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Ara Chackerian a Successful Investor in the Healthcare Industry

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Ara Chackerian is a world-renowned angel investor who focuses his investments on early-stage businesses in the healthcare sector. Besides Chackerian is a serial entrepreneur who has played a central role in the formation of multiple companies such as ASC Capital Holdings and TMS Health Solution among others. ASC Capital helps build start-up businesses to successful companies in the healthcare industry while TMS Health Solution is a California based leading provider of integrated behavioral healthcare.

Ara Chackerian has dedicated his entire career life in the healthcare sector and has more than 20 years worth of experience in the healthcare industry. Other companies that Chackerian has helped established include PipelineRX that deals with the provision of Telepharmacy services and BMC Diagnostics that is a leading provider of diagnostic imaging services.

Ara Chackerian besides playing crucial roles in the formation of these companies has also been actively involved in the running of day to day affairs. He has served at the firms’ executive level and has been a board member for companies such as PipelineRX, TMS Health Solutions, and Mint Medical Education among others.

Ara Chackerian Besides being a healthcare expert is also an environmental conservationist who is deeply committed to causes that ensures sustainability in the environment. As an environmentalist, Chackerian has a teak farm in Nicaragua that focuses on Limonapa Teak. Chackerian chose the Limonapa Teak because of its environmentally friendly nature. The teak utilizes sustainable agricultural practices and protects the environment.

Ara Chackerian is also a humanitarian person and is deeply involved in humanitarian causes especially those that aim at empowering the youth. Chackerian has partnered with charitable organizations that seek to provide young people with educational opportunities.

Ara Chackerian in an interview brings ideas to life using life experiences. According to Chackerian if an individual tries to make a conscious effort to engage life, then ideas will flow. Chackerian owes his ability to bring ideas to life to his parents who at a tender age encouraged him to think hard about life.

In one of his blogs at the medium, Ara speaks about the reason as to why many first world countries are increasingly getting worried about their healthcare. According to Chackerian people need medical care to remain productive and live longer. However, accessing good quality healthcare has been a challenge to many first world countries due to increasing health care costs. You can follow their Twitter account.



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InnovaCare Health: Aiming for a Better Puerto Rican Healthcare System

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InnovaCare Health is one of the leading health insurance providers in Puerto Rico. Rick Shinto founded the company, and he recently hired several individuals to help him manage the company. One of the new hires, Penelope Kokkinides, was given the position as the company’s chief operating officer, and she was sent to Washington D.C. to speak with President Donald Trump. She explained the current situation of health care in Puerto Rico, and she is asking for the Federal Government to step up and help the island’s citizens. Last year, hurricane Maria slammed into the island, causing massive destructions and loss of lives. Puerto Rico was left in ruins, and the citizens are looking for a better health care option that would cure them of the diseases that they have been experiencing after the hurricane hit. For more details visit Crunchbase.



The representatives sent by InnovaCare Health, led by Penelope Kokkinides, successfully persuaded the president that Puerto Rico needs immediate help. The president gave them an assurance that the Federal Government will move immediately to see what’s going on in the island and determine which things they could fix instantly to help the population. One of the most severe problems faced by the island today would be the lack of proper medical equipment and supplies. Penelope Kokkinides said that the island’s debt grew, making it too difficult for the exporters to bring in their products, including those used in the medical industry.



Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto advised the local population that the United States government will never be leaving them and that President Donald Trump is now considering suggestions about how they could start helping the island’s rebuilding. The people of Puerto Rico are looking forward to receiving the assistance promised to them, and thanked the InnovaCare Health for their efforts. You can visit




Penelope Kokkinides and other executives hired earlier by Rick Shinto are now working to prevent any outbreak of major diseases taking place in the island of Puerto Rico. They are also working hard to determine which kind of coverage the local citizen could purchase for themselves. With the cooperation happening between Penelope Kokkinides, Rock Shinto, and everyone working with the InnovaCare Health, they see that the problem with the island’s healthcare can be addressed immediately. Once Puerto Rico’s healthcare system goes back to normal, the majority of the island’s population will regain their trust with the government. These people might be purchasing a health care insurance firm from InnovaCare Health, making them one of the top companies on the island.


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The Services at Lifeline Screening Help People Maintain a Better State of Health

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Recent news articles made available both online and through advertised television, have shown a marked increase in the concern people have about their health. This concern has led to an increase in facilities that provide preventative services to help people maintain a better state of health. One of the leading facilities in this effort is known as Life Line Screening. A recent report from the American Center for Disease Control listed heart disease as the major cause of death among Americans. This disease or condition has also been shown to be one that could benefit from preventative measures. The CDC recommends good nutrition, regular exercise, routine doctor visits and preventative screenings.

