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Jeff Yastine Gives Power Advise to People Looking to Invest in Stock Market

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There are many people out there who want to invest in the stock market due to the returns it is generally known to provide but are afraid of losing money. It is normal for people who do not have experience with the stock market to have a suspicion about the investment in the market, especially due to the risk associated. While many people have made millions and billions from the stock market investments, it has caused an equal amount of losses as well to the people. So, treading carefully when it comes to the stock market investment is essential. Banyan Hill Publishing has earned the reputation of being one of the most trusted financial publishing houses in the United States. One of the reasons why nearly half a million people trust Banyan Hill Publishing is because of its team of financial experts, which includes the famous Jeff Yastine. Follow Jeff Yastine on Medium.

Jeff Yastine is known for his ability to do accurate stock market analysis and has provided business and stock market investment tips that have helped hundreds and thousands of people over the years. In his career as a financial correspondent and host at the PBS Business Nightly Reports, Jeff Yastine met with leading business personalities, including Sir Richard Branson, Steve Ballmer, Michael Dell, and many more. The amount of knowledge that he got from talking and discussing finance and stock market investments with these business experts and financial gurus helped him develop his own stock market investment strategy, which he has been using successfully for many years. It has helped him become a smart stock market investor himself and holds an impressive stock market investment portfolio himself.

At Banyan Hill Publishing, Jeff Yastine works as an editor and is also the contributing author to the publishing house’s two newsletters named Sovereign Investor Daily and Winning Investor Daily. He is also the editor of Total Wealth Insider, which is a newsletter completely dedicated to the stock market investment. Jeff Yastine does independent research on the stock market and finds out about the small and mid-cap stocks that are worth investing in for future gains. In the past, most of his stock market predictions have proved to be true and has helped the investors earn considerable profits from it. He also ensures that he educates people about different industries so that people can learn how to predict the future of the stocks that they are considering purchasing. Check:


Ted Bauman on Ways Bitcoin Technology can be Improved to Help it Sustain

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Ted Bauman on Ways Bitcoin Technology can be Improved to Help it Sustain

Ted Bauman has come to the limelight recently for his unusual take on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. While many of the financial experts believe that cryptocurrencies are here to stay and grow with time, Ted Bauman feels that it is an overrated virtual currency that may have a short shelf life. Ted Bauman feels that one of the biggest problems with the growth of Bitcoin in the future is the amount of time it takes for the transaction to complete. Institutions like MasterCard and Visa processes millions of transactions in fractions of seconds, whereas Bitcoin is unable to do so. It can lead to people getting frustrated and ending up not using Bitcoin as a currency for transactions. Sometimes, people also have to wait for anywhere between 40 to an hour for the transaction to be completed. Read more about Ted at

Ted Bauman, who is the editor of three of the most popular financial newsletters in the United States, namely Plan B Club, Alpha Stock Alert, and the Bauman Letter, said that the problem of transaction speed needs to be addressed at the earliest. The biggest names in the field of Bitcoin trading are unable to come with a comprehensive answer or solution to the questions raised by Ted Bauman, and he believes that it is a problem that would show its ugly face sooner than later. He said that if the transaction speed issue is not resolved soon, the investors in Bitcoin can stand to lose billions of dollars in the future. Ever since the price of Bitcoin started to decline last month, there was already some panic in the market.

Ted Bauman said that while he is not completely against the investment in Bitcoin, he is asking people to be cautious about the investment and do so with an open mind as well as have a plan B in case things don’t go the way they intend to. Ted Bauman has working experience of more than two decades in the field of finance and economics and has even worked with institutions like World Bank, Cape Town University, and United Nations. Ted Bauman said that for professionals, one of the most important qualities to have is that of time management. Without being able to manage time well, it is impossible for the professionals to be able to achieve their goals. Thus, one needs to plan their day of time so that they can increase their productivity. Visit:



