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Richard Blair Wealth Solutions

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In our current economic climate, there is a numerous amount of people throughout the nation who are searching for a resource that will provide them with the opportunity to develop a flowing and steady income, preserve their assets, and afford them the ability to pass on their legacy to future generations. Constantly working overtime during your youth does not necessarily guarantee fixed financial stability and savings at the age you are ready to retire. With active planning and successful investing, the right steps are taken to ensure proper financial growth. Richard Blair is a man who has the mindset that can satisfy the financial needs of the people as well as provide them with a financial plan for their future. Blair graduated college with a vision to help people from all walks of life attain financial freedom. With an esteemed financial background and his certifications in CAS, CES, RICP, and CFS, Blair’s vision was manifested in 1994 when he started his own independent investment advisory firm entitled Wealth Solutions. The company is based in Texas and offers wealth management, financial planning and retirement planning for individuals, families and small business owners whose goal is to eventually retire.


Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions had a vision that was directly honed by the work ethic of his grandmother, mother, and wife who were all teachers. From these influential women in his life, Blair witnessed the impact that teaching has on the knowledge and confidence of an an individual. Blair’s innate gift for finance coupled with his desire to help people allows him to asses a client’s present financial status and future retirement needs. A process called the Three Pillar Approach is a 3-step plan that serves as a financial roadmap designed to help clients avoid the common drawbacks they may experience. The approach implements strategic plans that identifies the client’s goals, strengths, risks, and opportunities for new growth along with providing short and long term investment strategies. It also addresses the client’s insurance needs. Through his proven approach, Blair bridges the gap between clients planning for retirement and their ability to afford their lifestyle while living out their retirement.



Vinny Parascandola Provides Experience As A Key Ingredient In His Professional Success

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The insurance industry has many opportunities that are reachable for people looking for a successful career in the insurance industry. As people look at different career choices, there are usually a few things that are very important to them concerning choosing a career. A popular choice that many people look towards as something that they want regarding a career choice is the chance to make a good income.

The ability to earn substantial money is something that many people want out of any career choice. One of the benefits of the insurance industry in many areas is that substantial income is possible. The amount of money that can be earned in many areas in the insurance field does not have constraints applied. The amount of money in many cases depends on the productivity of the insurance professionals.

A popular position in the insurance industry that many people are aware of is the insurance agent. Many people in the insurance field start out as insurance agents. The insurance agent is a position that allows people to learn a great deal about the insurance industry. Also, the pay for insurance agents typically involves some aspects of commission pay based on sales. Therefore, insurance agents can make a large amount of money by becoming successful insurance agents.

One of the top insurance companies in the industry is AXA Advisors. A multinational company with offices in numerous locations, AXA Advisors has a company brand that is recognizable around the world. The company has been in business for over a century. The company provides a variety of insurance and financial products and services that cover a range of needs that its customers might have in relation to what the company provides.

There are many successful professionals who work at AXA Advisors. One of these people is Vinny Parascandola. A senior level vice president at AXA Advisors, Vinny Parascandola has done a lot in his time at AXA Advisors. He is given a great number of management tasks that he handles extremely well in his senior vice president role.

Vinny Parascandola has been successful at AXA Advisors because of a work ethic that is strong and respected. Vinny Parascandola has earned the right to be an executive at a top insurance company such as AXA Advisors.