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How Payment Models Created By Deirdre Baggot Has Reduced The Medical Costs For Patients

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The current president of The Camden Group, Deirdre Baggot has devised innovative and cost-effective payment models throughout her career. With an MBA and a Ph.D., she started her career as a nurse in 1998 at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago.

She has worked in 200 hospitals and also government bodies like Medicare, Medicaid where she created feasible payment plans that made it convenient and affordable for the masses to pay for the medical expenditures and insurance premiums. Read this article of Deirdre Baggot at Researchgate.

As a nurse in Chicago, she noticed how nurses in Northwestern would recommend a number of medical tests than actually required for effective treatment of the patient which increased their medical expenses. Somewhere deep inside her, she knew this became an added burden for the patients following which she decided to make a checklist of all the tests required for every illness treated in the hospital.

Luckily the management took it seriously when she brought up the issue and implemented the checklist she made. To the surprise of everyone, the implementation immediately led to positive results. The checklist made sure that unrequired tests were not carried out thus saving on resources of the hospital and expenses of the patient. Secondly the time for treating a patient substantially reduced thus increasing the efficiency of medical procedures.

Her decades of expertise in the field of creating patient-oriented payment models caught the attention of different medical institutions and insurance companies across the globe. She even went to those countries to discuss the different models she created which are based on the institution and the targeted illnesses. She delivered lectures to various institution some of which are the Bundled Payments Summit, Institute for Healthcare Improvements and the American College of Healthcare Executives.

Apart from her career, Deirdre Baggot has been happily married for years and is loving a loving mother of two and is currently residing in Denver.



The Services at Lifeline Screening Help People Maintain a Better State of Health

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Recent news articles made available both online and through advertised television, have shown a marked increase in the concern people have about their health. This concern has led to an increase in facilities that provide preventative services to help people maintain a better state of health. One of the leading facilities in this effort is known as Life Line Screening. A recent report from the American Center for Disease Control listed heart disease as the major cause of death among Americans. This disease or condition has also been shown to be one that could benefit from preventative measures. The CDC recommends good nutrition, regular exercise, routine doctor visits and preventative screenings.

Life Line Screening offers variety of tests designed to help detect any heart abnormalities or issues that could lead to more severe conditions. Among some of the screenings they provide are those for congestive heart failure, high cholesterol, arterial disease and atrial fibrillation. These tests could be performed using state-of-the-art equipment for EKGs or blood workups from finger prick samples. While heart disease is a major concern among many Americans, it is not the only condition Life Line Screening is capable of testing for. This full-service preventative care agency also provides screenings for diabetes, kidney disease, prostate cancer and lung cancer. In some cases, an ultrasound could be used to detect the presence of an aneurysm or other internal abnormality.

Life Line Screening also offers online information to anyone interested in leading a healthier lifestyle. This facility offers an online blog packed full of information about the benefits of a healthy diet and exercise. People can also find tasty recipes to help lower their cholesterol and reduce their amount of body fat. Studies have shown that people who choose to take a proactive approach to their health have a much better chance of leading more productive lives even if they have a predisposition to certain diseases or illnesses. The screenings offered through Life Line can provide people with the type of information they need to take better care of their health in the present to avoid having major issues in the future.

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