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Betsy DeVos Brings Awareness to Public School Issues

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Along with the traditional issues people think of when they are discussing public schools, there are also many other problems that can happen in public schools. One of the biggest problems that public schools see is the students’ inability to learn in an environment that was created for one type of learner. They do not have a chance to enjoy all the positive aspects of learning when they are trying to keep up and struggling to understand what the teacher is teaching. This is evident in the falling scores despite the students being loaded down with more coursework than ever before. Public schools may have been a good idea at one point, but Betsy DeVos sees them as something that will need to evolve if they are going to continue helping students learn and teaching them all the things they need to know about their basic types of education.


Betsy DeVos started her philanthropic career when she wanted to make a difference for students who came from different backgrounds. She was especially interested in helping students who were from families that did not have a lot of money. Betsy DeVos knew these students would be the ones who would suffer from the public school system. Because their parents could not afford to put them in private school, they would never be able to receive the education they deserved even if they were extremely intelligent and had a strong desire to learn about the different things in their lives.


Because of the issues with the public school system, Betsy DeVos knew she had to make a difference. It was part of something she believed in so she did what she could to make things better for all the students who she was working on helping. She also had to work hard to make sure students knew she was on their side. Many families saw her as a problem, but once she was able to show them she had options for students who were suffering in public schools, she knew she would be able to actually help the students get to the point where they would be able to excel in their education.


Out of everything Betsy DeVos has done for students throughout her career, perhaps the charter programs and the opportunities for success have been the best thing possible. She has always done what she can to get students into a private school environment. Charter schools allow students to learn as if they were in a private school without all the problems that come as a result of putting the students into a private school through a voucher program like the educational system used to do in the past for excellent learners.


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