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The Accomplishments of a Great Human’s Rights Activist

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Thor Halvorssen is the president of the Human Rights Foundation, and is the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum. In 2005 he founded the Human Rights Foundation; which is a non-profit organization that protects and promotes human rights globally, and focuses on closed societies. The Human Rights Foundation organizes many different kinds events. Events the Human Rights Foundation hosts are; Oslo Freedom Forum, hosted annually; Hack North Korea, hosted in 2014; College Freedom Forum, hosted annually; United Nations Humans Rights Council Member Elections, hosted in 2012 and 2013; San Francisco Freedom Forum, hosted in 2012; and Sime MIA, hosted in 2014. The Hack North Korea event was an event put together to try and get more intelligence into North Korea.

The Oslo Freedom Forum, founded in 2009, is a global gathering of human rights advocates that tell stories and express views on human rights. The College Freedom Forum educates students about their individual rights. He contributes to the fields of individual rights and civil liberties, public interest advocacy, public policy, and pro-democracy advocacy. Thor Halvorssen was the first executive director and chief executive officer of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education in 1999; however, he resigned in 2004 to focus his efforts towards making his own organization.

At the center of the Human Rights Foundation he has lobbied and advocated for the release of Liu Xiaobo, a Chinese political prisoner, numerous times. He opposes the efforts in Uganda to use the death penalty on same sex couples.

Thor Halvorssen’s efforts in film production have been fairly successful. He is currently working on a film adaptation of Robert A. Heinlein’s science fiction novel The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. He co-produced the film Freedom’s Fury. Halvorssen has also produced the following films; Hammer & Tickle, Indoctrinate U, The Singing Revolution, The Sugar Babies, and the film adaptation of the short story “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut.

Halvorssen’s opinions have appeared in many different magazines and newspapers, and he spoke at the University of Pennsylvania. Thor Halvorssen has done many things, and it’s no doubt that his accomplishments were all great indeed.


Thor is a tireless Human Rights campaigner

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Thor Halvorssen grew up in the lap of luxury. Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, his father was a high-ranking minister in the government. It wasn’t uncommon for his cousins to jet off to Paris for a weekend of bar-hopping and meeting girls in fancy nightclubs.

But Thor would never have been content with a life like that. Instead, he’s doing something truly meaningful. He runs a not-for-profit Human Rights organization, called, aptly enough, The Human Rights Foundation. The Organization employs 12 people and, together, they organize a yearly industry expo, which many bill as the Davos of the Human Rights world.

This yearly expo takes place in Oslo, Norway and is called The Human Rights Forum. Its aim is to connect Human Rights campaigners from third world countries with the rich and powerful of the philanthropic world—people who can give much-needed funds to their causes and place the right phone calls to put the causes on the map.

When Thor isn’t organizing the forum, he’s traveling the world, trying to help activists in the field. He was once even briefly apprehended in authoritarian Vietnam. He was visiting a Human Rights activist in the communist country, who was under house arrest. Halvorssen did an interview with him and, even though he was placed under arrest, surreptitiously smuggled out a copy of the interview to broadcast to the world.

He also counts himself a vehement critic of the North Korean regime. North Korea, known as the Hermit Kingdom, has been ruled for seven decades by the Kim family. It’s one of the poorest countries in the world, having suffered multiple famines as the Kim family worked to drive forward (an ultimately successful) nuclear program.

The North Korean populace is sealed off from the rest of the world. Halvorssen works to change that. He frequents South Korean talk shows, imploring people to be more active in the pursuit of justice for the North Korean people. He also does what he can to deliver information from the outside world to North Korea. He and his team even float western media into North Korea using balloons.

Thor Halvorssen Appears on Fox News

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With election season in full swing,there has been much talk about the lives and political views of many of the canidates. Many people have been concerned abouut democratic canidate Senator Bernie Sanders views, particularly his belief in democratic socialism, which is why Fox News turned to Human Rights Campaign founder Thor Halvorssen to express some of his concerns and fears if Socilism became the leading political ideology in America, while on The Inteligence Report with Trish Regan.

Halvorssen is not merely an intellectual speaking about ideologies, he has practical experience to back up his fears. Halversson spent much of his childood in Venezuela, and experienced first hand many of the autrocities under the authoritarian socialist government there. Halvorssen’s father was a political prisoner, and his mother was publicly shot for her actions. He also has a first cousin who is currently a political prisoner.

Thor Halvorssen admitted to supporting Bernie Sanders, and doniting to Sanders campaign, but stressed that he did not believe that redistribution of wealth was an effective way of ending poverty. Instead, he told the reporter that he believed in the free market, and
that a fair market was more effective. One of his biggest problems with Venezula, besides the gross human rights violations, was the strict price regualtions, which often led to shortages among the general population of essential goods.

He admitted that there had been several successful socialist and democratic socialist governments, including Denmark and Norway. These governments still had checks and balances in place and did not over regulate the free market. He also admitted that many democratic countries had what could be considered socialist policies or programs, and that these programs were often run successfully, without gross human rights violations.

Overall, Halvorssen is a supporter of Bernie Sanders, if not all of his policies. He had more concerns with Hillary Clinton, who has been known to financially support politicians and governments who are known to violate basic human rights.

Human Rights Foundation Growing Influence on Human Rights

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The mission of the Human Rights Federation (HRF) has been steadily growing and spreading all over the world. Wherever there are people who need to have their basic human rights protected the HRF will be there. The organization has a basic belief that freedom of expression and freedom of speech are fundamental rights that need to be protected for all people at all costs. They also stand up for religious choice, freedom to associate in any group, freedom from torture and slavery and freedom of movement. Any group that is struggling for freedom of any kind can depend on the Human Rights Foundation to help in any way possible.

Thor Halvorssen is the human rights advocate who founded the organization. He is a world renowned human rights advocate and successful film producer. Those facing a significant challenge to their personal freedom have had Halvorssen on their side for a long time. He began his organization with a simple goal in mind. Provide freedom and decent treatment all over the world to any political prisoner. There are countless examples of prisoners of conscience being release and finding salvation with the help of the HRF and Thor Halvorssen.

Halvorssen came by his interest in human rights because of his personal experience. His mother was the victim in 2004 of a terrorist shooting in Venezuela. His father was also a victim and wrongly imprisoned in 1993 having his human rights violated, experiencing savage treatment while under the jurisdiction of the government. This made human rights and fair treatment a personal issue that prompted Halvorssen to look for more ways to become a leader in the world.

He created the Oslo Freedom Foundation, which is an organization that gathers each year to allow active and interested organizations and people the forum to develop new strategies for protecting the rights of people all over the globe. When it comes to new advancements in protecting human rights this annual meeting is the place where issues are raised and answers are found.

The effect of the Human Rights Foundation can be felt all over the globe as more and more people are able to experience freedom. Their focus on closed societies helps put a spotlight on human rights violations and exposes them to the world. Their work to preserve and promote freedom has changed the world in very positive ways. There is now a strong hope for all people suffering from any human rights violation anywhere in the world. Check out Thor on Youtube fighting for what he believes in.