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The Midas Touch: Chris Burch

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Chris Burch has always had an affinity when it came to being an entrepreneur. Even though the beginning of his life was not easy he latched on to the idea that he could succeed in business. He and his brother ran a company called Eagle’s Eye Apparel for more than twenty years and that gave Chris the foundation that he needed in order to take off on his own. Since then everything that Chris Burch becomes associated with turns to gold. He has made smart, decisive decisions that have made him the success that he is today. One of the most successful ventures he has made was going into the hospitality industry and creating Nihiwatu.

Nihiwatu is now Nihi Sumba Island. Nihi Hotel is a top of the line resort in every respect. Chris Burch and his partner James McBride invested their own money into the project and it had paid off for them handsomely. It has been named the worlds best hotel two years in a row by the readers of Travel and Leisure Magazine (

Here are a few reasons why this is so.

The villas and rooms of the resort are all one of a kind. Each of the villas has their own name and features top of the line amenities for the guests. It isn’t just that part of the equation that makes Nihi Sumba Island and the hotel stand out. The itinerary for the guests can be planned out as the guest sees fir. There are plenty of things to do on the island like surfing at the beach, hiking to a local village, and going to see the local chocolate factory. There are many different packages available for the guests of the hotel and prices may vary depending on the time of year it is. Guests can even rent out Chris Burch’s own personal villa if they so choose.  Related article on

There are also a couple of places that guests can go to get a good meal. The first place is the Ombak Bar and Lounge. The second is the Nio Beach Club an Pool. Both of these places offer local cuisine at reasonable prices.

When it comes to entrepreneurship Chris Burch has the Midas touch ( His passion to see a project through from beginning to end is what makes him and Nihi hotels such a smashing success. He has created a place called heaven on earth.

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