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Much Anticipated Lovaganza Announcement for 2020 Global Celebration

Published / by TheHI

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

Lovaganza has officially announced the dates for its much anticipated international celebration, which is scheduled to take place in eight locations around the globe from May through September 2020. All eight festivals will be celebrated concurrently. The bohemian adventure-inspired international festival will showcase all cultures throughout the globe. Groundbreaking technologies showcasing enchanting entertainment will occur at each flagship location. Lovaganza is expected to be reminiscent of both the classic theater feel and the World’s Fairs of a much adored era.

Originally scheduled for last year, the Lovaganza festivities were pushed back to 2020 to take advantage of emerging entertainment technologies. These technological advances will allow Lovaganza to incorporate new concepts to create a unique, once in a lifetime experience of cultural immersion throughout the globe, while never leaving the much-anticipated Lovaganza experience. Celebrations are set to be held across five continents, namely in America, Europe, Australia, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. The celebration on LinkedIn will culminate in a Hands Across the World Ceremony on closing day. In this ceremony, all peoples will join hands simultaneously to symbolize a peaceful unity in which everyone can participate.

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Preceding the 2020 celebration is the Lovaganza Traveling Show, which will embark in 2017 to promote the 2020 celebrations and the mission and goals associated with Lovaganza. Further, the Traveling Show will present attendees with a sample of Lovaganza’s global immersion experience, which organizers are proud to announce is a glasses-free 3D experience. Accompanying the release of the 3D experience will be the release of three major motion pictures. These films will be presented in the Lovaganza traveling pavilions via the glassless 3D components, as well as in standard theaters. Excitingly, the trilogy of films of Lovaganza will be shown on groundbreaking Immerscope screens to create a cutting-edge immersive cinematic experience characteristic of the nostalgia that emanated from the old CINERAMA screens.

Notably, preliminary footage of the film trilogy has commenced shooting across the globe. To date the filming locations include the United States, as well as the European locales of France and Spain. Shooting is expected to begin shortly across the rest of the globe. Schedule details for the Extravaganza of Love show under the Grand Chapiteau, the film screenings, and the attractions in the Pavilions will be available soon.