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Tony Petrello’s Unceasing Success at Nabors Industries

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Each year Tony Petrello has a statement of compensation and in 2015 his financial statement of compensation read as follows; the entire amount totaled to $1,342,206. He got a total sum of $27,512,939 million which was broken into the following; his salary was a total of $1,580,077. Moving on his stock money was a sum of $16,863,656 and the bonus amount summed up to $7,727,000

Tony Petrello is part of Nabors Industries, the company is among the best firms that are good in delivering unique services in the US. The company supplies top offshore drilling rigs around the globe. However, it is also well-known for delivering the biggest land-based drilling equipment. This organization stands out to always be the best in what it does due to these services; directional drilling equipment, presentation equipment and inventive technologies. Furthermore, Nabors Industries has extraordinary employees who keep increasing their effort to take the company to greater heights.

Tony Petrello joined the organization in the year 1991. He was appointed as executive chairman and was on the board of directors. After some years, Petrello got the position of chief operating officer and even a higher position as their president. His hard work paid off and he got the top position as the CEO of Nabors Industries.

Being the CEO of Nabors Industries, Tony is in charge of strategic procedures. However, Tony did not just land in Nabors Industries, he held other positions in different firms such as McKenzie and Baker law firm. Luckily Tony was also able to manage a branch of the law firms in New York City. Moreover, he has also worked in Hilcorp Energy Company as their Director and has also been part of Texas Children’s Hospital as a board member. Tony Petrello attained a J.D Degree from Harvard Law School and M.S and B.S from Yale University in mathematics. To know more click here.