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Learn What Peter Briger’s Business Journey has Been Like

Published / by TheHI

It’s possible to get and become what you desire while still young if you only give it a little more patience. Life has a way of rewarding those who are passionate about something no matter how long it takes. The only problem many people have is not realizing what they want to achieve or become in life. While some people go for their university and college studies just to get a certificate for their files, others do so because they are pursuing a particular goal in their career. Peter Briger is a good example of successful business professionals who achieved what they desired most in life.

As a young person at Princetown University, Briger knew he had a great career to make. After getting a bachelor’s degree in Arts, Briger discovered he could continue with his studies at the master’s level. For this reason, he joined Pennsylvania University where he pursued his master’s degree in Finance. With such great academic skills, Peter Briger was fit to step into his career with both feet. He worked in several financial institutions like Goldman Sachs among others before he joined the Fortress Investment Group. He offered financial services at Goldman Sachs for about 15 years.

Working in different financial institutions gave Briger a chance to see the investment world from a broader perspective. He came to understand the real estate world and the numerous opportunities it has. The executive meetings he used to attend helped him to know how various investment decisions are made and what many investors consider when deciding the next investment to make. Peter Briger then joined Fortress Investment Group and performed his role with all the vigor he had. His far-fetched passion for business has always helped him introduce something in any of the positions he ever held. To know more about him click here.

Briger’s role at Fortress Investment Group was oversight over the assets worth many billions of dollars the company had. More than 1,750 organizations and individuals had placed their valuables, money, and assets worth $43.6 billion at Fortress Investment Group. Besides being among the three principals of the company, Peter Briger also serves as the co-chairman. He presides over various subsidiaries and committees in this great investment company. Although he is a busy person at Fortress Investment Group, Briger is also a board member at Tipping Point and Caliber Schools. He supports various NGOs in San Francisco that improve the living standards of the low-income earners and families.