investor in the market. His expertise in technology is an added advantage for his career. Yastine has taught people to invest and at the same time embrace the technologies available so that they can make profits, regardless of the things taking place in the market. Visit Jeff Yastine at


Shervin Pishevar: 3 Truthful Predictions From His Tweet Storm

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When Shervin Pishevar decided to send out a barrage of tweets, better known as the “tweet storm”, where he blasted 50 tweets all within the course of one day, he impressively created a rippling effect throughout Twitter and the business world that had everyone talking. Covering the spread on today’s most important global topics, nothing was off the table as the entrepreneur and venture capitalist tweeted his predictions on the economy, Bitcoin, President Trump, technology and much more.

Although many considered his tweets to be quite controversial, bold to say the least, not many can count out Shervin Pishevar when it comes to the accuracy of his predictions. As a major investor in companies such as Airbnb, Uber, and Munchery, and co-founder of Hyperloop One and Sherpa Capital, one comes to recognize Pishevar’s sheer talent in predicting trends, whether it’s in economics, politics or even culture. Take for instance in 2008, when Pishevar correctly predicted that Facebook would face an identity crisis, which they most certainly did, in terms of their ability to captivate a younger audience.

With Shervin Pishevar already proving that he has the gift of accurately forecasting the future of several business trends, any one of his 50 tweets(Pishevar also made sure to “number” each tweet) could possibly be “spot-on”. Let’s take a look at Pishevar’s “Top 3 Tweets” that have a strong chance of becoming true. Visit This Page for related information.


1.) The “American Way” Is Now Globalized- In tweet 26, Shervin Pishevar expressed how entrepreneurship and innovation are no longer commodities strictly sourced and honed on U.S. soil; he feels that you can develop a world-changing company from virtually anywhere. Pishevar accredited this global empowerment to digital currencies and the many unique ways of raising capital. He believes that economies can progress forward as long as there are small businesses able to have access to capital in several different ways.

Pishevar also mentioned how the “speed of execution” coming from various regions of the globe were “startling” with “very little of frictions”. He used China as an example of how entrepreneurship has become borderless, by how they took 1500 construction workers and built an entire train station in just under 9 hours.

2.) If China’s Dominance Continues the US Will Lose- After previously stating how efficient and effective China was in building an entire train station in less than 9 hrs, Pishevar added to that notion with more tweets on how China’s advancements in infrastructure have placed them ahead of the US.

Pishevar states that the U.S. infrastructure is “in tatters”, and that “our government are trapped in short term-thinking”.

3.) 5 Giant Companies Are Losing Their Foothold- Not only does Pishevar believe that the U.S. is in decline, but also suggested that five of its biggest companies in Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft are in trouble.

His 43rd tweet expressed how these corporations are stifling start-ups and innovation, due to their mass amounts of power. Pishevar predicted that Uber might be the last company to escape this downfall “before it’s too late”.

As shocking as Pishevar’s 21-hour tweet-storm was, given his track record, no one should be surprised if these proclamations eventually ring true.


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What You Need To Know About Todd Lubar

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Todd Lubar has been in the industries of finance and real estate since 1995. He has been involved extensively in the Baltimore real estate market for more than twenty years. Presently, Todd is locally recognized for founding and holding the president position of the TDL Ventures. The company started back in the year 2013. Todd Lubar is also widely recommended for his home debt banking techniques and insights that he shares with the locals. TDL venture headquarters in New Jersey.

Todd Lubar is also an entrepreneur and a businessman. He is always consulted for his viewpoint on the real estate market trends as a result of his indisputable broad expertise in the field. Additionally, Todd is recommendable for his reliability together with his broad experience in the finance and credit sectors. His competency in the mortgaging field makes Lubar the first choice for all aspiring homeowners looking to maximize their financial gain.

According to Patch, Todd Lubar acquired a high school certificate from The Peddie High School in Hightstown New Jersey. He later enrolled at Syracuse University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in speech communication. In the year 1999, Todd began his career journey at Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he served as the loan originator. In 2002, Todd resigned from his position at Crestar after working for an approximate of four years. In 2002, Todd launched legendary properties a limited liability company. You can visit his to see more.

Todd later moved to Arlington based Legacy Financial Group. Over the years, he rose through the ranks and became the Senior Vice President and had a chance to expand his financing abilities. Under Todd leadership, the company resulted in a production growth of over one hundred million dollars unit annually. He worked at legacy until August of 2007.

