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The Accomplishments of a Great Human’s Rights Activist

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Thor Halvorssen is the president of the Human Rights Foundation, and is the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum. In 2005 he founded the Human Rights Foundation; which is a non-profit organization that protects and promotes human rights globally, and focuses on closed societies. The Human Rights Foundation organizes many different kinds events. Events the Human Rights Foundation hosts are; Oslo Freedom Forum, hosted annually; Hack North Korea, hosted in 2014; College Freedom Forum, hosted annually; United Nations Humans Rights Council Member Elections, hosted in 2012 and 2013; San Francisco Freedom Forum, hosted in 2012; and Sime MIA, hosted in 2014. The Hack North Korea event was an event put together to try and get more intelligence into North Korea.

The Oslo Freedom Forum, founded in 2009, is a global gathering of human rights advocates that tell stories and express views on human rights. The College Freedom Forum educates students about their individual rights. He contributes to the fields of individual rights and civil liberties, public interest advocacy, public policy, and pro-democracy advocacy. Thor Halvorssen was the first executive director and chief executive officer of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education in 1999; however, he resigned in 2004 to focus his efforts towards making his own organization.

At the center of the Human Rights Foundation he has lobbied and advocated for the release of Liu Xiaobo, a Chinese political prisoner, numerous times. He opposes the efforts in Uganda to use the death penalty on same sex couples.

Thor Halvorssen’s efforts in film production have been fairly successful. He is currently working on a film adaptation of Robert A. Heinlein’s science fiction novel The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. He co-produced the film Freedom’s Fury. Halvorssen has also produced the following films; Hammer & Tickle, Indoctrinate U, The Singing Revolution, The Sugar Babies, and the film adaptation of the short story “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut.

Halvorssen’s opinions have appeared in many different magazines and newspapers, and he spoke at the University of Pennsylvania. Thor Halvorssen has done many things, and it’s no doubt that his accomplishments were all great indeed.


Bob Reina: Doing More Each And Every Day

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There are certain people in this world that have a limit on how much they are going to do and how much they are going to give. With Bob Reina, he is doing more each and every day and there truly is no limit. If there is a chance to help someone, guide someone, or make their life better, he is not going to pass it up for a second. That is not the way he is wired and it is not the way he was created. He was created with a kind heart, soul, and spirit. That is why he started up Talk Fusion back in 2007.


We are only a day or two away from Talk Fusion reaching the decade mark, which is quite an accomplishment to say the least. It is not every day that a company sticks around for ten years, but that is what has happened with Talk Fusion. It has happened because it is truly a great product with its video newsletters, video chats, video emails, and video conferences. It has a little bit of everything for people that are looking to start up their own business and have it reach the point where it can be the type of business that allows them to work from home and make money from home.


That is the dream of everyone when it’s all said and done. They have a whole life that is waiting for them and they would rather be able to create their own hours, schedule, and work environment. When they are at home, it is going to bring out the best in them. They know that they don’t want to return to their old job. This is where their passion lies and this is where they have their creativity. They are not going to let that go to waste.


Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion is also a company that is constantly giving back whenever the moment calls for it. They recently gave a record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society and they are also giving out thirty-day free trials to new customers that are interested in Talk Fusion.

San Luis Obispo Home Of Manse on Marshe’s New CEO Farron Bernhardt

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What will you expect when you walk through the doors of an assisted living facility such as the Manse on Marsh. New CEO, Farron Bernhardt hopes that you will find everyone smiling and happy. He hopes you will find the clean smell of a well maintained facility. He also hopes you will find loads of visitors and family members visiting their relatives. Farron is hoping to make the Manse the Premiere living establishment of all of California, and believes he’s well on the way to accomplishing that goal.


San Luis Obispo is in the central coastal area of California. This beautiful town hosts many tourists and locals that enjoy the smells of the coast. The salt air takes your breath as you open your door each day. The beautiful quaint center city is the heart and soul of San Luis Obispo. Each resident enjoys the walks downtown to enjoy the shops and maybe even some delicious dinner. The Arroyo Grande is the place to be summer and winter. People living in this little town will gladly support your visits.


The Manse on Marsh is set up to house people with minimal needs such as an aide to help them shower. Sometimes as people ages they begin to have a little stiffness in the joints. This can cause pain and difficulty when it comes to climbing in and out of a shower. Someone holding an arm can be all it takes to give the resident the feeling of safety and confidence when bathing. This can also be true with someone that can not button up their blouse because of Arthritis. Every individual will eventually need someone to help with their care. The Manse on Marsh offers around the clock staff in case of an emergency or need for assistance.


