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The Inspiring Life of Andrew Rolfe

Published / by TheHI

Andre Rolfe is currently the Chairman of an organization that is dedicated to improving the lives of 400,000 disadvantaged people in Africa. The organization known as Ubuntu Education Fund mainly runs a program for disadvantaged children at the Port Elizabeth campus. Where it helps ensure that the health and education needs for these children are taken care off right from when these children join the program to when they start out on their career.

The organization was initially started as a small charity organization to assist the needy with achieving education in 1999 but later the founders of Ubuntu Education Fund realized that the children they had set out to assist with education were being faced with even greater problems such as hunger and the HIV epidemic which was greatly impeding on their education. The founders of the fund consequently expanded their activities to include provisions for health and nutrition as well as solving the problem of home stability among others.

The Fund, under the able leadership of Andrew Rolfe has held several successful annual galas with the aim the same being to raise funds to support the Ubuntu Education Fund and by extension the needy children who rely on the said fund that meets their day to day lives basic needs.

In a recent gala held in London, hosted the Ubuntu Education Fund, led by Andrew Rolfe, more than £30,000 was raised during the said event during which it was noted that since its foundation in 1999, around 2,000 needy children have benefited from the said fund. The gala also was also moved by a story of one of the beneficiaries of the fund who narrated how the fund had positively impacted on her life.

In addition to his impeccable leadership at the Fund, Mr. Rolfe Andrew also serves as Managing Director at TowerBook Capital Partners, a position he assumed after serving as the president of the Gap International division of Gap Inc. for a period of two years. At TowerBook Capital Partners, his aim has been on retail, hospitality and food service acquisitions he has also steered the company towards investment opportunities.