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William Saito’s Path To Greatness

Published / by TheHI

William Saito, the founder of I/O Software, was making rounds in the tech world when he was just ten years old. It is no wonder that he has made tremendous strides and is a renown cybersecurity expert. He has written a book, An Unprogrammed Life, to tell his story to the rest of the world hoping that young entrepreneurs can learn from his vast experience.

He was good at maths and science, and this prompted the need for a personal computer to enhance his skills. It was at this point that Saito discovered his passion for programming. In 1991, he set up I/O Software to make the most of the internet that had just made its way to the market.

IBM was the computer provider back in the day. When William Saito got his first IBM computer, he could not resist the urge of opening it up to find out what how it all worked. His parents were not amused. The whole experience opened up a new world that he would later venture in and achieve massive success.

William Saito worked with Merrill Lynch for two years. He developed software that would help them excel in the stock market. Saito gained this experience while in Damien High School. He later joined the University of California where he worked with some Japanese companies as a software developer.

NEC came calling in 1992, and this opened more doors for William to expand his business. He had to set up an office when the Japanese company decided to pay him a visit on short notice. The results were terrific, and thus I/O Software got its headquarters at Rancho Cucamonga.

After college William Saito partnered with Sony and the partnership birthed the biometric software. He brought on board his software skills while Sony provided the hardware to make this possible. In the early 2000s, Microsoft acquired his company thanks to the influence that it had had on the market. William talks about this in great detail in his book.

William Saito went back to his home country, Japan, where he has thrived as a venture capitalist. He has worked as a cybersecurity advisor to the Japanese government. He has also offered technical support to committees looking into natural disasters.