Visiting the Manse on Marsh Facebook you will find the breathtaking landscapes and wonderful cozy seating areas all around the yard. The homes are clean and well landscaped as well. Each home has its own bathroom and sleeping quarters. Farron Bernhardt hopes to showcase the positives in the coming years as CEO. He has over 30 years experience with housing and can hopefully make this the best facility in the state of California.  Follow along with what they hope to accomplish, by paying attention to news and updates on The Manse Blog.

The Life of Stephen Murray

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CCMP Capital is a company that helps people with their finances. Over time, the company on LinkedIn has done a great job of helping others. If you want to take your finances to the next level, this is a great company to work with. There are a lot of people who have had success in this area after working with CCMP Capital. Stephen Murray was the CEO for a long time, but left a little over a year ago. Not long after leaving, he passed away. However, the legacy that Murray left at CCMP Capital can still be felt to this day. If you want to take things to the next level in your life, this is a great company to work with.

Stephen Murray

From the start of his career, Stephen Murray was focused on helping other people. This attitude started to resonate within CCMP Capital, and that is one of the biggest reasons why the company is doing so well today. The company wins a lot of awards every year for their great customer service. If you want to take things to the next level in your life, working with CCMP is a great first step. They will help you develop a financial plan that makes sense for both your short term and long term goals. Stephen Murray did a great job while he was leading the company, and he has left a legacy that will always be there. Source:

Personal Finances

When it comes to personal finances, it can be difficult to balance the needs of the present and the future. There are a lot of people who make enough money to build wealth over the long term. However, few people have the discipline needed to become wealthy. CCMP Capital on concentrates on helping customers build wealth over time. Many times, clients have to start off slow and then build off of that. For example, the first step may be contributing ten percent of income to a retirement plan.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Stephen Murray did a great job when he was leading CCMP Capital. The company still feels his influence today when working with customers. Although he passed away, Stephen Murray still is a great example of how to lead a company to the next level. CCMP Capital would not be where it is today without his hard work. Stephen Murray is a great example of what a leader should be.

Christopher Burch: A True Entrepreneurial Spirit

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True entrepreneurial spirit is something that few people have these days. Sure, there are business owners, but a lot of people just go through life without truly wanting to take on the business world. Christopher Burch, however, is a man that wanted to take the world head on. He is a true entrepreneur, and he has proven himself to be an extremely able and gifted businessman.

Christopher Burch grew up in a small neighborhood in Pennsylvania. His father, a business owner, always told him that a person should have pride when they work for themselves. There is just something wonderful about working hard and reaping the rewards without having to do something for somebody else. This led Christopher to dream about being an entrepreneur. He tried out this dream when he went to school with his brother. They invested a total of $2,000 in an apparel business that sold sweatshirts to students. He proved himself when he and his brother were able to sell the business for $165 million after just ten years of doing business. With money in his pocket and his head full of ideas for great investments, there is nothing to keep Christopher Burch from succeeding.Taking his windfall from his college business, Christopher created the Burch Creative Capital Group and investment firm that seeks out new, exciting, and disruptive ideas. The purpose behind this approach was the fact that investments in sure things were only able to generate profits for a limited amount of time. However, with brand new markets and technologies that cannibalize older, matured tech, the sky is really the limit on how much you can make. He found this out very quickly, making money hand over fist for several years.

Christopher Burch is now a billionaire, but his investing days are far from over. He continues to seek out those investments that are deemed too risky to other investors. He wants those creative, new ideas that are going to throw the entire industry for a loop and disrupt the market. In his current portfolio, he boasts investments in over 50 different successful companies. He has given money to many name brands as well, such as ED by Ellen DeGeneres, TRADEMARK, Voss Water, and more. He is also giving a lot of his money back to the global community, giving to organizations that are helping with women’s and children’s welfare in China, Mt. Sinai Hospital, and many other globally recognized charities.

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Bob Reina, Founder, and CEO of Talk Fusion

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Bob Reina is the Founder, and CEO of Talk Fusion, a video marketing company. Talk Fusion was established in 2007 with its flagship project being Video Email. Bob Reina combines his more than 20 years experience in marketing and direct selling industries to spearhead Talk Fusion’s global success through his innovative vision, charismatic leadership and his passion for helping others. Talk Fusion is indeed a global leader in providing video marketing solutions. The company is dedicated to helping businesses grow and change people’s lives through proprietary, patent-pending video technology.

