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Investment Guru Igor Cornelsen Shares His Advice

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Igor Cornelsen is often regarded as the biggest name in the investment industry throughout Brazil, and he is often asked for his tips and strategies for being successful in today’s markets. Not too long ago, Igor published an article that discussed the current economic resurgence that is happening in Brazil. This is a valuable read for any investors looking for ideas on where to start putting their money.

As a Brazilian native, Igor Cornelsen is established in the investment industry and throughout various banks throughout Brazil. Today, Igor’s focus is on consulting through Bainbridge. Over the course of Igor’s successful career in investing, he’s gained valuable experience and expertise that young investors often seek him out for. Igor’s main focus is teaching new investors to look at the long-term of investing, instead of looking to get rich quick.

Consulting is one of Igor’s specialties and he has many tips for new and old investors alike in order to stay successful in the investment business as it continues to evolve. Igor’s main piece of advice is to get started as soon as possible. The sooner an individual makes their way into investing, the quicker they can start gaining experience and earning money for future investments. Igor also advises new investors to pay attention to their losses and cut them quickly. As soon as a market takes a turn for the worse, do not wait for it to repair itself, instead cut losses short and start investing in something new. By keeping investments diverse as well, an investor can keep losses down and profits higher. This is because having less invested in failing markets will mean less total losses. Visit about igor Cornelsen for more info.

Igor Cornelsen has put out his biggest secret to success in the world of investing, and that is the Brazilian market. Brazil has one of the largest economies in the world and is China’s biggest trading partner, which has one of the highest populated countries in the world. This translates to a high volume of consumers. Since the Brazilian market is often overlooked, many lose out on the huge investment opportunities available in Brazil. Learn more:


Matt Badiali on how he got forward in life

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Natural Resource expert Matt Badiali is the founder of monthly newsletter Real Wealth Strategist at Banyan Hill Publishing. He created the newsletter in 2017 after his friend in who has a Ph.D in finance convinced him to use his knowledge of natural resources with to help everyday people invest in them.

With a thorough education at three different universities, Matt Badiali was destined for greatness. At Penn State University he received a BS in Geological and Earth Sciences in the early nineties. Mr. Badiali got his Master’s degree at Florida Atlantic University in same major as his BS. At the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill Matt got all but his dissertation Ph.D in Sedimentary Geology in 2005.

He has had his share of good jobs and bad jobs. One bad job in particular he was working as a environmental geologist in Miami, Florida. It was a dangerous and dirty job that did not pan out for him. The only way to get out of this line of work was to go to graduate school. He is grateful for the experience and happy that it propelled him to go to graduate school. Now he teaches geology at the University of North Carolina. Through his own knowledge and research about natural resources one trend seems like most definitely it’s going to be huge. It is the shift of more efficient earth friendly energy sources. One of them being the change over the electric. This includes electric cars. There is also batteries that are so powerful that they can a whole small city. How’s that for efficiency?

Matt Badiali is a successful entrepreneur and businessman due to the fact that he focuses on one thing at a time. By zeroing in on one task, he can hit all his deadlines. Mr. Badiali is also an early riser, a habit of many successful people. At 6:30am he rises and gets his daughter off to school. He enjoys his daily cup of coffee while he reads the paper and catches up on current events. Matt encourages that people should read more as it is very enriching for the mind. His favorite book is called “The Disappearing Spoon” by Sam Kean. It was a good read on a family road trip recently. A type of software he swears by is called the Bloomberg Terminal. It is a news feed that has a number of subjects for the picking.

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Matt Badiali Keeps Investors Focused on the Winners

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Matt Badiali is an Earth Science major who graduated from Penn State University receiving a Bachelor in Science. He received his Masters from Florida Atlantic University in Geology. What kind of advice does a science and geology major have to offer investors? Naturally, his expertise comes from offering advice about investing in natural resources. Badiali gained his extensive knowledge from his studies at university, from internships in various industries and from his interactions with giants in the industries he recommends.

He’s spoken with T. Boone Pickens, the legendary oilman. He’s worked on oil rigs and owned oil wells. He’s done many things to increase his understanding of mining, drilling and excavating to locate ores and energy deposits. He still travels around the world, having been to Singapore, Papua New Guinea, Haiti, Turkey, Switzerland and Hong Kong seeking to discover the location of natural resources. Check:

Matt Badiali has traveled extensively to mines and oil wells all over the world. In April of 2017, Matt noted that copper was at a critical shortage. He realized there would be a deficit of copper in the very near future and at that point copper prices would soar.

In June of last year, Badiali posted a blog post about the resurgence of platinum. Platinum had fallen into a slump, yet the demand for platinum continued to exceed the available supply. While the supply of platinum was dwindling, manufacturers could recycle the platinum they were currently using, so the price of platinum did not go up. Still, every year the supply of platinum from recycling was lessening even more. It is inevitable that the price of platinum will soon be rising to reflect the increasing demand. This is one example of the kinds of insight Badiali is known for.

In August, 2017 Matt Badiali noticed investors were losing interest in oil since the prices had dropped so low, but he noted that the oil is still a good investment. Even though many oil companies were producing large quantities of oil, many were still making a good profit. Currently, oil production in the U.S. and abroad is still a profitable opportunity.

Matt Badiali is still arguing against the idea that owning stock in companies is far better than owning gold. He contends that the stock market has only risen by double digits while gold is up 2000% since 2000. Gold is still the perfect hedge against a market that no longer bases its value on anything tangible. See more of Matt Badiali on Facebook


Ted Bauman’s Advice on how to Cure Bitcoin

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Over the recent years, Bitcoin has gradually gained popularity as a leading cryptocurrency, and 2017 was the year when the value of Bitcoin skyrocketed. The nature of Bitcoin makes it attractive and promising, especially given that its decentralized nature of operation means that there is no possibility of government interference, as is typical with most other currencies. However, this advantage does not come without problems, and as Ted Bauman, an experienced and accomplished investor notes, these issues have the potential to reduce the usefulness of Bitcoin all-together.

Bauman notes that scalability is one of the pressing issues that face bitcoin. As things are right now, the transaction times for a bitcoin transaction are painfully slow, with some even having been reported to take more than 40 minutes. This is because according to how the bitcoin technology is made, it can handle only about seven transactions per second, while other modes of payment such as Visa can handle about 24,000 transactions per second. This slow speed of processing means that people may find payments using bitcoin inconveniencing and therefore revert to alternative modes of payment. Learn more at Crunchbase about Ted Bauman

From his wealth of experience, Ted Bauman suggests that this situation can only be remedied by reducing the amount of data that can be processed in a single mining block, or by increasing the data blocks so that many transactions can be handled concurrently. Fortunately, Bitcoin users have already considered these, and this has led to the emergence of a new currency, Bitcoin Cash, which is an extension of bitcoin. With Bitcoin Cash, the processing of transactions is done on a much larger system, and this has dramatically helped to speed up the verification process. This development has made the value of bitcoin to start decreasing as that of Bitcoin Cash goes up.

The precision of his investment advice shows the excellent grasp that Bauman has on the subject. He is a native of Washington D.C. but later moved to South Africa where he pursued his postgraduate studies at the University of Cape Town. He then built his career and honed his skills as a consultant and a researcher, among others.

He has rendered his services to giant companies such as the World Bank, the UN, and the government of South Africa, among other clients. At the moment, he has devoted his life to research, and works with Banyan Publishing, and is the editor of The Bauman Letter, where he focusses on issues like investment finance, low-risk investment strategies, asset protection among others.

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