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How Payment Models Created By Deirdre Baggot Has Reduced The Medical Costs For Patients

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The current president of The Camden Group, Deirdre Baggot has devised innovative and cost-effective payment models throughout her career. With an MBA and a Ph.D., she started her career as a nurse in 1998 at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago.

She has worked in 200 hospitals and also government bodies like Medicare, Medicaid where she created feasible payment plans that made it convenient and affordable for the masses to pay for the medical expenditures and insurance premiums. Read this article of Deirdre Baggot at Researchgate.

As a nurse in Chicago, she noticed how nurses in Northwestern would recommend a number of medical tests than actually required for effective treatment of the patient which increased their medical expenses. Somewhere deep inside her, she knew this became an added burden for the patients following which she decided to make a checklist of all the tests required for every illness treated in the hospital.

Luckily the management took it seriously when she brought up the issue and implemented the checklist she made. To the surprise of everyone, the implementation immediately led to positive results. The checklist made sure that unrequired tests were not carried out thus saving on resources of the hospital and expenses of the patient. Secondly the time for treating a patient substantially reduced thus increasing the efficiency of medical procedures.

Her decades of expertise in the field of creating patient-oriented payment models caught the attention of different medical institutions and insurance companies across the globe. She even went to those countries to discuss the different models she created which are based on the institution and the targeted illnesses. She delivered lectures to various institution some of which are the Bundled Payments Summit, Institute for Healthcare Improvements and the American College of Healthcare Executives.

Apart from her career, Deirdre Baggot has been happily married for years and is loving a loving mother of two and is currently residing in Denver.



Jorge Moll: Working Experiences with Jordan Grafman

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Jorge Moll is one of the most influential scientists in Brazil. He is a neuroscientist who is studying about morality, and one of his life missions is focused on finding the answers on the relationship between morality and the activities inside the brain. Research conducted in 2006 gave him the chance to work his Jordan Grafman, another neuroscientist. Together, they invited several volunteers and studied the activities inside their brain with the assistance of high tech equipment. Jorge Moll stated that he enjoyed working with Jordan Grafman, because of his dedication to finish the experiment and find the answers. He is passionate in researching about the brain, which is why he immediately agreed when Jorge Moll invited him to participate in the research that he will be conducting.

During the research, it was Jordan Grafman who consistently checked the brain scanners which is displaying various figures and movements. He is also recording these actions, and he is using a specialized chart and graph to determine what happens inside the human brain. After the experiment, he spoke with Jorge Moll and reported what he has seen. The study that they have conducted was later published in online journals, and Jordan Grafman assisted in writing the article. After the experiment in 2006, Jordan Grafman continued working with Jorge Moll, and together, they are unlocking the secrets of the human brain. They are sacrificing their time and effort to answer the things that are boggling the minds of the scientists for years.


Jorge Moll thanked Jordan Grafman for his assistance, especially when it is something about the experiments and the observations ( He added that Jordan Grafman is very curious about things, and he felt delighted after discovering that doing something good affects the brain. In the present, Jorge Moll is still working on several topics about the human brain. He keeps on inviting test subjects who are willing to be experimented upon, and he continuous to record all of the information that he discovers, and he is forwarding it to Jordan Grafman. The amount of knowledge that they managed to acquire with the help of these experiments is tremendous.