While at the University of South Florida, Bob Reina had to juggle several jobs while undertaking his coursework. He later went on to graduate at the top of his police academy class. Before establishing Talk Fusion, Reina served as Hillsborough County Deputy Sheriff.

Talk Fusion has a variety of innovative products that are marketed person-to-person by independent associates who are located in more than 140 countries. Bob Reina and his Associate Team have a vision of creating the next Billion Dollar Brand. The company is a member of the prestigious Direct Selling Association (DSA). Currently, Talk Fusion is ranked as the 7th largest video communications company in the world. The company is also among the top 50 companies in the Direct Selling Association in terms of gross sales revenues and growth.

Since its establishment, Talk Fusion has been dedicated to helping change the lives of many people. Bob Reina also endeavors to stamp out animal homelessness and cruelty. Bob has been instrumental and the key to the success of Humane Society of Tampa Bay. He also believes that with great success also comes greater responsibility. This idea is at the core of Talk Fusion’s culture and forms part of the company’s corporate DNA. Recently, Bob launched a program that will enable every Talk Fusion Associate globally to donate one free account to a charity of their choice.


Talk Fusion Is Becoming The Go-To Platform For Businesses And Personal Use

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The communications and technology company, Talk Fusion is rapidly becoming the talk of many businesses worldwide. Its reputation for great products and services is very strong at this point and it’s only getting better for the company and it’s customers as well. If you’ve never heard of them, you are one of the few.

The key ingredient to this massive growth and financial success of the company is in its ability to deliver crystal clear video emails. Instead of the same old scrolling through your email texts, you can now have 5-10 minutes of video embedded right into the email itself. This is a much faster and productive way to execute any type of business messaging that you want to convey clearly and accurately.

There are even 1,000 pre-made templates to start you out with in case you’re not the tech savvy type. This is a huge help for those still learning the ropes and it’s easy to setup and get started right away. There is truly no other platform like it on the market. If it wasn’t for the resolve and persistence of the company’s Founder and CEO, Bob Reina, it may have never come to be a reality.

During his stint as a part-time marketer, Reina had the idea to embed 5-10 seconds of video right into the email itself. He wanted to send them to some friends to see how it would play out. He was met with a hard no from America Online (AOL) as they told him that it simply couldn’t be done. Reina insisted that it could be done. With this catalyst of frustration with AOL, he took his idea solo and worked on it with a good friend and technical guru of sorts.

They worked together tirelessly to build a working prototype of the software. Once they had it working, it became apparent to all who saw the product that this was the future of message delivery online. Being an ex-policeman may have had something to do with Bob Reina’s never-give-up spirit. The rest is history really. The future is bright indeed for Reina and his company.

Shaygan Kheradpir: His Comeback To Coriant

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Shaygan has been named as the new CEO of the optical transport vendor company. If the name Shaygan Kheradpir is very familiar to you, then it means that you might have heard the name over the news in the year 2014 when he was heading the Jupiter Networks company. He joined the company in the year 2014 in January and served as the chief executive officer of the company for ten months. He led the company to greater success than he even found the company and also de the company the topmost when it comes to the providence of network services to the community.

After exiting from the company, Shaygan Kheradpir, is now the chief executive officer of Coriant Company. He took over the helm of leadership of the company after Pat DiPietro, who is now the vice chairperson of the company and has returned to his earlier role as a partner with the Marlin Equity Partners. This is a private company that is under Coriant that was put together when the three companies split and left pieces, Nokia, Sycamore Networks, and Tellabs. Learn more:

Shaygan Kheradpir is not walking into the business with a blind eye. As a matter of fact, he is walking while his eyes are wide open he has a very peculiar way of leadership where he begins by making the company ahead in the business world and make innovations that will see the company successful in its entire operations under his proven leadership. A vendor that has closely worked together with Shaygan says that he works closely with his management team to bring and come up with solutions to any problems that the company is currently facing.

The vendor also says that he is a well-respected and honorable leader who has his experience that spans more than 28 years of working experience in the industry and has a proven track record that is well reputable. He has a track record of expertise in the areas of technology as well as finance and leadership positions in the industries that he has had a chance to work in.

