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George Soros Gives Big Money To Open Society Foundation

Published / by TheHI

The most amazing thing about the career of George Soros is that he continues to break barriers and reach ever expanding levels of wealth. However, unlike others who obtain this level of wealth, he doesn’t hoard it to himself. He is currently looking for ways to change the world around him in order to create an entirely new era of prosperity for the planet. In order to do this he wants to bring about globalization. That means more jobs and more wealth for those in both the developed and developing world. However, he understands that doing this will not be easy.

Arguably the most prolific advocate of globalized societies, Soros has given $18 billion to the Open Society Foundation in his efforts to bring about more open societies Foundations. His work is difficult and often opposed by those who want to see the continuation of hierarchic social arrangements, but the benefits are undeniable for just about anyone. We need a world where people are defined by what they can do rather than where they were born or the status they were born into. This is exactly why George Soros is using so much of his fortune to fight for progressive causes.

George Soros understands very well that Trump has brought about a wave of regressive thinking across the world. Both America and Europe are filled with people who fill the need to take his policies and try to implement nativist prejudice into law. If this is allowed to continue it will threaten the existence and creation of open societies. The only way to stop this from happening is to do everything possible in order to make sure the left is able to return to power. The longer the left waits to take action the more damage this new wave of nativism will take.

There’s a need to change the way we think about progress and nobody is better prepared to bring that about than George Soros. This a man who has easily and single-handedly helped much of eastern Europe enter into the free market. He understands how to make worldwide movements and he plans on doing everything he can to help with this new push towards open societies. Regardless of how things turn out it’s very clear he understands how to fight against what we’re seeing today. Indeed, nobody is currently as active in the fight against Trump as he is.

George Soros has always made philanthropy an important part of his life and he isn’t afraid to do what he believes is necessary in order to help advance his values. America and Europe are facing tough times ahead, but this is a good way to fight back. He has decided he’s going to spend as much of his wealth as he needs to in order to do this, but he isn’t alone. Others are looking at his work and deciding to take up the cause themselves. If things go well, we’ll be seeing an entirely new approach to progressive politics thanks to the Open Society Foundation.