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The Services That Make Krishen Iyer the Best in Leading Managed Benefits Services

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Krishen Iyer over the years he has been offering his services at Quick Link marketing as their online partner, the company is now known as Managed Benefits. The years that he has been in business has enabled him to earn his professional reputation in areas like online marketing, technical development, and client interfacing. Krishen Iyer attended San Diego State University. The main focus for him is the businesses core focus areas and the services that a company offers with the aim of fostering connections.

The one skill that Krishen possesses is a well diverse professional skill set, and the other thing is that he has shown incredible ability to be able to apply the talents to benefit the client’s situations. The success that Quick Link Marketing has achieved is because of the expert that Krishen possesses in client interfacing. The company has been able to maintain a collaborative environment for the employees at the company because of Krishen Iyer substantial communication. Through the communication, he ensures that he emphasized that the employees work as a team.

The skills that Krishen has, he has gained them from previous positions that he held in the past. Before getting his current job at Quick Link Marketing, the time he spent at San Diego State University and Grossmont College were very helpful as shown in this link. Through the two schools, he gained a degree in public management and urban development. During his time at the university and college, that’s where he learned that pursuing various interests was of value to him. The main reason; when it comes to the community service efforts he is actively involved. The community services that Krishen Iyer is involved in include the cleanup projects at the Woodward Park and the support that he gave Haiti people detailed on this page

The one thing according to Krishen that has been helpful in his business is that the company depends on a diverse approach when it comes to marketing strategies. Also, the use of robust data analytics has been of help to the company strategies, and the company is now able to generate new businesses and services through marketing. Krishen Iyer is ready to learn about anything always which has been of help in achieving his success.

Freedom Checks – The Real Wealth Strategy

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You might have come a cross the term Freedom Checks but didn’t really give much thought or attention to it. Well these are potentially profitable returns coming from companies in the production, processing, storage and transportation of natural resources. Introduced by Matt Badiali, a senior analyst at Banyan Hill, it has proven to be the ultimate opportunity for people who need investments with an above average rate of yields to supplement their wages.

Involvement in Freedom Checks will be supporting companies whose aim is to eliminate the dependence on other energy resources as well as foreign oil while you go over-drive on your investments. This came to existence after a new tax plan in the US was passed and the elite ‘Freedom Checks’ program was termed to be the biggest cash cow in the economic realm of which anyone could be a part of it by only parting with as little as $10.

It is considered easy to invest in this opportunity since it only requires purchasing shares in an MLP (Master Limited Partnership – a membership package one has to invest in to be considered a member) something a typical investor can do. In simpler terms it means you’re buying units of a company and then getting a share of the yield back based on the company’s performance during the financial year.

MLP’s are considered a low risk investment that earn stable and steady income because they are often in slow-growth industries. This gives way to consistent and dependable payouts to investors. Companies that set up Master Limited Partnerships allow their investors to enjoy the rewards of publicly traded companies and limited partnerships. Being an investment, the returns are easily received since they are either deposited to your brokerage account or dropped to your mailbox as a tangible cheque.

To make wise investments, you need a sober and focused mind to make decisions on how to fully maximize from your Freedom Checks and reduce the risk of incurring losses. Off course with the right steps adhered to, this billion dollar venture is considered a one way ticket to be filthy rich and have financial freedom.

Worldwide And Whatever You Want, At Your Fingertips!

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The biggest retailer and largest online retail outlet in China “Jingdong” is still breaking ground with two cutting edge stores, adding to its plans for “Boundaryless Retail”.

Boundaryless Retail is a strategy from to let consumers have the ability to buy whatever they want, whenever they want, where ever they want. The new outlets opened at (BCIA) Beijing’s Capital International Airport, and Inner Mongolia outlet at Hohhot East Railway Station. The stores locations are aimed at making it easier for travelers to have access at a whim to Jingdong’s popular and unique travel items including cloths, travel and mobile accessories and much more.

At’s China Railway Express location is a self-serve 100-square-meter convenience store that showcases the futuristic capabilities and technologies of the Jingdong strategy. The Railway Express deploys technology like purchasing items using facial recognition, and the availability of smart vending machines.