DiPietro also said that the company is very lucky to have such an experienced person to work with the and lead them to success. He also said that Shaygan’s strategic guidance and insight that are focused on his operational execution have been invaluable ever since they have worked together on the very first day as the leader.

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July 2016 Free VIP Membership Campaign

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Adam Goldenberg and JustFab Launches Campaign for a Free One-Year VIP Membership the Month of July 2016.

Adam Goldenberg, Co-CEO of JustFab, an online ecommerce fashion and subscription store is promoting its campaign to consumers for a free one-year VIP membership during the month of July. JustFab was founded by Mr. Adam Goldenberg and business partner, Don Ressler, in 2011 with the mission of offering its members a selection of shoes, apparel, handbags, and accessories for a low monthly fee of $39.99. Now, consumers are able to participate in the campaign by displaying their JustFab styles and posting it on social medias, including Twitter and Instagram. According to JustFab Blog, participants may enter multiple times and the winners will be announced in August, 2016. The process is simple, just upload photos, enter on social media channels, and provide personal information.

At an early age, Adam Goldenberg started an online service for a bulletin board. He was only 13 years of age and two years later, founded Gamers Alliance. That was just the beginning for the young entrepreneur and his promising career. Goldenberg sold his company to Intemix Media and was elected as the vice-president of strategic planning. When he turned 20 years of age, Adam was named Chief Operating Officer, making him one of youngest executives, internationally. While running operations at Intemix, he met Mr. Ressler and developed a business relationship overtime. Source:

Mr. Goldenberg and Mr. Ressler became business partners when they started e-commerce company, Intelligent Beauty. The company created an online skincare and cosmetic brand, DERMSTORE and later launched other online businesses, including JustFab and SENSA. JustFab experienced immediate success by expanding its brand to new global markets. By the end of 2011, the brand had approximately 4 million subscribers. JustFab is presently marketed in the United States, England, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

Since the launch of JustFab, the online fashion store has acquired The Fab Shoes, Fabletics, and ShoeDazzle. The July 2016 JustFab VIP Membership Campaign gives international consumers the opportunity to show their styles and possibly, win free subscriptions for one year. Submit your trendy JustFab fashionable photo by the end of the month for a chance to be one of the winners in August. Adam Goldenberg continues to show his dedication to existing customers and consumers by offering affordable, stylish, and trendy fashion and accessories. He has expertise in growing businesses and expanding brands to global markets.

Davos Real Estate Group Releases a Groundbreaking Real Estate Application

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David Osio, the Founder and Executive Director of Davos Financial Group, together with a group of other Directors such as Pablo Bausili and Gerard Gonzalez unveiled a new innovative mobile application. The new application dubbed, Davos CAP Calculator. Davos Real Estate Group launched the application with the intention of estimating the expected return on real estate investment for their customers.

The Davos CAP Calculator

For about six months, the Executive Director of Davos REG, Gerard Gonzalez, has been collaborating with Tecknolution on the development and design of the application. The tool factors in the expenses associated with a given real estate property in a bid to give out an estimation of the expected gain.

David Osio commended the Davos REG for the incredible effort in coming up with an application that was in line with the goals of the larger company. According to Osio, the new tool would allow the company to offer its clients proper financial guidance when planning to venture into the real estate market in the United States.

The app, which was released by Osio and his team of Directors, was made available on both Android and iOS devices. According to the management team behind the launch, the application marked the initial release of a series other complementary tools or applications. The additional tools are expected to have the ability to spot properties via a mobile device as well as help a client to forward various historical real estate details to his or her agent at Davos Real Estate Group. Clients will be in a position to do so via an interactive chat with their agents.

Davos Financial Group

Osio is in charge of the Davos Financial Group, which oversees the operations of other independent subsidiaries such as the Davos Real Estate Group (REG).He possesses a significant understanding of financial practices, which contributed significantly to founding an International financial group, the Davos Financial Group. Osio is an alumnus of the Catholic University Andres Bello in Venezuela where he attained his law degree. The institution is also credited for other major courses such as finance and banking.

Before founding the financial conglomerate, he attained further studies from IESA as well as the New York Institute of Finance. In these institutions, Osio studied banking and share portfolio management. His vast knowledge in financial and legal matters garnered him a managerial post in the Latino International Bank based in Miami (the Private banking division). Later in 1993, he decided to follow his own venture.