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Oncotarget Field Research Journal

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The ever increasing number of cancer cases and related complications around the world is sometimes linked to limited access to oncology information. In order to address this challenge, open access medical journals such as Oncotarget have been established as a way of increasing access to oncology information, research, and data. Impact Publishers are the official publishers of the Oncotarget weekly peer reviewed journal. The journal was published for the first time in 2010, and has since then been making significant contribution in improving access to oncology information. Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny are the editors-in-chief.

Through insightful peer review, the journal has been able to maximize oncology research impact. Authors get a perfect platform to expand the scope of impact of their research findings when they present their work to Oncotarget. The journal has become popular within a very short period of time because of its multiple, constructive, punctual, and insightful peer review. In addition, the journal publishes papers on other topics apart from oncology, because of its popularity. Some of the other topics that are published in the weekly peer-reviewed journal include Pharmacology, Cell Biology, Metabolism, Cardiology, Endocrinology, Neuroscience, Autophagy and Cell Death, and Pathology beyond Oncology.

The free-access multidisciplinary journal publishes papers on a weekly basis on its online platform. Apart from the online publications, one can get printed versions upon request. The journal’s mission is to make scientific results readily available within the shortest time possible. The insightful review is able to maximize the impact of research, and make it possible for very critical discoveries to be shared as soon as possible.

Moreover, the border between different specialties has been eliminated since the introduction of this journal. Biomedical science has many different fields that have successfully been linked by Oncotarget.The best way to fight disease is through the application of clinical science discoveries and data, and Oncotarget plays a critical role in collecting and disseminating such information. The ultimate goal of medical research is to completely eliminate disease, and Oncotarget helps prominent scientists to contribute to this endeavor. The decision to introduce other sections beyond oncology subjects was prompted by the journal’s success.

Creating a Solution for the Society’s Challenges

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A solution is something that is offered to solve the challenges that people face. Entrepreneurs find it hard to convince people about their products because they do not turn out to be solutions most of the time. Solutions will be embraced by individuals automatically because they meet the felt needs of the people. Todd Lubar understood this concept. He has worked in the real estate industry for long. This made him understand different strategies. His expertise enabled him to create his company. His company had a unique vision. Most companies are created with a core vision of building wealth for the investors. Todd developed his company with a vision of creating a lasting solution in Baltimore.

The real estate investor developed his company to help gain the esteem of the industry. This is because most of the residents of Baltimore had experienced financial fraud with realtors. Most companies began their journey of selling properties positively. They gained the trust of clients. The companies started stealing the customer’s money using the agreements that they signed. This discouraged many people who wanted to own a house. The bad reputation was popular in the state, and people kept off buying the property. Many companies tried to engage people, but the consumers were reluctant. Todd Lubar overcame this obstacle by persisting while earning the consumer’s trust. The first years of the company were not easy. People did not trust him. He managed to make the first sales. This created a positive image for him. He worked hard. The people started referring others to the company. This enabled him to earn more customers. It made him become a trust relator in the industry. His business has grown over the year. It has been established in Baltimore. His company has won the market share in Baltimore. This has enabled him to become an industry leader in the society. Check out Inspirery to know more.

The easiest and cheapest method to encourage people to consume products created by an individual is by meeting their needs. This is a stepping stone because people are in dire need of the product. Young entrepreneurs should look around themselves and create solutions for their communities. Their solutions will become successful. Visit GC Report for the details.

Marc Sparks’ Career and Philanthropy

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Marc spark is a successful entrepreneur. He attributes success hard work and proper planning. He does not believe that success is a product of luck. Additionally, he acknowledges that he is a successful business person but does not believe he is the smartest person.

He believes that successful business leaders should share their path of success with the new generation of entrepreneurs to ensure that they overcome the challenges along the way. He has published a book that gives details of how he attained success in his career. Marc also believes that we should share our wealth with the needy in our societies.

Marc is a serial entrepreneur with various businesses under his name. His investment interests are mainly in the communications business. According to an article about him in Bloomberg, he has also been involved in establishing multiple businesses that are very successful apart from his communications ventures.

Marc sparks is currently a full-time venture capitalist. His private equity firm sells financial advice to startup firms. Most of the new startups involved with Sparks have revolutionary ideas and often grow fast to become successful ventures.

Venture capitalism is a high-risk business but its rewards are irresistible. Marc and his private equity firm insist on a thorough evaluation of all prospective startups to make sure they fund the firms that promise success.

Through his book, “They can’t eat you”, he motivates the people who are nurturing entrepreneurial dreams and encourage them to join the business world. He emphasizes the need for an entrepreneur to believe in himself or herself and his or her ideas. The book provides tips for building a successful business venture and how to overcome business-related challenges. He believes that any individual has the power to become successful.

Marc is a big time philanthropist and is involved in several charitable programs. He donates to a Dallas education program that ensures that youths from poor backgrounds can get a high school diploma. Not only does Marc give out his money to charitable programs, he also volunteers his time to take part in the charitable programs.

One of his most outstanding philanthropic work has been through the organization he and Lynne Sipiora founded. Spark Tank was founded about 15 years ago in Dallas.

The program was begun when Lynne and Marc met. Lynne convinced Marc that they could find and fund social entrepreneurs that have out of box ideas that aimed to create social programs. Lynne’s idea was to fund and oversee the operations of nonprofit organizations.

Spark Tanks stuck to the cause and achieved tremendous success. Among Spark Tank’s most successful ventures is the Samaritan Inn. Samaritan Inn is a home for the homeless, a place that provides accommodation and meals to more than 200 poor people daily.