Jingdong even has a smart device app that you can use to make immediate purchases in outlet store to take with them, or order item and have it delivered to their homes.

Jingdong incorporates the use of smart store technology in its online outlet and its affiliate devised to understand and analyze customers behaviors interacting with products. These technologies also uses customer trends to be used in future product selections and managing its products. Refer to This Article to learn more. is not just expanding its presence in the retail world but are also continuing it’s philanthropic endeavors as it partners with brands and Wardrobe of Love, a charitable foundation to raise money to donate a portion of it’s holidays sales to provide clothing, books and bags and more for disenfranchised remote area children. Wardrobe of Love Foundation secretary Ying Qiao stated “We are delighted to have worked together with on such a heartwarming and innovative project,” is also offering authentic imported U.S. products at its new its U.S. Mall, Jingdong’s JD Worldwide cross-border platform specifically to uS imports to their Chinese customers. also has a partnership to help American brands ensure that American products reach Chinese consumers. That partnership is with DHL Global Forwarding.

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Stream Energy: Stream Care Center

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Stream Energy is a company that provides wireless, energy and home services to its market audience. Stream Energy has grown to be a global company that is racking millions of revenue each year. Currently, it functions in seven states which include Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Stream Energy has always made efforts to improve the lives of people and create a better world full of opportunities for its young generation.

Stream Care Center

Stream Care Center is a foundation that was formed by Stream Energy to give back to the community. The foundation is involved in charity work all around the globe and strives to create better conditions for homeless people and helpless people/ the Stream Care Center was recently featured on Dallas Patch in 2018 for its tremendous efforts in being socially responsible. Ever since it was founded, Stream Care Center has participated in some charitable organizations and given a lot of funds towards recovery efforts. The foundation uses the revenue that it earns from the sales of energy to help finance these efforts.

When Houston was affected by the Hurricane Harvey that affected millions of people and made them homeless, Stream Care Center is one of the philanthropic foundations that were involved in assisting. The Stream Care Center provided financial assistance to the people affected as well as provide relief in terms of food and clothing. They were able to help thousands of people get back on their feet and recover some of the assets that they lost during the hurricane. Stream Care Center has also had a long-term partnership with Hope Supply Company. This partnership provides assistance to people that are homeless in the area of Dallas. Some of the assistance that they provide is clothing, food, shelter and school supplies.

Other partnerships

Stream Care Center has also partnered with other several organizations that provide emergency assistance. These are

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Salvation Army

Through these partnerships, Stream Care Center has been able to provide for the community and help those who cannot.; A Solution to Everything

Published / by TheHI, also known as Jingdong, is an E-Commerce platform founded by Richard Liu Qiangdong in the year 2004. It deals in a wide product range from foodstuffs to electronics, fashion and cosmetic products and even books and is currently one of China’s largest online retailers.’s Solutions is currently revolutionizing so many offline businesses in China by offering them online stores where consumers can make purchases from. This has indeed gone a long way in not only improving the number of customers that make purchases from these stores using’s online platform but also the profits made by the offline stores through the help of Jingdong. The offline businesses that have benefited from its solutions range from book stores, food manufacturers, restaurants and other retailers.


For offline bookstores, JD has been able to aid 49 stores by providing services that range from logistics to technology and even the procurement of books. In doing so Jingdong has advanced the market base for these stores seeing to it that more end-consumers are eventually reached compared to when these stores were completely offline operational.


An example is the Tangning store that now boasts of an increase in its sales and consequently an increase in their profits. The partnering of with offline companies has seen to a rise in profit since it also benefits from all the proceeds made by these companies through its support.


Priding in Customer Satisfaction not only boasts of providing an enjoyable online experience for its consumers but also for the high-quality products and the efficient deliveries that are unmatched globally. Through its website, Jingdong consumers are offered a plethora of high quality or in other words, authentic products which come at reasonable prices. Convenient payment methods are also provided to cater for each and every consumer’s needs and preferences. All this is aimed at achieving consumer satisfaction. Read This Article for related information.


As evidently seen and proven by what it has accomplished so far, Jingdong really has a lot to offer not only to its consumers but to retailers as well. This is because it knows no boundaries meaning that it ventures in every possible product option there is.


