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Think Outside the Box with Wikipedia Experts

Published / by TheHI

“Thinking outside the box” is a term that has become more than a bit of a cliché. The arrival into the realm of clichéd phrases is due to the constant repetition of the term. Don’t ignore an inconvenient fact. The term is repeated because it reflects good advice. Thinking outside of a confining box can be applied towards Wikipedia page creation. Just look at what is occurring on college campuses as proof of this.

College professors at the University of Sydney are asking students to produce content for Wikipedia and make Wikipedia revisions as an alternative to writing essays. Academics feel students will be more motivated to do good work when they know the finished work will be presented to the public and continue to be read for years and years. Thinking outside the box when crafting Wikipedia articles does have its rewards.

Consider this doubly so for an entrepreneur hoping to create a Wikipedia page to promote a business. Creating a fairly dull page may get some information across, but the page won’t leave a thrilling impression in those who read it. Rather, boredom will set in. Adding some interesting components to the description would be advisable.

Writer’s block or a lack of understanding of what makes for compelling Wikipedia writing is going to be commonplace among those who have never attempted to write a page before. Not knowing what to write leads to sticking with the bare facts. As far as doing a competent job, this is marginally fine. Do not look for the end result to make a solid impression on the reader.

A skilled Wikipedia editor for hire or Wiki writer could flesh out a lot more of company’s inception. Rather than just present the date and location of the company’s founding, this particular section of the Wikipedia page could be filled with extended material regarding the people who were there at the time. An interesting story about the founding date could be relayed. Anything capable of making the story more intriguing and entertaining could – and should – be added to the mix.

This does not mean the content should veer off into fiction. Nor should it muse about things that are way off the topic. Doing so would be another sign of an amateur. The reader is not likely to critique the skills of the person putting the page together. The reader would just end up with a weak impression on the content, not a good thing at all when the goal is to guide the reader towards a more definitive impression of the business.

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