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Why Guilherme Paulus Loves Both The Hospitality And Travel Industries

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Asked whether he loves the tourism or hospitality industry more, Guilherme Paulus is hard put to give an answer to that question. He first started in the tourism industry in 1972 so that was his first industry. He entered the hospitality industry in 1995 and loves owning hotels and visiting them on business trips throughout the year.

That tourism company is CVC Tours which is the largest company of its type in Latin America. Guilherme Paulus as expanded CVC Tours by providing travel options that no other tour company can match. They have physical stores all over Brazil, mainly in malls. He says that about 60 percent of their sales are generated inside these stores. 30 percent of his company’s customers come from the corporate part of his company and 10 percent come from other means such as their online site. In addition to offering travel packages throughout Brazil, they also offer highly popular cruise ships vacations.

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Even though the Brazilian economy is very much struggling the sales at CVC Tours continue to be great. Annual sales grew by 21 percent, Guilherme Paulus says, and they had 124,000 customers in 2017. He credits their continuing push into offering additional services to their customers and increasingly using technology to drive the company.

His hospitality company is GJP Group which manages GJP Hotels & Resorts. Starting in 1995, he has built award-winning hotels in all of the most popular travel destinations in Brazil. Among these is the Wish Resort Foz do Iguacu which he acquired in 2009. He spent a lot of money renovating all 215 units and the 225 hectares on which this resort is located.

This hotel, which won the very prestigious “Best Resorts for Families in South America” award given out by World Travel Awards in both 2017 and 2018, features something for everyone. Guilherme Paulus made sure it has a world-class 18 hole golf course and seven swimming pools. Other amenities include a jogging track, hiking trails, and a climbing wall. It is also popular with food fans as it has three fantastic restaurants with one featuring Italian cuisine, one featuring Argentina’s cuisine, and the Golf Grill which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet-style.

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The award winning resort that Chris Burch developed

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In 2015, Chris Burch who is a billionaire and mogul in fashion changed the cult surf destination to become a five-star resort by the name Nihi that was based on the island of Sumba.

In Indonesia, the island is one that is remote and uninhabited islands. In a tale what attracted a traveler in the surf break that later the traveler gained the curiosity to know what the far corners of the earth had to offer, then he later tempted the financer and brought him to the team, who was the one who enticed the seeking adventure elite. Together they are providing their services so that to help the remote island in thriving. So far the changes that have been seen is that the resort has changed from the dull surf spot and turned to a result that has been voted by readers as the number hotel in the world and in the leisure magazine it was featured in two consecutive years 2016 and 2017 (

In Pennsylvania that is where Chris Burch raised and born, though in his school life he was not that a good student. He could not focus in class. The teachers said that he suffered from having a wondering mind and that the parents should not be hopeful for his future. Despite the fact he was not doing well in school at the age of 14, he was still enrolled in a preschool at the New Hampshire Tilton by his parents. The father of Burch was the owner of a company that dealt with the distribution of supplies and mining equipment. During the holidays the father of Burch made sure that he worked in the construction company.

In 1976, as he was at the Ithaca College studying, with his brother and the $2000 money that they had as capital, they started the selling of the preppy girl’s sweater in the campus door to door with the company name being eagle eye.  Related article on  With time the company had expanded, and the brother later sold it in 1998 to the UK based Swire Group, a deal that benefited eagle eye a lot because they got $60 million. Chris Burch has spent nearly 40 years being the investor and entrepreneur. In the services that he offers he will well know in the using the creative skills. He has been involved with the rise of 50 companies and builds a fortune that is worth $1 billion.

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Louis Chenevert: An Innovative Leader

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Today, Louis Chenevert is known as one of the most successful and well-renowned figures throughout the entire business world. Rising to the occasion and heading global powerhouses such as Pratt and Whitney and United Technologies Corporation, while also holding a prominent role at General Motors, Mr. Chenevert built a very successful career that allowed him to receive a myriad of recognition, including attaining an honorary doctorate from HEC Montreal, his alma mater. He would also later be named Person of the Year by one of the top aviation trade magazines in the United States, Aviation Week and Space Technology.

