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The Services That Make Krishen Iyer the Best in Leading Managed Benefits Services

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Krishen Iyer over the years he has been offering his services at Quick Link marketing as their online partner, the company is now known as Managed Benefits. The years that he has been in business has enabled him to earn his professional reputation in areas like online marketing, technical development, and client interfacing. Krishen Iyer attended San Diego State University. The main focus for him is the businesses core focus areas and the services that a company offers with the aim of fostering connections.

The one skill that Krishen possesses is a well diverse professional skill set, and the other thing is that he has shown incredible ability to be able to apply the talents to benefit the client’s situations. The success that Quick Link Marketing has achieved is because of the expert that Krishen possesses in client interfacing. The company has been able to maintain a collaborative environment for the employees at the company because of Krishen Iyer substantial communication. Through the communication, he ensures that he emphasized that the employees work as a team.

The skills that Krishen has, he has gained them from previous positions that he held in the past. Before getting his current job at Quick Link Marketing, the time he spent at San Diego State University and Grossmont College were very helpful as shown in this link. Through the two schools, he gained a degree in public management and urban development. During his time at the university and college, that’s where he learned that pursuing various interests was of value to him. The main reason; when it comes to the community service efforts he is actively involved. The community services that Krishen Iyer is involved in include the cleanup projects at the Woodward Park and the support that he gave Haiti people detailed on this page

The one thing according to Krishen that has been helpful in his business is that the company depends on a diverse approach when it comes to marketing strategies. Also, the use of robust data analytics has been of help to the company strategies, and the company is now able to generate new businesses and services through marketing. Krishen Iyer is ready to learn about anything always which has been of help in achieving his success.

Organo Gold & Its Culture

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The number of coffee brands in society today is immense. Coffee is now being produced all over the globe, and this hot beverage is one of the most consumed beverages in the 21st century. Organo Gold, a Canadian-based coffee brand, has taken the game by storm. This particular brand/company has built itself from the ground-up. Organo Gold produces gourmet-black coffee, green tea, red tea, café latte, café mocha, café supreme and many other health-related items. Taking advantage of the world’s love for coffee is the name of the game because just about everyone loves coffee to some degree.

One of the more interesting things about this brand is its distributors. Yes, OG effectively utilizes independent distributors to sell its products. These independent distributors get a chance to earn at least 50 percent of the profits. It’s basically a win-win situation for both parties. Though this is a coffee-based company, it models itself around a healthy style of living. Ganoderma lucidum is one of the company’s main ingredients, and this ingredient is known as “the king of all herbs.” Ganoderma lucidum is basically a fungus that grows on the logs in China’s Fuzhou region. This region just so happens to be located in the area’s mountainous region. Coffee is in high-demand now days, and Organo Gold is looking to bring earth’s nutritional riches to the masses. The world’s coffee culture is very diverse, but it has one common goal. Bringing people together while drinking this hot beverage creates a comradery among its many users.

Coffee drinking is a bit like Jazz because it’s better to experience it rather than attempt to explain it. Coffee Culture is simply a social atmosphere of like-minded individuals. Though the competition is stiff, the consumers are very friendly. Organo Gold is the present and future of the coffee culture.

Stream Energy: Stream Care Center

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Stream Energy is a company that provides wireless, energy and home services to its market audience. Stream Energy has grown to be a global company that is racking millions of revenue each year. Currently, it functions in seven states which include Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Stream Energy has always made efforts to improve the lives of people and create a better world full of opportunities for its young generation.

Stream Care Center

Stream Care Center is a foundation that was formed by Stream Energy to give back to the community. The foundation is involved in charity work all around the globe and strives to create better conditions for homeless people and helpless people/ the Stream Care Center was recently featured on Dallas Patch in 2018 for its tremendous efforts in being socially responsible. Ever since it was founded, Stream Care Center has participated in some charitable organizations and given a lot of funds towards recovery efforts. The foundation uses the revenue that it earns from the sales of energy to help finance these efforts.

