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Professor Kamil Idris on Intellectual Property

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26th April marks the World Intellectual Property Day, since its inception eight years ago. Wipo’s popularity has been increasing every year with organizations and governments joining the course to celebrate annually.

Most people around the world remain clueless of the real meaning of intellectual property and why there is so much effort and attention towards it. They may scratch their heads reflecting on what do workings of patents, copyrights, and industrial trademarks have to do with the more pressing issues; for instance how to stop global warming? A simple answer to such arising questions would be that without intellectual property rights, upcoming technologies set up to handle global problems would never bear fruit.

Making sense out of intellectual property laws

To better understand modern laws regarding intellectual property, one has to be aware of what they entail. The four central types of intellectual property include copyrights, trade secrets, trademarks and patents. They are laws established by governments or other large organizations that provide businesses or individuals that invent a product or brand the exclusive usage rights. Professor Kamil Idris notes that, not only the power of human creativity should be celebrated on World intellectual Property Day, but also the intellectual property rights that propel it.

The ongoing trade wars between the United States of America and China were caused by intellectual property, hence proving just how important it is. The intellectual Property Day is meant to pay special tribute to all artists and inventors tirelessly working to replenish human existence with the gifts of their innovation and vision. Let’s remember why their intellectual property rights earned through their individual or collective talents, deserve our standing ovation and protection.

More on professor Kamil Idris

Professor Kamil Idris discusses annual goals of the World Intellectual Property Organization including the development of IP laws and global patent system. He is endowed with international relations skills channeled towards international cooperation and peace keeping. He presides over important panels of arbitration and delicate international matters. He is a respected member of the permanent Court of Arbitration steering the Court’s mandate of providing options for resolving international feuds. He also served in the United Nations International Law Commission from 1992 to 1996. Professor Kamil Idris, a Sudanese national, was re-elected back to WIPO as Director General in 2003 by a unanimous vote.