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Making a Splash on Inc. 500

Published / by TheHI

When it comes right down to it the best way to evaluate the success of a company is by how much they are growing. The Inc. 500 is a coveted list that details the Fastest Growing Companies in the country and around the world. Getting added to the Inc. 500 is a surefire sign that things are going VERY right for you and your business. Darius Fisher, the President and CEO of Status Labs, can proudly say that his company is hitting their stride and finding the next step on the ladder by landing at #339 on the Inc. 500.


This will be the first appearance for Status Labs on the Inc. 500 but it is of particular note due to a number of factors. Status Labs is an online reputation management firm that focuses on public relations, crisis management, and reputation management on the internet. Over the period of 2012 to 2015 the company grew by an incredible 1,099% — gathering 1,500 clients in over 40 countries around the globe. This massive spike in popularity and success was what keyed the company to make the Inc. 500 list. What you should know is that this is more than just an honorary thing — the Inc. 500 is a predictive element of success.


The Inc. 500 has housed some very reputable names on their Fastest Growing Companies list over the years and many of them you would recognize. Among the most notable companies to make the Inc. 500 are LinkedIn, Pandora, Yelp, and even Dell. These companies all made an appearance on the list before moving on to become genuine powerhouses in the business world. With how Status Labs is growing it is clear that the market need for their work is growing as well.


Darius fisher called their addition to the list an “honor” and that he believed it to be a “testament” to both an increase in demand for their work but also for a demand in marketing in general. Fisher finished off his statement by saying that he was “optimistic” about Status Labs’ future and that they would continue to grow and expand.

This Huffington Post article about Status Labs’ success further details their journey as a firm thus far.