When Houston was affected by the Hurricane Harvey that affected millions of people and made them homeless, Stream Care Center is one of the philanthropic foundations that were involved in assisting. The Stream Care Center provided financial assistance to the people affected as well as provide relief in terms of food and clothing. They were able to help thousands of people get back on their feet and recover some of the assets that they lost during the hurricane. Stream Care Center has also had a long-term partnership with Hope Supply Company. This partnership provides assistance to people that are homeless in the area of Dallas. Some of the assistance that they provide is clothing, food, shelter and school supplies.

Other partnerships

Stream Care Center has also partnered with other several organizations that provide emergency assistance. These are

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Salvation Army

Through these partnerships, Stream Care Center has been able to provide for the community and help those who cannot.

Serge Belamant: Inventor of the First Blockchain Debit Card

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Serge Belamant is the inventor of the first commercial blockchain application. In 1989 Serge Belamant started his own company Net1 Technologies in order to capitalize on distributed transactional system technology. One of his early financial system patents was for the Funds Transfer System or FTS.

The Funds Transfer System was awarded the United States Patent 5175416 in 12/29/1992. He has other patents in the field of banking including secure financial transactions and verification of a transactor’s identity. His Funds Transfer System matured and started to develop commercial viability and by 1995 Serge Belamant was working with Visa to develop commercial applications for his FTS protocol.

Net1 grew quickly by providing monetary services for over a million unbanked South Africans living in rural areas of the country. As a financial system, FTS started to mature and it was developed into the Universal Electronic Payment System or UEPS. The UEPS as developed by Serge Belamant is a predecessor of the current blockchain protocol as we know it today.

The payment system he invented used smart cards to store value similar to a Bitcoin wallet. The transactions could be made both online and offline. Another similarity to the blockchain is that the financial transactions in UEPS are transparent and allow for transactional validation and recovery. The smart cards stored the account balance and pending transactions until they are connected to the POS system to finish the validation of the transactions.

His company, Net1 Technologies, and the Universal Electronic Payment System have evolved even more over time. Now they provide a debit card that uses the blockchain ledger as well as fingerprint biometrics encoded into the card for security. The accounts also can be accessed via mobile phones and provide access to banking services including loans, insurance, and other prepaid services like utilities and cell phone service.

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Brian Torchin: A Leader in the Healthcare Growth Industry!

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Brian Torchin has become a household name by becoming a managing partner in a well known healthcare staffing firm that offers excellent consultation and employment opportunities in the healthcare sector for those seeking jobs in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare Recruitment Counselors have grown throughout the years thanks to the significant role that Brian Torchin has played by his professional experience and expertise to provide qualified candidates to firms seeking healthcare counselors. Find out more about Brian at

Brian Torchin has an interesting Facebook Page where he promotes jobs in the healthcare industry provided from Zip Recruiter a job posting service. He seems to be always promoting his business and services for the good of helping others to find employment. Brian Torchin is dedicated to providing the most qualified candidates to healthcare employers by being a team player, giving direction and always being available to answer questions from the clients that reach out to him for employment opportunities and assistance in the healthcare field. His Facebook Page also displays a good review about Pet Nanny. A service that provides pet sitting services for individuals who have animals.

Brian has had an amazing career and success as a Healthcare Consultant. His success is based on his ability to be able to expand his services by not only creating HCRC Staffing but also by starting out as a Chiropractic Practitioner in the Healthcare Industry where he started a chiropractic clinic and gained an access of knowledge and experience in the chiropractic field and from his studies at the University of Delaware where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science Pre-Med Degree. One of his major accomplishments is his expertise and ability to provide qualified individuals to answer and serve the needs of businesses and healthcare companies. Brian’s education and experience has made him a household name in the world of an ever growing healthcare industry.

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Paul Mampilly, Investment Guru Says Keep A Watchful Eye On AI Stocks

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Paul Mampilly, hedge fund guru, and popular Senior Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing says AI is leading a revolution most of us don’t even think about. In fact, Mampilly is so confident in the future of Artificial Intelligence that at last year’s Total Wealth Symposium Paul Mampilly recommended several AI stocks, which at last look, have shot up by 145 percent.