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Ryan Seacrest Talks About His Schedule

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There are many people in Hollywood who have a lot on their plates but Ryan Seacrest appears to be the busiest person in history. So just how is he able to keep up with all these responsibilities? Ryan Seacrest recently agreed to an interview to discuss how he’s able to keep all his ducks in a row and where he hopes to go in the future of his career. His alarm clock goes off at five in the morning because he has to make it to the radio station by six. Once there, he begins hosting one of the most popular morning radio shows in America, On Air With Ryan. He then heads over to the studio to co-host the daytime show that is often known as Live with Kelly and Ryan. This will be his second season on the show and he is rather excited.

Once he’s finished with his hosting duties, he heads over to the office to work on the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring the youth of America to try and break into show business. After that, he proceeds to begin working on his new clothing line known as Distinction. As a kid, he was never able to find jeans that were comfortable and affordable, so this clothing line seeks to rectify that situation. He also has a line of skincare products called Posh which is designed to keep your skin looking young and feeling smooth for as long as possible. And of course, when the sun sets, he dons a tux and takes to the stage to host American Idol.

Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest), who has been with the hit singing competition since day one, will be going into his 17th and final season as the immensely popular reality series begins winding down. He has said that, while he doesn’t yet know what he’ll be doing to replace the gaping hole left by the series ending, he does fully intend to find some job to replace it. He also hopes to be a good role model for the next generation of aspiring hosts. Follow Seacrest on Twitter.


Brian Torchin: A Leader in the Healthcare Growth Industry!

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Brian Torchin has become a household name by becoming a managing partner in a well known healthcare staffing firm that offers excellent consultation and employment opportunities in the healthcare sector for those seeking jobs in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare Recruitment Counselors have grown throughout the years thanks to the significant role that Brian Torchin has played by his professional experience and expertise to provide qualified candidates to firms seeking healthcare counselors. Find out more about Brian at

Brian Torchin has an interesting Facebook Page where he promotes jobs in the healthcare industry provided from Zip Recruiter a job posting service. He seems to be always promoting his business and services for the good of helping others to find employment. Brian Torchin is dedicated to providing the most qualified candidates to healthcare employers by being a team player, giving direction and always being available to answer questions from the clients that reach out to him for employment opportunities and assistance in the healthcare field. His Facebook Page also displays a good review about Pet Nanny. A service that provides pet sitting services for individuals who have animals.

Brian has had an amazing career and success as a Healthcare Consultant. His success is based on his ability to be able to expand his services by not only creating HCRC Staffing but also by starting out as a Chiropractic Practitioner in the Healthcare Industry where he started a chiropractic clinic and gained an access of knowledge and experience in the chiropractic field and from his studies at the University of Delaware where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science Pre-Med Degree. One of his major accomplishments is his expertise and ability to provide qualified individuals to answer and serve the needs of businesses and healthcare companies. Brian’s education and experience has made him a household name in the world of an ever growing healthcare industry.

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Modern E-Commerce In China By Jingdong’s Supply Technology

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Jingdong is an e-commerce business in China that puts the customers first.

The development of JD Cloud Warehouse Management Solution has enabled medium and small businesses to improve their supply chain in China. The solution was launched in December 2017, and it utilizes the Jingdong technology and experience in the supply chain to upgrade the warehouse running systems.

Jingdong has the Retail as a Service strategy that allows other companies and businesses to utilize the technology and lease warehouses that are not put to maximum use to other companies. The move will maximize real estate use as well as improving efficiency in the logistics industry. There is a provision of partnering with Jingdong, and the company will do the delivery to the partner’s clients with a mark that indicated that JD logistics sent the goods. See Related Link for more information.

The system was designed to initially power the nationwide logistics network of Jingdong that helps in goods delivery of up to ninety percent on the same day or the following day. Partners can get accurate predictions of their inventory by using the smart supply feature that offers solutions by organizing the layout of the warehouses for increased efficiency. Training is also provided by Jingdong to the employees and partners so that the efficiency can be improved.