United Technologies Corporation is one of the world’s leaders in aviation, taking the technologies associated with it to new heights, while also building a significant relationship with the United States government. While the position of United Technologies Corporation is unquestioned today, building a more than solid foundation over its more than 70-year history, in March of 2006, when Louis Chenevert was first elected to the role of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the company, the United States economy was in flux, and many corporations of similar status began to fail. Traditionally, during wartime, many companies that specialize in manufacturing tend to see a sharp decline, so Mr. Chenevert had an incredible task before him upon accepting the positions of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. It was through the guidance of Mr. Chenevert, choosing to focus many of the company’s assets on cutting-edge technologies that would change the world, that United Technologies was not only able to survive the volatile economic climate of 2006 America, but able to flourish. United Technologies Corporation, headquartered in Connecticut, was able to do so without leaving its home state while managing the task of producing the most advanced jet engines in the entire world. Since resigning from United Technologies Corporation in December of 2014, Louis Chenevert has embarked on several new and comparably promising ventures. In September of 2015, Mr. Chenevert began working for Goldman Sachs as the Executive Advisor in the Merchant Banking Division, helping to discover new opportunities in regards to the industrial and aerospace departments.

Paul Mampilly Thoughts on Why Getting Chipped is a Future Technological Trend

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Modern technology has led to several advancements that make life easier. However, as technology makes life easier, concerns have been raised regarding chip implants. These concerns are addressed regarding how chip implants will simplify life in the present and future. To address these concerns, Paul Mampilly gave his insights, which are listed below, on the meaning of chip implants, how they work, their benefits and possible risks.

Microchips are tiny cards that are inserted under the skin. They store personal information like medical history and other crucial documents that one may need from time to time. Microchips are believed to have the potential of eliminating the inconveniences that people face by opening doors to limitless possibilities. These chip implants are set to replace wallets, door keys, credit cards, and debit cards. They are expected to give people the freedom of going on with their normal lives without worrying about things like keys and cards that they have forgotten. The chips will also simplify health activities since people’s medical histories will be saved on them.

Just like other technological innovations, there are risks associated with microchips. It is risky if others can easily access a person’s data. Paul Mampilly believes that other than microchips, search engines are also accessing people’s private information without their knowledge. Other technological innovations that also spy on people’s data include smartphones, online shopping platforms, electronic tollbooth and credit card machines. Regardless of the risks involved with microchips, Mampilly believes that benefits exceed their risks. He is also certain that these chips will make it convenient to carry out day-to-day activities.

About Paul Mampilly

As Banyan Hill Publishing’s senior editor, Paul Mampilly helps others to take advantage of the lucrative opportunities in stock markets through writing. His articles are specifically availed to readers on Profits Unlimited newsletter service, which is distributed by Banyan Hill Publishing. He uses writing as a tool to help average people capitalize on stocks with the potential to grow. Besides writing, Mamphilly also pursues his passion for trading through his successful trading firms.

Paul Mampilly was involved with financial institutions like The Royal Bank of Scotland before he decided to educate people on stock markets. As a rookie in the financial services industry, he handled portfolio management for Banker’s Trust. Paul Mampilly has also made a name for himself as an avid investor. His investment interests lie in small companies that have great potentials to grow. He continues to use his skills in investing to educate people how he achieved success and wealth.

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Christopher Burch Gives the Octopus Business Model a Whole New Meaning.

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Christopher Burch’s adventure into the hospitality industry has bloomed into a gorgeous island stay adventure. He acquired the Nihi Resort on the island of Sumba and has made it quite the lucrative get away location. A selling point for the hotel is its almost untouched island culture. The already in place organization, the Sumba Foundation, has insured that the island’s inhabitants have access to quality resources, medicine, education, and support in multiple areas. Related article on  The island has retained many of it’s native architecture and culture so anyone looking to experience new cultures and lifestyles will find the first hand experience enriching. Although it is a long trip to and from the hotel with a rather large price tag attached, it is worth the money. The resort caters to many preferred forms of relaxation from surfing to swimming, from yoga to mediation; anyone can find an activity to enjoy. Christopher Burch has spared no expense making his resort one of the top travel destination in the world. More about the resort on

Christopher Burch is both a CEO, a founder, and an investor in many companies. He built Burch Creative Capital which is an investment company in New York. The company has worked with numerous businesses from fashion, food, housing, decor, all the way to Ellen’s lifestyle brand. He started out his career in college selling clothes and has not slowed down since. He looks for new ideas that push boundaries and invests in them. Working for 40 years will give a person some major experience. Christopher Burch has not wasted that experience nor has he kept it to himself. For an overview of his various business ventures, click on

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Christopher has written articles to help people understand the business mindset. Entrepreneurship isn’t easy and getting into it can feel like jumping into the deep end of a pool without floaties. He has articles about the tricks of starting out a business fresh out of college, tips for being a successful manager, building a brand, working with clients, and the list goes on. More of his shared insights in this note-worthy article on  Even if running a business isn’t your dream, chances are you still have to work to make a living somewhere and his articles about working in normal business and what to do to be a great employee can help give you a better understanding of how to advance your career. His experience in various industries has given him a vast knowledge base and his success has proven he knows what he’s talking about.

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