Later on, Todd moved to mortgage banking sector where he ranked consecutively for many years in the top 25 mortgage originators in the country. As a result of his achievements, his name became prominent in Maryland region in a short amount of time. Todd Lubar also holds and manages a demolition company. Meanwhile, Todd Lubar has entered yet another sector which focuses on helping locals in acquiring their dream home. Check out his website

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Mentor and Business Guru Glen Wakeman

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Revolutionary Glen Wakeman has been recognized for many of his achievements in the business. One of these was for being the Co-founder and CEO of Launch Pad Holdings LLC. The successful entrepreneur co-founded the company in 2015, in hopes of assisting early-stage entrepreneurs like himself plan their businesses to develop and grow. Through developing software that provides these online services, the business executive makes things happen for the young entrepreneurs in their startup companies.

Dubbed a revolutionary businessman, mentor, and investor, Glen aided in the development and success of numerous businesses with more than 17000 and fifteen billion dollars in assets. Glen Wakeman attained an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago and a BS in Economics from the University of Scranton. He led a successful business career for more than 20 years.

As a successful investor and writer, Glen motivated others on administrative strategies and economics. Some of the works he was renowned for was his revolutionary five-step performance methodology. This famous methodology pinpointed factors such as risk management, leadership, human capital, power and business execution. Through this and his vast experience in the business, Wakeman became a keen market strategist, building a rock-solid reputation that very few executives like himself have rivaled.

As he put it, many good ideas come from business startups and he thought that if those businesses had structure, then they would have low failure rates. It was the thought of building a simple business platform in order to help give structure to such ideas that launchpad Holdings was born. Being an active participant in such business opportunities, Wakeman transformed the businesses to successful ventures building visions. Needless to say, Glen Wakeman is a force to reckon with for his extensive career accomplishments that need recognition. Read more at Premier Gazette about Glen Wakeman.

Mike Baur: Helping Others

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Switzerland isn’t a very big company, but it’s one of the most advanced. While it’s only recently gone through an economic revolution, that revolution gave birth to people like Mike Baur. Mike Baur isn’t a well-known name in the U.S., but in Switzerland, he’s a hugely successful businessman.

His foray into the business world came in the form of a job with Union Bank of Switzerland. While a lot of finance expert start out at banks, no one started out like Mike Baur. Immediately, his bosses noticed his potential and showed particular interest in him. Although they wanted more for him, he wanted something different.

His foray into entrepreneurship wouldn’t take place for more than 20 years. His job at Union Bank of Switzerland lasted him through the 90s. In fact, he worked his way up UBS’s corporate ladder until he decided to leave in 2008. He then took a high-ranking position at Clariden Leu for another six years.

Again, the employing company assumed that Baur would work there for years to come. His career thrived at Clariden as it did at UBS. Yet, in 2014, he began losing his enchantment for the banking industry. Wanting a new career entirely, he decided to follow his heart to a new passion.

His new passion grew into a selective start-up firm called Swiss Startup Factory. He researched for a while before running into a fellow Bern University graduate, Max Meister. Together, they co-founded Swiss Startup Factory; Baur quickly became the face of the company.

Swiss Startup Factory proved itself within the first year of operation. It’s the first startup company of its kind in Switzerland. While funding start-ups aren’t new, offering numerous additional services is. SSUF helps young tech entrepreneurs with specific training, industry mentoring, and free office space in the nation’s largest city.

SSUF is more than an incubator to Mike Baur. It’s a company that represents the legacy he wants to leave behind. The fact that he and Max Meister created the nation’s first independent incubator company makes him prouder than anything. SSUF thrives off of its own success.

That level of commitment is what inspires young entrepreneurs to choose SSUF over other companies. They get to see firsthand the dedication and drive that it takes to successfully run a business, especially as an entrepreneur.


Richard Blair Wealth Solutions

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In our current economic climate, there is a numerous amount of people throughout the nation who are searching for a resource that will provide them with the opportunity to develop a flowing and steady income, preserve their assets, and afford them the ability to pass on their legacy to future generations. Constantly working overtime during your youth does not necessarily guarantee fixed financial stability and savings at the age you are ready to retire. With active planning and successful investing, the right steps are taken to ensure proper financial growth. Richard Blair is a man who has the mindset that can satisfy the financial needs of the people as well as provide them with a financial plan for their future. Blair graduated college with a vision to help people from all walks of life attain financial freedom. With an esteemed financial background and his certifications in CAS, CES, RICP, and CFS, Blair’s vision was manifested in 1994 when he started his own independent investment advisory firm entitled Wealth Solutions. The company is based in Texas and offers wealth management, financial planning and retirement planning for individuals, families and small business owners whose goal is to eventually retire.


Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions had a vision that was directly honed by the work ethic of his grandmother, mother, and wife who were all teachers. From these influential women in his life, Blair witnessed the impact that teaching has on the knowledge and confidence of an an individual. Blair’s innate gift for finance coupled with his desire to help people allows him to asses a client’s present financial status and future retirement needs. A process called the Three Pillar Approach is a 3-step plan that serves as a financial roadmap designed to help clients avoid the common drawbacks they may experience. The approach implements strategic plans that identifies the client’s goals, strengths, risks, and opportunities for new growth along with providing short and long term investment strategies. It also addresses the client’s insurance needs. Through his proven approach, Blair bridges the gap between clients planning for retirement and their ability to afford their lifestyle while living out their retirement.



Traveling Vineyard: The Road To A Fulfilling Career

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Is wine your passion? Maybe you love having people over and experimenting with wines. Maybe you are looking for an opportunity to generate a little additional income or maybe you are looking for a little challenge and diversity in your daily life. Traveling Vineyard may be the opportunity you are looking for.

It all started with a love of the grape and a desire to share both the love and an intimate knowledge of the process with friends. The story of Traveling Vineyards is the story of turning your passion into a business, a business you will find rewarding and challenging.

Yes, this is a direct sales opportunity, but one that is very different from so many home party sales. For one thing, you are never alone in Traveling Vineyards. You start with a leader who helps and directs you and acts as your mentor as you learn all about wine and how to manage your sales.

Additionally, our Tasting Roomis always available to you. This is our online training center that introduces you to how the process works, supplies information about the wines and has video instruction on how to conduct tastings – you are not left to figure all this out yourself. With Traveling Vineyards, you become part of our team rather than an island.

Do images of your basement stocked floor to ceiling with wine intimidate you? Not to worry! You do not maintain stock in your home. Unlike many home businesses, your personal investment in supplies and space is minimal.

For only $189, you can start your own business. How many offers like that will you ever get?

That one time start-up fee includes all you need to get into this lucrative business. It includes $150 worth of wine, $115 worth of accessories and promotional materials valued at over $25. Also included is the online training and your valuable experience working with your wine mentor.

Some opportunities similar to this require monthly sales minimums in supplies or demonstrations and regular re-investment in new products. However, Traveling Vineyards only requires $15.99 each month for maintenance on your personal website. For full transparency, understand that your initial wine investment in the tasting kit must be replenished by you as needed, though most of our representatives manage that with event credits.

Isn’t it worth a few minutes of your time to investigate this opportunity? Traveling Vineyards is compatible with your full time career, so you have nothing to lose.

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How You Can Use Volunteering To Improve The reputation of Your Business

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If you want to make the world a better place, then giving back is one of the options to help others as much as possible. However, don’t forget that this strategy might be at the cost of your business because you may lose the extra time to growth your business. It is a dilemma faced by many business owners on how to balance between career and hobbies. When your business engages in the right volunteer work, it may serve to improve the brand’s reputation. The following are some of the volunteer strategies that can help your brand’s reputation.

Volunteering can help you meet different people in the various organizations that you volunteer as well as other volunteers that have a similar cause. Volunteering can be a success strategy says if you take the initiative to interact with the other movers and shakers in the business community dedicating their time on the same volunteer organization like you. If you are new to the world of volunteering, you may want to start with a reputable volunteer organization available in your community.

Volunteering can help you build your portfolio especially when you volunteer a skill that is unique and also part of your livelihood. It is all about showing concern to the community and participating in the best you can. In the cause of volunteer, your work may be seen by many people including clients and partners; thus building your portfolio. Alternatively, you gain good publicity with a cause you love. Think about documenting your work on social media outlets, blogs, newsletter article and videos.

Although volunteer is supposed to be done for the best interest of the community, your business may gain a good reputation for getting involved in a worthy cause that impacts positively on the community. It is a way of enhancing the company’s image as your take your mind off your work. Volunteer offers you a chance to see the world view and an opportunity to take a break from your regular business routine. Think about volunteering at a local animal shelter or cleaning someone’s yard. You get to build a new network or develop skills that may be crucial to your life.