The Warehouse Management solutions provided by the “Jingdong Cloud” is an essential indicator of Jingdong’s retail service helps in constructing long-lasting businesses while offering excellent services to the clients at the same time. According to the leader of logistics at Jingdong, Yaodong Jiang, warehouse efficiency can be improved in many regions by sharing the company’s technology.

Hundreds of partners are utilizing Jingdong’s Solution in China’s major cities. Juzi is one e-commerce service provider based in Guangdong Province that upgraded the warehouse and was able to increase the orders by four hundred percent. The business sells cosmetics, daily needs, baby clothes, and small appliances. A warehouse operator, Zhongshang, expanded the storage facilities to 400,000 units in six months and had attracted two business clients and 8000 orders successfully done with the solution.


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Gregory Aziz Recording Great Results At NSC

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1Gregory Aziz is a successful businessman from Canada. He serves as the CEO of the National Steel Car, one of the biggest companies in the region. National Steel Car serves as a leading producer of railroad freight cars in the region. Under the leadership of Gregory James Aziz, this company is now recording some unprecedented results that have the capacity to change the rail industry. Greg is not taking any chances with the management of this company. He has taken all measures necessary to keep the company running optimally. Under his leadership, this business is now the biggest engineering firm in the region.


Gregory James Aziz is doing an incredibly good job at National Steel Car that it has now turned into one of the successful businesses ever in the rail industry. Making it in the rail industry is not something we can ignore. This is an industry that has some people thinking that it is about to be overtaken by events. However, Greg Aziz believes that this industry is here to stay and will always be used in the transportation of goods. To him, this is a lucrative business that investors should be considering. Greg Aziz bought National Steel Car with the belief that he was capable of reviving it. Under the leadership of the previous managers, this company was not doing well at all, and it needed someone with a great vision to make it successful.


Gregory J. Aziz has done a great job of facilitating growth in this company. He has tried as much as possible to create a company that meets the needs of the industry. It is now two and a half decades since he bought the company and it is still making good progress. The business has now recovered to the fullest and more opportunities keep on coming. Read This Article for additional information.



Gregory James Aziz has transformed the business in such a way that it is now doing very well. In the past two decades, he has invested heavily in the revival of the production operations in the company. He has taken measures that have seen production activity go all the way up from 3,500 railroad freight cars to 12,000 cars. There is successful production work now in thecompany a factor that has contributed to the growth of the business. Greg is now ready to take this business to another level and ensure that there is sufficient supply of the rolling stocks in the region.


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GreenSKyCredit Continues Winning Streak with Strong Q2

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The world of point-of-sale financing has really been taking off during the last decade. One of the leaders in the world of POS financing is making waves with strong financial results and new strategic partnerships. That company, GreenSky Credit, is making waves due to a strong Q2 quarter and a new alliance with American Express.

GreenSky Credit is known as one of the leading FinTech companies specializing in Point-of-Sale financing. In a five year period, from 2012 to 2016, the company has been able to lend out over $5 billion dollars. Recently, the company announced strong Q2 earnings. This good news was on top of the recent announcement that GreenSky had formed a strategic alliance with American Express.

With the American Express alliance, the credit card giant will market GreenSky Credit’s services to their merchant customers. This could potentially lead to a huge influx of merchants to the FinTech’s company’s growing customer base. As of 2018, the FinTech company has over 12,000 merchants using their point-of-sale financing app.

For those unfamiliar with point-of-sale financing, this innovative financial tool allows merchants such as medical clinics, solar panel installers and general contractors to offer instant financing to their customers. This lead to more high ticket sales for the merchant. And customers now have access to quick lending for their purchase.

In the middle of 2018, GreenSky Credit joined what is known as the “unicorn” club with their $800 million IPO. “Unicorn” is a Silicon Valley and Wall Street term for tech start-ups that raise money on a $1 billion dollar or higher valuation. Since then, the company has continued to grow in revenue and sales.

Founded in 2006 by current CEO David Zailk, the Atlanta based company currently has a full-time staff of 900 employees. The FinTech firm secures lending capital through a partnership with 14 banking entities including Regions Bank and FifthThird Bank. In addition to working with thousands of merchants, GreenSky Credit also provides its service to large retailers such as Home Depot.