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Graeme Holms leads Infinity Group Australia to top 5.8% of Companies

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Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker, the founders of Infinity Group Australia, have worked their way into becoming number 58 on the Australian Financial Review’s list of 100 Most Innovative Companies in 2018. Infinity Group Australia is a financial organization which specializes in debt reduction, wealth creation and security for the future. Holm and Walker founded the company on the principles of Care, Integrity, Passion, and Trust, which have driven the institution into what is widely accepted as the most prestigious financial magazine in Australia.

Australian Financial Review is the only list to include cross-industry data and rank companies against each other at a national level. The magazine accepted thousands of nominees from Australia and New Zealand, and judged them multiple metrics such as uniqueness, practicality, and evidence of impact. The application consists of a written submission as well as an employee survey. The analytics firm Inventium creates an Innovation Benchmarking Report by which companies are ranked against each other.

Co-founder Graeme Holm has spent seventeen years in the financial services sector starting from the major 4 banking environment and moving to debt reduction. This move was instigated in part by his observation that many people in the Australian loan market cannot get by being served by the major institutions. His desire was to create a company which could serve those people better. In 2013 he and his future wife, Rebecca Walker, worked out of Rebecca’s parents’ basement in Port Macquarie. In 2014 they had 25 employees and opened an office in Sydney. By 2017 they had grown to over thirty employees and opened a third office, also in Sydney. Holms’ initial concept was to provide every client with an intimate financial experience aimed at personalizing the loan process. He acts essentially as a personal banker to help customers get the service they deserved and were not getting from larger financial institutions. In addition to his addition to the 2018 Most Innovative Company list, Holms has been an MPA Top 100 Broker.

Because of his background, two of Holm’s top priorities are customer service and encouraging young entrepreneurs to pursue their passions and reach their goals. The training employees receive at Infinity Group Australia is excellent and the personnel prize professionalism and service above all else. Holms also offers advice to people interested in joining the business world. He suggests providing service free of charge initially in order to muster a following and to build confidence in prospective customers.

With customer service a top priority, it is no surprise that Infinity Group Australia is ranked in the top 5.8% of companies ranked by the Australian Financial Review. The Review, which is the economic liberalist outlet in Australia since the 1950s, has published the Most Innovative Companies for seven years. Graeme Holms and Rebecca Walker are committed to progress, creativity and serving the people. It would be no surprise to see them lead Infinity Group Australia onto the eighth Most Innovative Companies list. Learn more :