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George Gascon, District Attorney, Commits a Legal Blunder

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The facts in this matter are simple, straight forward; there is no room for legal maneuvering. The district attorney for San Francisco, George Gascon, committed a crime in soliciting political donations from city employees at a recent campaign fundraiser. Several members of Gascon’s senior staff were also charged with the offense. Gascon and his staff all claimed to be ignorant of the laws about soliciting campaign contributions in the workplace. It is not the first faux pas for the D.A., and he had even attended a course on ethics training. All charged claimed ignorance of the law. This in itself is damning evidence of a greater crime being committed by many persons in public service. What has happened to the sense of knowing what is right in Americans? Has the average John Q. Public lost his sense of reason? Source: http://

Consider recent actions of impropriety in the news. A woman, carelessly, loses track of her child who tumbles into a zoo enclosure and comes face to face with a gorilla. The child was not seriously harmed, but the mental scars may last a lifetime. The sad death of the gorilla brings to light the tragedy of imprisoned animals being showcased for the enjoyment of the public. But the responsibility for these actions rests with the mother of the child.
Hillary Clinton should be condemned for bad judgment in using a personal computer and server instead of the secured servers and computers at her disposal at the Department of State. Persons in public service have legal counsel at their disposal, and egregious errors of judgment should not happen especially at an important, vital department where this took place.
In the past decade, the importance of the Internet can not be downplayed. Today any question has an answer on Wikipedia. The most obscure facts come to light thanks to search engines. There is an interesting analogy available from the golf world. Players of golf are required to call penalties on themselves for any infraction of the rules. Bobby Jones, once, made a mistake and called a penalty on himself that in fact caused him to lose a tournament. When questioned he was upset that the interviewer was saying that he could not have called the penalty because no one saw the infraction happen. Bobby Jones was an honest man. Today PGA golfers have rules official following them around the course, and if the player has a question, a rules official is called in to determine the situation and make a judgment call. It is deeply disturbing when entrusted persons like Gascon and Clinton err. A strong case could be made that the sense of knowing what is right and then doing it in America is being seriously eroded.


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