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Jose Manuel Gonzalez Running for Office

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Running for political office is never an easy thing to do. In the country of Venezuela, there are a lot of people who are looking to impact the world in a better way. This can be done through a variety of ways. Jose Manuel Gonzalez is someone who is passionate about changing the world. Although he has a successful business, he is still looking for ways that he can help his country. He believes that holding political office will give him the power and influence needed to make a positive change. The country is not doing well right now, and he wants to turn that around. With the low price of oil, a lot of people are getting worried about whether the economy will ever recover.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez

From an early age, Jose Manuel Gonzalez wanted to do big things with his life. He quickly fell in love with business and has done well in the field. However, he is someone who wants to take things to the next level over the next few years. he knows that his country is struggling financially right now, and it will take someone with some business sense to get over the hump. If you want to learn how to influence others, Jose Manuel Gonzalez is one of the best people that you can learn from. He does a great job of taking things to the next level with people who need his help.

Running for Office

Running for political office is something that few people are able to do. In his country, it takes a lot of money and influence just to get on the ballot. There are a lot of people who are looking for the political system to change. This is something that he wants to do as well. If you are someone who is worried about your future, it is vital that you look at the long term outlook and make decisions based off of that. When Jose Manuel Gonzalez did, he decided it was his time to act and make a difference in his local community and country by holding political office.

Drought May Be Over For Venezuela

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For the past month according to reports from El Venezolano, President Maduro made workers go to work only on Mondays and Tuesdays. He followed that up with four-hour blackouts each day. The president claims that the water level is presently at the lowest operating level it has been in a long time. People had to be vigilant about their hair dryer usage. The president had the time set a half an hour ahead in order to provide more daylight hours in the evening. The reason for the electricity shortage has been credited to the drought, soon to be over. Usually, the dry season lasts from December through March. They are now entering their rainy season. According the Venezuelan meteorologist, Rob Miller, the weather patterns suggest that in the next two weeks, the country should be having daily showers and thunder storms. By the end of 2016, the rain should be abundant enough to restore hydroelectricity to the country.
Since 2013, levels of the rainfall has been 25 of the normal level needed to sustain life. Even though expert Osio believes that the problems Venezuela has been having are due to poor managing, President Maduro blames the problem on El Niño. El Niño is only part of the problem facing Venezuela. El Niño causes the wind storms to lessen the amount of daily bouts of thunder that usually happen in the country, thus lessening the daily rainfall and making it difficult to sustain hydroelectric power.

Venezuela Nears Completion of Kimberley Process

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There may be a bright spot on the horizon for a struggling Venezuelan economy. President Maduros has started a “15 economic motors” initiative to help jump-start the national economy in other areas besides the sale of crude oil.
Venezuelan officials have been undergoing meetings last week  as reported by Visual CV with representatives of the Kimberly Process. The Kimberly Process would oversee the diamond mining business with strict regulations which would certify Venezuela’s diamond mining operation as “non conflict”. Venezuela is in the final process of passing this certification.

Venezuela has been outside of the Kimberly Process for eight years and have not been able to export diamonds without them being labeled “conflict” diamonds, which has severely hampered export.

Venezuela holds a very large natural mine located in the Bolivar region and being approved would mean the mine could send the certification paperwork with every shipment of diamonds to prove they were not mined under conflict.

Then what would this mean for the country of Venezuela? This certification would give a boost to the export of non conflict diamonds, which would in turn would bring in more money for Venezuela after struggling with a serious economic deficit since the countries decrease in petroleum production.