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The Many Advantages of OSI Food Solutions

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OSI Food Solutions, also known as OSI Group, is a top contender for the world’s best foodservice supplier. This company truly stands-out amongst its competitors. Distribution services, development services, processing services and management services are all available here, and the company has some of the best logistics practices of the 21st century. OSI Food Solutions is simply a top 100 company because it does a little bit of everything, it has highly-trained staff members, and it offers superior services. As of today, this company has well-over 20,000 employees in all. These 20,000 employees cover 17 different countries. The geographical aspect of the business is simply amazing. How can a food service company be this sufficient?

OSI Food Solutions is on top of its game and acquisitions has played a huge role in the company’s success. Just a few years ago, this company dramatically expanded its reach even further by acquiring BAHO Food. This private-Dutch company has a broad portfolio of convenience foods, snacks and deli meats. By acquiring stake in BAHO Food, OSI Food Solutions has been able to tap into more growth. “Adding BAHO Food to OSI broadens our presence in Europe,” said David McDonald, President of OSI. One of the better aspects of this acquisition is that BAHO Food’s portfolio matches OSI’s portfolio to some degree. They are very similar in style as well as very similar in structure, which turns-out to be a great compliment among the two.

In 2016, OSI Food Solutions made another big acquisition by adding Tyson Foods to its infrastructure. This acquisition was actually for Tyson’s Chicago-based plant. OSI was able to strengthen its grip as well as solidify its foundation by purchasing this plant for an estimated $7.4 million. As the old saying goes, “you’ll have to spend money in order to make money.” Besides this phenomenal business move, OSI Food Solutions provides standard foods and offers custom-food solutions.

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Bernardo Chua Serves Up An Interesting Cup of Coffee

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In the early days of building the Organo Gold brand Bernardo Chua faced some opposition. There were lots of people that just did not believe that he could produce such a prolific brand of coffee. After all, the market was already flooded with Starbucks – a treasure in western culture – and other strong store brands like Maxwell, Folgers and Dunkin Doughnuts. People were less concerned about the type of coffee. They just wanted coffee.

As Bernardo Chua made plans to build up the brand people would discover that he had a secret agent that would help his company accelerate beyond the competition. It was the Ganoderma mushroom that presented this company in a new and interesting way. He would deliver some really delicious coffee, but he still added the health element. That would be the thing that drove the demand of this product.

There are a lot of people that were unaware of how this brand would take off, but the buzz is hot and the brand is still growing. A large part of the excitement is the novelty of this brand. It is a special blend of coffee that is not available everywhere. It isn’t found in your local grocery store because this is a premium brand. This is something that is sold through direct distribution. Chua cuts out the middle man and sells directly. This was a smart thing.

This direct distribution also meant that customers would have to buy through the website if they were not linked to a store that purchased this brand. That gave the brand something of a cult like following. People were chatting about it, and they could not wait to get their hands on it. This would prove to be a marketing strategy that would make the brand take off even more. People love to get what they cannot have.

Chua has expanded the brand, and now people want it even more than ever before. It has been said to help with things like asthma so a lot of people are curious about the brand. That is something that works well for Bernardo Chua and has won him awards. He worked hard to promote the brand, and now Organo Gold is taking off.