He’s an MBA graduate of the Fordham School of Business, a world class analyst, editor of The $10 Million Portfolio and Profits Unlimited, and highly respected in the world of finance, and Paul Mampilly says it’s time to focus on the stocks of the future.

Becoming more popular by the minute, AI can be found in a wide range of industries; just take a look at facial recognition. It’s been used mostly in the security field, for corporations to identify individuals, but the software has grown in the world of smartphones, digital payments, and various access systems. And as Paul Mampilly points out, the algorithms are becoming more sophisticated and will revolutionize the security field.

Catering and hospitality companies have also taken interest in facial recognition. Baidu , one of the most used search engines in China, has recently partnered with KFC, the famous fast food chain. The goal is to experiment with a new type of store: the Smart Restaurant. In Beijing, it is possible to receive recommendations from a computer that studies the age of customers, their gender and facial expressions. As Mampilly point out, these types of AI platforms are being used to understand the desires of people, and their preferences.

Another interesting mashup is computer vision, artificial intelligence, and drones. Mini drone Spark is able to recognize the face of the user and understand when to get up in the air, and can be controlled through gestures. All these features make it one of the smartest drones available.

Is It Worth Investing In Now?

AI has a huge market interest drawing increasing interest from investors, says Paul Mampilly. It’s not hit the radar of the general public but it should. Companies like Xilinx and Nvidia are two such companies releasing AI products, and whose popularity is rising, and this just goes to show us why investing now is such a great opportunity.

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Jason Hope Donates To The SENS Foundation, Supports Biotech Innovation.

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There might not be a more exciting form of scientific research being done in the world than what is going on in the field of biotechnology. Biotechnology has the ability to completely change the way that we live our lives. From improving our day-to-day living to improving our end-of-life care, biotechnology can dramatically alter everything about us if given enough support financially and time to put the work in. Jason Hope, a futurist and entrepreneur from Arizona, was honored at the Breakthrough Philanthropy hosted by Peter Thiel in thanks for the $500,000 donation he wrote to a biotech firm known as the SENS Foundation. See more of Jason Hope on Medium.

The SENS Foundation is run by CEO Mike Kope with most of the research being put into the ultra-capable hands of Dr. Aubrey De Grey, a prominent anti-aging researcher from Europe. Dr. De Grey is one of the most charismatic anti-aging researchers in the world and his natural energy has proven to be vital time and again when it comes to bringing supporters on board. Jason Hope had been researching ways to put his money toward great opportunities when he came across Dr. De Grey and the SENS Foundation and knew that he had to meet him.

After Jason Hope an Dr. De Grey met and got to talking about the work that the SENS Foundation was doing, a massive donation was immediately put on the table. Hope has always been an ardent believer in biotechnology and he is one of the few voices out there willing to argue that aging doesn’t have to be the same as it has always been. In fact, Hope doesn’t believe that aging is vital to the human experience at all, provided that enough breakthroughs happen in the biotechnology field.

Jason Hope got his start in the world of technology when he founded his mobile communication business, Jawa. After finding success with Jawa, Hope would go on to invest in a variety of other businesses before launching his own unique grant program. Now, Hope is always on the lookout for exciting opportunities in the technological world.



How Payment Models Created By Deirdre Baggot Has Reduced The Medical Costs For Patients

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The current president of The Camden Group, Deirdre Baggot has devised innovative and cost-effective payment models throughout her career. With an MBA and a Ph.D., she started her career as a nurse in 1998 at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago.

She has worked in 200 hospitals and also government bodies like Medicare, Medicaid where she created feasible payment plans that made it convenient and affordable for the masses to pay for the medical expenditures and insurance premiums. Read this article of Deirdre Baggot at Researchgate.

As a nurse in Chicago, she noticed how nurses in Northwestern would recommend a number of medical tests than actually required for effective treatment of the patient which increased their medical expenses. Somewhere deep inside her, she knew this became an added burden for the patients following which she decided to make a checklist of all the tests required for every illness treated in the hospital.