Igor Cornelsen Has Established The Foundation Of Proper Investment Techniques

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Igor Cornelsen has committed a great portion of his life going to various schools which allowed him to become highly skilled in investment strategies and portfolio management methods. Those skills landed Igor with an opportunity at one of Brazil’s top banks. Not long after accepting his first job, Igor made his way up the corporate ladder to hold an executive position. After holding many high job titles at different top bank branches, Mr. Cornelsen stepped away from the banking industry and dedicated his time to investing as his main career. He discovered shortly after entering the investment industry he had a talent for seeing a high-profit investment. Follow Igor Cornelsen on Twitter

Shortly after Igor Cornelsen changed career paths, Igor founded Bainbridge Investments Inc., which is located in the Bahamas. The concept behind Igor’s company is simple, to help investors plan long-term investments and to acquire knowledge of the investing industry. Mr. Cornelsen uses the term safe harbors often when speaking about long-term investing, which essentially means safe investing. When investing, it is very important to know the market and how it works, the ins and outs of the country as well as the restrictions and requirements that are made in that area. Read this article at about Igor Cornelsen

All the knowledge, experience, and well-established relationships that Igor Cornelsen has built during his long career will continue to grow and keep him investing for many years to come despite his retirement. When the stock market crashed it was Igor’s knowledge and his experience that led all entrusted investments including his own to remain secure. Even after the stock market collapsed, Igor continued investing for many years until he semi-retired in 2010. Now Mr. Cornelsen uses his leisure time for his second love, which is golf. When he isn’t discovering a new course or playing on of his favorite fairways in either Florida or Brazil, Igor is managing his investment company Bainbridge Inc and acting as a consult for Bainbridge.

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Chris Burch- The Co-Founder of the Best Five- Star Hotel in the Word

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Chris Burch is a business investor who is associated with renowned brands in the fashion industry which are internationally recognized. He has been involved in numerous fashion brands that he helped establish such as the C.Wonder and Tory Burch. What’s more, as an individual with exceptional insights in the business world, Chris Burch decided to expand his scope of business by venturing into the hospitality industry.

Chris Burch’s decision to venturing into the hospitality business all started in 2012 when he purchased a beach hostel together with James McBride, a hotelier ( The hotel which was located on the Indonesian Island of Sumba was then transformed into a five-star resort in which Burch and McBride used $30 billion for its renovation. Further, the five-star hotel which is known as “Nihiwatu” is a world class hotel to a level whereby it was selected as the best globally by the Travel + Leisure In 2016.

How Nihiwatu was founded

The meaning of Nihiwatu stems from mortar stone which was a name given to its unique rock formation by the island’s earlier settlers. Burch and McBride therefore named the hotel as Nihiwatu to continue with its heritage founded in the early days. Moreover, the island was discovered by the ancestors of the Sumba people who were called the Marapu. Later, a couple who were known as the Graves who were on an expedition exploring the great waves in beaches found the island very beautiful which led them to establish a resort.

Furthermore, the Graves needed help to expand the resort premises, and when Burch heard of it, he became interested and partnered with McBride to acquire the now classic Nihiwatu hotel. McBride who has his roots in South Africa was Burch’s long-time friend who is a hotelier and has hotels in various cities in the word. With his expertise in the industry, was an added advantage to make Nihiwatu the best resort in internationally. Besides, the hotel also embraces a sustainable environment in co-existence with people of Sumba.

Chris Burch Investments

Chris Burch has been in the entrepreneurship for almost four decades whereby he has continuously established successful businesses in various industries, visit  An instance is where he founded the Burch Creative Capital where he serves as its CEO and has investments in real estates, hotels, and he is associated with many other luxurious brands. Additionally, Burch passion for entrepreneurship started when he was still pursuing his degree program from Ithaca College in 1976. He began with an investment of $2000 partnering with his brother Bob to start a business that was known as the “Eagle’s Eye Apparel” that grew to a record of $165 million before selling it to Swire Group.

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