Life Line Screening offers variety of tests designed to help detect any heart abnormalities or issues that could lead to more severe conditions. Among some of the screenings they provide are those for congestive heart failure, high cholesterol, arterial disease and atrial fibrillation. These tests could be performed using state-of-the-art equipment for EKGs or blood workups from finger prick samples. While heart disease is a major concern among many Americans, it is not the only condition Life Line Screening is capable of testing for. This full-service preventative care agency also provides screenings for diabetes, kidney disease, prostate cancer and lung cancer. In some cases, an ultrasound could be used to detect the presence of an aneurysm or other internal abnormality.

Life Line Screening also offers online information to anyone interested in leading a healthier lifestyle. This facility offers an online blog packed full of information about the benefits of a healthy diet and exercise. People can also find tasty recipes to help lower their cholesterol and reduce their amount of body fat. Studies have shown that people who choose to take a proactive approach to their health have a much better chance of leading more productive lives even if they have a predisposition to certain diseases or illnesses. The screenings offered through Life Line can provide people with the type of information they need to take better care of their health in the present to avoid having major issues in the future.

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Capitol Anesthesiology Association Takes Lead In Fighting Post Surgical Pain

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The Capitol Anesthesiology Association is comprised of Austin’s top anesthesiologists and their teams of CRNAs and technicians. All CAA physicians are board-certified and many are recognized specialists in their respective fields. They operate at all Austin-area hospitals and make up most anesthesiologists with which the public comes into contact. The organization’s doctors represent five primary disciplines within anesthesiology.

General anesthesia

General anesthesia involves inducing complete loss of consciousness. This is the form of anesthesia used in most major surgeries. The patient has no perception and cannot feel any pain.

Regional Anesthesia

This form of anesthesia is often used post-operatively for major surgeries. The patient will typically be in a reduced state of consciousness and will be able to feel minimal or no pain in the targeted region of the body.

Local anesthesia

Local anesthesia involves the total numbing of a specific part of the body. This is generally used for outpatient procedures such as superficial tumor excision or tooth extraction.

Pediatric anesthesia

Pediatric anesthesia is the special discipline that focuses on anesthesia administration to children. Children have unique physiological and metabolic characteristics. It is therefore wise to assign a specialist for these cases.

Obstetric anesthesia

This involves the administration of anesthetic agents to women during any phase of pregnancy, but particularly during birth. There are many considerations specific to pregnancy that must be taken into account. Again, it’s always best to hire a specialist.

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Choosing a Medicare Advantage Plan That Matches Your Health Needs

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Medicare Advantage is an insurance program that is used in the United States. It is an enhancement of the original Medicare. The scheme is classified as part C of Medicare on Zoom Info. The difference is that Medicare advantage is provided by private insurance firms while Medicare was furnished by the United States Government.

The Medicare Advantage plans have a set out of pocket spending. When the out of pocket spending is reached, the program caters for the consequent health care costs for the remainder of that year.

There are various types of Medicare Advantage schemes which include;
• Health maintenance organizations
• Preferred Provider Organizations
• Private Fee- For- Service
• Special Needs Plans
• Provider Sponsored Organizations
• Medicare Medical Savings Accounts

Medicare Advantage plan costs
• You have to pay the monthly premiums in Medicare part B
• Some programs may require clients to pay deductibles when they visit doctors
• When using in-network health care services defined in a given Medicare Advantage plan, health care cost will be relatively cheaper.

Before joining a Medicare Advantage plan, it is necessary that you get more information on how the plan can affect your medical coverage. Some of the concerns you should ask your preferred Medicare Advantage provider include;
• The plans in- network service providers
• Health care benefits provided under the scheme
• If the program covers for outpatient services
• The actual amount of monthly premium
• Service areas covered by the plan

Read more about InnovaCare Health at Open Minds.

It is suggested that you choose a service provider with flexible, affordable services. Moreover, their services should be customer-centered if they are to cover all their clients’ needs satisfactorily.

For clients who stay in United States, InnovaCare health is amongst the best service providers that one can always turn to whenever he or she needs to enroll to any Medicare Advantage plans. They have over 7500 in- network service providers.

InnovaCare Health boasts of critical leadership under its CEO and president, Dr. Richard Shinto. Dr. Shinto brings stability and reliability into the organization given his wide range of skills that spans across medical fields and management. Rick Shinto also possesses an extensive experience having served in different healthcare organizations that include Aveta Inc, NAMM California, and other organizations that focus on the health of different communities.

The InnovaCare CEO executes his duties with assistance from the Chief Administrative Officer, Penelope Kokkinides. Ms. Kokkinides has close to 20 years of experience as healthcare practitioner having worked for numerous healthcare organizations in US. Due to its quality of leadership, InnovaCare has grown to become among the best providers of Medicare Advantage Plans.