Luckily the management took it seriously when she brought up the issue and implemented the checklist she made. To the surprise of everyone, the implementation immediately led to positive results. The checklist made sure that unrequired tests were not carried out thus saving on resources of the hospital and expenses of the patient. Secondly the time for treating a patient substantially reduced thus increasing the efficiency of medical procedures.

Her decades of expertise in the field of creating patient-oriented payment models caught the attention of different medical institutions and insurance companies across the globe. She even went to those countries to discuss the different models she created which are based on the institution and the targeted illnesses. She delivered lectures to various institution some of which are the Bundled Payments Summit, Institute for Healthcare Improvements and the American College of Healthcare Executives.

Apart from her career, Deirdre Baggot has been happily married for years and is loving a loving mother of two and is currently residing in Denver.



Brazil’s Soaring Agriculture: Flavio Maluf Weighs In

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According to Flavio Maluf, president of Eucatex, exports for Brazil have been down for the summer for the month of June. It is related to the agriculture business and is down from the results of last year. Agriculture revenue makes up a big chunk of Brazil’s gross sales with soy being one of the biggest exported products, along with meat, sugar alcohol, forest products, and coffee.

Although China has been one of the biggest business partners for taking in Brazil products for the past year. Considering Europe, coffee, orange juice, and soybean meal are the popular products. Flavio Maluf reports despite the shortcomings, soybean production is set to rise as one projection predicts “72 million tons” will be exported according to the article by Terra.

Soybean production is not the only thing that is up for Brazil as grain is another that has soared in exports. The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Supply ministry are responsible for the success of the country’s agriculture. The country is in tone to provide for its population as well and make sure everything runs smoothly with its economy. Learn more at about Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf was raised wealthy to a father with ties to politics and business. Maluf worked diligently though and obtained a Mechanical Engineering degree from the Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation. Along with being the CEO of Eucatex, he also runs Grandfood and uses his knowledge in business to teach others the ropes.

The individual shuts down the myths of business when it comes to the requirement of having a lot of money and not working hard, both of which he believes are myths and advises entrepreneurs to use their creative side and be smart. He advises other entrepreneurs to be prepared for failure and to not give up and providing excellent service to customers is another key.




William Saito On The Differences Between Western And Asian Business Cultures

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William Hiroyuki Saito is a Japanese-American entrepreneur. A California native, Saito is a cybersecurity specialist, having achieved great success in the tech industry. Due to his sharp business acumen, he became known for his IT strategies in high-profile international environments, being able to infuse any project he is part of with experience and efficiency.


His impressive resume consists of many important positions held by Mr.Saito throughout the years, his most known role is that of the CEO of I/O Software. The company was founded by himself in 1991, while he was still in university, and evolved into being an important player on the tech market, being bought by Microsoft in 2004. The Company developed its own application suite and security platform, which were licensed to a large number of companies worldwide In 1998, William Saito was named Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year.


After selling his company to Microsoft, Saito returned to Japan where he took part in boards of foreign companies that try to make a name for themselves in the country, as well as landing different university teaching posts, in his attempt to teach the next generation about entrepreneurship.

Saito considers that out of dire circumstances a lot of entrepreneurs start coming out, giving the example that big companies like Sony and Honda got their start after the war. Similarly, he considers a financial crisis to be a key moment for startups to take place, as it forces entrepreneurs to be more fiscally responsible. In essence, if there is financial turmoil it forces startup companies to be more disciplined and take better care of their budgets since failure is not an option.


He noted that an important difference between the Western cultures and the Asian cultures are their perception of failure. In Asian cultures, failure means that there will be no second chance, while in Western cultures, failure tends to be seen only as a stepping stone.


At 47 years of age, William Saito managed to build an impressive career for himself, and while he is still active and holds an array of different positions, he considers Japan to be his retirement home, wanting to give back to the Japanese companies that helped get him started. While he mentions that there are still a few hurdles that are slowing down startup companies, Japan has made great progress over the years and is constantly expanding in the business area.